15 Couples Who Give Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds A Run For Their Money

Celebrity couples have become one of the backbones of mainstream media. Some are known for their success in the music industry, while others became popular through their careers in acting or filmmaking. There's one couple, though, that manages to stand out from the rest, both in its public and professional facets: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Both Lively and Reynolds have found huge success in their careers, and maintain their image as a strong yet playful partnership towards the media. In that sense, many couples in the population can be somewhat inspired by a celebrity couple like this one. But then again, some couples' tastes for trolling and pranking can rival that of any celebrity couple.

Here are just 15 couples who give Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds a run for their money!

15 Bamboozled By A Scale

Life as a couple can be pretty challenging and unpredictable at times. The vivid passion that appears in the early stages of the relationship can gradually wane as partners grow older. This can lead to a more comfortable partnership, yet it can be tricky to recapture the spice that defined the couple's youthful, passionate years. Rest assured, there are many activities that couples can do at any age to rekindle their affection for each other. Couples can go on a trip, take a cooking or dance class together... really, the list goes on!

Working out is also something that can be done together, and it's a surefire way to build up a more physical connection within the relationship. For this elderly couple, however, a good prank had to come before physical activity. The lady didn't seem to understand what the scale was telling her, and it wouldn't be surprising if she got on and off the scale a couple of times. If she could see that her husband was quietly putting his foot on the scale, she'd probably laugh it off, understanding that he was just being playful. But then again, if she ever develops body image issues, she'll probably know who to blame!

14 A Pretty Unusual Christmas Portrait...

When children come along in a couple's life, the perks usually outweigh the peeves. Kids bring a newfound sense of responsibility and joy in a partnership. of course, parents should also find as much time as they can to play with their little ones. The addition of children in the life of a couple also leads to new experiences that most people couldn't really do on their own. Suddenly, vacations are a lot more different than romantic getaways, but they're also a source of happy memories for everyone to share. The holidays also bring about new experiences for everyone!

This couple seemingly aimed to make a family portrait for Christmas, bringing along their toddlers for all of their relatives to see. But if the wife wanted a more traditional portrait, one with everyone wearing their Christmas clothes and smiling at the camera, the husband seemed to have something else in mind. The photo must have been taken without a hitch. But the real takeaway from this is the guy's Photoshop skills. They really came in handy before sending the portrait to the rest of the family. Needless to say, their folks probably had a good laugh and didn't mind the prank at all!

13 The Cola Wars, Couple Style

Anyone who drank soda back in the 1980s would surely remember how the Cola wars had then reached their greatest standoff. A series of mutually-targeted TV ads and marketing campaigns were led between Coca-Cola and Pepsi to raise interest in each other's product by downgrading the other's image. Nowadays, people wouldn't really care about such petty corporate rivalries (and it's not like people really cared about it that much in the '80s). Still, the consumption of certain foods can come at the forefront of a couple's life.

Aside from nutrition, reasons for that can be related to the couple's overall eating habits.

This couple, for example, seemed to have exchanged in a playful take on the Cola wars within their own fridge. One partner, it seems, would've told the other that they preferred Pepsi over Coke, while their significant other preferred the opposite. Sometime afterwards, the Pepsi-drinking one must've come back home and opened the fridge, maybe to get a can of Pepsi. As it turned out, the Coke-drinking one must've already had made his claim on the soda in the fridge. But in the end, Pepsi survived the prank and probably came back into their fridge for that one partner to enjoy!

12 Where's Waldo? More Like, Where's The Wife...

Dating and relationship advice can deliver pretty mixed messages when it comes to having a relationship with someone whom you used to be friends with. Some people do encourage this prospect, saying that partners can bring the familiarity and warmth that they shared as friends into their relationship, which then strengthens their couple.

Others might disagree, arguing that a connection based on friendship can hardly be adjusted to the practicalities of life as a couple. Nonetheless, those who succeed in becoming more than friends can bring the same quirks into their couple, especially when it comes to their sense of humor.

This husband, for example, came home to find his wife, but surprise surprise, he couldn't find her anywhere. So he spent 45 minutes trying to find her, only to discover that she was hiding in the couch. She was blending into the sofa, using a white blanket to wrap up the illusion. This kind of quirky, yet endearing humor is really something that would come from a place of friendship. So yeah, falling in love with one of your friends and marrying them can lead to a lot of funny memories thanks to this more "friendly" type of humor!

11 Well, She Did Say She Wanted A More Exciting Life...

Gender roles within a couple are being constantly rewritten between partners nowadays, which definitely allows for society to evolve. Women were traditionally assigned to household tasks like cooking or cleaning, whereas men were expected to bring home the bacon. The mindsets and practicalities of modern day life, however, have brought about a lot of various changes throughout many facets of Western society.

Fortunately, women are now encouraged to work and make money, and it's not taboo for men to stay home and take care of the kids anymore.

That being said, some old-fashioned sensibilities do remain within some couples. This wife must have approached her husband with the request that she wanted more excitement in her life. So, in response, the guy gave her this book for her to peruse... Now, perhaps the wife doesn't mind ironing that much, and could actually take the joke in good fun. But then again, if she was serious about wanting a more exciting life with her partner, then the husband would've looked like a real jerk with bad taste. This joke was a risky one indeed, and let's hope for the guy's sake that his wife was able to not take it in good fun!

10 Morning Breath? More Like Mayo Breath...

There are some things that people don't usually tell you about life as a couple. For one, you  should really expect to step out of your comfort zone, and in more ways than one. Hygiene becomes a pretty tricky matter, and so does the space that partners need for themselves. We eventually become used to waking up next to the same person, even though there are still some peeves about that. Morning breath, for example, is annoying for everyone, but it's especially irksome for the one whom you're waking up next to.

Luckily, all you need in order to lighten up your breath is a good tube of toothpaste and a solid toothbrush. After that, we can pretty much guarantee that your partner won't mind the fresh, minty smell of your breath. Just make sure that you're actually using toothpaste, though... Someone indeed thought it'd be funny to switch the toothpaste with mayonnaise before their partner could brush their teeth. Of course, mayonnaise isn't as smelly as garlic or onions, but it's still a pretty bad addition to morning breath. Let's just hope that their partner realized the joke and managed to really brush their teeth before going to work!

9 Greetings, Human! Take Us Groceries To Your Leader!

Going back to a few entries that appeared earlier on this list, it's safe to say that the kitchen is perhaps the busiest part of a couple's home aside from the bedroom and the bathroom. From the kind of foods that go in the fridge to the overall cleanliness of the cooking area, there can be a lot of questions raised inside the kitchen. Usually though, by reaching a good compromise about which partner washes the dishes or goes grocery shopping, most disagreements about the kitchen can be solved.

Then again, the kitchen can sometimes be the perfect battleground for playful pranks rather than friction.

As this couple points out, one partner can be pretty inventive with the food inside the fridge as a way to pull an innocent prank on the other. It looks like, on that particular morning, the husband woke up and went into the kitchen. They approached the fridge to get the day started with some breakfast. ans then, they open it. We can only imagine their look of surprise at the sight of all those groceries' eyes staring back at them. Sure, a joke like this doesn't last long, but what a funny way to start the day!

8 Old Habits "Die Hard," I Guess...

When a couple sets out to work around the house, the companionship in carrying out these tasks can really bring back the feeling of both partners working as a team. Fixing up the roof, cleaning out the air vents, emptying the attic or repainting the walls can, of course, bring about a lot of pressure. But, on the other hand, if both partners support each other and strive toward the same goal of having a better home, then it wouldn't be so bad. Such a widespread project can be easily accomplished. Unless they go the easy way and call a specialist...

Even though home improvement can be a rather high-pressure situation, couples should still find the time to slip in a few jokes every here and there. The husband was seemingly told by his wife to change the air filters. Now, if she'd have happened to giggle as she asked him to do so, he should've grown at least a bit suspicious... Because suddenly coming face to face with Bruce Willis' iconic "tough guy" mug from the film, Die Hard, must've scared the crap out of him! At least it surely brought some levity into that couple's home improvement project!

7 Joking Over Text 101

Humor knows no limits, for better or worse. If practical jokes usually revolve around some sort of physical gag, or a funny gesture made by someone, there can be other, alternative ways to pull pranks. Texting can be a powerful comedy tool, as the lack of face-to-face interaction and relative "mask" of a text message can hide someone's intentions to make a joke. Now, of course, some texting jokes aren't funny, especially when it comes to creating doubt into someone's mind through an ambiguous text. But for every poor texting joke, there can be one texting joke that manages to be funny for all involved.

This guy clearly tried to pull a prank on his girlfriend by responding with an unexpected text message.

Pretending to be an anonymous, cold phone operator can bring an element of surprise that his girlfriend wouldn't really have expected. Now, the girl does reply with a similarly blank tone and, at first glance, doesn't seem too pleased with the joke. But we can still see that, by carrying the joke forward, there's a part of her that understands its intention. This joke turns out to be a kind of double-edged sword, though, so let's be careful with that one!

6 I Told You I'd Wash The Dishes, Babe!

Like we said in a previous entry, discussions around the kitchen can often come at the forefront of a couple's domestic life. Washing dishes is a particularly tricky subject. While a lot of homes are equipped with dishwashers, many other homes still aren't. And even if the kitchen has a dishwasher, there's still a need for human hands to clean pots and pans. Indeed, agreements over which partner has to wash the dishes seemingly appear more often than we can think. But, like always, there's some humor in that domestic reality...

Another discussion on dishwashing must've taken place in this couple's home. We can imagine that the girl asked her partner to wash the dishes, presumably because she's usually the one taking care of it and feels tired right now. Maybe she's had a long day, maybe she wants her man to be more responsible around the house, who knows... But the guy still managed to pull a prank in his chores by putting a picture of a clean sink right on top of the still-dirty dishes. Now, he probably still had to wash those dishes anyway... But as long as he learns to be more efficient around the house, there's still time for jokes!

5 Hello? Is This The Number For The Chewbacca Contest...?

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Pop culture can truly be a thing of beauty when it comes to a couple's common interests. When someone can share a passion for film, comics, video games, animation, or any other medium with their partner, it can really make for awesome experiences. Going to see a movie at the theater, attending a comics convention or squaring off in a video game competition can be highly rewarding when you bring your partner along for the ride. Sharing common interests can make a couple stronger and more supportive of each other and always on the lookout for new and fun experiences!

There are some couples, however, that should actually take their pop-culture passions down a notch or two.

This guy seemingly took his love of Star Wars a bit too far, creating fake ads for a Chewbacca roar contest and putting his girlfriend's phone number on it. That gal must've gotten some pretty odd messages, that we can agree on... Still, when a joke is pulled in good fun and never to belittle the other person, it can usually earn a good laugh and then be over. Let's just hope that girl never had to try doing a Chewbacca roar herself!

4 He Won't Be Taking Out The Trash Anytime Soon!

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Just like washing the dishes, taking out the trash is a staple in the life of any home. When people have kids, they're usually the ones taking out the garbage until their kids get older. By then, the kids can start to learn responsibility by doing it themselves. But for a couple that live together, or at least for someone who happens to stay over at their partner's place, the act of taking out the trash is a pretty mundane everyday gesture. It's usually a rather uneventful task, done ad nauseam a few times a week without any change to the routine.

But, like always, some truly inventive people can make a joke out of anything in their vicinity. This girl, for instance, would've assigned her boyfriend to take out the trash this time around. She then draped herself in a kind of cloak, bearing an uncanny resemblance to an average black garbage bag. Just before the dude could take out the trash, she then crouched beside a white garbage bag. As we can see from this hilarious image, she really scared the living daylights out of that guy! Your joke was pretty funny, girl, but you should realize that he won't be agreeing to take out the trash anytime soon...

3 Do Not Try This One If Your Gal's Pregnant, Guys...

In many cases (or at least we hope that that's the case), news of a pregnancy can come as a blessing for a lot of people who've been living together for many years. A couple doesn't necessarily have to get married in order to have kids in this day and age. In this, there is at a little more leeway regarding children born from unwed parents. Still, becoming a parent requires an immense level of maturity and emotional intelligence for both partners. When the timing's right, though, couples that have established a happy and healthy relationship together should embrace this kind of news with pride and hope.

Once the sunshine and rainbows of the first pregnancy news starts to fade, couples have to apply big changes in their lives before the birth of their child.

Still, aside from all these life defining changes, there's still time for a little bit of humor and levity before the baby comes. This guy seemingly tricked his pregnant girlfriend/wife by leaving some fudge rounds for her to scarf down. Turns out the box was empty... Now, guys should still be careful when joking with their pregnant partners, so we can't say for sure if that was truly hilarious...

2 Wrong Star Wars Fantasy, Babe!

Aside from the typical schoolgirl or nurse fantasies, one that's been intriguing many couples since the 1980s is, of course, the famous Princess Leia fantasy. As a lot of Star Wars fans fondly remember, Return of the Jedi begins with a series of adventures in Jabba the Hutt's palace. Leia, upon being captured by the crime lord, has to dress up in a gold-laced slave bikini. While the costume has become somewhat of a gag since then, the image of Leia wearing that bikini has been fueling the imagination of many guys since.

Judging by the Star Wars poster on that couple's wall, it seems like they wanted to try out the Princess Leia fantasy themselves. To the guy's surprise, however, his gal chose to pull a pretty smart prank on him. If her boyfriend was expecting to find her in Leia's alluring bikini, he might've almost had a heart attack upon coming face to face with Jabba the Hutt! Of course, fantasies shouldn't be taken too seriously, so he probably laughed it off and she then removed the Jabba costume. But still, no one should even have to imagine approaching that "slimy piece of worm-ridden filth," as Han Solo would say...

1 When The Boyfriend Tries To Plays Hairdresser...

For the end of this list, we have to go with a joke that gets really close to the line of whether a prank is funny or not. After all, there's an old saying about not doing to others what you wouldn't want others to do to you... But then again, if you only pretend to cut off hair or nails, then it can still be funny. The reaction of disbelief on that person's face, prior to them understanding the joke, can be a very funny payoff to the prank. Unless the gesture involves physical pain (which is never funny), people should be able to laugh if off.

This girl was clearly in the middle of watching something on her computer.

Her boyfriend then sneaked up behind her, holding a strand of hair resembling her own. A quick snip of the scissors, the girl turns around, and voilà! she thought he cut her hair out of nowhere. What makes this prank hilarious is the sheer confusion and disbelief on the gal's face as she turns to her boyfriend. He didn't just do that, she must've thought. But it was all just a goof, and she probably realized it soon enough. Her priceless reaction to the guy's prank, though, is enough for us to rival any of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' playfulness!

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