15 Crazy Kardashian Konspiracies The Internet Believes Are Real

Something about the internet makes it ripe for conspiracy theories. People talk about their theories for fun, but other people believe that every conspiracy is actual news. It's not that conspiracies don't exist, but most things are not part of a large conspiracy. We don't need to wear tin foil hats, and it helps if we can think critically about the information thrown our way.

The Kardashians have gotten famous by putting their entire lives on display. That does not mean that they don't deserve some amount of privacy, but it does mean that people freak out when the Kardashians and Jenners DO keep things from the public. This is where Kardashian Konspiracies are born. People speculate online about what secrets the beautiful family is hiding from everyone, and it can get quite ugly.

15 Kim, Kanye and Taylor Swift are allegedly in the Illuminati

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The internet can be a weird place, but conspiracy theorists think that Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift are members of the Illuminati. Kim's Instagram photo did not help correct that impression. According to Buzzfeed, this has a lot to do with the fact that the Illuminati symbol called "the all-seeing eye" happens to be in the background of a lot of her photos. Oh, and Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian both wore red dresses at the same time once. Red is supposedly a color associated with the Illuminati.

If this seems like a stretch to everyone else here, that's because it is. We can easily find all sorts of "coincidences" when we go looking for them. But there are enough people who think that this theory is real that we wonder where most of our heads have gone.

14 Khloé Kardashian is allegedly O.J. Simpson's secret daughter

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Fasten those seat belts because this conspiracy theory has some turbulence. First of all, Kris Jenner used to be married to Robert Kardashian. Robert was her husband at the time that Khloé was born. And Robert was also one of O.J. Simpson's defense attorneys. The theory gained traction when Robert alleged that Khloé was NOT his biological daughter, especially because she has darker skin than the others and is about the same height as O.J. Simpson.

Khloé denies the rumors and so does O.J. Simpson, but that hasn't stopped people from believing in the conspiracy theory. This one could have been true. It might be one of the more plausible theories, but it is still very much just an unproven conspiracy that gets people talking. The people involved say that it is not true, so there isn't much else that people can do about that one.

13 Kim is supposedly a secret agent

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This particular conspiracy theory did not come out of nowhere. No, Kim Kardashian isn't the real-life Kim Impossible, but she was accused by the Iranian government of being a secret agent whose sole mission is to "corrupt" Iranian women with her racy photos and provocative outfits. Basically, the government was afraid that she would influence Iranian women to do their makeup and hair like her as well as dress in skin-revealing clothing.

From there, the theory branched out to whether Kim is a secret agent in general. She has the power to influence the world for some reason, and people think that it means she has superpowers that are harnessed by the government. It's a bit far reaching to think that Kim dresses the way she does for anyone other than herself. She's gorgeous and confident, and that makes people worried.

12 Kourtney did (or didn't) hook up with Justin Bieber

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This photo that Justin Bieber posted took the internet by storm. Are those Kourtney Kardashian's legs? The rumors took hold because they were hanging out so much. Justin Bieber was 21 at the time, and Kourtney was 36 and a mom of three. It's cool if they were hanging out together. They are both adults and can make those decisions. But it also bothered some people, especially because no one was sure that they were indeed hooking up or not.

The "are they or aren't they" question fueled the conspiracy theories. Kourtney and Justin seemed so close, and they're both very good looking people. But Justin eventually addressed the rumors and said that they were just "good friends," whatever that means.

11 Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries could have been faked

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Their marriage was a whirlwind romance. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries dated for only six months before tying the knot. That's not that unusual, but it was all done on live TV. Then, the couple was paid millions of dollars by media outlets for exclusive access to their engagement, bridal shower and actual wedding. The marriage ended 72 days after it happened, and the couple eventually got divorced. This sparked conspiracy theories that the marriage was just a hoax for publicity.

Celebrity weddings have been publicity stunts before. It's not like this particular conspiracy theory isn't plausible. It's just that we can't prove that they weren't just young and in love at the time, only to realize that it just wasn't going to work out. And both of them make money every time they breathe or blink.

10 Kris Jenner allegedly arranged the triple pregnancy

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People want to know how it's possible that Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner all happened to be expecting babies at the same time, and it sparked a conspiracy theory that their mother Kris Jenner somehow planned the whole thing. If that sounds bonkers, that's because it is bonkers. The most likely answer is that the Khloé and Kylie have similar cycles, which is common among women who hang out a lot, and were getting it on with their respective men around the same time that they were all ovulating. Since Kim used a surrogate, it was pure luck that the embryos took when they did. Then, BOOM! All three sisters end up pregnant around the same time. Because we would have to wonder HOW their mother could have "arranged" for it to happen. That would be really strange and makes no sense.

9 Kim Kardashian allegedly faked her second pregnancy

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People couldn't believe that Kim Kardashian was pregnant because she didn't "look" pregnant for much of the first half of her pregnancy. Everybody carries their babies differently. That's how some women can be pregnant and not know it until they are giving birth. But Kim, of course, knew that she was pregnant even if the internet doubted it.

She decided to do a nude photo shoot in response that showed off her very pregnant belly. Kim has amazing confidence, and we love her for that. She also always looks great. Well, that photo did not stop the conspiracy theorists from believing that her pregnancy was faked. People will sometimes believe what they want to believe, even if evidence proves otherwise.

8 Kylie Jenner might be the surrogate mother of Kim and Kanye's third child

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The timing of Kylie Jenner's time in the hospital and Kim Kardashian's delivery of her third child sparked rumors that Kylie was the surrogate mother for Kim's baby all along. Of course, Kim says that she carried and delivered this baby herself. The thing is that Kylie was pregnant around the same time as she was and was being secretive about it. Even stars deserve some privacy. But fans have a hard time dealing with that. And conspiracy theories about celebrities can also be fun for some people. Fans took to Twitter and wondered about whether Kylie was indeed the surrogate to Kim's baby. As far as we can tell, this is just a rumor. Kim was actually pregnant and gave birth to her third child herself.

7 The real Kylie Jenner died and was replaced by someone else

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People change their looks as they grow older. That is just a fact. But Kylie Jenner went from adorable to bombshell almost over night. Her bone structure and lips look so different from when she was a 14-year-old girl. So, that was enough to inspire a new conspiracy theory that Kylie Jenner was replaced by someone else.

It's most likely not true. She's rich and can afford cosmetic surgery. She also has makeup artists at her disposal and can wield a blush brush quite well on her own. That girl knows how to maximize her looks. We can definitely agree that she looks more sultry now than she had when she was a squeaky-clean kid. Kylie has always been really pretty, though. The girl just grew into her family's level of hotness.

6 Ted Cruz is actually Robert Kardashian Sr.

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Now this conspiracy theory is super ridiculous. While it's true that Ted Cruz looks similar to the late Robert Kardashian Sr., they are NOT the same person. And it says something that people think a political career is more enjoyable than being around a family full of women. Politics is a battlefield that we would not wish on anyone. And it would be complicated to fake a death and return to the spotlight soon afterward.

Anyone who fakes their death knows that it is much smarter to remain out of the spotlight. People scrutinize politicians more than they do regular people. So, it would just be stupid to place himself in the public eye right after faking his own death. This is one conspiracy theory that can be disproved with good, old logic.

5 Kanye and Wiz Khalifa faked their fight

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A forum user on a Kanye fan site commented that the rappers were actually fake fighting for publicity purposes. For one thing, he thinks that their insults were way too tame to be actual insults. And both rappers had albums coming out around the same time that the feud began. That seems to be a good indication that the whole argument was faked. At least, that's what some people on the internet believe. We can't disprove this theory because it's certainly within the realm of possibility. Celebrities do pull publicity stunts. But not everything a celebrity is a stunt. Some arguments can be very real. It's just impossible for it not to be in front of the public eye when famous. The conspiracy theory took off, and some internet users can't shake it.

4 Kim Kardashian was replaced by a lookalike in that Calvin Klein ad

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People thought that Kim Kardashian did not look like herself in this Calvin Klein ad, so they began a conspiracy theory that she was replaced by someone who looked similar to her. Twitter users commented, "Where is Kim?" They could not believe that Kim was actually in the ad. They were saying that a model had taken her place for some reason. Why Kim would turned down a paid opportunity like this, we have no idea.

The photographer must have just edited the photo a certain way, or perhaps Kim contoured her face differently from how she normally does. One person can have a million different looks, and photographs from different angles can make someone look different as well.

3 Kylie Jenner was secretive about her pregnancy so she could give the baby to Khloé

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Twitter user Pat came up with this conspiracy that made the rounds while Kylie Jenner was essentially in hiding. Kylie seemed to want to avoid the spotlight at all costs, which sparked conspiracy theories like this. It was also strange that Kylie and Khloé were supposedly pregnant at the same time. It made people wonder.

The internet figured that Kylie was hiding her body so that people would not know that she was pregnant, and then her sister Khloé was faking a pregnancy so that she could claim Kylie's baby as her own when the time came. If that sounds more complicated than it needs to be, that is because it is more complicated than necessary. Kylie probably just wanted her privacy while she was pregnant. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, especially for a first one.

2 Kim allegedly "faked" the Paris robbery as a stunt

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Rumors began spreading online soon after Kim Kardashian West revealed that she was robbed in Paris. People believed that she was just making it up for attention or to get more ratings. Other people said that they wished the robber had physically harmed her! Kim might make her millions from reality TV shows and because of her gorgeous looks, but that does not mean she deserves bad treatment from other people. She is a human being.

And the Paris robbery affected her because it means that someone criminal was able to get that close to her. Celebrities always have to fear for their lives from stalkers and crazed fans. When one of those people commits a crime against them, it can be especially unsettling.

1 Blac Chyna and Tyga broke up to hustle the Kardashian family

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Think about it. As soon as Blac Chyna and Tyga break up, they start dating Kardashians. Blac Chyna started going out with Rob Kardashian Jr. and Tyga started dating the underage Kylie Jenner. And both Tyga and Blac Chyna seemed to start making more money after dating the Kardashians. Tyga was reportedly broke when he began dating Kylie, and now he's worth several million dollars.

Hustling the Kardashians for their fame and wealth would be a really good plan, and those two would have been able to pull it off if they had actually conspired to do so. Of course, it might all be coincidence. That does happen. Blac Chyna and Tyga most likely did not conspire to hustle the Kardashian family.

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