14 Couple Photos That Are A Match Made In Mishaps

We don't know who to blame for these facepalm masterpieces. But we can all agree that these couple photos should have never seen the light of day. Whether it was the idea of the photographer or the wishes of the couples, these 15 photos show us that love can get really awkward. We cringed our way through this list.

The good news is that these couple photos are also funny. Why would anyone do this to themselves? People are so strange. From unclothed photos to the worst poses known to humankind, these couples show us that they were a match made in Fail. Thank goodness we're staying single for the moment if this is what we would have to look forward to! Let's check them out.

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14 The cat didn't sign up for this

Via: eatliver.com

The cosmic backdrop looks so out of place. And the man in the photo seems to like to wear his pants high-waisted. But it's the cat that really makes this couple photo shine. Apparently, the kitty is their "child," which is fine. We live with cats and totally understand.

The woman doesn't know how to hold her kitty, though. She is displaying the cat in the worst possible way, and the kitty just looks so uncomfortable with this whole thing.

Humans are literally the worst. We get the impression that this couple may be a tad on the oddball side. From their outfits and their expressions, we just hope that they never had to argue over who gets the cat. But we aren't holding out much hope with those pleather pants.

13 Better stay away from him, ladies

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Well, aren't they just an attractive couple? Um, yeah. These two are very good looking from an objective standpoint, but we have to wonder about the health of their relationship. His girlfriend is making him wear a t-shirt that has her face all over it and a warning to other women that he has a girlfriend. The boyfriend looks less than thrilled about this whole, and we don't blame him.

We get the impression that either he has a history of cheating (in which case, DUMP HIM, GIRL) or....she might be a tad frightening. If he turns up missing, we know to start looking at her as the suspect and that her backyard should be examined for fresh graves. Just saying. Possessiveness is not attractive, romantic or cool.

12 Oops, they did it again

Via: pinterest.com

This is an oldie but a goodie. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dated for about three years before it fizzled and died. But this photo should have been an early sign that they were a match made in Fail. The outfits fits them very well and all, but there is such a thing as TOO MUCH denim! It's like several pairs of jeans crawled on them to die. Not a good look. Her flash of jewelry is the only pretty thing about these ensembles.

And while both of them are good looking, their outfit choices left much to be desired. It should be a rule that no one should wear that much denim. If someone breaks that rule, one of them must immediately change into something else that is not denim. Or else, their relationship will have the same fate as these two former lovers.

11 Time to hop away

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Umm, we are not sure what is going on here. Is the person in the camouflage outfit supposed to be the hunter? And the man in the bunny suit is the prey? This just does not seem right on so many levels. The man in the bunny suit should blink once if he's safe and twice if he needs to be rescued. He can't do that in this old photo, of course.

But we do have to wonder what the heck was going on that they thought this was a good idea. Putting the photo on the family mantle would also be a questionable choice. This is proof, once again, that humans are a hazard unto themselves. A couple photo this bad is why we can't have nice things in the world and why we never seem to be able to get ahead. Bunny suits are just a nope from us.

10 The apocalypse couple

Via: imgur.com

The overall quality of this photo is very good. It looks like it could go into a magazine. It has a glamorous 1940s look that we love. But we still think this is an awkward couple photo. What's with the gas masks? They look like a couple who have survived an apocalypse, yet they still decided to go outside for a stroll.

The map might be telling them where a safe place would be.

Neither of them are dressed for an apocalypse, though. Toxic gases could seep into their exposed skin and still make them sick over time. And in the event of societal collapse, it's a bad idea to just sit out in the open like that. And as far as engagement photos go, this is just a really weird choice. It works for a magazine spread about the apocalypse but not for engagement photos.

9 Unexpected visitor

Via: pinterest.com

It really does pay to pay attention. Their wedding turned out to be "turnt up" if the girl in the background is any indication. The happy couple posed in front of the water fountain for a romantic photo, while the girl in front of them jumped into the shot.

She ruined their shot. But, at the same time, made it better. Right?

Their wedding might not have been totally ruined, but if all their guests end up wasted and naked in the background, that's not good either. The photographer didn't tell the girl to move along or find a different spot to take the photo. But the bride has a goofy expression anyways, so maybe this is what they were going for.

8 Clothes seem to be optional

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

Couples seem to believe that posing naked together proves their love for each other. And this couple decided to strip down for the camera. They look like a nice older couple who have stayed in decent shape. This photo only hints at their nakedness, but we wouldn't be surprised if there are racier photos from this photo session that perhaps never made it to the internet.

Posing naked for general portraits just makes for a weird photo. The good news is that we don't have to worry about seeing any of their naughty bits because the photo was cropped to above their shoulders. Small blessings. We hope that they also took photos of them together while wearing clothes. Of course, they could live in a nudist colony. Then their unclothed states wouldn't be so out of place.

7 The couple that planks together

VIa: buzzfeed.com

What's that saying? "The couple that planks together, stays together." No, that's not it. Planking is a weird phenomenon in which people lie straight across something in a wooden plank position. It makes no sense, but people were all for it. And this couple has decided to plank together on top of old train cars.

Um, okay then.

The couple probably had a lot of fun doing this and thought it was really funny. Good for them. But for those of us on the receiving end, this couple photo is just incredibly awkward. Planking photos will not stand the test of time. Future generations will look at old planking photos and think that something is so wrong with humans from this era, and we wouldn't blame them for that one bit.

6 The unhappiest new parents

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

Becoming a parent for the first time is supposed to be a joyous occasion. But this couple seems less than thrilled. The new mother just went through a heck of a time with giving birth, so she is understandably exhausted. But dad just looks angry that he is being forced to hold this crying bundle of joy. All in all, this couple photo is not one to put in the family album or on the mantle for everyone to see. Their child would feel unwanted if they ever saw this photo.

Trouble could be brewing in paradise if this photo is any indication. Maybe it's too much to ask them to smile, but they could have looked a little more thrilled about having a baby together. The doctor shouldn't have given him the hospital bill already so there isn't a valid reason for them to THAT miserable.

5 Should have listened to the dog

Via: pinterest.com

Either the dog was just fascinated by the train of her dress, or the dog is trying to tell her something. The new husband might be all wrong for her. It seems to be too late, though. The couple has already had the wedding and are doing their wedding photos. But the dog is SO not into it and has begun attacking her expensive wedding gown.

Could this be a match made in Fail? The photo is a fail, at least. Sometimes the perfect wedding photo just doesn't want to happen. Their wedding photos have outtakes that show how awkward things can happen even at the most joyous occasions. And animals will always express their true feelings. The other dog seems to be saying, "He's just a kid and doesn't know any better, humans."

4 Big hair, don't care

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

Now this couple looks alike. Maybe they have been together for years, so that's why they have taken on similar physical traits. Or, they were attracted to each other because of those similarities. The woman has teased her hair into oblivion. But that was the style back when this photo was taken. And she looks like she does not get any sleep. Being miserable in a relationship is the worst. Maybe they actually had a great relationship, but we can't tell from this photo. Misery is written all over her face. Divorcing him might be a good idea if she got the money together and worked out a place to live with her family and friends. Being so miserable in a relationship should not be the standard. Sometimes we just have to end things and move on.

3 The perfect date

Via: smosh.com

These girls decided that the perfect man is made from cardboard. Couple photos like these happen to be a weird trend, but we have a hard time imagining that these girls actually took their cardboard dates with them to their prom. They even took the time to dress the cardboard men in suits and ties!

It's just our guess, but we doubt these relationships worked out.

Cardboard men are just as insensitive as human men. They don't listen to what we say or do anything for us. They need us to prop them up because they can't stand on their own. It's just more work than it should be. These couples would be a match made in Fail! Cardboard replacements never do the job, even if the couple photos are awkwardly funny.

2 Beach ball bikini top

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Well, this couple certainly makes a pair, don't they? They decided to be a bikini top for Halloween, and it just made for an awkward couple photo. They used beach balls to resemble a woman's abundant chest and created slings that looked like half a bikini top. So, when they stand together, they look like a very busty woman's bikini top. Clever, right? Maybe. But it's also totally awkward. This couple photo just screams FAIL. It's okay, though, because they do look like they had so much fun being a bikini top. But those beach balls had to get annoying as the day went on. There's only so many ways to move when there's a huge beach ball on your chest that covers your entire torso. We wouldn't have been able to do it.

1 Ugly sweaters make the couple

Via: pinterest.com

This couple just took Ugly Christmas Sweater to a whole new level. Except for her wayward bangs, she is quite pretty. He isn't too terrible either. But their choice of attire is frightening. And they even made their pet wear a Christmas hat! Their sweaters have way too much going on, and the couple stares awkwardly into the camera.

Well, she smiles a pretty smile.

He looks incredibly awkward and holds onto her as if he's afraid she is about to leave him for the photographer. A prettier version of this photo would have been that they wore simple Christmas sweaters and she had fixed her bangs. But that's in an alternate reality where this couple takes classy and gorgeous couple photos instead of awkward and strange ones.

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