15 Confessions From People Who Live In Real Haunted Houses

15 Confessions From People Who Live In Real Haunted Houses

When the air gets cold and the leaves start falling, something inside all of us gets spooked. Maybe it’s because we know that this is the time of year when ghosts and ghouls come out to play. We all love a good haunted house, but what about a real one? It’s fine to pay for a scare when we know we are still safe, but some people are scared in their own homes every day. These people supposedly live in real life haunted houses and many of them have the photos to prove it. Ready to get creeped out so bad that it will be impossible to turn out the lights and sleep soundly? Check out these 15 terrifying confessions from people who lived in real haunted houses.

15. What You Hear Can Be Worse Than What You See

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Most of us think that seeing a ghost would be one of the most terrifying experiences of our lives, but what if there is something spookier? Ever thought about what it would be like to hear a ghost? Hearing something talk to you and not being able to see it is pretty scary. In fact, just thinking about it gives me chills and makes me want to turn on every light in the house. For some reason, the thought of hearing a disembodied voice seems terrifying. I mean is it a ghost? An intruder? A demon? It could be anything and since you can’t see it, you won’t know. Maybe the fear of the unknown is what is truly frightening about this story. I can’t believe this person ever slept there again.

14. I’d Take My Baby And Run!

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Living in a haunted house would be scary for anyone, but living in a haunted house and having a baby, would be even scarier. The last thing you want as a parent is for your child to be scared. This little guy is probably too young to even know what a ghost is, so it’s not likely he is scared. Then again, if some unseen force is tormenting him, he also isn’t old enough to tell anyone. I wouldn’t want to raise kids in a haunted house and if I couldn’t move away, I would at least move my baby into the bedroom with me. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about a ghost snatching him up in the middle of the night or whispering awful things in his ear while he sleeps.

13. Throw Those Plastic Bags Out!

Via Whisper

Hopefully this person has a cat they can blame these noises on; otherwise, they should probably consider moving. If your house is haunted enough that you can identify the sounds and know the ghost is limping, you have a problem. I am just picturing an old man or woman ghost limping around with a cane, or a civil war soldier ghost who is missing a leg, hopping around the living room. Now the plastic bags, I don’t know about that. Maybe those bags are just in the way of the ghost or maybe he or she is using them to be noisy and gain attention. Either way, I’d pick up those bags and start packing my other ones ASAP! I don’t give second chances to ghosts.

12. Never Going Upstairs Again

Via Facebook

Ummm yes we can see it! Now we would like to unsee it! If you can see a ghost on the staircase, why are you taking pictures of it and not running out the door away from it? That’s terrifying! It’s clearly looking right at her! That means it knows she is there. In case this girl doesn’t know, ghosts can fly! So there’s no time to waste getting away from it. It’s not going to walk or even run down the steps to get her, it’s going to fly there very fast. Even if it wasn’t chasing me, I’d still run and never go back inside. I bet her bedroom is up there too. That means she has to worry about it coming in her room and watching her sleep at night. Ahh!

11. Do Ghosts Have Pillow Fights?

First of all, if you saw glowing red eyes coming from underneath a bed would you go look under the bed to see what it is? Heck no! Nobody in their right mind would do this. There are only a couple acceptable things to do when you think something is under the bed. Either jump from the bed out the door and run for your life screaming, or pull your feet up and your blanket over your head. If you are just sitting in a room and a pillow is thrown at your head out of nowhere, it think it’s safe to stay you don’t have a friendly ghost. Time to call in a priest to bless the house or else put it up on the market. Why do people stay in haunted houses?

10. Your Ghost Is A Creep Dude!

Via Whisper

Well, I would never sleep again if I thought this was happening; at least not in that room or maybe even house. I would be making a bed on the couch or sleeping with a parent or sibling. I bet this kid’s parents would believe him if they spent a night in his room and saw the creepy shadow man watching them from the dresser. Maybe since they are so sure he isn’t telling the truth, they won’t mind switching him rooms. It would be pretty awful to be haunted by a black shadow every night and your parents not believe you. I hope this poor guy gets rid of this ghost and is able to get some sleep. I bet he is exhausted and terrified.

9. Did She Really Say “Another”?

Via Facebook

Excuse me, did she just say another ghost? You mean to tell me that this girl already saw one ghost in her house and is still there looking for more? Nope nope nope! Why? Why isn’t she running? Why isn’t she calling an exorcist or a paranormal investigator or anyone? She is more worried about posting pictures of the ghost on Facebook than getting away from it. Get out of there girl it’s in your room! The room where you sleep at night! It knows you are there and if there are others, they know you are there too. Just stop it! You got Facebook on your phone, you can be posting pics and running away from this place at the same time. Just run away!

8. Umm Tell Your Husband To Stop

Via Facebook

Just one of these things would be enough to creep me out and make me not want to stay in this house, but all of them combined? Nah, i’d be out of there! Her fiance talks to someone in the basement and records it? Say what? Why would he do this and why would she be okay with it? No wonder her babies are scared to go to sleep in their own room, their dad is conjuring up spirits in the basement. Now whatever it is, is whispering to everyone in the house hoping someone will carry on a conversation with it. Maybe everyone should stay out of the basement and it will just get bored and go away. Hopefully it at least leaves the kids alone geesh!

7. So She’s A Modern Ghost?

Via Whisper

Not all ghosts died hundreds of years ago. Maybe the reason she is wearing modern clothes is because she recently died. Maybe she is just reenacting one of the last things she did before she died? I wouldn’t want to be sitting in my living room watching this happen every night. If it happened more than once, I’m pretty sure I would be calling in some experts to find out exactly why. I wonder if anyone else sees it? Is it something you can call your friends and family over to watch every night? “Hey guys, wanna come over and drink some beer and watch a ghost walk through my living room?” I’d pass on that invite. I tend to avoid parties where there is a chance something might scare the bejeezus out of me.

6. Oh, No Big Deal

We have all heard how ghosts can’t hurt us. Looks like that isn’t really true. Great, now we can be even more scared of the things that go bump in the night. This girl is pretty calm about the fact that a ghost just tried to slice her throat open. I think I would be doing more than just posting about it on Facebook. I’d be working on getting a realtor to sell my house as soon as possible. How is she going to live there after this? I hope nobody else in the family is getting picked on. Who wants to put up with a ghost bully? I wonder if she has a cat? She could always just tell herself the cat was scratching her. Is a psychotic cat better than an abusive ghost?

5. Time To Move Far Away

Via Whisper

The best advice I could give this guy is to just go to bed, pull the covers up over your head, and close your eyes until morning. If you think there is a ghost in your house watching you walk around at night, stop moving around at night. If it’s watching you sleep, just let it happen and pretend like it’s not. Short of having the Ghostbusters come in and get rid of this spirit, that’s basically all you can do. I’m sure that’s easier said than done, because I don’t think I could live in a house where i felt like I was being watched. Maybe one day this ghost will move on and decide to haunt someone else. If not, I guess he will have to deal with a creepy ghost in his house until he moves.

4. Hold Your Nose And Close Your Eyes

They say that smell can bring back memories. We might not remember something we have seen or heard, but we will remember a smell. It’s kind of nice that this girl got to remember her grandpa by his smell. Of course, a memory alone would be nice but a haunting is a little unnecessary. I wonder what her parents thought when they found out her dead grandpa was returning from the dead to read her books at night? No wonder her mom runs out of there at night. She doesn’t want to see any ghosts I mean just because they are visiting her kid doesn’t mean she has to see them to right? I think I would just board up the family bathroom and build a new one somewhere else in the house. Hopefully Grandpa won’t follow.

3. It’s A Respectful Ghost

Via Whisper

This doesn’t sound like that bad of a ghost. I mean it’s playing its music softly and baking banana bread. A lot of people have smelled worse things during a haunting. I think I would much rather smell banana bread than rotting flesh! Still, I guess I can see how scary it would be to live in a haunted house where you are always hearing and smelling strange things. It’s only a matter of time before he sees something that scares him to death. He’s already seeing shadows, wait until a full blown ghost makes an appearance. I would kiss this house goodbye and be long gone before something like that happened. This ghost can haunt the next family that moves in. Maybe they like the smell of banana bread.

2. At Least It Isn’t Barking

I think this ghost dog is upset about the fact that his owner got another dog of the same breed after he passed away. I wonder if she has ever had any other encounters with this pooch? Like maybe she noticed more of the dog food missing that what should be or little surprise ghost poops in her hallway. Does the other dog know the ghost dog is there? Are they friends? I wonder if the living dog is scared of the ghost dog. I have so many questions, but I’m glad that it’s not happening in my house. The only dogs I want to deal with are the living ones. Maybe she is comforted by the fact that her pet has come back to visit her from the dead.

1. Stop Taking Photos And Run!

Oh great, this lady has more than one ghost in her house and she is taking photos of them to share with the world. What is wrong with her that she isn’t even the least bit scared? She is just like oh look another ghost, no big deal. I’m pretty sure we all believe her now! I would be less worried about who believed me, and more worried about getting my little kid and myself out of that haunted houses. I don’t need photo evidence to tell me a ghost is in my house. If I saw it with my eyes, that would be enough. No need to notify the Facebook world. I’m sure these photos didn’t make believers out of anyone who doubted her anyways. I bet they did make people think twice about going to her house for dinner.

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