15 Cheaters That Were Savagely Owned

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15 Cheaters That Were Savagely Owned

Most people would agree that cheating is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. When we’re in a relationship, the last thing we’d want to discover is that our partner has been unfaithful. But, if it did ever come to that, we hope we could at least expose them in ways as epic as these.

The people featured on this list all exposed their cheating partners in the most cringe-worthy yet hilarious ways. From awkward social media posts, epic tales of revenge, and even literally renting out billboards—these people definitely put their cheating exes to shame.

While you might think those who are being cheated on would be the most hurt, these examples show that it’s possible to still have the last laugh. These people definitely have creative imaginations to come up with the stunts as hilarious as these. If there’s any lesson to learn, it’s that most infidelities do end up coming to light. And, if the cheater has a particularly creative ex, they might end up finding themselves on a list exactly like this.

15. Down The Drain

via collegehumor.com

If we caught our lover double timing us, we’d definitely be tempted to do exactly what this scorned woman did. After finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her, this woman took all of his Apple electronics and dumped them into the bathtub. Based on the pictures, it looks like she sank multiple laptops, iPhones, chargers, and even an iPad. She even took the time to throw his huge computer monitor in there, too!

This boyfriend must have done something extra hurtful to make his girlfriend react this way. As funny as this may seem now, we can’t get over how many thousands of dollars worth of Apple products this girl wasted in a petty act of revenge. While we understand wanting to get even, this is definitely taking things to the extreme. We don’t know if we could ever throw a perfectly good MacBook into a tub of water, even if our hearts were breaking.

14. Bragging Is Bad

via collegehumor.com

This Facebook post went viral when a woman shared an image of a man whose conversation she’d overheard while on a train. Evidently, this guy had been bragging to his friends about how he’s been cheating on his wife and getting away with it. He was obviously pretty proud of what he’d done.

Not wanting his wife to suffer in the dark anymore, this woman took to social media to share his not-so-secret secret. She hoped it would eventually find its way back to this guy’s wife, so she could know what he’s been up to behind closed doors.

The post was shared so many times online that it eventually did make its way to this guy’s wife, who has since revealed she’s broken things off with her cheating husband. This is proof that social media can do a lot of good when used right. And it’s also proof you shouldn’t brag about your affairs (or cheat in the first place), because you might just become an Internet sensation.

13. Going Braless

via dailymail.co.uk

This epic Facebook fail is cringe-worthy for so many reasons! Sandi took to Facebook to share a status saying she left her bra at her boyfriend Johnny’s house. Some might say that’s a bit TMI for a public post, but this girl was determined to get her lingerie back. But things took an ugly turn when Johnny, who goes by Jonathan on Facebook, began replying.

Johnny asks Sandi if the bra she forgot is a black 38-C, to which Sandi replies that’s not even her size… Knowing that this is most definitely not her bra, she begins asking her lover how many girls have been visiting his place. Poor Jonathan tries to cover his tracks by saying there’s no black bra, but the damage is already done. We wonder if these two lovers were able to get over the mysterious case of the black bra, or if this was the end of their sleepovers.

12. Hot Revenge

via ebaumsworld.com

When some people find out their significant other is cheating, they take matters into their own hands. This woman posted an anonymous confession in which she shared how she got revenge on her cheating husband and the other woman. After finding a box of condoms in his car, this lady decided to poke a hole in them and soak them in pepper juice. That way, when her husband and his lucky lady used them, they’d be in for a big (and uncomfortable) surprise.

The wife got confirmation of her husband’s affair when he later came home saying he had burned himself in his nether regions and needed to ice it. But, even more, she ended up learning who the other woman was when her best friend called her and said her lady bits were on fire after having some sexy times. It’s clear this woman’s hubby and best friend were having an affair, which led this wife to divorce her husband and find a new best friend. Well, we’d definitely say this woman had the last laugh.

11. Making The Rounds

via blog.relationshipsurgery.com

When this husband found out his wife was seeing someone else behind his back, he wanted everyone to know what she and her lover, Charles, were up to. Evidently, his wife of 12 years had been carrying on with an affair for almost a year, and though she promised to end things, her husband later found out that was a lie. To spread the word, he left this informative note on the doorsteps of his wife’s lover’s neighborhood. That way, Charles’ entire neighborhood would know what dark secrets he was hiding.

The scorned husband also said he would be paying a visit to Charles’ church, so he could let all the parishioners know about his sinful secrets. And finally, when that’s all said and done, he plans on divorcing his cheating wife. Since Charles doesn’t want to do anything illegal, he figures embarrassing this guy in every aspect of his life is a good start.

10. The Big Reveal

via collegehumor.com

This is one way to let the world know your ex is a cheater! Someone by the name of Emily rented out an entire billboard to reveal her husband’s indiscretions. The billboard was probably placed on a route she knew he regularly takes, like on his drive to work or to the gym, so she knew he would definitely see the sign.

On the billboard, Emily addresses her husband by name and reveals that she learned about his infidelities on a tape. She calls him a bunch of names, before revealing she’s divorcing him. And, she evidently paid for the billboard from their joint bank account. We only wish we could’ve seen the look on his face when he drove by the sign.

This is definitely a creative way to get back at a cheating ex, and we can’t stop laughing. We totally wish we’d have the guts to do exactly this if we were in the same situation. We wish we knew what better and brighter things Emily moved on to after leaving her ex. With a sense of humor as great as this, we know things are probably going well for her.

9. The Next Morning

via in.pinterest.com

This is definitely the most hilarious way someone has discovered their lover is cheating on them. The guy behind this post shared that this note was left for him on the bottom of his toilet seat. Apparently, his girlfriend had brought another guy home and didn’t tell him she was in a relationship until the next morning.

The guy probably felt bad that he’d taken part in cheating, and also that the girl’s boyfriend was in the dark about her illicit ways. To make sure he would know what his lady was up to, he taped this note to the toilet seat where he knew the boyfriend could find it. The note reads: “This chick just told me she has a boyfriend the morning after. Sorry to tell you like this, but I’d want to know if I was you. Sorry, Bro.” Sorry bro is right!

8. Texting Up A Tragedy

via dailymail.co.uk

The irony in this Facebook fail is insane. Nour took to Facebook to share an incident that almost got him in trouble with his girlfriend for cheating. He had mistakenly spelt “baby” as “abby,” so his girlfriend thought the text was meant for a girl other than her. Nour totally thought he dodged a bullet and he shared the good news with his social circle.

But things backfired when his girlfriend, Sable, commented on the post. She revealed that she never received a text like that nor did she think her boyfriend was cheating on her (up until now). She asks exactly what girlfriend that text could have gone to, leading her (and everyone else) to assume that Nour is actually cheating on his lover. They say the truth always comes out eventually, and it seems like in Nour’s case that statement is especially true.

7. A Real Review

via collegehumor.com

There are tons of hilarious and brutally honest Google reviews out there, but none are quite as epic as this one. This man took the time to leave a review for a hotel that he caught his wife having an affair at.

When the hotel charged his credit card for the room, he did some digging and found that it was actually his wife who rented the room so she and her lover could have some alone time. To make things worse, it turns out the other man was actually her boss.

Though this situation is anything other than great, the guy still left a positive review and gave the hotel five stars. He revealed the hotel reimbursed the charge on his credit card, and that they were able to provide documentation of the entire stay, which is how he found out about his cheating wife. At least he got his money back!

6. Cleaning House

via collegehumor.com

For many people, their first instinct upon learning their lover is cheating on them is to get rid of all of their stuff. They might pack it up and leave it on the sidewalk, or have someone else come pick up their ex-lovers things for them. But this guy took a different approach.

After finding out his wife was having an affair behind his back, this guy decided to sell her very expensive Corvette for FREE. Yes, you read that right. In a petty yet hilarious act of revenge, this guy wanted to desperately get rid of his wife’s car to get back at her for her cheating ways. We bet it was pretty easy to do, since most people would jump at the chance to own such a luxurious car for free.

A more lucrative way to get rid of your ex’s sports car might be to sell it. At least that way you’d make some money out of the deal. That is, until they sue you for selling something that you don’t technically own, since that’s still illegal even in times of cheating. We wish we knew how this hilarious story ended, and who ended up driving this Corvette home.

5. Final Farewell

via ranker.com

This is a lesson in not keeping your Facebook logged on (as well as in not cheating). The girlfriend of a guy named Marshall went on his Facebook account and changed his relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single.” In the comments, she then revealed from her ex-lover’s account the reason for their public breakup.

As we can tell, Marshall had been cheating on his girlfriend. She found out through flirtatious messages he’d been sending other women. His now ex-girlfriend reveals that he can consider them officially done because she is so finished with his cheating ways. She also says she’ll be taking their Xbox, which they agreed she’d get custody of if they ended up breaking up.

This is definitely an epic way to tell your significant other that you two are over. Hopefully Marshall learned the importance of not cheating, and hopefully his ex-girlfriend enjoyed her Xbox. After a boyfriend like that, she definitely deserved some video games!

4. Scavenger Hunt

via collegehumor.com

This girlfriend broke up with her man in the most epic way. After finding out he’d been cheating on her, she got rid of his things pronto and left him this sassy note. She reveals she packaged up all of his things carefully, but that she left them in different places for him to go collect.

She left his clothes at the place they first met, his video games where they first kissed, his laptop where they bought their first video game together, and his TV where they first went all the way. She then adds that she left everything else, like their photos together, at the house of the girl he was cheating with. Now that’s what we call a burn!

We’d totally copy this girl’s epic form of revenge if we needed to soothe our own broken hearts. With a great sense of humor and imaginative mind as this, we’re sure this girl didn’t stay single for too long.

3. The Other Woman

via someecards.com

People were initially sympathetic for this woman, named Lynette. She shared on Facebook that she is now single after she supposedly discovered her lover had been unfaithful to her. In the comments, people were supportive and told her that she deserved better. That is until she revealed one important detail of the story.

Lynette posted in the comments that her ex-lover decided he wanted to be with his wife instead of her…. His wife. Though Lynette thinks he was the cheater, it seems that she’s actually the other woman. It’s obvious that she had been having an affair with a married man, who eventually decided he wanted to try and make things work with his wife. Technically, he wasn’t cheating on Lynette, but was actually cheating with her.

The real person who deserves to be complaining is the guy’s wife. Who knows if she had any clue what was going on behind closed doors, or even if Lynette exists. Hopefully Lynette realized that dating a married man comes with complications, so she might want to go for a single guy if she wants to make sure her next man doesn’t leave her for his wife.

2. Her New Partner

via ebaumsworld.com

Well this is awkward. After changing his relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single,” this guy shares the reason for his sudden breakup. His girlfriend apparently contracted herpes, which means she’s been fooling around with someone other than him. To make things worse, this guy was on deployment when his former girlfriend was two timing him, which is a pretty low blow on the girl’s part.

At least this guy had a good sense of humor when announcing his new single status. He said he wishes his ex all the best with her new partner, herpes. At least he didn’t have to contract that nasty STD, and found out about his girlfriend’s indiscretions sooner rather than later. This is more proof that cheating usually has a way of coming to light in the end, whether it’s because you contracted an STD or in another humorous way.

1. Taking Out The Trash

via ranker.com

Imagine seeing this in your newsfeed! When Sarah posted a status asking people how her Facebook friends met her, we bet she wasn’t expecting this reply. A woman named Jessie commented and said they met when Sarah had been cheating with Jessie’s husband.

However, it seems that Jessie has a pretty good sense of humor about things. For one, she and Sarah are still friends on Facebook, which isn’t the usual norm in these types of cases. But even more, Jessie seems to not really mind and that there are no hard feelings between the two women. About her husband, Jessie said, “He was a loser, you were just taking out the garbage.”

It’s refreshing to see that Jessie is actually mad at the guy who cheated on her rather than the other woman. Sarah may not even have known the guy had a wife, which could explain why these two women are on decent terms with each other. Either way, this seems like a scene straight out of a movie. Hollywood should pounce on this idea ASAP.

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