15 Couples From '90 Day Fiance': Where Are They Now?

If anyone doesn't know about the show 90 Day Fiance, what are they even doing with their lives?! For those of us who are in the know, this reality show premiered on TLC back in 2014 and has been a total guilty pleasure ever since.

So what's the show about? As the title suggests, it tells the stories of couples who are engaged, but there's a catch: one of them isn't an American citizen. If the couples tie the knot before 90 days, they can stay in the U.S. If not, they have to go back to their home country. One half of the couple applies for a visa called a K-1 visa that is only for people who aren't American citizens and are engaged to American citizens. (Get it?)

The much anticipated new season of the spin-off series, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, premieres on May 20th 2018 and will tell the stories of fan favorites and show us what the couples have been up to. Before that exciting day (one that we've definitely been waiting for) let's take a look at where the couples have ended up. Read on to find out where the cast of 90 Day Fiance is now compared to back then!

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15 Alan And Kirlyam (Season One)

Fans will remember this couple from the first season of 90 Day Fiance, which aired in 2014. Kirlyam was living in Brazil when L.A. resident Alan visited as part of his Mormon culture (he was on a Mormon mission). They got married (in a Mormon ceremony) after she moved to the U.S.

They're still married, which is definitely good news for fans of the series (and for hopeless romantics or fans of love and good things in general). After all, there is enough bad news and awful things happening in the world, and it's nice to see a love story that is working out and a couple who is staying the course. We know that the divorce rate is 50% and that not everything works out despite a couple's best intention, and it seems even more difficult to stay together given the demands of fame and celebrity. But they're still a thing (phew).

In October 2017, Kirlyam gave birth to their son, Liam Jordan da Costa Cox. According to the TLC website, Kirlyam was doing well before that, studying online and attending church. In December 2017, Alan went on The Price of Right, which is a show that he was a huge fan of, and he did super well and won a car and a vacation! So that's pretty awesome.

14 Paola And Russ (Season One)

When Russ, who lived in Oklahoma, went to Colombia for work, he fell in love with Paola. They decided to get hitched and live in Tulsa.

These two already had a bit of a bumpy ride. Even though they were supposed to be living happily ever after, Paola decided to go to Miami to work as a personal trainer and model. Russ joined her later on.

So what's going on with these two nowadays? Yup, they're still married, and even though there are lots of stories out there about how Russ wasn't super pleased with her modeling, they still seem very much in love. As Paola said in the season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? that the couple appeared on, "I need Russ to understand that this is part of my job, this is part of my career. But it’s gonna be really hard to change someone that was raised for so many years in that culture, and that conservative atmosphere."

They still live in Miami and she's working as a model and doing some personal training as well, and there are tons of social media photos of the two of them looking happy. #RelationshipGoals, am I right?!

13 Mike And Aziza (Season One)

How did Aziza and Mike fall in love? While she was living in Russia and he was in Cleveland, they became friendly after they both used a website that taught language acquisition. She wanted to be able to work in the U.S. but got rejected when she attempted to get a visa.

They started dating, she moved in with him, and they tied the knot.

Yup, they're still husband and wife today, which is probably a big relief for fans of the series and of this couple in particular. Doesn't it suck to get really into a show, especially a reality show, and fall in love with the people who star on it, only to learn that they broke up or got divorced? That's not why we watch this kind of show. We want to believe in the fairy tale. And this couple definitely delivers.

In the fall of 2017, Mike posted on a Reddit forum and gave fans an update: "October 5th will be our 4th anniversary. We've been talking about kids for a while, but now we're really trying to make it happen. We've been good since we met in Russia in 2012. No issues with my family, no major fights. Everything has been positive and loving since day one... We're about to put our house up for sale (again) and move closer to my family."

12 Aya And Louis (Season One)

When Aya and Louis fell in love, they were using an online dating site, and it was easier for her to live with him in the U.S. and leave the Philippines since he's a dad to two sons. They're an interesting couple since Louis has often said that he would have been cool with moving to the Philippines, and usually, on this series, it's the other person who moves to the States. So it's not too often we hear another perspective.

Are they still together today? Yes, definitely. In fact, they've got some pretty big news: in February 2018, Louis and Aya announced that she was pregnant with their first child. It sounds like they are really excited about this new chapter in their lives and she has said that she would love the baby to be a girl.

When the couple was interviewed by TLC for their website, Aya said of their plans, "Happily married with money in the bank and everything we need — hopefully, a handful of things we want." Futhermore, she said to any couple who was in their first year of being married to each other, "Love each other and never stop remembering why you fell in love, no matter how hard it may seem."

11 Danny And Amy (Season Two)

Every couple on 90 Day Fiance has an interesting beginning to their love story, and Danny and Amy are no different. When they traveled to Australia for Bible study, they knew that there was something special about each other. Instead of moving in together right away, which is what we might have expected them to do, she moved from Cape Town to Pennsylvania and moved in with Danny's brother. Why? The couple not only didn't want to live together before tying the knot, but they also wanted to abstain as well until they had their official ceremony.

Where are they now? Fans will be thrilled to know that they not only are still happily wed to each other.

They also have two children as well: a daughter named Anna Elise Frishmuth and a son named Jedidiah John Frishmuth. They moved away from Pennsylvania as well and made a home in Texas, where they currently live.

There isn't a ton of information about the lovebirds out there, so it seems like they've settled into regular, happily married life. Amy does have an Instagram account, but it's set to private. We can guess that she posts super cute and sweet pictures of her kids.

10 Evelin And Justin (Season Two)

Evelin was living in Colombia when she met California guy Justin at the 2013 rugby World Games. It only took them a week to realize that they were totally meant to be together. We would most likely call that love at first sight, but those of us who aren't hopeless romantics might not believe in that. Either way, this is what went down. Like many of the other couples on 90 Day Fiance, Evelin followed her heart to the U.S.

Where are they now? These two are still happily married. When they had been married for three years in 2017, Evelin tweeted, "Thank you universe for this three years of marriage! I want to spend moreeee [sic] by your side baby! I ❤ you!"

Fans will probably remember that Justin wanted Evelin to basically be super domestic and cook and clean once they started dating, but she wasn't super thrilled with that idea. That conversation (which definitely sounded like a fight) was part of the show. It's definitely hard to watch a guy say stuff like that since, come on, it's modern times and women aren't only housewives and moms anymore. But the couple seems to be happy and going strong.

9 Chelsea And Yamir (Season Two)

Twentys-somethings Chelsea and Yamir have a pretty cool love story. She was a volunteer in his native Nicaragua when the two crossed paths. It's basically a rock-and-roll love story since he was in a band. He decided to follow his heart to the U.S. to be with Chelsea.

Like a few other couples from the show, Chelsea and Yamir are, sadly and unfortunately, on the outs. They filed for divorce last year.

Since they split up, he has been pursuing his musical dreams in Chicago, and Chelsea is a teacher. It seems like the fact that he wanted to live in Chicago and try to make something happen for himself was a huge source of stress and conflict for the couple, since she wanted to keep their lifestyle intact (they were shacking up at her parents' home for a while since they didn't have to pay rent and they weren't working at the time).

In September 2017, Yamir posted to social media, "Just because two people aren't together any longer doesn't mean you cannot have a relationship with that person. Although we no longer have the bond that united us, there's no hate! I spoke with you a week ago to catch up and say 'hello,' and you told me you were so happy, and that warmed my heart." Awwww.

8 Kyle And Noon (Season Three)

How did this couple's love story start? Like many modern relationships and marriages, they have social media to thank for being able to connect, meet, and eventually get married. Kyle was thinking about going on vacation to Thailand and took to Facebook to begin his planning, and he started chatting with Noon, who lived in Bangkok. They met IRL during his trip and after she moved to the U.S., they got married.

These days, we can follow Noon on Instagram, and as we can see from the many happy photos of she and Kyle; the two are still happily married. She's a very positive person and talks about smiling and being joyful in some of her Instagram posts. And as we can see from these two photos, where she is literally smiling super big in each of them, she is definitely a cheerful girl. Kyle has an Instagram account, too, but his account is private which totally sucks for fans who would love to follow him or at least check out his photos from time to time.

In Touch Weekly praised the couple for not being super dramatic, and it seems like that's still the case today. They seem to live a happy, peaceful life together.

7 Nikki And Mark (Season Three)

These two got married in Hawaii after they met online. She was from the Philippines and he was living in Maryland. They made waves because she was 19 and he was 58, so yeah, that was quite the age difference.

This couple made headlines for another reason as well, though: they actually sued the network that 90 Day Fiance is on (TLC) because they weren't happy with how they looked during their season. 

Their lawsuit ended up being unsuccessful. Reality shows are known for having cast members who don't always behave the best, so this really isn't anything new or surprising, although it is new and surprising that this couple actually sued. We would probably expect reality TV stars to not be that cool with how they looked in a certain scene or episode, but understand that these things happen and just move on.

There aren't a ton of updates about this couple, but people seem to think that they are definitely still married. According to InTouch Weekly, there is no proof that they have filed for divorce or officially gotten divorced, so that seems to suggest that they are still legally wed. The publication also points to a restaurant review that Mark left talking about him and his wife.

6 Pedro And Chantel (Season Four)

Pedro was living in the Dominican Republic when he met a girl from Georgia who was on vacation there, Chantel (whose given name is CeAir). For them, it seemed like falling in love and deciding to tie the knot was the easy part... because nothing else seemed to work out according to plan. He wanted a wedding both in the States and his home country but thought her family wouldn't be down, and she thought her family would think that he only wanted a green card.

They are still married and live in her native Georgia, but wow, that was definitely a lot of family drama. In 2017, it seemed like they really would have a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic, so maybe they still will.

Of course, the fact that this couple went through so much and was dealing with so much drama is what reality TV is all about, so it's no wonder that this was a part of the series. After all, we wouldn't watch these shows if they were super boring. We definitely need a reason to tune in, and usually, the reason is drama. Okay, okay, the reason is always drama. We just love it so much.

5 Azan And Nicole (Season Four)

Azan and Nicole are another couple who fell for each other after talking on a dating app. He was living in Morocco and she was living in Florida at the time. These two had a lot of drama, from cultural differences (he said couples don't exhibit any PDA or, well, should do that stuff in private before tying the knot), to the fact that she was with someone else.

The fact that she was on the, um, heavier side also caused some drama, since he wasn't a big fan (which those of us who saw the show probably weren't thrilled about that, because, come on, dude, that's not the nicest thing to say).

In February 2018, news reports said that Nicole was going to Morocco and they would finally get married. But news reports also said that he had been unfaithful to one another,  so, well, we're pretty much in the dark and have no clue what's going on.

What we do know is they will be on the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? so we'll have to watch that for sure. And hopefully, we'll get all the dirt then (but we're still that the drama will keep on coming).

4 David And Evelyn (Season Five)

People always wonder if a reality show is actually, you know, real, despite the fact that it seems like it would always be. People definitely wonder about David and Evelyn. These two say that they met IRL for the first time when David flew to the U.S. from his native Spain to meet Evelyn, but someone on Reddit saw an Instagram post suggesting that David had been in Boston. 

Fans wondered if maybe they had been talking to each other for much longer than they said, and if David had traveled to the U.S. before what he said was his first time, but no one really knows the truth.

These two did get married, and news broke that Evelyn is a musician. Her EP called "Ghost" was released in April 2017.

These days, they're still together and she's still making music. They say that's how they fell for each other: David saw that she was a singer and that's how they began talking.

News continues to swirl around the married couple: some fans think that he might have been talking to her when she was 15 years old, even though when they were on the show, she was 18 and they said that was when they started their relationship. Hmmm. The (reality) plot thickens...

3 Annie And David (Season Five)

These two have a unique tale: David was actually living in Thailand for a period of time, which is where he met Annie. They crossed paths at a bar and started dating.

Are they still married (or did they even have a ceremony)? Yes, they got married, and they now live in Kentucky!

The couple has gotten a lot of negative press over the years, and they have also been the subject of some tough times. Recently, David told the press that his 18-year-old son had been the victim of violence, and was thankfully going to survive and be okay. People who have seen the show have also commented on the big age difference between the two of them since Annie is in her 20's and David is in his late 40's.

We don't know the real story, of course, because no matter what we are shown on a reality television series, it's not always the whole truth. But we do know that sometimes, age is just a number and love doesn't care about age. It's definitely possible that these two are happy together and that none of the things that fans of the show say about them have any truth to them.

2 Andrei And Elizabeth (Season Five)

This couple from 90 Day Fiance definitely has an international love story. Andrei is from Moldova but was working in Dublin, Ireland when he met Elizabeth, who is from Florida.

Fans will remember Andrei as being kind of conservative when it comes to the role of a man and a woman in a relationship or a marriage. But where are they now? They are definitely still married. In fact, it turns out that they only got married less than a year ago, so they are still considered newlyweds. Someone discovered their marriage license and found that their wedding day was October 2nd, 2017. They tied the knot in Tampa, Florida, which is where Elizabeth is from.

It's always nice to see a happy ending and that's what seems to be going on here.

Elizabeth has an Instagram account where she shares many pictures of the happy couple, whether it's snapshots from vacations or their wedding day, so fans will for sure love checking those out. Elizabeth seems like a very positive person and her Instagram bio includes the statement, "Hateful people will be blocked." Elizabeth works as a talent scout and actress, but there isn't an update on what Andrei is currently doing for work.

1 Luis And Molly (Season Five)

Fans who were rooting for these two to make it for the long run will be disappointed to know that Molly actually filed for divorce from Luis in January of this year. They had only been officially married for two months at that point.

Of course, we can only assume that when Molly and Luis first met, they hoped that things would work out very differently. The Georgia girl fell for Luis, who was living in the Dominican Republic at the time. But how did they meet? When she and a friend took a trip, they went to a bar and he just happened to be working there.

We would usually think that was a super cute story and that it was love at first sight for the couple, and maybe it was, but it wasn't a lasting love since now they're splitting up.

It turned out that since she has two kids, Luis wasn't into that and didn't really want the responsibility of family life. And, well, there is a story in InTouch Weekly about Luis claiming that Molly was abusive toward him. That's not what we would expect to hear at all. Talk about an unfortunate ending to this love story.

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