15 Clever "As Movie" Tweets That Will Make You LOL

There's a new meme hitting the Internet that has won our hearts.

It's typically a picture (or screenshot) from a movie, TV show, or daily life, with a title of a popular movie.  Trust us, it's funnier than it sounds. The meme has mainly surrounded television shows like The Office and The Jersey Shore, but it has also made its way to other areas of the entertainment world—as all great memes eventually do. What I love most about this meme is that it shows us how easily we can be tricked into believing a different picture represents the real movie. If someone hasn't seen the movie, they might believe the picture is actually from the movie! It's a lot of fun, I swear. So let's see the top 15 "as movie" memes that have us howling in laughter.

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15 They Went There Already

While the meme usually revolves around movies and television shows, every once in a while a gem will pop up from pop culture. In this case, the caption is from The Lion King, referencing the famous scene in which Mufasa is dangling from the top of the cliff thanks to his good-for-nothing brother Scar. Rather than showing the actual scene from The Lion King, this meme hilariously shows the moment Michael Jackson was holding his child over the balcony. At the time, the world was horrified with Michael for trying to show off his child stories above ground! But thanks to meme-life, it's the perfect moment to be portrayed as The Lion King. I love the creativity here, taking something from outside the movie and television world and turning it into a movie caption.

14 Jack And Rose Have Switched Roles

The Titanic was a doomed ship from the start. But in the movie Titanic, characters Jack and Rose made the horror of sinking ship somehow romantic. If you have seen the film, you might look at this picture and think the famous couple looks different than we remembered. The iconic image of Jack and Rose in the water, trying to both survive lasts to this day. So there was plenty of competition surrounding the movie and who could come up with the best movie meme about it. And after seeing way more than I would like to admit, this Twitter user wins for creativity - avoiding the same repetitive scene from The Office, and a picture that makes us laugh every time. The hope, here, is that the couple survived the ship's sinking, because they definitely deserve a happily ever after.

13 'The Office' Musical

Finally! We have our first meme from The Office! The Office was one of the best comedies of all time, so it rightfully became one of the most popular memes to date. Did we say meme too many times yet? Anyway, rather than Troy and Gabriella (from High School Musical) owning the microphone and Troy playing in important basketball games, this meme has Jim Halpert and Michael Scott taking Troy and Gabriella's place. I'm sure Michael would be pleased to know he's now starring as Troy, the Wildcat's star point guard.

The best part about this meme, is these were two of the best episodes in The Office history, and the meme does right by them. I think Michael would have been a big High School Musical fan. Jim, on the other hand, may not take as kindly to being Gabriella. Dwight would want the role instead!

12 Scooby's On A Plane

Snakes on a Plane was a great action movie with some unintentional comedy mixed with it. And if you have never seen the film, just picture Samuel L. Jackson trying to figure out what to do with snakes on a plane. But, if we erase SLJ from the film, and throw in the screw from Scooby Doo - we have a whole new spin on the film. Imagine seeing the movie title Snakes on a Plane and then seeing Scooby chilling next to Shaggy and Velma. The hilarity lies in the complete lack of logic, as well as the wonderful picture of Scooby Doo dressed up as a woman. We can't stop laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the image combined with the caption, meaning the meme has done its magic once again. (But now that this meme has caught my attention, I wouldn't mind re-watching Scooby Doo the movie.

11 Magic Michael

We. Are. Dying! We told you there would be a bunch of memes regarding The Office! The clip in which Michael Scott tries out magic works perfectly with the sensual male-stripper movie Magic Mike. The two could not be more different, but with the right caption - it works in the best way possible. Just thinking about the comparisons between Channing Tatum's character and Steve Carell's is the reason why this meme is breaking the Internet. Just look at this picture! Those of us who watch The Office can't help but laugh at the bumbling fool that is Michael Scott. He has now become 'Magical Michael' and I think he would be okay with that. Honestly, I'd love to see a movie of Michael Scott performing different kinds of magic. Make it happen, Hollywood! Do it for the memes!

10 Finding...Alien?

Well, this isn't how we remember Finding Nemo going! Finding Nemo was an animated Pixar classic that came out in 2004. The movie was about a clown fish trying to find his son and going through any and all challenges to be able to do so. The fish faced angry sharks, humans, dentists, and a lot of other sea creatures. Yet, at no point in the film does he go up against a giant alienistic creature. Ah, the magic of the meme. Here, it hilariously plays off of the idea of the lost fish and the many obstacles the Marlin faces to find his son. It combined the Pixar flick with the movie Alien and obscure concert costumes to make us laugh out loud. It worked, as we can't stop picture this as the real Finding Nemo.

9 Michael The Miracle

The Office really does own this movie meme-thing, but this one is great. There were other meme attempts revolving around The Office and Miracle, such as when the office olympics happened on the show. But nothing tops the episode "Threat Level Midnight," a parody of Sudden Death, and nothing tops Michael Scarn (a fictional character in the show) attempts to save lives. Miracle, a movie about the 1980 United States Men's Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medalists certainly takes a turn here. Rather than being about a team of underdog Americans, it's about one underdog man trying to stop a bomb from going off at the NHL All-Star game. "Threat Level Midnight" was a classic episode, Michael Scarn was one of the greatest fictional athletes and characters of all time. We wish he was real, and this is another movie we wish would actually happen!

8 Danny DeVito The Drummer

Whiplash earned the hearts of viewers thanks to the stellar performance by Miles Teller as a drummer that would not give up. Teller's character saw his hands bleed and his life fall a part as he sought to become one of the greatest drummers in his generation. The movie was a whirlwind of intensity from start to finish, so, of course, the proper way to capture that level of intensity is to put comedic legend Danny DeVito behind the drumset instead. DeVito is someone we just cannot take seriously, and seeing the iconic Whiplash name paired with the short comedian makes the entire meme, well, iconic! The best part is how happy and joyful DeVito looks behind the drums, when in the movie, Teller's character is stone-faced and ultra-focused on his drumming. The two could not be more different, and we love the meme for that.

7 Jersey Dogs

Reservoir Dogs was a classic film that featured some of the best actors in Hollywood playing various different criminals. It was the type of movie that you could watch over and over again and identify different little nuances in the film each time. There are many reasons it's considered one of the greatest movies of all time, so, of course, it needs to be taken down by the mis-titled meme. Rather than showing a picture of the film, the meme shows a picture of the primary cast from the reality TV show, The Jersey Shore. Seeing the cast of that horrible show matched with the name of an amazing movie is almost too much for us to take, but at the same time, you just have to laugh. The cast even looks like they belong in the film despite making no sense for it, an attribute that makes this one one of the best. I don't think "The Situation" would last very long in the movie though, so hopefully they don't re-shoot this film with the cast actually in it!

6 Drake's Anatomy

Drake and Josh was one of the funniest Nickelodeon shows ever to exist. Drake Bell and Josh Peck, two hilarious actors with excellent improv skills, played brothers on the teen show. Episodes ranged from simple high school shenanigans, to whether or not they could stop an evil man from cooking a monkey. Yep, the show went there! In one episode, Drake pretends to be a doctor in order to get to Josh, who was a patient in the hospital. Drake and Josh are both dressed in hospital garb, so it's the perfect opportunity to combine it with one of the various hit hospital shows on TV. Grey's Anatomy is the least comedic and most serious, so that makes it the perfect candidate to match with the least serious and most comedic pictures! We love what they did with the meme, and honestly we now wonder how Drake and Josh would do on Grey's Anatomy. Make it happen, Shonda Rhimes!

5 High School Bee Musical

Back to High School Musical, but this time with a twist. Not only does it portray High School Musical 2 because of graduation, but it's also the Bee Movie. Oh, the Bee Movie. We still don't know what exactly caused it, but the Bee Movie recently became one of the most meme-worthy movies on the Internet. Bee Movie memes have swarmed (see what we did there?) the Internet as of late, so it makes sense it would pop up on our list. The bees graduating from Bee University are supposed to represent the characters in High School Musical graduating from, well, high school. I think the Internet would love a Bee Movie parody with singing and dancing. Do you think Zac Efron would be willing to participate?

4 Stranger Creeds

This might just be our favorite meme from The Office yet! Stranger Things is a Netflix hit that came out this past year. It plays upon the fears of its audience by having the villain pop out of seemingly nowhere at unexpected times. Crazy things happened in every single episode. We all watched with shocked faces while people fell through ceilings and all of the unexpected filling in the show. So, of course this is an opportunity for Creed Bratton, the strangest thing on The Office, to make his meme debut. Creed's surprised face would be perfect for Stranger Things, and now we're left feeling upset that he never made a guest appearance on the show! We like to think that Dwight falling through the ceiling is the bad guy, because Creed being a bad guy would be too unsettling. He has to be the funny man!

3 Bobs Burgers On Wall Street

A famous scene in the Leonardo DiCaprio film, The Wolf of Wall Street is when Leo crawls up to Margot Robbie to try and seduce her. Rather than accepting his advance, Robbie's character puts her leg up on his head, establishing dominance over a character that always seems to get his way. In the show Bob's Burgers, Linda and Bob are two funny characters that rarely get in any kind of trouble or mischievous activity, unless you count what their kids get them into. They are the ideal, innocent parents that can be funny, but you won't see them doing anything that could possibly fit with the plot of The Wolf of Wall Street. However, one scene has Linda putting her leg up on Bob's face the exact same way Margot's character did to Leo. They must have known this meme was going to happen because it's just too PERFECT! We cannot stop laughing at the similarities between the two. Bob's surprised face at Linda seals the deal.

2 A Drake And Josh Classic

Drake and Josh must have a pretty big fanbase of their own, as they were part of another one of the top mis-titled movie memes. Replacing the famous courtroom scene from To Kill a Mockingbird (widely considered one of the greatest movies of all time) with Drake and Josh is a stroke of comedic brilliance. We don't know what's more ridiculous here, the idea that Drake and Josh could be involved in such an iconic storyline, the picture of Drake and Josh in the courtroom, or what must have happened in the episode that led to the two being in the courtroom in the first place. Regardless, we hope that Drake and Josh ended up okay in the long run because we're too busy crying and laughing at this meme.

1 Lord Of The Shrek

Shrek has also been a popular meme like the Bee Movie in recent years. One of the most famous film franchises (for reasons other than being meme... I know, I know - there's reasons other than being a meme?) is The Lord of the Rings. And here we see Shrek replacing The Lord of the Rings, as the aesthetic is actually quite similar. Shrek looks just as confused as we are at the wizard attempting to do something athletic, but we're sure what he's trying to do would make sense if it was in The Lord of the Rings! And that's what makes the meme so great. It's comparing too similar scenes with two drastically different films. Which makes the entire development even funnier. Thank you @IncorrectFilms for this stroke of genius.

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