15 Comic Books Weapons That You Definitely Don't Want To Mess With

What makes a great comic book character? Deep and meaningful character development? A vast roster of menacing villains in their rogues’ gallery? Countless years of publication history? All that stuff is great and all, but a comic book character is nothing without one very, very important thing: a totally badass weapon.

Wolverine’s claws, Batman’s utility belt and Spider-Man’s web-shooters have become just as important to pop culture as the heroes that wield them. Memorable comic book weapons aren’t just exclusive to the nice guys of the comic book world, though. A great weapon can also turn a regular ol’ villain into a maniacal supervillain. While all the comic book weapons that make an appearance on this list are vastly different from one another, they all have one thing in common: you absolutely do NOT want to mess with them.

15 Wonder Woman’s Lasso Of Truth

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The Lasso of Truth has been Wonder Woman’s go-to weapon since its first appearance in 1942. When used, the lariat has the ability to make anyone who finds themselves ensnared in it to tell the truth and obey Wonder Woman’s every order.

The lasso was formed from Aphrodite’s girdle, which gives the mystical rope its handy capabilities and superhero-worthy indestructibility. At one point, Wonder Woman coated the Lasso of Truth in Amazonian chemicals from her homeland and began to use it as a way to quickly don her Wonder Woman costume. The lasso’s length is infinite, and besides Wonder Woman’s unmatched Amazonian abilities, the Lasso of Truth has proven to be Wonder Woman’s most trusted weapon in both moments of defense and offense.

14 Wolverine’s claws

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Wolverine’s super cool, super deadly claws have been known to slash, stab and poke anyone who raises the ire of ire—but they came at a hefty price. Wolverine was the subject of the Weapon-X program, a brutal government research project that used Logan as a test subject in an experiment that bonded an adamantium skeleton to his bones.

The surgery nearly killed Wolverine, but he managed to escape into the wilderness after killing nearly every person in the Weapon-X facility. The process scarred Wolverine both mentally and physically, leaving a lasting imprint of distrust and pain on his psyche due to the inhumanity that he was subjected to. Well, all that’s kind of a bummer. At least the end result left Wolverine in possession of quite possibly the most iconic ability an X-Man has ever possessed.

13 Literally every gun Rocket Raccoon touches

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Rocket Raccoon doesn’t have just ONE powerful weapon in his arsenal—he has HUNDREDS of them. Rocket may look sweet and furry on the surface, but he quickly loses his cute and cuddly characteristics when he's pointing a giant space gun at your face.

Rocket has a wide array of ballistic and explosive skills that make him quite the handful to deal with, but Rocket doesn’t reserve pulling weapons on only his enemies—he will often solve his quarrels with his Guardians of the Galaxy teammates by pointing a gun at their faces, too. If Rocket somehow finds himself without a giant space gun, Rocket has yet another powerful weapon at his disposal: a giant tree named Groot that happens to be his best friend.

12 Batman’s Utility Belt

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With the endless amount of tricks and gadgets Batman stores in his utility belt, it must be big enough to house a small family within its pouches. The caped crusader’s utility belt has been a mainstay of the character for many, many years, and has been visually reimagined by countless different artists.

Aside from Batman’s next level intellect and never ending contingent plans, his utility belt has been one of his greatest allies in his fight against the ever expanding rogue gallery of Gotham City. Smoke bombs, Batarangs, grappling hooks and even shark repellent—Batman has just the right gadget for whatever situation he may find himself in. We only have one question: Where the heck can we buy a utility belt of our own?

11 Thor’s Hammer

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We’d call Thor’s hammer by its official name, but, honestly, we aren’t quite sure how to pronounce it. Mjölnir, pronounced “myawl-nir” (or however you'd like to pronounce it in your head) is based off of the same Norse mythology that Thor is.

The mighty Thor’s hammer is faster than the speed of sound, and has been used in countless battles by the God of Thunder. Typically, Thor is the only person worthy enough to wield the hammer, although Loki and his fellow Avengers teammate, Captain America, have also wielded it for brief periods of time. Thor’s hammer has made him one of the most well-known heroes in the Marvel universe. Without it, Odinson is just a guy with a funny looking outfit who talks like an antiquated version of Siri.

10 Daredevil’s billy club

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Daredevil’s billy club is quite possibly the most practical weapon to appear on this list. Aside from its ability to be used as a grappling hook, eskrima sticks or even as nunchucks, the club can also be used as a collapsable blind man’s cane. This is especially useful for Daredevil, who just so happens to be a blind man himself.

Matt Murdock, the public identity of Daredevil, can literally keep his most trusted weapon at arms reach at all times, which can be especially useful when one of his court cases goes south. Sure, some people may be like, “Hey, that cane the blind lawyer with the red tinted glasses has sure does look a lot like the one that Daredevil guy fights crime with,” but hey—comic book logic doesn't have to be all that logical.

9 Spider-Man’s web shooters

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Spider-Man’s web shooters are the least deadly on this list, but they are certainly the thwip-iest (is that a word? It is now). Spider-Man’s web shooters can be used in a seemingly endless amount of ways. From swinging between tall buildings to detaining costumed ne’er do wells, Peter Parker can use his web shooters for just about anything. He can even use them to make a really relaxing hammock, too.

The most impressive aspect of this “weapon” is that Peter Parker developed them when he was just a young high school student. While developing the proportionate strength and abilities of a spider is great and all, Peter Parker’s real gift lies in his exceptional intellect. These genius web shooters could certainly be used for evil in the hands of anyone else, but not with someone like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

8 Captain America’s Shield

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Captain America’s shield is made up of adamantium and vibranium, Marvel’s most prominent fictional metals. The adamantium portion gives the shield its durability, while the vibranium allows it to absorb nearly any attack thrown Cap’s way. The shield also has an ability to be thrown and returned like a boomerang, which has proved endlessly useful for Captain America in his many, many battles.

The shield can also be used as a really great snow sled. Okay, we made that one up, but we dare you not to picture Cap sledding down a snowy hill with a big smile on his face now. While a shield isn’t usually considered to be the most threatening of weapons, in the hands of Captain America, villains never stand a chance.

7 Venom’s Symbiote

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Depending on how you look at it, the alien symbiote suit that has plagued the Spider-Verse since the '90s can either be considered a gift or a curse. For Peter Parker, the Venom Symbiote plagued him, driving him to act uncharacteristically aggressive. For Eddie Brock, it turned him into one of Spider-Man’s most fearsome villain enemies.

Without the alien Symbiote bonded to him, Eddie Brock was simply a burly guy with a massive grudge, but with it, he was Venom, a beloved anti-hero and complete pain in the ass for Spider-Man. Throughout the years, the alien Symbiote has bonded with a slew of different characters, but it was never as deadly of a weapon as it was in the possession of Eddie Brock.

6 Hawkeye’s bow and arrow

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Compared to the other weapons on this list, a simple bow and arrow are pretty tame by comparison. That is, unless the bow and arrow is being wielded by Hawkeye. Hawkeye is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as a prominent member of the Avengers, and has used his patented weapon to take down everything from Chitauri soldiers to Tracksuit Dracula’s.

Hawkeye's bow is a collapsible (because taking a full size bow in an Uber or a subway can be difficult) and his quiver is mechanized to feed him a near endless amount of arrows. In addition to the razzle-dazzle that is his quiver and bow, Hawkeye also uses arrows with a slew of unique tips for any deadly occasion Clint Barker might find himself in.

5 Mister Freeze’s cold gun

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It’s pretty damn convenient that a man named Victor Fries would suffer an accident that would force him to be contained within a mechanical suit that keeps his body at below zero temperatures. It’s even more convenient that, as a scientist, Victor Fries would develop the technology to create a gun that can freeze absolutely anything in its crosshairs.

Victor Fries, now known as Mister Freeze (because you better refer to someone who can turn you into ice and shatter you as Mister), has used his patented weapon to devastate Gotham more times than we care to count. The cold gun has the ability to create structures of ice, as well as encase unlucky victims in blocks of ice—all of which will DEFINITELY kill you. That is, unless Batman is able to break you free before you freeze to death. So, you know, the odds are in your favor.

4 Cyclops' eyes

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For Cyclops, having his eyes be considered one of the deadliest weapons in the history of comic books can either be looked at as a gift or a curse. Sure, he can never look deep into the eyes of the love of his life (which could be either Jean Grey or Emma Frost depending on if Jean Grey is dead which, as it turns out, is most of the time), but he more than makes up for it by having an excuse to wear really cool sunglasses at all times of the day. Cyclops’ unique ability to blast energy beams from his eyes has made him one of the most powerful and popular X-Men of all time and, along with his exceptional leadership skills, has made him the perfect commander in chief to the X-Men in Charles Xavier’s absence.

3 Doctor Doom’s Doom Bots

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Say what you will about Doctor Doom, but you can certainly never call the Latverian leader stupid. Doom has developed an abundance of weapons in his days as a super villain, but none have been as brilliant as his army of robots, the Doom Bots.

The Doom Bots are replicas of Doctor Doom, and they even believe themselves to be him unless they find themselves in the presence of the actual Doctor Doom. They posses his intellect, appearance and they even have the ability to fill in for the dictator when he’d rather stay back home in his luxurious Latverian castle. While the Doom Bots are dangerous, they are often used as cannon fodder for the Fantastic Four. Good thing Doom seems to have a never-ending supply of the nefarious robots.

2 Jean Grey’s mind

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As far as mutant abilities go, Jean Grey’s telekinetic and telepathic abilities put her at the top of the “most powerful mutants” list. At the age of 11, Jean was introduced to Charles Xavier, a mutant with his own telepathic abilities. Professor X mentored Jean, teaching her to develop her omega level powers in ways that only he could.

Eventually, Jean’s mind would become so powerful that they even rivaled Xavier’s own. Jean would go on to become a founding member of the original X-Men, and would be a mainstay of the team for many years to come. Jean’s brilliant and mighty mind is one weapon you wouldn’t want to cross. It has made her one of the most powerful mutants in not only the X-Men, but the Marvel universe, as well.

1 Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet

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While all the other weapons on this list are great and all, absolutely none of them would stand a chance against the Infinity Gauntlet. The actual power of the Infinity Gauntlet doesn’t come from the gauntlet itself. The power comes from Infinity Stones embedded in it.

The six Infinity Stones are the soul stone, the time stone, the space stone, the mind stone, the reality stone and last but certainly not least, the power stone. In the beloved Infinity Gauntlet comic book story, the Mad Titan, Thanos, was the villain who wielded the weapon. The Gauntlet essentially gave Thanos godlike power, which he then used to demolish the Marvel universe. Soon enough, Thanos and his deadly Infinity Gauntlet will be making an appearance on the big screen in Avengers: Infinity War.

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