These 15 Comics Call Us Out On Everything We've Ever Done

We don't recommend anyone reads this article unless they have a sense of humor. Otherwise, people are going to get majorly offended by some of the comics on here. For those with a sense of humor—enjoy! These illustrations really are hilarious because they’re just so accurate. Believe us when we say that readers are going to find themselves nodding their head and laughing continually while sliding down these posts.

As much as we love food pictures, travel snaps and cute baby animal pictures, we’re obsessed with these 15 comics that call us out on everything we’ve ever done. Never before have we seen such accurate representations of modern living. Never before have we found ourselves giggling so much while reading one single article. All we can say is...enjoy!

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15 Lazy days

Ever had one of those days when one just can’t be bothered to do anything? We have. Most of the time we’re super productive, by the way. But we’re not going to lie and say we have an everlasting supply of motivation. We’re only human, after all. We too have those days where we just want to lie on the couch all day, watch TV and basically chill. Hey, we deserve it. Everybody deserves a little relaxation every now and then. Wasn’t there a study about the benefits of self-care? We’re certain we read something about it extending your lifeline. And if that means not getting off the sofa to get our drink from the mantelpiece, we can find other ways to get it without standing up. This illustration totally calls us out on how we act on those lazy days. We don’t care what anyone says: everybody has their lazy days. Still, it’s kind of funny how we nurture those lazy days. We probably end up wasting more energy finding alternative ways to reach for our drink than if we were just to stand up and get it. But that’s all part of the fun of lazy days.

14 Empty promises

This is all of us. We set a goal in our head for the next day, like going to the gym for instance. We set a timer and everything because, in our heads, it’s really going to happening. It’s not like we say it whimsically or anything. We mean what we say and if we say we’re going to the gym the next morning, that is what we will do. Then the morning comes and somehow that motivation has evaporated. When our alarm beeps at 5:45 a.m., the motivation of getting out of our comfy warms beds isn’t so pressing as it was the night before. We assure ourselves, while still half-asleep, that we don’t really need to go to the gym. Forty-five minutes later, the alarm beeps again. Now it’s time to get up and ready for work. If only the bed were less comfy, we wouldn’t be convincing ourselves that showering isn’t a necessity. One hour later, we discover we’re late for work but we assure ourselves that we don’t really need this job. As long as we get our beauty sleep, that’s all that really matters. The rest can wait for when we wake up. Now it’s finally time to delete that alarm we set.

13 Phone addiction denial

How many times have you claimed not to be a phone addict only to actually find out you are one? Everybody’s always claiming they’re not addicted to their phone and yet, from where we’re standing, it looks like they are. Wherever you look these days, people are glued to their cell phones. It’s as if people don’t actually hold face to face conversations anymore. They’re too busy checking if someone has liked or commented on their Facebook update or recently uploaded Instagram picture.

Many couples also say they want to have a union that isn’t reliant on checking their cell phones.

And yet, from where we’re standing, we see couples attached to their phones all the time when they’re out and about. For some reason, we need cell phones because what those phones hold is a connection to the outside world. Without one, we may as well not exist. The sad truth is, numerous couples spend a lot of time on their phones instead of nurturing their own relationship and having what we call a normal conversation. We’re sure this illustration has called out a lot of guilty people out there who do this all the time. Are we right?

12 The lobster look

Unless you are blessed with olive toned skin that tans instead of sizzles in the sun, you’ve probably found yourself in the above situation before. You are prepared to get a nice tan in the summer. Things start off good but then you forget to slap the sun lotion on. Maybe you don’t forget. Maybe you remember but you fool yourself into thinking you don’t need it. Well, you do. Not only is it healthier for your skin, it prevents the above from happening to you. How many times has this happened to you? You want to get the bronzed holiday look. But only a matter of minutes after lying in the sun, you end up getting the lobster look. Let’s face it: nobody wants to burn in the sun and nobody wants to look as red as a lobster. But that’s just the way it is. In the future, remember to slather your face and body in sun lotion and prevent this from happening. Don’t you just love the way the cartoon’s smile turns into that unimpressed look. That is all of us when we look in the mirror after a day at the beach, right? Well, most of us anyway.

11 Shopping regrets

This illustration speaks for most of us when we go shopping. We pick up several things. We head to the dressing room to try them on. Hey, they look nice on. So you race to put the clothes back on the hangers and rush to the cashier desk to buy everything. Who doesn’t love that feeling of exhilaration? It isn’t until you get home and you try your purchases on a second time that the feeling of exhilaration diminishes. For some reason, it doesn’t look the way it did in the store dressing rooms. In fact, it looks lame. There’s nothing you even like about the outfit. You don’t like the way it looks at all.

What is it about dressing room mirrors?

You look amazing in them and everything you try on seems to look good in front of those things. Yet, in your own mirror, everything looks totally different. We don’t know about you, but we know for sure that we’ve been in this situation before. This comic is definitely calling us out on the whole shopping regrets scenario because we’ve been there before...many times. This is definitely an illustration that many females will relate to and it’s the most frustrating thing ever.

10 When you can’t decide whether you’re a morning person or a night owl

We've all heard about night owls. They are people who are most energetic in the evening. Early birds are the opposite. They are the most energetic in the morning. Are you a morning or a night person? Maybe you are not either. Maybe you just like to sleep around the clock, so it's hard to figure out if you're a morning person or a night person. The early bird catches the worm. Few sayings are as annoying as this, especially when the alarm clock chases us out of bed in the early morning. And you would like to pull the blanket over your head and want to continue to sleep a bit more—just five minutes more—but Mark Zuckerberg, Heidi Klum, George Clooney, Rihanna and many successful people take this claim very seriously. Whether for fitness, cycling, reading or praying. They use the morning hours instead of oversleeping. BUT: You can also be successful as a late riser. Like Hugh Jackman. He complained that he had to get up so early on the set of X-Men movies. Also, Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill, Karl Lagerfeld and other celebrities were night owls and were, or still are, very successful, so do not worry, you are not alone.

9 The one-hour diet

We all start a diet with good intentions. Our goal is to get healthy, lose weight and shape up. In our heads, it all doesn’t seem too hard. All you have to do is throw away the junk food and replace it with healthy food. But there’s a big difference between thinking and doing. When it comes to actually living off water, salads and vegetables, it’s not so easy. Why do you think so many people quit their diets?

They bail because it’s just too hard and dissatisfying.

To be fair, some people’s attempts are better than others. Some people manage to last quite a while before they give up, while others last less than a full day. How relatable is this post? No doubt you’ve been in a similar situation in the past where you’ve gone on a diet only for it to last one hour before the hunger pangs creep on. In the end, you find yourself raiding the kitchen cupboards because you feel like your blood sugar levels have dropped so low. And out comes the pizza, the cola and the cake. All that bad but good stuff in other words. We doubt there’s any woman that can’t relate to the above comic.

8 Calling out your besties

Isn’t it annoying when you take really hot pictures of your friends and then when the offer is returned, your pictures couldn’t look more unattractive? The reason you asked them is because you wanted a snap that looked like it had been taken by someone else other than you. As cute as selfies are, you can end up looking kind of lonely if you constantly take them. A combination is always good. If you can post a mixture of selfies and snaps taken by others that looks way better. But it’s not always better if your friends don’t know how to take a good picture of you. When you take their picture, you always make sure you take it at the right angle so it looks as great as possible. For some reason, when they take yours, you are never impressed with the outcome. Your hair is blowing all over the place, you look totally frazzled. We’re not calling out you this time. We’re calling out your friends for taking rubbish pictures of you. It’s not like taking a snap is hard is it? It’s time to teach them how. Alternatively, play it at their own game and do the same to them.

7 The reality of smoothies

Smoothies always look cool and chic when you see them on Instagram. They’re so pretty and colorful and you want to join in on the trend. You don’t need to see what all the fuss is about. You can see, clearly, that those things look amazing and you want to make one for yourself too. Maybe even post a picture of it if it turns out good. The problem is, your smoothie doesn’t turn out as you expected it to.

Those exotic smoothie pics you scroll down on Instagram are a far cry from the smoothie sitting in front of you right now.

And this illustration perfectly illustrates the reality of smoothies. Instead of a smooth colourful liquid, you’ve got a gritty, lumpy glass of sludge. It doesn’t look anything like the pictures you saw on Instagram and no way are you planning on sharing a picture of it on your own personal Instagram page. You’re not even that keen on the taste either. It tastes kind of sour and now you’re wishing you stuck to making a milkshake instead. At least you know milkshakes are: a.) Smooth; and b. Tasty. Well, that’s social media for you. Don’t believe everything you see.

6 You’re the girl on the right, right?

Have you ever seen those ridiculous period commercials of girls clad in dresses, dancing around with smiles on their faces like they’re having the best day of their life? Yep, those ones. They have got to be the most inaccurate representations of a female period we’ve ever laid eyes on. That isn’t the way it is at all! Sure, we’d love to be the girl on the left in the pretty red dress, a face full of makeup and endless energy. The reality is, we’re more like the girl on the right: stomach bloated, clad in PJ’s, with a bar of candy in our hand. That is the reality of periods for normal women. Why can’t the commercials get that right? In real life, most women just want to wear comfy clothes, grab a hot water bottle and head to bed. However, if you can be like the women on the left, we’re rooting for you. It’s just too bad that’s not the way it is for the majority of females. For the majority of females, it’s just a matter of trying to make the day comfortable. We guess you could say we’re calling out commercial producers and directors on this one.

5 When you tried but it didn’t work out

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a pair of manicured eyebrows. In recent years, thicker brows and arches have become really popular. However, getting your own brows to look like those of the stars we see on Instagram is a whole different story. It’s nowhere near as easy as it looks. When you take a selfie, you expect your eyebrows to resemble those of Ariana Grande. In reality, they look more like two leeches etched across your forehead. In other words, not a good look.

In reality, you discover you look nothing like Ariana Grande and your eyebrows are in dire need of a beauty professional.

In your defense, some people naturally just have really cool, well-shaped eyebrows. For the rest of us, we have to work at making them look good. While beauty professionals warn us to leave our brows alone and to not pluck too much, we have to be careful that they don’t look too overgrown. Don’t worry, if you invest in a professional eyebrow waxing or threading service, you will get Hollywood-worthy eyebrows in no time. You can kiss those leeches behind and boast Grande-like eyebrows instead. It pays to hire a professional sometimes you know.

4 When you’re trying not to feel guilty about wasting food

Wasting food is our number one pet peeve. It just seems so pointless and it can very easily be prevented. All you have to do to not waste food is to eat it. Buy the stuff you need daily and nothing will go to waste. The problem with so many people is that they buy their groceries in bulk. In the end their fridge is so full they can’t use everything up fast enough and things end up going out of date. How many of you can relate to the image above? Anyone with a conscience who’s ever wasted food will relate. We’ve all had those kinds of images circulating in our brain as we scrape our leftover food into the trash can. That’s because we know it’s wrong. We all know it’s not right to waste food, so why do it? Yet, somehow, everybody is always wasting food. So much food. We’re sure you try not to, but you’ve really got to try harder people. This comic is a call out to all those food wasters out there. Start eating all your food instead of wasting. Alternatively, don’t buy so much so that you can be sure you’ll use everything up.

3 You can never have enough cheese

When someone tells you to tell them ''when'' when they’re filling your plate, it’s hard to find the right time to say it. Particularly when it's a topping like cheese. You can never have enough. Well, you can, but when you’re hungry and eager to eat, your eyes tend to be bigger than your belly. So this comic definitely calls us out on this one. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit exaggerated.

We don’t have the parmesan topped spaghetti piled up so far, but we also can’t say it’s too far off.

Frankly, we think it’s good that we enjoy our food so much and that we’re not afraid to wait a while before saying when. Know what we mean? Of course you do because you know, deep down, that this comic is calling you out too. It’s not just us! Well, that’s cool anyway. You don’t want to be one of those picky eaters who only eat a bit of the topping or something. A hearty eater is a healthy eater in our opinion. However, your stomach won’t be thanking you later on when you’ve digested all that spaghetti. Still, don’t you just love that illustration? Hilarious!

2 Shouting at the mirror

We all remember the teen years, when acne felt like it would never go away. It was hard enough to deal with at 13. Acne does some messy things with your ego. One of the most annoying things is when people say it will go away and that you only have it because of your age. Well, now you’re 26 and you’re still waiting for it to go away. Your parents lied when they told you your acne would clear when you left your teenage years. They lied! It feels like acne lasts forever when you’re a teenager, but when you suffer with adult acne too, it’s like your worst nightmare. You feel like going on a manhunt for the people who assured you it would go away when you’re older. Well, it hasn’t. Things haven’t really changed much since the days you stood in front of the mirror squeezing your pimples. That’s all you still seem to do now. It’s the only thing you’ve kept from your youth. How unfair is that? On the plus side, people might still think you’re a teen if you’re getting pimples at the age you are now. Just keep shouting at the mirror.

1 When you wonder what the effort was for

As hard as we try to get fit and lose weight, we don’t always see the results we want. Then, when we give ourselves a break and go on vacation, we come back to discover we’ve actually lost weight. How did that happen? As you know we’re no doctor, so we can’t explain the scientific reason for this happening. However, it is a truth that can’t be denied.

The less you try, the better the results.

Of course that’s not always the case. But it is funny how when you go on vacation, don’t work out and eat junk food, you end up losing weight. That really is a mystery to us. In fact, it makes you wonder why bothered putting in the effort to lose weight and get fit in the first place. If you can go on vacation, eat what you want and get the same results, why bother with all of that hard work? Personally, we like a balance in our lives. It’s good to enjoy all the good things life offers and if you want to eat junk food from time to time, why not? We know you’ve heard it before but you only live once.

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