15 Creepy Selfies That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Selfies are everywhere and pretty much everyone takes them. While most selfies are harmless and even boring, every now and then, something unsuspected pops up in one of them and causes everyone to do a double take. Maybe it’s a creepy ghost, maybe it’s a strange person, maybe it’s just a weird scene. The truth is, when we are staring at our cameras, we don’t know what could be creeping up behind us or what their intentions might be. Selfies are fun but is it time to put down our camera phones and start focusing on the world around us? For those who aren’t convinced that selfies are dangerous, check out these 15 creepy selfies that will make your heart skip a beat. Now everyone smile! 1...2...3.... cheese!

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15 How Is This Even Possible?

Via Disidime

This might look like a normal selfie of a happy couple, and that’s exactly what they intended it to be, but look again. You may or may not have noticed the reflection in the window behind them. You can see the back of the man’s head and body and even his outstretched arm as he attempts to take the selfie. So how is it possible that you can see the woman’s face. You should be able to see the back of her head too. Nope, this is her face. It’s almost like she is looking at the window, but we can clearly see that she is facing the camera. How is this possible? There is literally no way to explain this. Imagine how creeped out this couple was when they saw the photo? I don’t think I would ever take another selfie in front of a reflective surface. Anyone else seriously trying to figure out how this is scientifically possible?

14 Don't Look Now But....

Via ViralNova

It’s always creepy when you take a selfie and something weird shows up in the background that you didn’t expect. Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes you really have to look for it. Hopefully this girl took the time to look at her selfie before she posted it so she could see that there is someone hiding in her bed. You can clearly see an eyeball sticking out from under the blankets. Is this one of the girl’s friends who is waiting to play a trick on her or is it a serial killer? It could also be a ghost. Which is worse, serial killer or ghost? It’s a tough choice, glad I don’t have to make it. Let’s all just hope this girl lived to read the comments on her photo.

13 This Can't Be Safe

Who doesn’t love to take photos of themselves in unique places? It’s one thing to take a photo of a beach or a mountain, but is the top of a skyscraper really the best place for this? She isn’t just on the roof. She seems to have climbed up a narrow tower. How is she even sitting there without falling? There is no way i would go up that high and then be able to take a photo of myself. This girl is either crazy or brave. It’s a pretty fine line when it comes to things like this. Can’t we just keep selfies safe? Do we really have to make them so extreme? Just do a check in, we don’t need photographic proof.

12 There Are No Words For This

I’m really not sure what we are looking at here. Is this a man, woman or child? Clown or puppet? Why is it just sitting there with a painted face and a mean grimace? Why is this girl taking a selfie with it? Does she know this person? Is she doing it as a joke? Is she trying to capture evidence before it attacks her so she can prove to the police who it was? There are just so many questions. I would like to believe that whatever it is, it’s harmless, but the way it is looking at the camera makes me think otherwise. I wouldn't be taking selfies with it and trying to make it mad. I would be running away from it as fast as I could.

11 Is She Even Real?


Is this a ghost selfie? This poor girl seriously looks like she has came back from the dead. She doesn’t look happy, there is no color in her face or the background and she looks distorted and see-through. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she is a ghost. Did she take a picture of herself in the reflection of a window? Why is there a building in the background if she took a selfie in the mirror? How did she do this and why is she so sad? There is just something off about this selfie and I can’t put my finger on it, but the whole thing gives me the creeps. It’s almost like something out of The Ring or The Grudge. Gives me chills! Bye girl!

10 He's Always Watching

Via LifeBuzz

There’s nothing like a night out with your friends. Dinner, drinks, dancing and running from a creepy guy who keeps following you around and popping up in the background of all your selfies. Wait, you haven’t had a night like that before? I bet these girls wish they hadn’t either. Why does this guy looks so mean and hateful. He clearly has a plan and a purpose and it seems to involve these three ladies. He is staring straight at them and seems to be moving right through the crowds towards them. Run girls! If you aren’t going to run, you had better at least watch your drinks. I wouldn’t want to wake up to this guy in the morning. What a creeper!

9 This Seems Safe

Via mamamia

Aww look at the cute little bear. Oh wait, it’s coming closer, it’s..it’s… it’s attacking me! I’m pretty sure that’s what was said before this guy took the selfie and was undoubtedly attacked by this bear. Why do people think they can mess with wildlife? Especially wildlife that can eat you. Sure he is off in the distance now, but that bear doesn’t look the least bit scared of this guy and that’s not a good thing. Bears can run pretty fast so I hope this guy took off before it was close enough to catch his scent. This is why cameras have zoom features. So you don’t have to put yourself at risk for a bear attack, but can still get a good photo. Nobody needs to see your face. We believe you saw a bear in the woods

8 What Even Try This?

Via 7jokes

Okay, we get it, you are trying to look tough and take a cool photo of yourself with a gun. Do you really need to point it at yourself? Even if it isn’t loaded, is it worth taking such a chance? How many people have been hurt or killed by guns that they swore weren’t loaded? You can’t be cool if you’re dead, pal! When will people learn to stop risking their lives in order to take unique selfies? Who knows what this guy will do the next time he wants to get a few likes or shares on social media? I’m scared to even think about it. There have to be better ways to impress your friends. Maybe try a picture with a cute puppy instead? I'm sure it would get you just as much attention.

7 You Aren't Alone

Via Pinterest

Every have that feeling like someone is watching you? Wonder if that is how this guy feels? I wonder what he thought when he looked at this selfie and saw that in the background? I would probably die of fear. It’s one thing to see a creepy person in the background of your selfie, but what the hell is that? Is it a ghost or demon? It definitely isn’t human. Why is it hiding behind that door and spying on this guy while he tries to take an innocent photo of himself? Whatever it is, it’s terrifying and I want no part of it. It looks like it doesn’t even have a soul. I feel sorry for this guy. I hope he made it out alive.

6 Do They Know It's There?

Via LifeBuzz

Just having some fun scuba diving in the ocean. How about a selfie? Oh shit! What’s that giant thing in the background? Oh it’s just a dangerous and huge shark. It seriously looks like it’s about to eat both of these divers in one bite. Did they know it was back there and plan this crazy selfie or were they surprised to see it? If I was scuba diving and a huge shark swam up behind me, selfies would be the last thing on my mind. I would be seeing how fast I could swim to the surface, hop on a boat and speed back to shore. I do not want a photo with a shark and I definitely don’t want to be eaten by one. Did these guys even survive this encounter?

5 This Gave Me Chills

Via ViralNova

Is this the case of a perfectly normal selfie giving on a strange vibe or did this girl really capture a ghost in her photo? I mean I guess that could be a regular person in the next room, but why does he look so pasty and creepy? His eyes are glowing. Okay, you can say it’s just the camera, but then why aren’t her eyes glowing? Why is she snapping random selfies in front of a door anyway? I don’t know why, but this one really gives me chills. I feel like right after she took the selfie that guy opened the doors and grabbed her. At least she had a photo of the criminal though right? I still don’t feel any better about this one.

4 Put The Phone Down And Run!

Via Buzzify

I don’t really understand the appeal of running with the bulls, but if someone is going to do it, they need to be more worried about running than taking selfies. Bulls are mean and fast and heavy and if you aren’t faster than them, there’s a chance you could get trampled or gored. Are either of those things worth taking a cool selfie? Some may argue yes, but I have to disagree. Did this guy even make it to the end of the street? I bet his next selfie was of him in the recovery room at the hospital after a giant bull horn was pulled out of his butt. Ouch! Can you imagine? All that just for a selfie? No thanks!

3 Ready To Get Dunked?

Via Fun On The Net

Waves are awesome and it’s really fun to take photos of them. If you can get a selfie in front of a wave, it’s even cooler, but this guy seems to be taking things a little too far he is literally posing under a giant wave that could kill him. If you are an experienced swimmer, diver, or surfer, I can see taking a selfie like this. Maybe this guy is one of those things but I doubt it. I kind of wonder if he even knows it’s coming. Maybe he was just trying to take a selfie in the ocean. Boy is he in for a surprise. I hope that camera or phone as waterproof. Since the photo made it online, I guess it must be. Geesh! Someone throw this guy a towel.

2 Why?...Just Why?

Via Irannaz

This one is definitely one of the weirdest and creepiest selfies I have ever seen! Why would anyone want to take a selfie with a dead person? You should have taken that photo when this poor lady was still alive. Who does he send it too? Did he post it online? Wasn’t he afraid that everyone would think he is crazy? I’m pretty sure it’s rude to take photos at funerals and I can’t imagine that this woman’s family would want to see her lying in a casket and being spread around on social media. Why is this guy so happy? Shouldn’t he be upset that someone he knows has recently passed away. This is just wrong on so many levels. What was this guy thinking? Some people just have no shame. I just can't even believe I'm seeing this.

1 Oh Come One Now!

Via DailyMail

I’m pretty sure I will be having nightmares about this one. Is this a face mask? Why does it look like a weird version of Winnie The Pooh? Also, why would anyone want to take a selfie while wearing a face mask. Why not take one after you peel it off? You know, when your skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated and you don’t look like a crazy, masked. psycho. It not only looks creepy, but also uncomfortable. I bet she pulled off several layers of skin when she was peeling it away. I’m glad she didn’t decide to take a selfie of that too. The only thing that could make this selfie worse would be if it was a video selfie. Stop taking weird selfies people! I used to think I liked Winnie the Pooh...not now.

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