15 Crazy On-The-Job Confessions From Bartenders That Will Stun You

Drinking alcohol is one of those things guaranteed to bring people's inhibitions down and get them to let their freak flag fly. That means that bars are full of such people, who often are doing some pretty crazy things. Bartenders get a front row seat to all the action, and sometimes, they put those stories up online. But there are other things, too, that bartenders do that most people are unaware of. Sometimes, it's just a case of a bartender looking out for customers, particularly those who are on blind dates or have had way too much to drink. Sometimes, it's just a case of a bartender judging you for your bad choices, though. These confessions should serve as a real eye-opener to people who frequent bars.

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15 When the bartender steps in to do the right thing

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Bartenders might seem all relaxed and jovial, but they're usually paying good attention to what their customers are up to, even when those customers aren't aware of it. In this case, the bartender confesses at seeing a man try to roofie his date's drink. This bartender is a hero, though, because they stepped in and did something about it. When the man looked away, the bartender switched the drinks so that the man would drug himself. This is the kind of bartender we need more of, but this is one of those confessions that make us grateful that someone pays attention to these things because men drugging women in bars happens way too often. Not all superheroes wear capes: some of them just stand behind a bar.

14 The bartender sees all

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Bartenders get to know their customers on a personal level that most wouldn't really even consider possible. But if you drink at the same establishment on more than one night, it's likely that the bartender will remember you. In this case, the bartender confesses to being the all seeing eye and tells it just like it is: they saw this customer with a different Tinder date the night before. Of course, there's nothing wrong about dating around, but the bartender is still likely to judge the person in question. Here's hoping that the bartender speaks up, though, if said customer does something to try to make that second date believe that they're the only one. So remember, when you're in the bar, everything you say and do gets seen by someone.

13 Booze-fueled punch

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Bartending is not an easy job. It is basically the customer service job from hell because not only do bartenders have to deal with people on a regular basis, but their very existence depends on how those customers tip them because bartenders need those tips to pay their bills. They also have to deal with customers that spend most of their time drinking, meaning that normally crazy customers are twice as crazy when inebriated. This poor bartender tried to cut off a customer who had too much to drink and got a punch in the face for her efforts. We only hope that the police got involved and hauled that jerk off to jail. There's a reason bartenders can make that judgment call when you've had too much.

12 How to deal with on the job sexism

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Over the past few weeks, sexual harassment and assault have been all over the news, with women coming forward and saying "me, too." It's not uncommon for women to experience sexual harassment on a daily basis, particularly when they have a job around men who spend all their time drinking. Bartenders definitely have to put up with some sexist stuff, because for some reason, men who order drinks from them seem to think that their friendliness is an excuse to call them "baby" and "babe." But as bartenders depend on tips, they have to smile and take it, which is utterly ridiculous. This bartender, though, has a way of fighting the sexists: by taking their money for watered down drinks. And we say, good for her.

11 Watered down

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Bartenders really do often have to care enough about their customers to know when someone has had way too much to drink. Bartenders know the behavior and telltale signs of drunkenness and understand when customers are on the edge of getting completely out of control. This bartender has a plan to look out for those customers, though, particularly women who still want to drink although they need to get cut off. Instead of being confrontational about it, though, the bartender just serves them water. And although that might make them mad at the time, they'll thank the bartender later. If someone is so drunk that they cannot tell the difference between alcohol and water, they have, obviously, had too much to drink. And good on this bartender for cutting them off.

10 Just a little white lie

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It's kind of sad that bartenders have to put themselves out there with the opposite sex to make good tips, but the reality is that when a bartender flirts with you, that's really all they're after. So don't ever misinterpret that. Although this confession makes us cringe, it's probably one of many examples of a bartender taking a wedding ring off so that customers think they're single and ready to mingle. At least we have to give the bartender credit, though: all the extra money earned on tips by deceiving customers goes to the wife. So we suppose, there's at least that. But it's still a deceitful lie and we only hope that it doesn't eventually come back to bite that bartender in the butt.

9 He just wants to talk

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Being a bartender in a nightclub or regular old bar is entertaining, sure. But being a bartender at a strip club is on a completely different level, because you're there to get guys drunk so that they throw money at girls who take off their clothes. Sure, it's not the most glamorous life, but it's a living: everyone has bills that need to get paid. So this bartender works at a strip club, but he's got one customer who isn't really there to look at the bodies of naked women. Instead, he comes into the strip club and pays the girls to talk to him. That's sort of sad, but bartenders who work in such establishments probably see this kind of lonely guy a lot.

8 Don't pass out

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Why people go to a bar and drink so much that they pass out there is beyond us, but a lot of people do just that. Perhaps their lives are just really empty and sad, or perhaps they just have a serious drinking problem. Sometimes, it's just a case of really bad judgment and not knowing one's own limits. It doesn't matter, though, because if you pass out in a bar, you have no idea what's going to happen. And you're so out of it, you have no control over that. This confession is from a bartender who gets together with his co-workers to take funny photos of people who passed out in their bar. And although it's probably wrong, we think it's also really funny.

7 That's a new one

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Bartenders see the highs and lows of people's lives. They're around when people celebrate new jobs, new spouses, birthdays and anniversaries. But they also see those times when people reach the lows in their lives, and that's probably the most of what they see because people always turn to the bottle when they're down. And when people are down, they drink more than they should and then go on to do really stupid things. And it's sad that someone feels the need to drink that much to drown their pain, but it's also really funny when they get so drunk that they think they need an intervention. In this case, a bartender confesses that one customer got so wasted that they called the cops on themselves. That's a level of drunkenness we never hope to experience.

6 Gender bent

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As previously mentioned, female bartenders have to deal with a lot of sexual harassment on the job because their male customers just don't seem to understand that there are boundaries for that sort of behavior. Some bartenders just deal with it and then go home and cry. Others try to do what they can to stop it. A rare few have bosses that will stop customers from mistreating their bartenders. In this case, though, the bartender just solves the issue by dressing like a boy. It's really sad and disgusting that someone working as a bartender feels the need to do that just to get left alone, but that's the sad reality of the world, especially when half the world is drunk out of their minds.

5 Dealing with drunk people is better when drunk

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Anyone who has ever worked in a job where dealing with customers is a requirement understands the need to drink to deal with all the nonsense that comes in on a daily basis. Bartenders have it even harder because they're dealing with customers that will decide if they eat ramen or steak that night. Such is the life of jobs that require people to live off of tips. And many of those customers are intoxicated. So bartenders spend a lot of time biting back nasty replies and/or slapping customers. How do they do it? Well, they are already in a bar, so this confession isn't a huge surprise: some bartenders drink on the job so that they can actually deal with the job. Honestly, we can't really blame them.

4 Sometimes it's all about the money

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Not all bartenders are the heroes we've seen, those who water down drinks or just outright stop pouring for people who have obviously had too much. But they're also human and have bills to pay, just like everyone else. If someone keeps handing over big tips, a bartender will probably keep pouring for them, even when they shouldn't. This confession hits on that sad reality. It's almost like maybe tipping is encouraging bad behavior, isn't it? But that's how things are in bars (at least in the U.S.) and when you have a mortgage and kids, you do what you have to do to survive. This is probably why a lot of people end up passed out in bars: because the bartender didn't cut them off.

3 Dating is hard

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Bartenders work weird hours because their job requires them to. People don't normally go to the bar during the day (well, some do, but that's a completely different topic). They go to the bar after work and at night, especially on the weekends. So bartenders have to work most nights and weekends, which means they can basically not have much of a social life. That applies to dating, too, because most dates happen during the hours that bartenders need to work. This confession from a bartender drives that point home: dating is difficult when you can't even make a date for a time that is convenient for any potential significant other. Needless to say, a lot of bartenders are probably single, but not by choice.

2 Customers sometimes suck

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What is it about men in bars that make them think that they can act in completely inappropriate ways towards the bartender? Sure, the bartender might seem friendly, but the bartender is not your friend. They are also not your potential romantic partner and should not get treated as such. And yet, here's another confession of the kind of sexual harassment that happens on the job that many bartenders must deal with. In this case, a customer started telling the bartender that he wanted to mount them. That's deserving of a slap, although the bartender probably just shrugged it off. But then the customer walked away without paying for his drinks, which probably makes that bartender wished they'd slugged him when they had the chance.

1 Be careful what you leave behind

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When people get drunk, they tend to forget about the stuff they bring into their bar with them. That's easy to do when you're not exactly firing on all cylinders. That's one of the many dangers of having too much alcohol. The "lost and found" box at bars probably have a lot of interesting things, stuff left behind by customers who were too drunk to notice. This confession is about the things found at the end of the night when cleaning up the bar. The first thing mentioned here? Underwear. We don't even want to know how that happens, but a lot of hook-ups happen at bars, right? Phones is something we can imagine, because people leave their phones behind even when sober. We only wonder what else ends up in the lost and found box.

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