15 Creepiest Things People Found In Their Lost And Stolen Cellphones

15 Creepiest Things People Found In Their Lost And Stolen Cellphones

We live in amazing times. With the development of smartphones, everyone carries a camera on their person, with a little slice of their lives preserved in the camera roll.

Except sometimes it’s not their life that’s preserved on those digital images. In the cases of lost or stolen phones, we don’t know who these people are, or what the heck is going on. Or sometimes we do know what the heck is going on and it doesn’t make us feel any better at all—these creepy images can make us feel much, much worse.

So if you ever have your phone stolen, or find someone else’s phone…think twice about browsing through that camera roll. That little slice of someone else’s life may not be anything that you want to see.

15. Sweatpants terror mask

via screenhumor.com

In the “only temporarily stolen” category, comes this freaky pic of a guy using sweatpants as a mask. Says the OP: “I could not figure out why the bottom half of my sweatpants were missing after a party until I found this on my phone.”

If you found this photo on your phone, it might be best to also check the closets and behind the bed. Sure, just to make sure you’re not sharing your space with hidden killers, but also for more missing sweatpants. Though I’m sure the image above was attempted to be a light-hearted prank, just look at it and tell us it isn’t one of the freakiest things you’ve ever seen. It wouldn’t be out of place in a scene from The Hills Have Eyes or Intruders. Yeesh.

14. Creepy sign

via lifebuzz.com

The person who posted this photo had this to say: “I lost my camera on campus during my first semester of college… and found it a week later in my student mailbox. This was the last picture on it.”

If anyone wants a good way to never, ever sleep again, we bring you exhibit A. The fact that the artists involved took meticulous time care in illustrating such a creepy sign makes me doubt they wouldn’t carry out their threat of “watching you.”

Sure, it could be just a simple prank. But to be safe, we think this student best change his or her name, transfer to a different school, get plastic surgery and get a new phone. You can never be too careful.

13. Drug Binge

via vice.com

An article written by Lea Albring on Vice describes the bizarre pictures she found after she recovered her stolen phone in Germany. After the phone was missing for six weeks, she found multiple photos that seemed to be random snapshots of the thief’s life. Some mundane images include a picture of stir-fry, some beach photos and a party in Cologne.

But the above shot is what caught her attention. Using a framed Rambo-themed mirror as a drug table, the thief captured snaps of a little illegal drug binge. Pictured appears to be a line of cocaine, several tabs of what could be ecstasy pills, a fifty Euro bill and little plastic pouches containing who-knows-what.

Gross. As Albring stated, “I feel dirty…I think I’ve seen enough for now.”

12. Chinese gangster part 1

via chive.com

This image was found on a Chinese gangster’s lost phone. We know he is a Chinese gangster both by his tattoos and the towering pink stacks of 100-Yuan notes. Also notice what looks like a gun cartridge in the lower left hand corner near his sweet stacks of pink money. Also, he’s sporting a thick, ropey gold chain around his neck.

Whoever uploaded this image has wisely chosen to remain anonymous. Because the last thing anyone would want on their list of things to do today is get on the Chinese mob’s sh*t list. This gangster is probably pretty peeved he can’t post this particular image on Chinese Gangster Facebook or whatever they use over there.

11. Chinese gangster part 2

via chive.com

Well, now we know for sure he’s a Chinese gangster. This image is from the same camera roll as the guy with the stacks of money. In other photos on the camera roll that are too violent for us to post here, we see the man above being beaten up and shaken down for his wallet.

This photo is…just sinister. If you look closely, you see the man is bruised up pretty badly, most likely from a bad beating. He has his hands behind his head, submitting completely. He has his own shirt and shoes balancing on his body, with a dirty crushed water bottle in his mouth.

We can only deduce this poor man was posed for the gangster’s amusement. No further information is available on his fate.

10. Lady and the leprechaun

via lifebuzz

The anonymous person who posted this simply said, “found on my phone this morning. Looking for answers.” Yes, we’d love some answers, too!

Hey, we’ve all had a wild night. As happens so often, many people leave their phones on a table or bar while drinking, while others might steal the phone while they are not looking. If only seeking to prank the unsuspecting, they might just take some wacky photos and return the phone before the owner even knows it’s gone. Like this one.

Wherever they were, looks like a heckuva party. That woman isn’t actually wearing a bikini top—she’s topless covered in body paint. Both she and the leprechaun seem pretty jazzed to pose for this picture. And why not? She’s half dressed and he’s probably sitting on a pot of gold.

9. Parasailing

via ebaumsworld.com

The couple that posted this recounted, “we went parasailing yesterday and asked someone on the boat to take photos for us. We found this on our camera.”

Parasailing doesn’t need extra danger to spice it up. Strapping yourself into some harnesses attached to a parachute, with only a thin nylon rope tied to a speedboat to stop the wind carrying you out to sea—that’s perilous enough. But if you’ve ever been on a speedboat, you know it’s not exactly a smooth ride—lots of bouncing up and down on the choppy waves. Posing with a sharp knife over the nylon rope seems dangerous to us. You’d be just one bad bump from sending that couple on the ultimate voyage—with no guarantee of safe return.

8. Bananas

via diply.com

The only information we have about this photo is what the poster said: “I just got a new phone and this was one of the photos the previous owner forgot to delete.” And here we are: a refrigerator full of bananas.

What exactly does one do with a refrigerator full of bananas? And who keeps bananas in the fridge anyway–is that a thing?

We estimate just by the bananas we can see and count there’s at least 100 in there. But if you’re thinking to yourself that this person doesn’t look like they have a very balanced diet, don’t worry. We also count eight lemons, a crisper full of round potatoes, a green bell pepper, a bottle of what may be soy sauce and a mystery box.

7. All the Way to China

via buzzfeed

This photo comes from Matt Stopera, a writer for Buzzfeed that recorded the tale of his stolen phone in an article. Stopera was drinking in the East Village one night, left his phone on the table and someone stole it.

Months later, stranger photos of a Chinese man and his orange tree started popping up in his photo stream. Though the photos themselves aren’t that creepy, it’s where the photos were taken that prove puzzling and disturbing.

Turns out the man actually was in China. Stopera verified both by images and locations in the photos, and confirming the location of his old phone and the cloud. Somehow, Stopera’s stolen phone made the voyage across the Atlantic, through Europe, across western Asia and into China. Before he had the phone remotely bricked – Stopera had a fun glimpse into this man’s life overseas.

6. Cloaked weirdoes

via lifebuzz

Though technically found on a lost disposable camera and not a cell phone, we couldn’t help but include this one on the list.

That giant sign in the background says OMSI, which is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon. That still doesn’t explain what two cloaked weirdoes are doing hanging around outside the sign.

They had to go through a lot of effort – looks like some kind of light up masks they are wearing – something inspired by Daft Punk, perhaps? Their arms are folded, concealing whatever manner of horror they might be holding in their hands.

We don’t know what that large white rolled up thing is that sits at the base of their feet. Maybe a roll of butcher paper…to roll up something, or somebody? These questions only lead to unsettling answers.

5. Racy Couple

via dailymail

Be thankful that you’re viewing the censored version of this image.

Victoria Brodskey had her phone stolen by pickpockets one summer in Brighton Beach, New York. She moved on, not thinking much of it until racy pictures of a couple started appearing in her Dropbox account.

Instant file sharing over the internet has its pros and its cons. On the one hand, if your phone is stolen and you automatically share all your photos, then it might be easier to catch a thief. On the other hand, in order to catch the thief, you might have to see some things you’d rather not. Like steamy photos of a couple that are definitely not winning any beauty pageants.

Worse, the couple later posted an explicit video that everyone is better off not seeing. Sometimes there just isn’t enough eye bleach.

4. Burger King ballers

via click2houston.com

Once again, file sharing on the cloud led the owner of his stolen device to find mysterious pictures pop up on his feed. Texan Randy Schafer found approximately two dozen photos, all of these two young men posing with stacks of hundreds. Though he was unable to figure out their identity, he was able to deduce that the photos were shot at a nearby Burger King.

Later, a video with the two men was uploaded to YouTube, depicting similar poses with the money. The title of the video? Burger King Ballin’. This video led to their arrest, recovering $5000 in cash an Ipad, and a Macbook Pro. By posting their video to multiple social media accounts, police were able to track them down relatively easily. Genius, guys.

3. Emu

via ebaumsworld.com

All the circumstances around this photo paint an ominous picture.

Says the anonymous poster, “I found a smashed up camera covered in blood today, this was the last image that was taken.”

If we’re not mistaken, that looks like an emu, one of the world’s largest birds, native to Australia. Emus aren’t known for being particularly dangerous, or violent, so the situation is a bit perplexing. There are only two recorded attacks on humans on record, and both were when they were defending their young. Did an emu, or something else attack the owner of the camera? Australia does have other dangerous predators that could fit the bill.

A likely candidate might be a pack of dingoes, an aggressive canine descended from the wolf. Dingoes regularly hunt emus, but rarely attack humans. But hey, if you happen to be hanging out near their dinner…I guess anyone can have spectacularly bad luck.

2. Giant monkey

via craveonline

Imagine leaving your phone in the bathroom for a just one moment, and coming back to find this. Who is that monkey? What amusement park is he or she on break from? Or is this a sporting event mascot? Or someone taking a bathroom break at a furry convention?
The original poster didn’t leave any clues to place this monkey in context. Though some may claim this more funny than creepy, we beg to differ. This mysterious monkey has touched the original poster’s phone, and had access to all of his or her contacts and photos. We don’t know where this monkey has been.

Who knows? Maybe the person in this monkey suit is the one responsible for the refrigerator full of bananas. Might explain why this monkey was found in the bathroom.

1. UFO

via weekinweird.com

This one is kind of special, from a paranormal website.

The story goes that this man from Mississippi woke up with this image on his cell phone, but has no memory taking it. He did take the photo through special software to lighten up the dark areas, so the details are clearer. He claims he doesn’t know the man pictured in front of the lights.

Now it’s possible, as the website speculates, that his camera wasn’t temporarily stolen, and this is an image that he took while sleepwalking. Even if that is true, it doesn’t explain what we see here in the sky. Did he witness a UFO and not remember it? This photo is eerily similar to something we posted recently, which is a pair of lights in the sky caught on a trail cam, also coincidentally in Mississippi. Is it the same phenomena?


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