15 Couples Shirts That Put The "Aw" In "Awkward"

When someone is hopelessly in love with someone, they don't always make the best, most rational decisions, and perhaps that's the reason some couples decide to wear matching shirts.

For many, wearing color coordinating clothing for a big event is a tough task, but then there are couples on the other end of the scale who think it's cute to wear cumbersome shirts about how much they love each other or how the woman makes the man broke. Awkward!

Surprisingly, wearing matching shirts that are sold in twos has become increasingly popular in recent years, but does that mean their fashionable? That's not for us to decide, but we can show you 15 couples shirts that people should really not be wearing, and really, the best decision they could make would be to burn them.

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15 Well, That's One Way To Show Support For Your GF's Marathon

This shirt is actually quite hilarious, considering that it’s been worn when the woman in this photo was running a marathon, and it’s great to see that she and her boyfriend have a sense of humor. The woman is wearing a shirt which reads “I run to burn off the crazy,” and then the guy decided to respond to this shirt with one of his own which reads “she doesn’t run enough.” He's basically saying that he thinks his woman friend is crazy.

Wow, thanks for the support...

She’s clearly okay with that statement because there is a big grin on her face, but let’s hope these two don’t decide to wear their shirts when they’re going about their daily activities because then it suddenly becomes dramatically less funny.

14 Someone Needs To Tell These Two Crazy Isn't A Good Quality

Do you really think your boyfriend or girlfriend is such attractive property that people are going to approach them when you’re right next to them in the street? The chances of that happening are pretty slim because it’s not like these people are A-list celebs or world-famous musicians. They just appear to be normal people, with not so normal taste in clothing.

Couples shirts can be cute, they can also be a bit, well, awkward. But then there are outfits like these which are creepy and controlling. It’s one thing to flaunt your love with Disney characters and slogans, but it's something else to tell people that they need to keep their “hands off.”

Let’s just hope that those handprints aren’t their own because that would be taking things to a whole new level.

13 Why Not Combine Your Two Favorite Things, Hunting And Each Other?

Some may scrunch their noses up at the thought of wearing matching outfits, but this couple was up for the challenge when it came to their shirts. They seem to have incorporated their two loves into their attire; hunting and each other.

These two appear to be avid hunters because of their reference to does and bucks, but also because their shirts are partly camouflage.

So unless you’re in the military or passionate about hunting, there isn’t really another reason to incorporate the print, which is used to blend into the surroundings into your wardrobe.

You have to give them points for being a little creative, though, because at least they haven’t stepped out in one of the many Disney couple t-shirts that are on the market.

12 Soo, She Ran Him Over?

Looking for couple shirts? Of all the couples t-shirts on the market, this may be one of the most attention-grabbing, because the neon pink is a real eyesore.

The message on their shirts are also pretty odd because the girl is proud that her man allows her to drive his truck, but is it really so remarkable that a man can let his gal drive his truck? Is this guy one of those people who is obsessed with his car and thinks of it like his baby, so it’s a big risk to let someone else behind the wheel? Get over yourself, please.

That's not even the most unsettling thing about their outfit though. What is, is that although the woman's shirt is about her man, his is shirt only has tire tracks... That says nothing about his love or affection for her — in fact, doesn't it mean she ran him over?Since she drives his truck? How sweet...

11 Wear This When You're Scared To Lose Your Partner In The Airport

There are people who really love being one half of a pair, and sometimes they want everyone else to know this. So, what better way to make it clear that you're taken than with matching shirts?

These particular shirts show that the couple has an odd sense of humor because it's about returning the man if he gets lost...

Is a grown man not able to find his partner? Am I missing something?

But they may be onto something here; when you’re traveling it can be very easy to get separated from your partner, but if they have a super awkward shirt that no other human would ever wear, then it makes finding them again very easy. It’s one way to find your significant other in a crowded place and ensure you get noticed because if you were to spot these two, chances are, you'd stop and stare.

10 Being A GoldDigger Is No Laughing Matter

It’s nice to be spoiled with flowers or gifts every now and then, but it shouldn’t be expected. Men and women should not be spending every penny they make to surprise their significant other with lavish presents.

For that reason, these shirts are probably the most annoying on this list because they buy into the whole 'gold digger' theme, where a person only wants to be with a man or woman for their money.

It’s not really funny to be admitting that your man spends so much money on you that he’s broke, because this girl is probably really smart and hardworking. She can probably buy her own things, right? Also, what kind of message does this send out to young girls and boys? It's not cool, but it does produce a good chuckle.

9 This Couple Think Mickey And Minnie Mouse Are Goals

Are Disney characters (Mickey and Minnie Mouse) the ultimate couple goals? Well, it seems they are for some people, because these two have decided to wear shirts that read “soul" and "mate," but also contain Minnie and Mickey ears. Oh, the awkwardness!

This girlfriend and boyfriend duo believe they have found the one, hence the soulmate reference, and because they are so happy in their relationship, they decided to share this with the rest of the world (as well as take selfies of their new shirts).

Wearing matching shirts is not for everyone, but at least these shirts are slightly less awkward than some of the others on this list

. These at least don’t contain long, soppy captions about how incredibly perfect they are for each other. It's not like I'm dissing love, I just don't see the point in having it on a shirt.

8 Well, This Is...Romantic?

The entry above may be annoying because it’s a little too... mushy, but this one, I don’t even understand this one.

Let’s start with the obvious; Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers and their story is celebrated as one of the saddest but greatest love stories of all time. So, these two are clearly in love.

But then there is the fact that they decided to wear t-shirts that refer to the guy as a redneck, and his other half as tanned legged? Um… Okay!

I think by this point on the list, less has to be said about the shirts themselves and more emphasis has to be placed on just how awkward it looks when couples wear matching tees. I mean, what’s next, matching tattoos?

7 Apparently, These Two Would Be Incomplete Without Each Other

Imagine walking into this couple's wardrobe, because if this shirt is any indication, then it would seem that their home is filled with matching shirts declaring their love for one another.

These particular outfits revolve around Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, and how they need each other. Disney stories are often praised for their tales of romance (even though they are often ill-fated) and how the couple manages to face problems together and come out stronger afterwards. So you can understand their choice.

But the problem with couples shirts is that even though it's sweet how happy they are, do they really need to share this happiness with the rest of the world? Do people really enjoy being apart of their love fest?

If you asked them, their answer would probably be yes. But if you ask me, well, I think you know my answer.

6 Telling The World You're Out Of His League Is Pretty Harsh

Why would anyone want to admit that they are with a girl who they believe is out of their league? What's worse, is why would she want to flaunt it publicly on a t-shirt?

This couple didn’t seem to mind making their thoughts public knowledge when they stepped out in very bright matching shirts, which claim that the woman thinks she's in a different league, and the man is happy she loves him anyway...

Then again, if she really loved him, would she want to wear this?

In a way, it’s cute that this guy loves his girl so much that he's put her on a pedestal, but can you imagine how something like this must knock someone’s ego? And then, you have to wonder which one of these two actually went to the store to buy the shirts...

5 I Am So Over These Shirts

This is not the first king and a queen shirt on the market, nor will it be the last, but what makes it stand out from the rest is the writing underneath about how a king "can attract a queen," and how a queen "can keep a king focused."

Telling your partner that they are royalty in your eyes is not a bad thing, but using a shirt to tell the rest of the world that, well, that's where things because a little awkward. 

Have these lovebirds decided to wear matchy clothes because they want a pat on the back for their achievements as a couple (she's still keeping his attention from wandering)? Or is it because they want people who may glance in the direction of their partner to know that they're taken? Whatever their reason, I'm not about it.

4 Instead Of Telling Your Spouse You Love Them, Just Wear A T-Shirt

There are some people in this world who actually go out and look for items that are sold in twos. They pay good money for products, like couples shirts, because they think they are cute. Then, then they wear them out — like this husband and wife sporting shirts about how lucky they are to have found each other.

It's great that this man appreciates the woman he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with, and many people don't give their significant other the appreciation they deserve.

But did he really feel he had to make such a public declaration of affection?

That said, it could be worse, they could be wearing shirts with handprints on it telling the world to back off, just like the other couple on this list...

3 When You Both Look As Though You Sat On Disney Characters

When you're hopelessly in love, you usually can't get enough of your significant other, and some people decide they want to show off their love in public. This can be done by displays of affection, gushing about each other in a very public manner, or wearing matching t-shirts, apparently.

And again, Disney seems to have a lot of couple shirts, and these ones represent Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The good thing about these shirts is that they are a lot more subtle than many on this list. At least they are not accompanied by awkward writing declaring their love for one another or some other soppy saying.

Still, would you be daring enough to walk in public with your partner in a shirt that looks as though you sat on Disney characters?

2 There's A Line You Can Cross Between Being Cute And Awkward

Wearing matching clothing has become increasingly popular among lovers, and as this list shows, there are a lot of different options on the market.

But whether that makes them fashionable or not, well, that's something for you to decide.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has been getting a lot of attention in recent years thanks to the remake of the film, which starred Emma Watson. Since then, a lot of products have been coming out with Belle and the Beast, and it seems couple’s shirts are among them.

There's no problem for the girl to admit she’s her man’s beauty, but it takes a man who is very self-assured to have the confidence to walk around with a shirt that is basically telling the world he’s a beast.

1 The Good Life Should Not Include Matching Clothing

We've all heard of "the good life," which is as the name suggests, when life is really good.

But not all of us would decide to take that to a whole new level with matching couple shirts reading Mr. Good and Mrs. Life. I know, it’s hard to believe that someone thought up this concept and more than one person decided to buy the shirt.

It would also seem that the good life, for this couple, is sitting at home in front of the TV playing PlayStation. And while many people would agree with that, rather save your money for the latest games and spare yourself an awkward photo opportunity like this one.

Then again, if you and your partner are firm believers in the good life, perhaps these shirts are very appealing.

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