15 Awful Dad Jokes You Won't Be Able To Stop Laughing At

Let's just be honest. We all love a good dad joke. Don't lie! Everyone loves them. Sure, you might cringe a little bit. But deep down, we all want to let out a little chuckle. Dad jokes are the best because they're usually an obvious play on words or some top notch pun work. But better than the content is the expression on dad's face after he makes the joke. (If he managed to get to the end of the joke without laughing first, of course.) No one is more proud of a dad joke than the dad who made the joke in the first place. Dads are just so proud of themselves! They don't need anyone else to tell them they're funny; they already know they're hilarious! They're basically just telling their joke out loud so they can have the chance to laugh at it again. And that's the best thing about dads. They don't care who else is laughing because they're still going to have a good time no matter what.

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15 Math Joke Coming At You

You gotta love those math jokes! These are great for dads who were nerdy in high school or might be in the teaching profession now. We can almost see a math teacher coming up with this. He'd probably try it out on his kids first, and then bring it to the classroom the next day. Would you laugh at this joke? How would you react if a math teacher put this up on a slide before class started? We think we could manage a polite chuckle, but that might be about it. As much as we love a good dad joke, it's hard to get a ton of laughter out of them. This isn't exactly the type of joke you'd want to do in front of a crowd on a big stage. So we're actually hoping this teaching dad doesn't try to bring this joke into his classroom. He'll probably just be let down by the reaction of his students. Though, knowing most dads, his ego won't be hurt too much by not getting the big laughs. He'll just try again next week.

14 Dinosaur Humor

Oh who doesn't love some good old dinosaur humor? We gotta bring back more jokes from the Jurassic period. We want to see a t-rex punchline much more often! This is how we'll drum up support for Chris Pratt to star in a sequel to Jurassic World. Instead of doing billboards or anything expensive like that, we'll promote Jurassic World 2 by circulating some pretty painful dinosaur dad jokes. And you know these jokes will spread like wildfire. One dad tells his kids, who repeat it to their friends to make fun of him, who put it on Twitter, where the next dad reads it and tells it to his kids, etc. And then Jurassic World 2 can put all of their advertising dollars back into the movie. More dinosaurs! More shots of Chris Pratt without a shirt on! Yes, yes, and yes!

13 Please Make It Stop

Wow. They're all the way down in New Zealand and they are still telling terrible dad jokes. It looks like dad jokes truly are universal! Everyone is telling them and appreciating the true joy that is dad jokes. And this one is definitely something special. The first line sounds genuinely concerning. Like, there are probably people who are actually addicted to brake fluid. Maybe they enjoy smelling it? Maybe they drink it? God, we hope not. But yeah, there are probably people addicted to that stuff. Maybe not the news you want to be sharing on Twitter but, you do you. But then the dad joke comes in strong with that second line. At first glance, it seems harmless but there is definitely a joke in there! If you didn't get it, just read it again. Or maybe call a dad over to try and help you. We guarantee he will laugh.

12 Classic Animal Joke

We're obsessed with one word punchlines. There is something so gratifying about a single word ending a joke. It just leaves so much space for laughter. And for dad jokes, the single word punchline is perfect. Why? Because it means he has a smaller chance of messing it up! Dads love to laugh at their own jokes. They are notorious for chuckling through their jokes. In fact, they laugh so much at their own jokes, sometimes it's hard to even understand the joke they're trying to tell. But since this joke just has a simple "Bison" at the end, even the most giggly dad could make it through this. And this one is a classic! We are loving the animals jokes. And how cute is it that there is a dad buffalo in the joke? Very meta when a dad tells a dad joke about another dad doing his dad thing.

11 Nailing It, Dad!

Okay, we'll admit it. This one did make us laugh out loud. Sue us! We hadn't heard this one before and we've got a soft spot for gnomes. Also, this joke makes a lot of sense! Not only is it funny and a great play on words, but it could be pretty legitimate. What are gnomes doing all day besides looking cute with their beards and tall hats? Nothing. They just sit there in the garden. So who is to say they aren't guarding the garden? (Try saying 'guarding the garden' five times fast.) They probably are. Don't let those smiling faces and adorable outfits fool you. If you cross a gnome, they will take you out. Why do you think gardens with gnomes always look pristine? Because the guardin gnomes are doing their damn job! So maybe this is more of a confession than a joke. Well, looks like the secret is out!

10 Here Come The Props

Okay, get ready for a next level dad joke. Here come the props! You know a dad is really going for it when he busts out the props. That means he had to think of the joke, consider it funny enough, and then run around the house trying to find the right props. Sure, salt and pepper shakers probably aren't that hard to find. But this guy even had to take the time to set up this shot and everything. Now, that is a lot of commitment to the joke! And what is better for dad jokes than true commitment to the joke itself. You have to be ready to laugh even if no one else will. You have to put yourself out there and go with the joke until the bitter end. Also, let's talk about how this joke perfectly incorporates some great '90s music. "Sa-salt and pepper here!"

9 Super Dad Joke!

So not only is this a dad joke, but it's got a bit of nerdy joke in there as well. You have to be into superheroes to get this joke. Or at least you have to know that The Flash is a superhero. If you're really into superheroes, you might even know that The Flash has a TV show that airs on Tuesdays. Another superhero, Supergirl, has a TV show that airs on Mondays as well. Since both The Flash and Supergirl are from the same comic family, DC Comics, they are able to jump over to each other's TV shows in what we call, crossovers. So that means if you only watch one of those shows, you have the option to tune into the other one. You might be slightly confused, but you'll still see some familiar faces. And then you can have amazing comments on all these new superheroes you know but don't really know. And if you're really lucky, you'll fall into your own dad joke like this family!

8 Here's One For The Farmers

Who knew that bad British jokes were just dad jokes in disguise? Do all dads go to Britain to get training and then bring their dad jokes home with them? It would explain why all their jokes have the same level of humor to them. Now, this joke is special because it speaks to both the farmers and the scientists. Notoriously, these crowds don't really mix. You wouldn't even start the classic "walk into the bar joke" with these two professions. Why would a farmer and a scientist be in the same bar together? But, we digress. This joke finds a way to speak to both farmers and academics, which is achieving a lot for a dad joke. There is something in this for all of the dads. Which just means you might have to hear this joke 50 times because we bet every dad you know is going to be spitting this joke.

7 And Here's One For The Little Guys

It seems like most dad jokes revolve around cars, old pop culture references or animals. So where are all the bug jokes? The bugs need some jokes too! They're tiny and have very pun-able names, so we should really feature them in jokes more often. Let's spread the joke love to all living species. Dads, you gotta do better. Take this wonderful ant joke for example. It's great! It's the perfect play on words. At first glance, the initial question is a puzzler. Let's say your dad is sitting at the dinner table and asks, "How can you tell if an ant is a boy or a girl?" We'd scratch our head. How can you tell? The queen ant is obviously female but what about all of the other ants? Are all of the worker ants male? We have no clue! But then dad hits you with this punchline and you can't help but roll your eyes.

6 Welcome To The Internet, Dad

This is what happens when you try to introduce your old fashioned dad to the Internet. This poor girl was just trying to do her dad a solid. She thought she would impart some of her millennial wisdom on her dad. You know, she just wanted to give him a leg up on what's hip in the modern world. She just wanted to show him a little slice of what's trending on the Internet so he could show off to his dad friends. What a sweet daughter! And what a great idea to start her lesson with memes. Memes are super universal; there's a meme for everyone! So she starts with an easy opener and what does she get hit with? A dad joke. Typical. You can't expect more from a dad. If he hears a good word play opportunity, he's going to go for it. It's almost like they've been training their entire lives to tell jokes as a dad.

5 Dad Jokes > Environmental Activism

Here's another joke about dinosaurs! See, we knew we had a good idea in promoting Jurassic World 2 with dinosaur dad jokes. So this dad joke is peculiar because it isn't actually the dad who makes the joke. It's the daughter! Or granddaughter, as it seems. What's going on here? We thought you had to be over 40-years old and wear socks with sandals in order to make a dad joke. We can't have everyone who finds a good pun going around and making their own dad jokes! The whole system would crumble! And to make matters even weirder, her grandfather has his own cheeky response to her joke. He's not here for her puns and silly dino wordplay. Grandpa wants to talk about something that is politically and environmentally relevant. Way to stay woke, gramps!

4 Check Out Her Vertical!

Dad jokes rarely involve their wives. They prefer to crack jokes about animals or something they saw on TV. Why don't wives get intertwined with dad jokes? Probably because their wife is standing behind them when they make a dad joke, and they're just shaking their heads. While a few people might laugh and the kids may chuckle, wives notoriously do not appreciate dad jokes. So this man was very brave to include his wife on the joke action. But at least he was playing the odds and probably came up with her ideal reaction. She can't be mad at this joke when, if it wasn't a joke, is probably exactly how she would have reacted. But can you imagine her face if she only heard the first line of the joke? Her husband might not even have time to get to the next line.

3 Fashion Fail

Oh we love when dad jokes try to tackle fashion. It's a joke in itself! Because nine times out of ten, the dad making the joke has no clue when it comes to fashion. We're betting the guy who said this joke was wearing light blue jeans with a belt and a t-shirt tucked into his pants. His socks probably have a hole in them somewhere and we wouldn't be surprised if he slipped on some sandals with that look. If we heard dad tell this joke, our response might be, "Oh wow dad, I didn't know you rode a tricycle!" Because obviously dad is the poorly dressed man here. But we have to appreciate him trying. And the joke definitely works. It's a bit of a long lead up but we can't deny the flawless word play!

2 He Had Us With This One

C'mon Adam, you sort of stepped right into this one. You gotta stay on your toes when trading texts with dad. Especially when he hits you with a slightly suspicious text. Why would your dad be asking you about Murphy's law? If he was really interested, he could probably just Google that. So you should probably guess that he is up to something. You should just assume that your dad is setting himself up for a dad joke. So that means it's time to stand guard. But Adam completely lets his guard down and walks right into his dad's trap. He falls for the joke hook, line, and sinker. This dad joke is a little risky, TBH. An astute reader might have picked up on the joke and ruined the punchline. And this is definitely the type of joke that has to be written, as it wouldn't have the same effect said out loud.

1 *Groan*

Dads are really going all out with these addiction jokes. Which is kind of a strange choice for jokes, when you think about it. Why are addictions so funny? Or is it just trying to bring some light to a hard topic? Either way, this one is a classic dad joke. It's got the cringe-worthy word play that all dad jokes rely on. And it has a super old pop culture reference. We can't see where a dad would drop this into casual conversation. It's not like the "hokey pokey" just comes up in everyday conversation. So this is an ideal joke for a dad who is happy to just interrupt the flow of conversation and drop this in with no context. We can see it now. The daughter would ask, "Can someone pass the honey?" And dad would answer, "Speaking of things that start with an 'h,' I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey..."

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