15 Cosplayers Who Hilariously Brought Memes To Life

I'm pretty sure that memes are the highest form of useless entertainment. They require such little skill to conceive and produce that it's actually kind of insulting to people who work their whole lives to get great at some form of art like comedy. Having said that, they are honestly some of the best things out there. I consume memes as much as the next person. And I don't regret it. Neither should you.

There has been a boatload of famous memes since the dawn of their existence. Most of the time these famous memes get repurposed on a daily basis. In honor of that, we at TheThings have located some of the most popular memes of all time repurposed in a physical way. Yes, these are 15 of our most favorite memes hilariously brought to life!

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15 Aliens, Aliens, Everything is Aliens!

Via: Imgur

It's really hard to enjoy Ancient Aliens after the creation of arguably one of the most famous memes around. What used to be a highly entertaining—and even informative and thought-provoking—show has now kind of become discredited. This is mostly because of the subject of the hilarious meme, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

Giorgio isn't just famous because of the meme, I mean it certainly helped, but it was mostly his strange looks that caused people to take notice of him. The meme has just helped us all get past the flashy ideas of the show and caused us to pay close attention to the insanity of one of its most notable guests. Giorgio, who is also an executive producer on the show, has absolutely no credentials at all. In fact, he basically is just a T.V. personality who shouldn't be talking about the subject.

It's a shame, because the show probably has a lot of good theories that deserve intelligent analysis. What they don't need is a guy with wacky hair getting his rocks off by talking about aliens!

14 Simultaneously Cute And Disturbing

Via: Imgur

I'm not sure if "photobombing" was nearly as popular as it is today without this particularly friendly stingray. Aside from the fact that there's a slight (albeit very slight) chance that this is the stingray that tragically killed Steve Irwin, I think it's safe to say that this may be this stingray's most memorable moment. Look, after so many years of being a bottom-dweller, it only makes sense that he would want to jump in the spotlight. And what better way is there to do that than to literally do it? Especially with all those college students swimming around.

While I appreciate the attempt to bring this classic Internet sensation to life, the girl in the back looks more like cheap, rolled-out, uncooked dough than an actual stingray. So, I don't know, "A" for effort, I suppose. What this girl should get points for is capturing both the cuteness of this ray but also how disturbing it would be to have it jump on your back.

13 Grumpy Cat Is Within Us All

Via: Imgur

There are a ton of hilarious cat photos and videos on the Internet, but none of made it in quite the way that Grump Cat has. I think the reason that Grumpy Cat has become as famous as she has, is because she dwells within each of us. No matter our age, sex, or upbringing, we can all probably find a time in our day-to-day life where we feel like Grumpy Cat adequately sums up our emotions. I suppose that even a psychological argument could be made for the appeal of Grumpy Cat; that we accept this appearance of unhappiness due to the fact that it's a cat and most people find it really cute. But perhaps I'm thinking about this too much. Maybe it's just hilarious because it's hilarious and not for any particular reason.

12 The Bear That Nightmares Are Made Of

Via: Imgur

When else is it socially acceptable for a grown woman to dress as a sexualized prepubescent child hanging around with a fully grown bear that looks to be straight from the nightmares of everyone's childhood? The answer is that there's never been another time that it's been more socially acceptable. Just in this case where they're imitating their favourite famous meme. I have to say, out of all the famous memes out there, this one disturbs me the most. I mean, there are definitely close seconds. Some of which are included in this very article. But for some reason, this one unnerves me the most. Perhaps it's because I believe to understand what that bear is thinking standing next to that young girl. And believe me, it's nothing good!

11 Double Rainbow Couple

Via: Imgur

There's no chance that the guy in the "double rainbow video" was stone-cold sober. I mean, no one in life gets that excited about anything. I realize that rainbows are beautiful. I also totally understand the fact that rainbows seldom appear two at a time, one over the other. It's cool. It's gorgeous. I know it. But I certainly don't go nuts about it. Heck, I don't even get that excited right before I "do the deed."  So, therefore it's not that believable that a guy would totally flip out without some sort of chemical enhancement. Nonetheless, the video itself is supremely funny and deserved all the positive attention that it received. And it most definitely deserves to be immortalized by Halloween costumes for years and years to come.

10 The Disturbingly Sad Meme Man

Via: Imgur

Even Grumpy Cat doesn't capture the level of sadness that this disturbingly morphed face evokes. In fact, I'm not sure that anything else in the world portrays the complex emotions of helplessness, loneliness, and a suppressed anger quite so well. This is with the possible exception of Democrats under the Trump Administration.

On another note, it's almost internationally understood that Halloween is supposed to be a day where everyone can feel comfortable enough to dress up as they'd choose and, because of this, can go out and try and get lucky. Well, as funny as this costume is, there's probably a zero percent chance of this guy meeting someone while dressed like this. It's not just because of the repulsive expression that's perfectly paper mached to this guy's head, but also because everyone knows that people who are familiar with this meme are sad folks indeed.

9 Kermit The Hottie

Via: Imgur

I never thought I could be attracted to Kermit The Frog, but now I stand corrected. Points to this young woman who successfully Googled the easiest last-minute Halloween costume that people will actually find clever. And clever it is. In fact, whoever figured out that the image of Kermit drinking a warm cup of tea could be an incredible meme should get some sort of award. Short of the Willy Wonka meme (still to come on this list), I doubt any singular image could elicit the same kind of colourful passive aggressive attitude. I actually think The Muppets are a goldmine for future memes. Whoever creates those things should be digging deep into all the strange images of those lovable puppets in order for the Internet to fall in love with yet another completely random image set against slightly insulted sentences. It would at least give this gorgeous girl another easy Halloween costume.

8 Look At This Photograph!

Via: Imgur

Just recently there was a particularly funny bit on SNL that featured a woman on her death-bed belting out one of Nickelback's famous tunes. And this skit did three things for me.

First of all, it made me laugh. Secondly, it reminded me of the power of complete randomness. And lastly, it caused me to reconsider why Nickelback is so broadly hated. Sure, they're one of the biggest bands in the world who've made way more money than you may believe, but for the most part, they aren't taken seriously. They also tend to be the poster-band for bad music everywhere. But there music isn't THAT bad. In fact, some of it is good. I suppose it all comes down to personal taste. But then again, this meme exists for a reason. It is pretty unnerving to see Chad Kruger shoving a photo in our faces and begging us to look at it...

7 Olympic-Sized Indifference

Via: Imgur

Mckayla Maroney is not impressed. Sorry, folks. The silver medal was just not good enough for this now-famous American Olympic athlete.

The origin of this rather strange meme dates back to the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London where Mckayla, who was favored for the gold, missed a landing and ended up in second place. When she was awarded with the silver she had one heck of a scowl on her face that has since become a facial expression synonymous with disappointment that's been plastered over every other image imaginable.

As for wearing this costume on Halloween, Purim, dress-up Fridays, or at meme conventions, well, I wouldn't recommend it. Imagine how much work it is for this girl to keep this facial expression on her face for every single person she meets. It's uncomfortable. And if I believe what my grandmother scared me silly with as a child, if someone hits her back the wrong way, her face will forever stay this way.

6 The Penguin Party Man

Via: Imgur

I'm not even sure what this penguin meme is all about! Does anyone actually understand it!? If you were to search "most famous meme ever," I guarantee you that this would be one of the things that would come up. Additionally, it's hard to avoid it in day-to-day life. But why? Why has it become as popular as I has? I get that you could practically put any comment, critique, or question around it in order to make some sort of comment, but why is it effective? It's just a drawing of a penguin... It possess none of the subtlety or clever randomness of a Willy Wonka, Kermit the Frog, or Grumpy Cat. In fact, it's rather dull. Therefore, I deem this a terrible costume. There was no substantial meme to bring to life here. Also, I can't overlook the fact that this guy has lazily Duct-taped his self-deprecating meme to his chest.

5 Salt Baes

Via: Imgur

Everyone I know is completely obsessed with Salt Bae. Yes, every single person I know. Even my 95-year-old grandmother who is only eating out of a feeding-tube is completely enamored with this stylish sprinkle of salt. How could she not be? It's one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. And that's against some pretty stiff competition. After all, I once saw an orca do a backflip in mid-air while catching a pelican, dressed as Jennifer Lopez, in its mouth. (You can debate amongst yourselves about whether that's true or not... psst... it's not...).

I give full points to this woman for effortlessly bringing this meme to life with all the style and swagger that it unquestionably deserves. I'd also like to mention that this meme has probably inspired a new generation of chefs who want to imitate the now classic move. However, much to their chagrin, I doubt it's a generous of good chefs...

4 'Where's Sal!?'

Via: Imgur

If you're a Howard Stern fan, you totally got the reference in the title of this entry. if you're not, well, oh well, you're missing out.

Of course, some of us know that Patricia "Tan Mom" Krentcil has continued her fame as a member of the Wack Pack on The Howard Stern Show, but that's not where she first got famous.

Tan Mom made the news when she constantly dragged her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning booth. She got particularly heated attention when her daughter got a massive sunburn from here tanning bed use. Ultimately, it was universally agreed that this woman was a total nightmare and perhaps not the best mom on the planet. Tan Mom has since become a target for memes all over the Internet, telling us that we will never get over a woman who looks like she's dressed in black-face but is really just a tanning-addict.

3 As Cool As The Rock

Via: Imgur

So, what's the consensus here? Does Dwayney-Boy here pull this look off? Or is this a hard no? After all, he does look like every single mom in the mid 1990s. This is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and I'm pretty sure if someone told him to his face that he'd look ridiculous in this photo, he'd either laugh at himself or punch the person in the face. Either way, you'd be pretty hard-pressed to shame him in any way and get away with it.

Still, having said that, I'm not sure that he should get a free-pass just because he's The Rock or that this image has become an Internet sensation. This is just too ridiculous, even for 90ss fashion... which was... well... if you were alive... you'd know what I'm talking about. Oy vey... What were we all thinking!?

2 Willy Wonka And The Sarcastic Factory

Via: Imgur

I think someone could argue that the Willy Wonka meme is the most famous meme of all time. I couldn't argue that, but someone else could. It is, after all, so unbelievably diverse in the sense that almost any sarcastic statement could be used alongside it. It could be a nerdy sarcastic comment, a political one, an emotional one, it could just be anything and it'll still work wonders.

It's also a testament to the late-great Gene Wilder who could just do anything with his face. He was one of the greatest actors of all time and if you're not familiar with his body of work like Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, or The Producers, you really need to change your Saturday night plans.

Anyways, this impersonator doesn't quite nail the Gene Wilder look, but he certainly gets points for trying to bring this masterpiece meme to life.

1 Why Are We Including This? Why Though?

Via: Imgur

You know how I wrote about the meme with the creepy bear and the young girl? Well, I have to correct something. I claimed that no other meme creeped me out more than that one, but I was gravely mistaken. Seriously... GRAVELY... What the heck is going on here? Why is this image okay? Why has no-one been offended by it and tried to have it banned? And why have we let it slide into our daily meme intake? This may just be the most unnerving image around and I say that as an avid follower of Walmart memes.

As difficult as this meme is to bring to life, I have to give a shout out to this girl for giving a frigging great try. She certainly is less creepy than the original but clearly she appreciates the details of this classy yet creepy old lass.

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