15 'Creepy Woody' Memes That Will Rattle Anyone's Childhood To The Core

Of all the wholesome, childhood properties the internet has managed to get it's sticky hands on, Pixar's Toy Story is likely one that's near and dear to everyone. Well brace yourselves because today we'll be looking at an assortment of NSFW 'Creepy Woody' memes…otherwise known as 'Hentai Woody'.

If you have no clue what the heck 'Creepy Woody' refers to, here's a quick recap. Back in 2010, Japanese toy company Kaiyodo, expanded their line of high-end anime toys with their Revoltech series. The new line featured characters from popular American movies. The eerily expressive Sheriff Woody figure caught the eye of many fans. Like most Revoltech toys, Woody had an alternate faceplate to choose from. Because Woody's alternate faceplate happened to be disturbing as all hell; 'Creepy Woody' was born. Although there are a shocking amount of 'Creepy Woody' memes floating around online, what follows are just 15 that will rattle anyone's childhood to its core.

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15 Creepy Woody Cops a Feel

Via: pinterest.com

There's no way on earth to ease you into the dark world of 'Creepy Woody'. The whole point of these particular memes is to shock people into either laughing or scrolling away as quickly as humanly possible. With that said, let's dive in with the image posted above. Caption-free, this picture speaks a thousand words. You know Sheriff Woody, you know Jessie, but you damn sure haven't seen them doing anything like this in the Toy Story movies.

As we move along through our fifteen examples, get used to that sinister facial expression on Woody because you'll be seeing it a lot. In fact, you'll see it in every single entry. By the time we're done here, Woody's sick smile will probably be burned into your brain.

14 Messin' With Buzz

Via. gizmodo.com

One of the many running gags with 'Creepy Woody' memes is that he constantly parties with Buzz Lightyear as if they were two insane frat boys. Unlike in the Toy Story movies, when these warped versions of Woody and Buzz party - it's not a family-friendly, good time capped off with Randy Newman music.

Pictured above, we see the aftermath of a night out on the town, doing God knows what. Buzz is passed out beside a Heineken as his 'pal' Woody snaps pics of him. Considering this is "Creepy Woody' meme, I'm shocked that Woody has only written 'loser' on Buzz's face and drawn a silly mustache with goofy eye liner. He could have done worse, way worse. Then again, Buzz Lightyear's eyes are open...so...wait, is Buzz breathing?

Let's move on...

13 Stealing A Corpse For The Heck Of It

Via: kotaku.com

If 'Creepy Woody' existed in real life, he would likely be wanted in all fifty states for a wide variety of crimes against humanity. Pictured above, we see 'Creepy Woody' apparently stealing a corpse which thrills him beyond belief. Look at that demented expression. 'Creepy Woody' loves life harder than anyone. And he loves death probably just as much.

What exactly is 'Creepy Woody' so giddy about in this scenario? Is it the fact that he's wheeling off a dead body for some unknown reason? Is it the excitement of potentially being caught with a corpse? Or is this just how 'Creepy Woody' kick-starts every week? Whatever the case may be, nothing good can possibly come out of the scenario depicted in this meme.

12 Attack Of The 50 Foot Naked Creep

Via: knowyourmeme.com

There are countless different ways that mankind could be completely wiped off the map. Rogue black holes, massive asteroids, nuclear war, global epidemics, alien invasions (that's the most fun way to go). However, the most unpleasant means of destruction would probably be an attack from a King-Kong sized 'Creepy Woody'.

After witnessing what this sicko toy is capable of as a miniature figure, can you imagine the damage he'd inflict if he was a giant? That idea alone is bad enough, then just for kicks, consider him also being nude as he rampages through your town. Imagine if the last thing you ever see is Woody's junk, as he prepares to mash you and everyone you love, into dust. Not a pretty sight.

11 When Andy Is Away, His Toys Will Play...With Strippers, Booze And Cocaine

Via: pinterest.com

Here's a meme that combines nearly every cliche, 'bad-boy' thing you can think of into one single image. We have excessive drug abuse, a stripper in heels, piles of money and of course, a crap load of alcohol. All of those things are pretty much a laundry list of what 'Creepy Woody' needs in order to have a good time.

I applaud the person who put this scene together because there's actually a hell of a lot of props here. Check out the little bottle, the miniature paper money, the chrome table...someone put some serious effort, work and time into this. I have no clue who the female figure is but chances are she's been used in countless other photo-shoots with 'Creepy Woody' aside from this one. None of which are likely SFW.

10 [Insert Obvious Morning Wood Pun Here]

Via: quickmeme.com

I'm not certain if this crotch shot photo is from an actual person with a Woody in their pants or from a mannequin in a department store. I actually hope the photo was taken in a clothing store somewhere. The thought of someone cramming a weird toy down the pants of a mannequin and then maybe being escorted out by mall security is hilarious. "Sir, please take your Toy Story doll and exit immediately, thank you, we don't want any trouble."

The alternative however simply means someone took this pic from home. Even for comedy purposes, shoving toys down your pants and then taking pictures is pushing things a bit. The last option is that the image was simply Photoshopped. I think at this point I'm really just regretting the fact that I even have to discuss 'Creepy Woody' peeking out of a zipper at all.

9 Look Who's Stalking

Via: tumblr.com

It's 100% fitting that 'Creepy Woody' would be playing the part of a demented stalker. Of all the creeps which society has to offer, (and there are quite a few) stalkers rank pretty damn high on the list. Beyond just being a stalker, 'Creepy Woody' also seems Norman Bates type odd. "Your hair is pretty, can I touch it?" It's a good thing the two characters in this meme are just lifeless dolls otherwise this joke probably wouldn't be nearly as funny.

Lastly, one thing that truly cranks up the creep-factor in this image is the way in which Woody is straddling the box that the female doll is contained in. However, since we are talking about 'Creepy Woody' here, that sort of behavior is standard for his character.

8 Something To Keep You Awake At Night

Via: pinterest.com

As you can see, we're at that point in our article where things have just gone completely off the rails. The thing is, we're not even half way done yet! So let's see, WTF do we even have here? Looks like the photographer / meme creator has removed all traces of humanity from "Creepy Woody' and basically turned him into a disturbing, demon possessed monstrosity.

It goes without saying, a killer doll shouldn't have eyeballs. A killer doll obviously can have a bloody knife and a sick grin...but no eye balls. Once again, notice how this image lacks a caption. It seems like a good amount of these memes were created so that they can hold up on their own as comedic internet art. Love it or hate it, the photo at least grabs your attention. Stare at it long enough and it may grab your soul.

7 Seriously, WTF?

Via: knowyourmeme.com

'Creepy Woody' meme creators sure do enjoy pushing comedy to its breaking point. As we can see in the meme above, sometimes people even take their figures apart and go ape-sh*t for the purposes of contributing to this meme craze. So not only is 'Creepy Woody' capable of all kinds of horrors and crimes against mankind, he can also morph into a snake. That's quite a skill set this little abomination has going.

As a side-note, I'm not clear if someone took this image and added on an extra caption. "I am the snake in my boot" feels somewhat tacked on. However let's be honest, it really does not matter. Either way you look at it, it's a disassembled Sheriff Woody toy with his head attached to his frigging leg. Anyone seeking logic or reason here is fighting a losing battle.

6 Surprise! Creepy Woody Loves Weed

Via: likesuccess.com

This 'Creepy Woody' meme is probably my favorite of the bunch. As I researched these pics this particular one kept popping up repeatedly. (no creepy pun intended) It seems to be one of the most popular. Can't go wrong with the classic "haters gonna hate" catchphrase either. It's probably as timeless as "O rly?" and "U Mad bro?"

The fact that this meme also features 'Creepy Woody' fleeing with someone's weed adds a lot to the narrative. As we all know, stealing someone's weed is a total d*ck move. Thus, the act suits 'Creepy Woody' perfectly. At least I think that's what is happening here. Many 'Creepy Woody' memes are open to interpretation so feel free to draw your own warped conclusions from any of these.

5 Creepy Woody Is An Atrocious Prankster

Via: pinterest.com

The next two 'Creepy Woody' memes come from a series that paired him up with popular Marvel characters. The results of these photos were awesome as you can see. The first meme we'll be checking out features 'Creepy Woody's' heinous attack on Professor X.

Not only has Woody dumped Charles Xavier out of his wheelchair, he's also rolling away in the chair while cackling like a lunatic. If ever there was a villain worthy of being sliced into tiny pieces by Wolverine or blasted apart by Cyclops; it's 'Creepy Woody.' Or perhaps Storm can fry him with some high voltage lightning? Speaking of which, do you know what happens when 'Creepy Woody' gets struck by lightning? Chances are he just laughs it off, gets a massive erection and begs to be struck again.

4 Buh Bye Thor

Via: pinterest.com

Here's our second of the Marvel vs. 'Creepy Woody' memes. This time out instead of picking on an elderly mutant in a wheelchair, Woody has stepped up his game. As any comic geek knows, Thor's hammer (Mjolnir) was forged by Dwarven blacksmiths and is made of Asgardian metal. One must be 'worthy' to even lift the mythological hammer. How someone like Woody is able to use the hammer is baffling. Doesn't seem like 'Creepy Woody is worthy of anything other than a wood chipper.

Bonus points have to go to the photographer behind this picture for such a dramatic pose. Sure the image is violent as hell. After all, Thor's head is about to get bashed in. But the photo stands out really well, the lighting is solid and the poses are dynamic. Well done! Although I'm sure Thor fans aren't too happy with this depiction of their favorite superhero being murdered by a cowboy from Toy Story.

3 Creepy Woody Digs Interspecies Sexy Time

Via: tokyodesu.wordpress.com

The nerd in me is happy that I manged to include both an Alien and a Predator in an article. However, the normal/sane person in me is depressed that the two iconic characters were included under these conditions. So not only are we seeing a Predator and an Alien going at it, but we're also subjected to 'Creepy Woody' sneaking pics of the surprising encounter.

Once again, details are important to a story. Notice the wine bottles and the red rose being crushed on the table. The story here isn't so much that 'Creepy Woody' has barged in to snap photos of interspecies sex. (that's fairly typical of him) The real story here is that these two deadly species somehow have a normal relationship going and this is probably just anniversary sex.

2 Creepy Woody Loves Crotch

Via: flickr.com

The above image was yet another 'Creepy Woody' meme that seemed to appear tons of times in my research. The image is bold as hell and very straightforward. 'Creepy Woody' doesn't just love crotches, he worships them. In this case, it's a female crotch, but really any crotch is good crotch to 'Creepy Woody'. BTW, probably best to keep him away from your pets.

Even though the face of the female toy in the picture is cropped out, I'm pretty sure that's a Lady Death figure. The fact that Lady Death's bottoms are practically non-existent is something that would probably only encourage 'Creepy Woody' to launch into full-on, creep-mode. Then again, it probably doesn't take very much for this twisted version of Sheriff Woody to lose his sh*t.

1 Why Does This Exist?

Via: twitter.com

I figured for our final entry in this 'Creepy Woody' memes article we'd go all out. I doubt it can possibly get any worse than this. I lost count, but it looks like there's about three to four different Woody figures here, doing something unspeakable to each other...or to itself. Well Lord knows the photo is definitely doing something horrible to anyone viewing it.

I'd suggest killing this creation with fire but chances are it would probably just spring to life and immediately get off on being burned. My guess is the creator of this meme was either inspired by John Carpenter's, classic 1982 movie, The Thing. Or maybe the photographer was just severely lacking in sleep.

With that, we'll exit the dark world of 'Creepy Woody' memes. Let us pray that the toy's dark spirit doesn't haunt us for the rest of our days.

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