15 Crime Conspiracy Theories That Will Chill You To The Bone

When shocking crimes happen, we often come up with theories that explain them and help us cope with what happened. Some people believe that it’s easier to make up conspiracy theories than to just deal with the fact that sometimes awful things happen for no reason and to help us feel like we are in control. This may be true, but sometimes crimes aren’t as simple as they seem. There are always a handful of people who are determined to get to the truth and find out what really happened and that is how some of the best and sometimes truest crime conspiracies are born. They may not be able to be proven, but does that mean they aren’t true? Check out these 15 crime conspiracy theories that are sure to give everyone chills.

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15 Was Jon Benet Sacrificed By Illuminati?

The kidnapping and death of JonBenet Ramsey shocked the world. The tiny beauty queen had an ideal life and a seemingly perfect family. Nothing about the case made sense and everyone has their own theory about what really happened to the girl. One of the most bizarre theories is that her father was a member of the illuminati and agreed to allow the child to be sacrificed by the group. Any member who wants to move up in the group must sacrifice a firstborn child in order to do so. According to people who support this theory, her father did not necessarily murder his daughter, but allowed other higher up members of the group to do so. We may never know who really killed JonBenet, and this is just one of many theories created to explain her mysterious death.

14 Were The Sodder Children Kidnapped?

On Christmas Eve of 1945, the Sodder family home caught on fire. Mr. and Mrs. Sodder along with four of their nine children, were lucky enough to escape the fire. Five children did not make it out. The family member who escaped attempted to call for help but phones were not working Mr. Sodder planned to use a ladder to rescue the children in the upstairs, but the ladder was missing as well. The house had burned to the ground by the time help arrived but the bodies of the five children believed to have been trapped in the house were never found. A popular theory suggests that the children were kidnapped before the fire started and were sold into either a satanic sex cult or sex trafficking. Throughout the years there have been sightings of some of the missing children and the parents even received a letter and photo from whom they believe was their son. What really happened to the Sodder children?

13 Was Charles Manson A CIA Experiment?

When you think of all the horrible things the Manson Family did, you have to wonder what they were thinking. According to one theory, they weren’t. The leader of the family, Charles Manson is alleged to have been part of a mind control experiment conducted by the government. The theory goes on to suggest that not only did the CIA control Manson’s mind, but also the minds of his followers. Did they plan for them to kill innocent people as part of the experiment or did something go wrong in the process? Did the CIA pass drugs to Manson to control his mind and he in turned used those same drugs to control the minds of his followers? Stranger things have happened. So why not?

12 Was Kurt Cobain Murdered?

Via QZ

Nirvana fans were shocked and saddened when they heard the news that lead singer Curt Kobain had killed himself in April of 1994. Although he had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years, most people felt as if he used music as an outlet for his pain and never expected him to take his own life at the height of his band’s popularity. Some people believe he didn’t kill himself at all and was actually murdered. The murder theory is a popular one among fans. It suggests that it was his wife, Courtney Love, who murdered him. The couple had been having marriage problems and many believe that Courtney had drugged him, killed him and then staged the scene to look like a suicide. Although Courtney has denied this theory for years, that hasn’t stopped people from supporting it.

11 Was Elisa Lam Possessed By A Demon?

Via Interez

The death of Lisa Elam is very strange. Her body was found in a hotel water tank after guests complained that the water had a strange taste. When police checked security footage to find out what had happened to her, they found a creepy backstory. The video showed Lisa getting on an elevator and acting strangely. She seemed to be playing a creepy game of hide and seek with someone that the camera couldn't see. Her body was also contorted and she had a strange look on her face. The door to the roof where her body was found was also locked and the lid to the water tank was much too heavy for her to lift. Investigators believe she may have been suffering from a bipolar incident when she climbed into the water tank and accidentally drowned. They cannot explain any of the strange events that led up to her death. Many people believe that she was possessed by a demon or an evil spirit which led her to take her own life. They say the strange video and her odd behavior are both proof of possession.

10 Was The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping A Cover-up?

Via Karashell

The kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby was the biggest story of its time. But who was the kidnapper? Was it really someone who was hoping to get money from a ransom or was it a family member? Many people believe that Lindberg staged the kidnapping himself. His attitude and behavior during the investigation seemed to suggest that he wasn’t too worried and that he was still in control. Many believe that he or his wife accidentally killed the child and that they along with the servants in the home, created the kidnapping story to cover their own asses. Pretty awful right? A man by the name of Bruno Richard Hauptmann was charged with the murder and even sentenced to the electric chair for the crime. But did he really do it?

9 Was Princess Diana Assassinated?

Princess Diana’s death shocked the world and sent everyone on an emotional roller coaster. There are dozens of conspiracy theories about her death and it seems like a lot of people don’t want to believe it was an accident. Some say her affair with a non-Christian led to her being murdered by those who didn’t want a Muslim mixing with royal blood. Others say she was pregnant and the accident was meant to cause her to lose the baby. Some simply believe she was murdered by the driver himself. Official reports and an investigation in the accident claim that she simply died as a result of an accident. There will always be those who think otherwise. What really happened to the beloved princess of wales?

8 Did The Government Know About 9/11?

Via Godvine

If there is one event that has spawned the most conspiracy theories, it would be 9/11. So many innocent lives lost, so much fear, so much destruction. There has to be more to the story than what we’ve been told right? The most common conspiracy theory surrounding 9/11 is that the government had previous knowledge that suggested it would happen. Some people even think the United States government was actually behind the attack and did it as a way to justify going to war. It’s scary to think that our own government would allow so many people to be killed just to go to war. Many people dismiss the conspiracy theory but it seems like there are more people who believe in it than there are those who don’t.

7 Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered?

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Marilyn Monroe was a beauty and a talented actress. She was connected to many notable men, even JFK and his brother Bobby. She was also apparently a tortured soul who struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. She struggled with depression and had attempted suicide several times before her death. She was found dead in her hotel room in August 1962. The cause of death was listed as suicide and she had taken several barbiturates which led to an overdose. The only problem was, when an autopsy was performed, there were no drugs found in her stomach. At the crime scene, there was no glass, cup or bottle of any liquid that she would have had to have used to help her swallow the pills. Many people believe the drugs were administered by enema and that someone else was in the room the night she died. Who would have killed the blonde beauty?

6 Is Pizzagate  A Real Thing?

Via TheReport

Pizzagate is one of the most bizarre and terrifying conspiracy theories that is being talked about today. The theory alleges that some of the most powerful and famous people in the world operate an underground sex trafficking ring that involves children. It goes on to claim that many restaurants are the locations of child abductions, satanic rituals and secret meeting that are all related to the pedophilia ring. It even alleges that people call in to order pizzas but use codes that really relay their desires for children or sex acts. This conspiracy theory was investigated by several police departments and most believe it has been debunked. There are others who claim it has just been covered up and that the United States government is not only aware of the sex trafficking ring, but also a part of it.

5 Was Superman Murdered?

ViaTV Tropes

Everyone fell in love with George Reeves as Superman and the television was very successful for a long time. When its popularity went downhill, Reeves began to worry about the show and his future. He was found dead in his home as the result of an apparent suicide. There were many people in the home at the time and evidence at the crime scene didn’t necessarily support the suicide theory. Although Reeves was often depressed, he was not thought to be suicidal. He was also involved with some pretty shady people and his love life was more like that of a soap opera star than a superhero. Many people believe that he was shot and killed by a jealous ex, Toni Mannix. Everything in his estate was left to her at the time of his death although he was engaged to another woman and about to marry her at the time. Mannix allegedly confessed to killing the star on her deathbed, but suicide is still the accepted cause of death. Would the Man Of Steel really kill himself?

4 What's Going On At The Denver Airport?

Via FusedNews

The Denver Airport is definitely a unique place with some strange art, but could it really be the headquarters of the Illuminati? According to a conspiracy theory, yes. From the time the airport was built, people were whispering that something wasn’t right. Five of the buildings that were constructed at the time were mysteriously buried completely intact. Why? Was someone trying to hide something? What the public can see is just as disturbing. There are strange murals on the wall of the airport that many people claim are hints at the plans of the Illuminati. If viewed from the air, the runways at the airport also look like a giant swastika. That’s a lot of creepy coincidences. Could there be something to this conspiracy theory?

3 Did Chemtrails Kill Prince?

The death of Prince was shocking, but is there more to it than what we are being told? We know that Prince died in his home, but what events led up to his death? Prince was known as a freethinker who often spoke out about government control. Was he getting too outspoken? Many conspiracy theorists believe that Prince was actually killed by a weaponized flu spread by chemtrails. Chemtrails are a conspiracy all their own and many people believe that the vapor trails behind planes are actually chemicals sprayed on the world to make people sick. Is this what killed Prince? Those who believe it have a lot of information that they say supports the theory. Can a theory like this even be proven? What do you think?

2 Was The Ebola Outbreak An Attempt At Population Control?

If the government really was planning an attack to reduce the population, how would they do it? It would be easy for them to release a deadly virus to kill large numbers of people without anyone suspecting anything. According to some conspiracy theorists, that is exactly what happened during the recent Ebola outbreak. Ebola may have started in Africa, but for a while it seemed like it was going to quickly spread to other parts of the world. Was this part of the plan? How did Ebola come from out of nowhere and kill so many people so quickly? Sure there has been small outbreaks in the past but something so big would surely require help to spread? Would the world elites really do such a thing? A lot of people seem to think so.

1 Was The JFK Assassination Planned?

It seems like from the moment JFK was shot, people were coming up with conspiracy theories to explain it. Who would want to kill such an amazing president? Apparently a lot of people. There are almost too many theories to make sense of, but the consensus seems to be that some of the people closest to the president didn’t like the way he was doing things and decided it was time to get rid of him. They set up Lee Harvey Oswald to take the blame so nobody would think they were involved. Of course, that didn’t work out too well for them, but they did get away with it. Was JFK really murdered by one angry shooter or was there a lot more going on than what anyone thought at the time? It seems like most people believe that there was a conspiracy going on. Now, if they could all just agree on which conspiracy theory is true.

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