15 Children That We Can't Help But Laugh At

Ah, children. At times, we feel like we can't deal with them. They kick, scream and fight with us until they're blue in the face. They also cuddle, kiss and bring us snacks unexpectedly. Children have the power to break our hearts and our bones within the same hour. Thankfully, we still have the upper hand. While they're doing things that they shouldn't do, we're filming them (or taking their pictures) for blackmail. Get ready to see 15 of the most hilarious things children have done. We can guarantee that you'll be laughing on the floor by the end of this article!

15 Not in the house!

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Kids, there's a reason your parents tell you that some toys shouldn't be played with in the house. It's not because they don't want to see you happy and it's not because you'll break something (well, okay it kind of is). One of the main reasons we don't want you to play with certain toys indoors is because things could backfire (literally) and you can get hurt! If you were anything like we were as a child, you didn't listen to your parents when they warned you to not play with a ball in the house. Maybe things went south and you accidentally broke a picture and a lamp. No worries, right? Wrong!

Not only were our parents upset with us for breaking the rules, they had to go out and replace what we had broken. The worst part? The next week we were playing with the same toy in the house again. If only we could go back and listen to our parents. We might have saved them a few dollars!

14 Ritual at the fair

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We can only imagine what her parents were thinking at this point in time. Probably something like: "We let our daughter watch one Supernatural episode and now she's got Demon blood in her veins." If there's one good thing that came out of this face painting, it's the fact that you can't tell it's a demon. It honestly just looks like a bunch of paint smeared on her face. She also kind of looks like an evil clown. But, we won't think about that. Whatever makes her happy, right? God only knows what would have happened if someone said no to the girl that asked to look like Satan, right?

Children are weird AF sometimes. They all go through extremely embarrassing stages (such as our huge "emo stage" that we wish we could forget about). Maybe this is just her way of "expressing how she really feels" at this point in time? Let's hope that her perspective changes, though!

13 Don't take your anger out on the fruit!

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What...kind...of...monster...does this? Honestly, where did this kid learn this? This is...evil! Is he in cahoots with the demon girl from above? It sure as heck seems that way! My gosh, we don't even know what we would have done if we went into the kitchen and saw this monstrosity! What on earth did the bananas do to deserve this?! What on earth did this parent do to make their son so angry that he would do this? Whatever they did, we hope that their son is done being angry. Imagine if these bananas were only the beginning! Lord only knows what he'd do with the apples and kiwis!

This parent is either raising a highly intelligent boy or a psychopath. Either way, we're not sure if we'd be okay babysitting him! What if we make him go to bed a minute before his actual bedtime? What would he do to us? Yikes; we don't want to know.

12 Practice makes...perfect?

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Ah, cheerleading. Remember the days where you'd bother your family members to watch your performance (no matter how crappy it was) just to get their feedback? Maybe someone told you that it wasn't as great as it could be, or that you messed up on one of the signature moves. Regardless, it hurt your feelings and the only way for you to get better was to practice in privacy. This girl decided that it was time to break out the video camera and film her routine. She wanted to be the star of the show and decided that the best way to do this was to stand on an ottoman (duh!).

Things took a turn for the worse when she didn't land her stunt as planned. She basically ate the floor and we're sure she regretted doing this immediately after. However, it got online somehow! Either she's okay with this ultimate fail and wanted to show her friends for a good laugh or someone posted it online to embarrass her. Either way, we're glad that she's okay and we're thankful that this made us laugh as hard as it did!

11 Movie time!

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There are many different stories that we get from this picture. One of them is the dad was asleep and his daughter decided that he needed to be comforted by not only her, but all of her stuffed animals as well. If that's the case, it worked! He's out like a light! This little girl knows just how to cheer her dad up after a long day at work. Another fine scenario is the little girl asked her father to watch a Disney movie with her. He obviously said yes but he fell asleep before the movie even started. The girl knew this would happen (as it usually does) and brought out all of her pals to watch the movie with her.

Whatever the real scenario is, we know that this little girl is definitely a "daddy's girl" and will probably cherish this picture (and memory) for the rest of her life. We hope that her dad's back isn't too sore! There's a lot of stuffed animals on him.

10 Jenga problems

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That one's going to leave a mark. There's a right way to play Jenga and a wrong way. This tyke chose the road less traveled and, as you can tell, it slapped him right in the face. What's worse, is the fact that the person filming this knew it was going to happen and let it happen! Not only that, but they didn't stop filming to help the poor guy! How awful...and hilarious! He seems to take it like a champ, though! He looks like he's thinking "I swear if you don't get a good shot I'll be mad. Get it? Great, now help me."

Children do the darndest things sometimes and it's hard to not laugh at them. There's a pretty fine line between letting children do incredibly stupid things for the heck of it and telling them "No, that might hurt you." While we're glad we were able to see this happen (and we know the child is okay), we don't advise you to do this with your children at home!

9 In a world full of princesses...

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We absolutely love this. We're not sure if this child got the memo that it was "Disney Princess Day" at dance class, but we're glad that she didn't follow the crowd. She might have thought the dance instructor said "Dress-up Day" and went along with it. Either way, who wouldn't want to dance in a hot dog suit? Not only does this make you stand out from the crowd, it makes people laugh! You could literally brighten someone's day by dressing up like a hot dog and prancing around a dance studio.

We wonder what her classmates thought about her dressing up like a hot dog. They were probably jealous AF and they probably told their parents how they want a hot dog costume! In a world of princesses, dare to be the hot dog. You won't regret it!

8 Tents aren't for everyone

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There's nothing quite like the great outdoors. Spending the night in a tent with a few good friends is the best way to unwind after a long week. However, tents can be quite tricky if you have no idea how to set them up (or take them down). The wind will affect how you put the tent up and (sometimes) will blow the tent away. While this might make you want to stay home instead, we encourage you to get out in nature and sleep in a tent at least twice a month. Take a note from these little tykes, though. Getting in is easy, getting out? Well, not so much.

If you stay up all night drinking, roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories, you probably won't want to wake up super early the next day. However, if your mother and father tell you that you have to wake up early, this might happen! While we're 100% sure these kids weren't drinking alcohol the night before, they probably drank a nice tall glass of warm milk. That's the equivalent, right? Each kiddo falls on the ground, each kiddo gets up and laughs. Their attitudes are brighter than they are this morning!

7 Do you now?

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Oh...my gosh. There sure are a lot of men that want to buy that...shovel, aren't there? They all seem pretty adamant on getting it too. We wouldn't be surprised if they started throwing dollar bills on the ground to have her show it off in a different view. While this child had good intentions, he totally could have drawn this so much better. Maybe if he raised the shovel over his mother's head instead of having her hold it? Because quite honestly, it does not look like a shovel at all. It looks like the perfect podium to dance on. The men in the audience certainly agree.

This drawing makes us wonder what the mother tells her son about her job, too. Is it something like, "Today multiple men wanted the last available shovel. They wanted it so badly that they started taking money out before they got to the cash register!"? Lady, we're not sure what you're telling your son, but he's misinterpreting it pretty badly. Parent-teacher conferences might be awkward, now!

6 Daredevil

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We're almost positive that the saying, "Life is like a bicycle...to keep balance, you must keep moving," was not said by Albert Einstein, but was actually said by this child's parents. This little guy was so focused on riding his bike that he forgot to use the pedals (and the brakes). He was determined with his mission. He thought to himself, "If the big kids can do this, so can I" and refused to let anything stop him! He over-calculated one tiny thing, though: the ground. He couldn't have known that the ground would trip him up like that, though, could he?

All in all, this kid's going places. He's the daredevil of his generation and he's not afraid to fall. He follows the other famous saying: "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." While he might fall down a few more times, there's no doubt in our minds that he'll always stand back up and try again.

5 All better!

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Aw, well at least the kid tried! If our kids were to unravel the entire roll of toilet paper, they'd play with it and leave it on the floor for us to deal with! Thankfully, this kid didn't shove the entire roll into the toilet (that would have been awful). The parent probably wouldn't have snapped a picture of that, either. They should be grateful that their son took the initiative to "fix" what he did wrong. Not many children would do that! That's excellent parenting skills right there!

While this parent probably had to throw away the entire roll of toilet paper after seeing this anyway, they've got to admit that this is super cute. They should be proud of their son's rolling abilities! It's our mistakes that make us human, after all!

4 Read directions very carefully

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LOL, this pictures shows us just how much we used to pay attention to directions. We're not too sure what happened, either. We used to be so cautious as to what products we were using. Whether it was a new hair color that we really wanted or a can of spray deodorant, we read the directions and ingredients very carefully. We're honestly thankful that no one took our pictures while we did this because we probably looked even more foolish than this little girl.

On second thought, we probably didn't. Who on earth brings out a ruler to measure the proper centimeters that your deodorant needs to be sprayed from? This girl is taking directions a little too far. But hey, we've all done some pretty weird stuff. Right?

3 Priorities in order

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Ladies, let's be honest—if we could swap out our designer brand purses for this cute pink poodle purse, we totally would. However, we're not sure where we'd put our makeup, phone, wallet and other random things that we keep with us (like 50 bobby pins and 12 hair ties that we can never find when we actually need them). While we'd love to have a smaller bag, we just can't afford to leave half of our stuff at home. As we all know now, if you had a purse when you were in kindergarten to fifth grade, you were automatically one of the "cool kids." Bonus points if you had one of those large sequin purses that jingled with each and every step you took.

This lil' girl has her life in order, we'd say. She was probably picked up from daycare and told that she had to go to the store with her parents. Who said she wanted to? Thankfully, she thought ahead and packed a snack for the trip. Well done, young grasshopper. We're craving some Cheetos now, though.

2 Swinging into the abyss

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Every time we pass a park and see a swing set, we automatically reminisce on how we used to sit on our swing for hours and beg our parents for "one more push." When we were learning how to swing on our own (whether we wanted to or not), it was a little harder than we had expected it to be. Kicking our legs as soon as we kicked off of the ground was pretty challenging! However, we're not sure if we ever had this much trouble on the swing set.This poor kid can't even sit down properly, let alone kick his feet!

We're not sure if he should have been swinging anyway. He literally falls into a puddle of water and we doubt his parents weren't happy! Speaking of his parents, where were they? Shouldn't they have helped him onto the swing at least? Poor guy, we hope his day got a little better after taking a splash!

1 Ain't no thing like a chicken wing

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Remember the good ol' days where we'd play outside with our friends all day and have the time of our lives? When we got home, we were pretty dang dirty and our parents demanded that we cleaned up before dinner. If you were anything like we were, you hated taking a bath (or shower) before dinner! You were starving. This kid has it all figured out, though. Why not sneak dinner into the bathroom with you? Genius! Why did we not think of this when we were younger? We're not sure if this child has done this before or not, but his mother was obviously so shocked that she had to take pictures just to prove that her son did this.

His facial expression is priceless, too. He's probably thinking, "Ha, yeah I'm going to eat in here. I'm killing two birds with one stone." Bravo, kiddo. You've cracked the code and have stumped your parents. We salute you!

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