15 Couples From Grey's Anatomy We're Still Crying Over

Grey's Anatomy has been on the air since 2005. Can you believe it? 12 years of Grey's and things are still happening at our favorite hospital in Seattle. Of course, if you tune into a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, you may wonder who the heck everyone is. The main cast has certainly changed a lot in the last 12 years. And during that time, the show has managed to focus on more than just medicine and trauma. The main point of Grey's Anatomy has always been the relationships. We love all of the siblings, friends, parents, and, of course, the lovers. Unfortunately, we've lost some of our favorite couples over the last 12 years. So we've put together a list of 15 couples from Grey's Anatomy that we miss with all of our hearts. All of these couples have called it quits, so you won't see any current couples on this list. And they're listed in no particular order. But we bet your favorites made the cut somewhere!

15 Teddy & Owen

Teddy and Owen were a great couple. Sure, Teddy messed things up for Cristina and Owen. And we really hate when anything goes off for Cristina. She's amazing and deserves the best. Owen clearly wasn't good enough for her. So maybe Teddy and Owen were the better fit. They both had a military background and a shared past. They could relate to one another in a way that no one else could. Plus, they both wanted to find something lighter and more fun. They made each other smile. And we can definitely see Teddy giving Owen the family he always wanted. They both moved on to other relationships, but we sure enjoyed the idea of these two. They would've made a great couple if only the timing had been better.

14 Matthew & April

Matthew and April were one of the cutest couples on Grey's. Some might say they were a little too cute. And yeah, that's probably true. They were a lot of sugary sweetness to handle. I mean, a flash mob proposal? Really? We're surprised these two didn't run away to Disneyland to get married. But they were a great fit together. Or at least they were a great fit on paper. Both of them were cute, working in the medical field, and deeply devoted to their religion. They were both virgins (sort of). In another lifetime, these two would've been a great couple. We can see them living in a big house with three kids and a dog. They would've been right out of a fairytale. It's too bad that April was secretly in love with Jackson and poor Matthew had to get his heart broken.

13 Izzie & George

Izzie and George seemed like they were going to be the perfect couple. Sure, they didn't get together under the best circumstances. You probably don't want your first night together to be when you're drunk and one of you is cheating on your wife. But it seemed like their love was fated. It was clear to everyone, even George's wife, that these two had deep feelings for each other. But it all boiled down to an issue of chemistry. As much as they loved and cared for one another, the spark just wasn't there. In fact, it was kind of painful to watch them try to force their chemistry. That sort of thing should just come naturally. So these two returned to just being friends and we all sighed with relief. They tried their best and hurt some feelings along the way, but both made it to the other side okay.

12 Richard & Adele

For an older guy, Richard definitely has his share of romances. But none are as powerful as his relationship with Adele. For most of the series, his relationship with Adele seems very strained; she wants him to retire and put their marriage and family ahead of the hospital. Unfortunately, Richard just can't do it. But he tries. He does his best to make Adele a priority. And then we learn that Adele, just like Richard's lover and Meredith's mother Ellis, has Alzheimer's. Her disease progresses very quickly and we see just how much Richard loves and cares for her. Like that time he had to label himself with a Post-it so she would know he was her husband. Or when he sang their wedding song to help keep Adele calm. Or when he allowed her to have a relationship with a fellow patient when she had forgotten him. Their love story was never perfect but it was filled with love.

11 Alex & Jo

Alex and Jo are one of our favorite couples. And if we're being honest, we'd still love to see these two make things work. But there might be too much damage, despite the fact that they obviously still care about each other. Alex went through a lot with a lot of women: Ava/Rebecca, Izzie, Lucy, the list goes on. He needed someone like Jo who could understand where he was coming from. Both Alex and Jo had a rough time growing up and it took a lot for them to trust each other and open up. Unfortunately, they didn't open up quite enough and things ended pretty explosively. But they always seemed like such a good fit together. We're still holding out hope that one day they can put their pasts behind them and make it down that aisle.

10 Mark & Addison

Mark and Addison were another couple that seemed like they could really went the distance. But just like George and Izzie, their relationship started with an extramarital affair. That always seems to be a recipe for disaster. But they were good together. Addison brought out the mature side of Mark. While Mark helped the always serious Addy to let her hair down and have a good time. They could make each other laugh and they both respected the other's hard work and important job. But maybe there was just too much history there. Plus, Addison needed to get away and make a change. She couldn't stay in Seattle hanging around her ex-husband and the man she cheated on her ex-husband with. Going to California was a good move for her. And Mark was able to find an even better partner in Lexie.

9 Alex & Izzie

It wasn't a long love but the relationship between Alex and Izzie was definitely one of our favorites. That is, until Izzie decided to completely disappear and leave Alex all alone. Wrong movie, Izzie! But when they were together, it was so good. They were an adorable couple. First of all, they were both gorgeous. If they had ever had babies, they would've been some beautiful looking kids. They were both goofy but still devoted to their work. And more importantly, they were devoted to each other. It was so moving to see Alex at Izzie's bedside as she battled Cancer. And don't even get us started on their surprise wedding. If you didn't shed a tear over that moment, do you even have a heart? We really thought these two were going to make it after all of that. But, we guess Shonda had a different plan!

8 Owen & Cristina

Owen and Cristina seemed like a great fit. They were together for a long time and whethered lots of ups and downs. Owen even got Cristina to walk down the aisle! But at the end of the day, they just wanted different things. Didn't anyone ever tell you that you're supposed to have that conversation about kids early on? That's like a third date conversation. Watching them go through their abortion together was heart-wrenching. We really loved these two as a pair. They brought out a lot of good in one another. But at the end of the day, you can't tame someone as wild, brilliant, and independent as Cristina Yang. It only makes sense that she would head off to Switzerland and continue on her awesome career path. Sorry, Owen!

7 Teddy & Henry

If we had a patient as cute as Henry, we'd probably fall in love and marry him too! Watching Teddy and Henry together was so adorable but also heart wrenching given his condition. It was nice to see Teddy with someone who totally adored her. But it's not too often that you marry a patient first, date other people, and then fall in love. Teddy and Henry are just unconventional like that! But while their romance was plagued with medical issues and poor timing, it was very sweet while it lasted. If only Teddy had opened up sooner, they may have had more time together. But we'd like to think that Henry loved the short time they did have. We certainly loved watching them together. Now we just need to find Teddy someone who isn't so tragic! Or at least someone who isn't going to die on her.

6 Jackson & April

Jackson and April have to be one of our favorite couples. On paper, these two do not mesh at all. Their personalities are completely different and their issues on religion almost broke them up. But we loved watching them work through all of their differences and come to a place where they could still be happy and in love. But then, because Shonda is pulling the strings, disaster struck and they lost their baby, Samuel. This was one of the most heart breaking things to witness. Unfortunately, they didn't handle the loss well and it led to their demise. We can't really fault either of them but we do wish they would get back together. It would be perfect now. They already live together and have their baby girl, Harriet. So why not give it another go? But if they split up again, we might lose it.

5 Callie & Mark

Callie and Mark started out as friends with benefits and nothing more. But eventually, that grew into friendship and a really nice relationship together. We never pictured these two getting married, but we did love them together. They both got to blow off steam and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. They were both bad-asses at work and brought that same attitude to their relationship. Plus, without these two getting together, we wouldn't have their beautiful baby, Sophia. Co-parenting between Callie, Mark, and Arizona was no picnic. But it was nice to see them all so devoted to their baby girl and to being the best parents they could be. Callie and Mark started out as just fun, became friends, and eventually grew into great partners and parents together.

4 Izzie & Denny

Denny and Izzie were a sweet couple but again, doomed from the very start. It just never seems to go well for these doctors who fall in love with their patients. But Denny was charming and Izzie was swooning pretty quickly. They fell in love and you couldn't help but hope that things could work out for them. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It led to some terrible decisions, like Izzie cutting Denny's LVAD (Left Ventricular Assistance Device) wire to try and steal a heart transplant. Despite her efforts and getting the heart, Denny died of a stroke and Izzie was devastated. They were briefly reunited when ghost Denny appeared to Izzie when she had Cancer. Even though he wasn't real and it meant Izzie was sick, we sort of loved seeing these two get together again.

3 Callie & Arizona

We love Callie and Arizona! We're still not sure why this power duo couldn't make it work. They made it through Callie being pregnant with Mark's kid, Arizona almost moving to Africa, and Callie cutting off Arizona's leg. They got through all of that and still, they couldn't pull through! We really thought these two were the end game. They were perfect together! And now that Callie is off in New York with her new girlfriend, and off the show, we know it's definitely not happening. Which sort of breaks our hearts. They were great moms and they loved to dance in their underwear. What's not to love about these two? Nothing. But now that Callie is gone, we hope Arizona can find someone to start over with. She deserves to be happy.

2 Lexie & Mark

Another one of our favorite couples: Mark and Little Grey. At first glance, these two seemed like they might have a couple hook ups and that would be it. Mark was a womanizer and Lexie was a young, naive intern. But they turned out to be perfect for each other. Mark needed someone with youthful energy, just like Lexie. They had lots of bumps and things to get over. Lexie had a hard time with Mark impregnating Callie and their age gap always seemed to be an issue. Not to mention there were other relationships. But at the end of the day, these two were soulmates. It's just too bad that they realized that after the plane crash that would eventually kill them both. And if you didn't bawl your eyes out watching them profess their love to one another while trapped in their crashed plane, you are a monster.

1 Derek & Meredith

Of course, the couple we miss the most is THE couple. The dream team. The definition of relationship goals. Okay, so maybe their relationship wasn't the healthiest thing. There was lots of poor communication, issues with commitment, and the survival of countless life threatening events. Okay, so maybe they weren't relationship goals. No one really wants to go through a plane crash, drowning, bomb scare, and a shooting with their soulmate. But they were soulmates. These two were each others end game from the very beginning. The whole show was wrapped up all around them. Anxious, weird, and emotionally stunted Meredith gets the man of her dreams, McDreamy in fact, and the perfect house and the perfect kids. Until it all gets ripped away in a cruel car accident. What a sad way for the great Derek Shepherd to go out. We don't care what kind of drama he had behind the scenes with Shonda, this couple deserved better.

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