15 Crazy Reactions To Breakups That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Whoever said breaking up was "hard to do" wasn’t lying. There are even some studies out there that suggest breaking up is actually one of the most traumatic things a person can endure during their lifetime; following the death of a spouse, childbirth, and serious illnesses. On the other hand, some of us handle breakups better than others and are capable of moving on without batting an eye. We typically envy those people for their decorum and poise. Breakups can get messy, so it makes sense that most of us have a hard time calming down when we're breaking up with someone or we've just been dumped. And though we've all done some crazy things after a breakup, there are some people whose breakups are so bad that they totally snap. No matter what you did after a breakup, it’s pretty safe to say that these breakup reactions are way worse than anything you've experienced.  (And if not then please tell us your story in the comments!)

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15 A Woman Cut Off Her Own Tattoo And Mailed It To Her Ex

Via DailyMail

Torz, a body piercer from the UK, had been going out with a guy by the name of “Chopper” for about two years when he told her that he had been offered a dream job that he had to move away for. She understood, helped him pack, and even drove him to the airport to say goodbye. So, when she found out that he was actually still local and just moved in with another woman...she was obviously livid.

So, she did what any scorned woman would do. She sliced off the tattoo on her arm she got of his name, and mailed it to him. Like, she literally cut off her skin and mailed it to her ex! According to The Daily Mail, she said, “Posting that tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message. Now he knows never to mess with me again.” Shockingly, she doesn’t seem to see anything unusual or messed up about this at all–and she even said it was “closure.”

14 A Dutch Woman Called Her Ex 65,000 Times In One Year

We’ve all blown up an ex’s phone trying once or twice to try and get them back. Usually, it’s normal to just stop talking after a couple of texts or after they politely tell us to stop. But, for one lady out in Denmark, she really went overboard. Forbes stated she called his workplace 200 times a day. For the record, that’s once every five minutes! The incessant calling finally forced him to get the police involved, and that led to the entire ordeal making news headlines everywhere.

The kicker to this story is that her victim claimed that they never had a relationship. Meanwhile, she was adamant that they did. Something tells us that she may have been a side piece that just found out she was the other woman. Somehow, we think she could have handled this entire situation a little bit better... Now she's definitely not getting him back.

13 A Cambodian Couple Took A Page From Comedy Shows


There’s such a thing as being petty and bitter during a divorce, but nothing quite prepared people for what happened when one Cambodian couple split after 40- years of marriage. Much like what you’d see in a sitcom where best friends and roommates split everything in two, this couple decided to split things down the middle as well—they just took it literally...

The only problem with this humorous and insane way of handling things is that they literally split everything down the middle—including their house! Well, technically the wife didn’t have any say in it. Her husband had arrived at the house with saw-wielding relatives in tow, and together, they did it all themselves. To make sure that the wife knew the breakup had happened, he and his relatives actually went so far as to carry his half of the house away and park it near his family’s home. Grow up, you guys.

12 The MapleStory Breakup

MapleStory, as many people might know, is a video game that features adorable little anime people who can talk, take adventures, and also wear cool outfits. One woman from Japan had been an avid player, and her cute little avatar had gotten “cyber married” to another player’s avatar in the game. It all sounds like a strangely adorable, geeky happily ever after... Until the other player dumped her character for another woman. (Mind you, this is all online.)

The 43-year-old woman got so ticked about the epic “divorce,” that she hacked into his account and destroyed the character he’d been building for years. As any lifestyle gamers can tell you, this is a major crime in the geek world. He called the police to report the hack, and she is most likely looking at a $5,000 fine or five years in prison. Is $5,000 really worthy hacking someone's account, lady?

11 The Carrie Underwood Method...

Via ThugLifer

We've all heard Carrie Underwood’s bluesy little country number detailing how she wrecked her ex’s car because he cheated on her. When this came out, guys everywhere got scared for the sake of their cars. And, to a point, they may have had reason to be scared. Both, before and after Underwood’s hit was released, there were quite a few cars out there that were vandalized by people who happened to be jilted exes.

Now, since we are a publication that doesn’t condone acts of vandalism, we probably should tell you that doing this to someone else's property is illegal. And, in many cases, people have evidence that it was the betrayed partner who did it. So, even if it is kind of awesome in terms of revenge, it’s not something that you should do unless you want to get into trouble. (Source)

10 The Ex Husband Who Put Up A Website Defaming His Former Spouse

Most people who break up with an ex often don’t have too many good things to say about them. But one guy really went on a full smear campaign when his wife left him. According to The Daily News, one man decided to ruin his ex’s life by putting together a website defaming her. The wife had only found out about the site when a coworker told her "she probably shouldn't advertise that she was a stripper and drug addict on her website."All of which were untrue.

What’s terrifying about this entire situation is that it’s not 100% certain what happened to the site, the ex-husband, or if this is even illegal. Technically, these kinds of websites can be targets for libel and defamation suits, as well as a reason to be criminally charged for “revenge porn.” Similar cases have landed men in jail for years, so that’s something nice to think about. Regardless, this poor woman's name has been through the ringer and this dude deserves a penalty.

9 A Woman Chopped Off Her Ex’s Member

In 2011, Catherine Kieu’s husband decided to ask her for a divorce. Like any other woman in the world, she didn’t take that very well. The 50-year-old California woman then made international headlines after she tied her ex-husband to a bed and cut off his...well, his genitals. After she cut his member off, she shoved it down the garbage disposal and turned it on! She was arrested on multiple charges and sentenced to life in prison. Personally, I cannot even imagine going this far after a breakup. But clearly, if she couldn't have him, no one could.

To be fair, though, Kieu said that her husband regularly abused her—both verbally and sexually. So, while she probably didn’t react very well to the breakup, it’s clear that there were more issues behind closed doors than what meets the eye. Even so, her husband said that his wife had “murdered him” the night she cut off his penis. We're going to assume that he's going to have major trust issues here on out.

8 The Ex Who Hacked His Ex’s Social Media For Revenge

Elite Daily writer Danielle Ferrara told readers about the time she wanted to break up with her former boyfriend. Apparently, her ex had broken into her Instagram account, posing as her, and basically ruined her reputation among friends and fans alike. She had even caught him doing it mid-email! Shockingly enough, he had the nerve to try to play dumb. Um, nice try buddy.

She ended up filing a police report because for his insane behavior. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any word on what he did after she took down the social media posts he put up. But, we’re hoping that her reputation is back on track and that the guy who did this to her learned that there’s nothing good that can come from revenge hacks.

7 The Girls Who Decided To Gang Up On A Cheater

One Wisconsin man had been hooking up with three women at the same time–his wife and two side girls. When the truth came out to the girls that he was married, they didn’t beat each other up. Instead, they decided to do some serious planning together. One of his girlfriends, somehow, tricked him into planning a sex romp at a hotel room. Unfortunately for him, he fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Much to his surprise, four women greeted him, including a friend who decided to help out with the plan. The foursome tied him down to the bed, cut off his clothes, and ended up gluing his member to his own stomach. Though they didn’t technically do much harm, the four women were each charged with false imprisonment and were posted on $200 bail. If my husband was caught with two other women, that would be a $200 well spent.

6 The 'All You Can Take' Sale


One anonymous woman had found out that her husband had been cheating on her for years, and like many other women on this list, she ended up going a little bit bonkers. Which, she's totally allowed to be, given the circumstances! To make sure that he had absolutely nothing left after the divorce (he cheated and left her), she decided to hold a garage sale filled with free giveaways before she gave him the divorce papers.

Since the divorce papers weren’t served, the stuff she had given away for free was technically hers. Therefore, she wasn’t actually breaking any laws. And, she also slashed all four of his tires and spray painted his car. She was on a roll! The man in question is probably just glad he made it out of that house alive.

5 The Spurned Wife Who Was A Real Firestarter...

Getting the news that your spouse wants you to leave the house is never easy. Especially when you find out that he was cheating. If they're the ones who cheated, why do they get to keep the house? Deborah Jackson of the UK was one lady who was really pushed to her limits with her ex’s cheating. She agreed to a settlement that would have given her a huge percentage of the home’s value as part of the divorce agreement.

Her ex begged for another chance right before the house was sold and she had agreed to work on things with him. However, some guys don’t learn. After the woman found out that he was still texting the woman from the affair, she decided to set his home ablaze. The home’s fire caused the value to plummet, and left them both without anything extra after the divorce. Honestly, I don't think Deborah really cares at that point...

4 The Woman Who Sold Her Ex’s Stuff On Ebay Via Sexy Pictures

Nothing quite irks a guy more than seeing his girlfriend (or his ex, in this case) posing  suggestively while other guys ogle her. One girl by the name of Taylor Morgan had decided to teach her cheating ex a lesson by showing him that other guys (and girls) totally thought she was hot. And, she did it in a pretty profitable way.

Rather than doing the classic revenge-cheating that most girls do, she decided to take some sexy photos of herself wearing her ex’s clothing. And then, she used those pictures to sell his stuff on eBay! Though this is a little scandalous, this may actually be the only crazy act on here that we can condone and support. After all, it’s legal, awesome, profitable, and doesn’t cause harm. Well, not to her anyways.

3 A Woman Smashed Her Ex’s Brother’s Grave As Divorce Revenge

This story is one that leaves you wondering if anything is really sacred anymore. One woman who was based out of Mirpur, India, had gotten the news that her husband had wanted a divorce. The courts awarded him a divorce, and then the woman decided to try to get another case against her husband. Unfortunately, the courts won in the husband’s favor.

Realizing the court wasn’t going to give her the revenge that she wanted, she took matters into her own hands. After her ex’s brother died, she went out and found his gravestone. Then, she smashed it to pieces! Her ex’s family was deserted and has since asked for protection against her, and it seems like the court was willing to grant it. After all, desecrating a grave is a pretty low blow, now matter how scorned you are.

2 A Man Created A Love Doll Of His Ex

Some people go full on loco when they find out they’ve been cheated on, and this is what happened with artist Oskar Kokoschka. When he had found out that the love of his life went off to marry someone else while he fought in World War I, he may have had a little bit of a nervous meltdown. And, we’re guessing people probably picked up on his instabilities pretty quick.

After all, nothing quite says “unstable” like seeing a guy commission a sex doll of his ex and then have a public affair with it. Then again, it also may be the fact that Kokoschka’s doll was covered in feathers and only vaguely resembled a human being... Either way, this is creepy AF and even though they're no longer together, I don't think she appreciates him recreating her as a sex doll. His ex was pretty mortified by his behavior, and probably asked him to steer clear of her. What's scarier is that this has happened multiple times since the beginning act!

1 A Woman Shredded Her Ex's Passport

Love can make us do crazy things. And when that relationship suddenly ends, it can get pretty messy. We say things we don't mean, we post passive-aggressive content about our relationship, and then sometimes we physically do things that can get us into trouble. For instance, one woman told Thrillist that she was so upset with her horrible boyfriend, that she decided to do something permeant. "He was terrible, and I was furious, so I shredded his passport. If he wasn't going anywhere with me, he wasn't going anywhere. Period." Well, that's one way to handle a break up. Not only are passports insanely tedious to get done and pricy AF, but now he clearly isn't traveling any time soon. Like she said, if they weren't traveling together, he wasn't going to travel at all. Ouch.

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