15 CW Shows That Got Cancelled Too Soon And 5 That Need To Be Put Out Of Their Misery

If there's anyone who knows good television, it's CW. There's something for everyone on that station! Whether anyone here is an aspiring model, a New York City socialite or a humble dog lover, this network brought their A-game on (at least!) 15 different occasions.

There's a reason why so many of us can't wait to clock out of work, speed home, change into sweatpants and plop down on the couch. It's for TV, and it's a powerful thing. TV shows allow us the opportunity to switch lives for 45-minutes or sometimes even a full hour. Certain TV series make us cry, others make us laugh and the occasional few make us want to change the channel before blinking.

The CW gave birth to iconic relationships like Chuck and Blair, Rory and Lorelei, Elena and Stefan, Sam and Dean, and a leopard and a pig  just to name a few. This station is a place where we can all escape, regardless if it's a fictional place like Stars Hollow or the real-life Upper East Side. The specifics of what make a good show will forever be up for debate, but the CW certainly delivered on a great deal of teen drama, the demise of the upper class, and modeling tips. These are the 15 CW shows that were cancelled way too soon and 5 that should quite frankly remain on hiatus forever.

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20 Gossip Girl - Please come back

Spotted - Gossip Girl fans crying over the fact that this hit CW show ended after just six seasons. Based on the book by the same name, this teen drama series followed the lives of hyper-privileged kids living in New York. Their lives seem pretty perfect, until a mysterious online blogger reveals every excruciating detail about the drama that unfolds on the Upper East Side (and even Brooklyn!)

Season 6 did a good job of wrapping up each storyline between Serena, Dan, Chuck, Blair, their classmates and their parents. BUT WE WANT MORE. What happened after Serena and Dan's wedding? Do they go on to have kids? Do Chuck and Blair hang up their meddling hats for good?

The perfect follow-up to the finale episode would be one flash-forward episode, which picks up on the main characters' lives five years later. In such a fast-paced city like New York, nothing stays the same for very long. There's something for everyone in Gossip Girl. Music, fashion, revenge, violence, blackmail, hot men, beautiful women and a lot of fooling around. It's also unfortunate that most of the cast didn't go on to do much else, with Blake Lively being the only exception. What is Leighton Meester up to these days? How about Chase Crawford? Ed Westwick landed a role on ABC's Wicked City, but it was cancelled for good after just eight episodes. Harsh!

19 High Society - Bring it back to us

Would it surprise anyone if we said that Blake Lively's character, Serena van der Woodsen, on Gossip Girl was based on an actual New York City socialite? Of course it wouldn't. Fact is much stranger than fiction. The reality show, High Society, followed the lives of bubbly blonde, Tinsley Mortimer, and her rich friends.

It documented her very public divorce from Topper, her scandalous romance with a German prince and other men that her mother did not approve of. Picked up on the Serena vibe yet? It's strange that High Society didn't do so well on CW, considering there's a huge market for reality TV and watching the less-than-perfect lives of rich people.

High Society was cancelled after two seasons and was ranked the lowest primetime series on an American broadcast network for the 2009-2010 TV season. Again, harsh! But don't feel too bad for Tinsley, she went on to star in Real Housewives of New York City alongside the creator of Skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel.

Like a true princess, she lives in a swanky hotel and never has to cook because she orders room service most nights. Sadly, not much is known about the remaining cast, including Paul Calderon, Dabney Mercer, and Deborah Trachtenberg. We'll just have to assume that they're rich and happy.

18 Beauty and the Geek - Gone too soon

via tvguide

This CW reality show melted hearts across the States. Beauty and the Geek was dedicated to showing viewers there's more than what meets the eye by pairing up one brainiac and one bombshell. Together, they taught each other important life lessons, like how to change a tire, flirt your way out of a speeding ticket and, most notably, how to feel confident! Certain traits are only skin deep, but Beauty and the Geek showed us that it's okay to be weird, quirky and unique. There is no one standard for beauty or intelligence. We all have our strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

Produced by the famous Ashton Kutcher, Beauty and the Geek lived on CW for five seasons before production came to a halt in 2008.

But why?? We're taking a wild guess here, but maybe audiences didn't like the way to show turned its contestants into living, breathing stereotypes. Not all World of Warcraft-playing guys are dorks, and not all blondes are dumb. Stereotypes may work better in fictional shows, like Friends or That '70s Show, compared to reality TV. Regardless, Beauty and the Geek was sweet-natured at is core and was the perfect lazy Sunday daytime show. Sometimes the shows that you don't have to pay much attention to are the best ones.

17 Gilmore Girls - CW, please revive this show

Via: uptv.com

Mother-daughter relationships will never be the same following the demise of Gilmore Girls. This show touched on everything like family drama, romance, friendship, education, ambition and social class issues. Audiences couldn't help but fall in love with single mom Lorelai, her daughter Rory and the colorful characters who inhabited the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Gilmore Girls originally aired on the WB from 2000 - 2006 and switched over to the CW for one year from 2006 - 2007. During that time, Lorelai struggled with finding common ground with her high-class society parents, an issue that mirrors itself in Rory who attends an elite high school and eventually Yale. But don't take our word for it, Time Magazine cited Gilmore Girls as one of the 100 greatest shows of all time.

How can you disagree with that? Fans craved a reboot so badly that the cast reunited one last time for a four-part miniseries titled, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, which was streamed on Netflix. Of course, we're still left wanting more. Alexis Bledel, the actress who portrayed Rory, currently stars on Hulu's show, The Handmaid's Tale, and Lauren Graham went on to star in Bad Santa, Sweet November and Evan Almighty. If you can't get enough of Lauren, check out her memoir, Talking As Fast As I Can.

16 Veronica Mars - Cancelled way too soon

Show of hands, who thought Veronica Mars was the coolest chick of all time? Her sassy personality, witty one-liners and that camera. Like CSI or 24 for teenagers, Veronica spent each episode solving a stand-alone crime while working to find the answers to a more complex mystery. Veronica was practically an idol for all high school and college women who had a passion for photography, espionage and true crime. For the first two seasons, the show has a season-long mystery arc that left us wanting more after every cliffhanger. Season 3, however, followed a different format, and mainly focused on smaller arcs every few episodes.

It seems audiences didn't enjoy the change as the show met its end after season 3 reached its finale.

Soon after its cancellation, screenwriter Rob Thomas pitched a script to Warner Bros. to make a movie out of the series. Unfortunately, it was shot down by the studio. But in 2013, actress Kristen Bell and Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to make the movie a reality. And they were highly successful! Bell and Thomas raised a staggering $5.7 million and the film was released in 2014. Take that, Warner Bros.! If you're still following Kristen's career, you've most likely seen her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, A Bad Moms Christmas. She even did voiceover for Gossip Girl's intro and outro. "And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl."

15 The Vampire Diaries - Far too good to go

Over recent years, vampires have become all the rage. Romancing humans certainly wasn't what Dracula had in mind. Originally portrayed as horror icons, vampires have transitioned into moody, brooding lovers on-screen. Look no further than Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries. Have you ever seen a better looking cast than Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder? It's a rhetorical question.

The Vampire Diaries aired on CW from 2009 - 2017. The pilot episode brought in the largest audience for the network out of any series premiere since the CW began in 2006. Fans went wild for Elena and Stefan's romance, along with the mystical supernatural powers of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Of course, no romance is complete with competition.

Enter Stefan's brother, Damon, who can't help but link Elena's striking appearance to his past lover. The Vampire Diaries seriously turned up the heat on these three characters season after season. The show had an undeniable sense of erotica that mirrors 50 Shades Of Grey. Fans were so bummed after its conclusion that the CW announced a spin-off series entitled The Originals, which focused on the lives of the original vampire family. The show only lasted for a year from 2013 - 2014. But hey, at least it was something.

14 90210 - Why'd you leave us so soon?

Via: imdb.com

Chances are if you loved the new 90210, then your older sister or cool aunt loved the original series from 1990. There seems to be a recurring pattern for successful shows on the CW. If it follows the lives of rich high school students, viewers will go crazy over it. The 2008 reboot of 90210 was no exception, as it was packed with drama that no high school student should ever have to go through. This show got seriously dark at times and touched on highly sensitive subjects like drug addiction, rape, abortion, and alcoholism.

It seems the original show paved the path for hits like Gossip Girl.

That, or Rob Thomas is just a teen drama genius. His name likely sounds familiar because he was the screenwriter on Veronica Mars and developed the 2008 90210. The show stayed with the CW for three seasons before switching over to CBS for an additional two. It would answer every fan's dream to create one more season that picks up on the characters' lives five years in the future. What kind of wedding did Liam and Annie have? Does Silver beat her cancer? Do Adriana and Navid really follow through on their promise to plan their futures? We want answers!

13 Unlikely Animal Friends - We miss our fix of cute

This show seems somewhat out of left field for CW. There's no rich men and women running around cities like Beverly Hills or Manhattan. Instead, it's all about unlikely animal friendships. You may have seen Unlikely Animal Friends on the Nat Geo channel, which arguably feels like a better home for the show. But it's hard to tell if it simply switched networks or if it's a different series with the same title.

There aren't many details surrounding the show's history. That being said, Unlikely Animal Friends was probably the cutest show on CW. Ever. A dog chasing a leopard around the yard? Adorable. A lion and a bear becoming best friends at the zoo? Amazing. And it sounds like something straight out of the Wizard Of Oz. Lions and tigers and bears? Oh my!

And who could forget about the episode with cat and the parrot? Or the badger and the fox? Or the chimpanzee and a white tiger?? Or a deer and a Golden Retriever?! Seriously, the cuteness is never ending. Unlikely Animal Friendships goes into detail about how these adorable creatures met and why they enjoy each other's company so much - and it really makes you appreciate human friendships of your own. No drama, just friendship.

12 One Tree Hill - We want you back

"I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryin' be lately." Thank you, Gavin DeGraw, for that unforgettable theme song. One Tree Hill follows the successful pattern of following the lives of high school students caught up in all sorts of drama. In the early seasons, the main storyline focuses on two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan, who start out as enemies but eventually learn to form a friendship. Due to its many characters, One Tree Hills divided each season into categories, the junior year students and the senior year students.

The drama between Lucas and Nathan obviously translated well onscreen right away as One Tree Hill debuted to 2.5 million viewers who were along for the ride.

Perhaps it had something to do with how handsome Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty are. By the show's second week on-air, their fan base grew to 3.3 million viewers. Obviously, series creator Michael Schwahn was on the right track. Season 2 ranked the best overall, averaging at around 4.3 million viewers weekly. No biggie. Like Gossip Girl, music was a fundamental part of One Tree Hill. The soundtrack tapped into our emotions and filled up empty spaces on our iPods. Even if you weren't a fan of the show itself, you must have liked at least one song on each episode.

11 The Tyra Banks Show - We miss you, Tyra

Even though CW is mostly known for its epic teen dramas, the network occasionally drops an amazing talk show series on us. World famous supermodel, Tyra Banks, always said that her top Hollywood idols are Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. So was it really a surprise when she followed in their footsteps and landed a talk show of her own? The Tyra Banks Show was a perfect addition to her already-successful America's Next Top Model series, in which she offers soundly (and sometimes motherly) advice to rising models about the cutthroat industry.

Tyra really is an idol to so many women around the world, so why not take a few lessons from her? If modeling is your thing, then why not learn from one of the best? Early on in the series, which ran from 2005 to 2010, Tyra focused mainly on current issues facing women. Toward the end, however, the show switched up its format to become more tabloid-like, similar to Maury and The Montel Williams Show.

The show was cancelled after its fifth season, but Tyra continues to do great things on TV. She momentarily walked away from America's Next Top Model, passing the baton onto Rita Ora for one season, but returned to host season 24. While her talk show may no longer be in the works, Tyra still passes on valuable life lessons to men and women around the world.

10 Shedding For The Wedding - CW shouldn't have shed this show

Who knew that weddings could be so competitive? In most cases, future brides look forward to designing the wedding invitations or mapping out the seating chart. But on Shedding For The Wedding, these ladies have only one thing in mind: money. Shedding For The Wedding was a CW competition show that followed nine curvy future-brides on their mission to lose weight. Whichever beauty shed the most pounds won the wedding of their dreams. In 2010, CW announced that it would be introducing more reality series to counter the countless teen dramas that they had. This included The Biggest Loser, Pimp My Ride and Shedding For The Wedding.

But was it a good move for CW?

Unfortunately, Shedding For The Wedding only brought in 1.04 million viewers and was ranked the least watched show among broadcast networks. Judging by the numbers alone, it would seem like this series didn't have many fans, but there has to be a reason by re-runs were always on. Even after its cancellation, CW aired repeats during the summer of 2011. This show had so much potential considering the sometimes-hilarious challenges that these women had to go through. The contestants participated in dancing competitions, weight lifting, dress shopping to get their heart rates up and cake walk. Yes, a cake walk. The teams had to carry their four-tiered cakes through a mile and a half obstacle course. Hello, biceps.

9 What I Like About You - Everything. Please return

Amanda Bynes was the chick of the early 2000's. Every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to date her. Even to this day she's still funny, beautiful and crazy talented. Set in New York City, What I Like About You captured the hilarious adventures of sisters Holly, played by Bynes, and Valerie, played by Jennie Garth. The show immediately reached the top of The WB's Friday Night Comedy Lineup and became an overnight sensation amongst teenagers.

What I Like About You was nominated time and time again at the Teen Choice Awards for the categories of TV Actress in a Comedy, Breakout Star and Breakout Show. The series was also nominated twice at the Young Artist Awards. Despite all its nominations, What I Like About You never walked away with a win. It did, however, create an epic career path for Bynes.

She went on to star in movies like Easy A, She's The Man, Hairspray, and What A Girl Wants. What I Like About You lasted for four seasons from 2002 to 2006, which seems much too short. Thankfully, in 2007, Warner Bros. Studios released a DVD for season 1 that included a gag reel and many bonus features. It wasn't until 10 years later that the studio released season 2 on DVD via Amazon. As for the remaining seasons, Warner Bros. has no current plans to release them. Boo!

8 Smallville - Please come back to us

Come on, we all need a little more Superman in our lives. Smallville touched on everything and anything to do with Clark Kent. From his alien origin story, to his kryptonite weakness, to fighting off villains every week. Smallville's casting started out rocky as actor Tom Welling wasn't sold on the lead role right away. But after reading the script, he had a change of heart and agreed to take it on. And we're so glad that he did. From then on, the show was a massive success.

It brought in approximately 8.4 million viewers for the pilot episode alone.

The show snowballed into a bigger and bigger sensation after appearing on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. it was even mentioned on the Parents Television Council as one of the top 10 broadcast programs. Even actor Christopher Reeve, who played the original Superman in 1978, admitted that he was a fan of the show. "I must say the writing, the acting, and the special effects are quite remarkable," Reeves said. "It's pretty impressive what they are able to do with computers and effects technology today on a weekly TV show." Sadly, in 2011, Smallville came to an end after ten seasons and the pitch of a spin-off show was denied by CW.

7 Remodeled - Gone too soon

With so many scams out there, Remodeled was the show that every aspiring model needed. This CW reality television show shined a necessary light on scam-like modeling agencies in small towns around the United States. Each episode, modeling expert Paul Fisher completely made-over these fishy businesses to become respectable agencies where even the top models would want to sign with. Remodeled was an important show because it mirrored real life circumstances for some enthusiastic career-driven women.

Sometimes, our passions blind us and we cannot see the big picture, no matter how sketchy it may be. The agencies mentioned on the show include Fierce Modeling School and Agency, Centro Models, Blaze Modelz and Las Vegas Models. Paul, along with his team of modeling scouts, searched the United State for the next big star, similar to America's Next Top Model.

The models then go on castings where they walk for different clients, try on their pieces, and are later critiqued based on their strengths and weaknesses. At its core, Remodeled had good intentions to reveal the truth about the dark side of the modeling world, but it didn't translate all that well with audiences. The show premiered with one of the CW's lowest rated premieres ever. Still, there were lessons to be learned from watching it.

6 Plain Jane - It's "plain" to see that we want you back

Last but not least on the list of cancelled-too-soon TV shows is Plain Jane. The series, which debuted on CW in 2010, was a makeover show that took "plain Jane" women and transformed them inside and out. It taught lessons of self confidence, how to present yourself, how to dress for a specific body type and how to pick makeup best suited for your skin tone. You can see how this show veered on the side of judgemental and superficial. That being said, these women were willing to put in the work in hopes of finding love.

And aren't we all willing to do crazy things for love?

Each week, British fashionista, Louise Roe, acted as a fairy godmother to the "plain Janes" and guided them through lessons of beauty, fashion and romance. The grande finale of each episode ended with the made-over women revealing their feelings to a certain crush. In some cases, it went extremely well with a hug, a kiss and even the promise of a date. But not every story has a happy ending. Sometimes the women were left highly disappointed and heartbroken as their crush didn't feel the same way - even after the makeover. See, looks aren't everything! And that's exactly what Plain Jane sought to teach its audience. Beauty is only skin-deep, but confidence and inner-beauty lasts a lifetime.

5 Supernatural - Needs to go, like, now

Wow... Supernatural has been on TV for fourteen seasons. Not to be a complete hater, but this show needs to end as soon as possible. The dynamic between Sam and Dean hasn't changed even a bit over the years. It's honestly pretty shocking that viewers haven't gotten bored yet. How is it even humanly possible to care about Sam and Dean if there's no real consequences for them?

The possibility of losing their lives means nothing. They've met their makers and gotten resurrected more times than we can count. The same goes for Angel Blades. As the sole property or archangels, they were once an original concept. But now they're everywhere and possibly more popular and ordinary as guns. Snooze, much? Not to mention, the mythology is way too complicated to follow.

There's God's sister, Amara, and Greek Gods like Zeus, and the fictional land of Oz. The first five seasons were much more streamlined and made more sense. Complicated plot lines aside, the one thing we can't get over is Sam's character arc. Simply because he doesn't have one! The show made it seem like Dean and Sam were on equal footing, but now it feels like Sam is just a supporting role. He's not doing or accomplishing anything on his own. For a brief period, he had his own story line with his girlfriend, Amelia, which fans hated nearly right away.

4 Riverdale - Please leave

Oh, Riverdale, you had so much potential. We give the show props for trying to improve with season 2, but it's still not quite there. At first glance, the idea of teen drama-meets-Twin Peaks sounded enticing and captivating. And yet, it continues to lack delivery and that punch that viewers wanted. It seems everything went downhill following the Black Hood saga, which was an underwhelming mess in itself. There were so many epic fan theories surrounding Fred's tragic ending, all of which were squashed by the janitor. Riverdale also fails to stick to a genre.

It bounces back and forth between comedy and drama, as seen through the character of Agent Adams and his interactions with Archie.

Their dynamic was purely for humor, which feels out of place since the show is not meant to be a comedy. Audiences also seem confused by Betty's new dark side all of a sudden. You'd think she'd just sit back and watch her friends do stupid things instead of actually participating in them. And the one character we're all craving to see more of, Cheryl, is nowhere to be found! Actress Madelaine Petsch teased a love story in season 2, but so far we haven't see anything. The characters we wanted to see shine are being put on the back-burner. Just look at Penelope Blossom who's now an escort. Why did that have to happen? Time is ticking for season 2 to really take off.

3 The Flash - Run along now

The biggest reason The Flash needs to leave TV is because an epic DC character like this deserves his movie. A TV show doesn't do The Flash justice, and neither did a film like Justice League. Wonder Woman got a solo project, Batman has had way too many and Aquaman is scheduled for a December 2018 release. What gives?

Of course, audiences have other opinions why The Flash needs to go bye-bye. For starters, speed is the only trait that The Flash is praised for. Speed cannot be the solution for everything, despite the season 2 finale, which was basically a foot race between Barry and Zoom. We're getting tired of Barry banging his fists against the dinner table saying, "I'm not fast enough." Let's explore a different angle, shall we?

Superpowers aside, even the romantic story lines aren't doing well. It's so obvious that Jesse and Wally have zero chemistry, and yet they started dating in season 3. Jesse even takes a dig at Wally when she's granted with powers and he isn't. It also seems a little too fast (ba-dum tss) for Wally to be dropping the "love" word. They've only been dating for a month, slow down! See? Speed really doesn't fix everything. The general feeling toward Wally is that he's annoying and doesn't have any family values. Since when do bros come before sisters?

2 Supergirl - No more, please

Without trying to read too much into it, Supergirl is currently on hiatus and it probably should be for a very, very long time. CW claims that fans should not be worried as "production issues" played a part in the decision to stall Supergirl. In any case, many viewers will not be returning to finish season 3.  The girl power message is spot on, but the fundamentals are all wrong. The acting is flat out bad, the screenwriting is corny and cliche and the whole series feels unbelievable. A character like Supergirl should carry confidence. Instead, Melissa Benoist has been directed to second guess all of her character's decisions and bumble.

A lot.

Even after discovering her true calling, she lacks the determination to become a true hero.  Why come out of the shadows if you're not ready? Supergirl could teach young girls so many things about confidence, self-assurance and standing up to bullies. Kara should really cut all ties with her boss, Cat Grant, because nothing positive comes from their relationship. Kara serves as Cat's punching bag on a daily basis when she could easily find another job. There's a fine line between tolerating a bad boss and letting them walk all over you. It's like watching a co-dependent manipulative relationship, and that's not what Supergirl should be about.

1 Arrow - See ya, chump

Surprisingly, Arrow was renewed for a seventh season in April 2018. This show started out with a bang with favorable reviews, and was ranked the highest rated CW show in the last five years. Definitely a promising beginning. Unfortunately, over the past six seasons, it's been an unpredictable roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

Season 4 was packed with mixed reviews while season 5 received critical acclaim. Generally speaking, season 7 should really be the last one now that losing a life has no meaning anymore. Green Arrow isn't immune to its comic book tropes, and both Thea Queen and Sara Lance were resurrected. Arrow has stripped audiences of emotion in that regard.

Crying over characters is sometimes the best part. As the seasons progress, it's become harder to cheer for Team Arrow thanks to its lacking supporting characters. Newcomers Ragman, Artemis, Mad Dog and Mr. Terrific don't add much to the story, and it's taking forever to hear about their backstories. Even if Team Arrow was never your thing, rooting for the bad guy on Arrow is just as challenging. The characterization of Ra’s al Ghul was poorly executed onscreen, which is such a shame considering he's such a powerful character in the comics. Meanwhile, other smaller villains like Count Vertigo and Reiter are easily forgettable.

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