15 DEADicated TWD Fans That Took Their Fandom To A Whole New Level

Awesome Walking Dead Fan Tributes That Will Make You Wish You Were More Creative

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, and its fans, sort of like the zombies on the show, are amongst the most rabid around. While this enthusiasm can— again, like the zombies—be a bit scary at times, at other times, it results in some amazing displays of creativity. From songs, to videos, to artwork, to cosplay, Walking Dead fans' displays of imagination show that their brains can be used for something more than an undead appetizer. And we have some of the most remarkable examples. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired enough to quit your job and dedicate your life to re-enacting every scene from The Walking Dead in chronological order using scorpions dressed in elaborately detailed miniature costumes - although for your financial and medical well-being, I'd advise against it.

15 Negan Transformation

Ray is a self-taught makeup artist who, by all accounts, was a female when she began this transformation, but amazingly, she was able to turn herself into Walking Dead villain extraordinaire Negan using just makeup (and perhaps witchcraft), with no prosthetics or wigs involved whatsoever! Just cosmetics, artistic ability, an eye for detail, and a whole lot of patience. Through the magic of makeup, she manages to change not only her gender, but her skin tone, age, the thickness of her eyebrows, her hairline, the shape of her face and nose, and the amount of facial hair (which, from what I can tell, was nil before the work began). Here's a video of the transformation as it happens, blow by blow. (Sorry, Glen and Abraham fans; no pun intended.)

14 A Cappella Theme Song

The Warp Zone is a YouTube comedy troupe that posts videos of sketches, parodies, and, uniquely, a cappella renditions of TV theme songs online. This might not be quite so impressive if we were talking about just singing actual songs like "I'll Be There for You" from Friends, but they manage to tackle an instrumental tune like the theme from The Walking Dead (which I like to imagine is entitled "Nuthin' But a Z Thang") with spot-on accuracy. The song, at least, is much more accurate than the costumes the five performers are wearing - which, from my point of view, are supposed to be Rick, Daryl, the Governor, the villain from Sylvester Stallone's arm wrestling movie Over the Top in a red wig, and, um, maybe Stan's mother on South Park?

13 Pixelated

The season seven premiere of The Walking Dead was an emotionally devastating affair, but this 16-bit treatment of the scene where Negan "Lucilles" a couple of fan favorite characters to death (complete with a quote) might add a little levity to the situation. Or you could just imagine it as the most depressing video game of 1994: The Bludgeoned of Zelda, with 50% more realistic eye trauma than its 8-bit predecessor! In either case, the way in which artist Gustavo Viselner has rendered these familiar characters (with pixelated simplicity and yet easily identifiable qualities that make them instantly recognizable) is astounding. It kind of makes you want to see him pixelate other tragic TV moments, like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, Hawkeye's repressed memory in M*A*S*H and every episode of every Real Housewives series ever.

12 Alternate Opening

The opening credits of The Walking Dead are cool with artsy, brooding imagery and a dramatic theme song (see above), but this fan-made an alternate opening. It's created by Daniel Kanemoto, and it's pretty darn awesome in its own right. It animates images taken directly from the comic book series upon with the show is based off and sets it all to the song "Fresh Blood" by the Eels, giving the sequence a hipper feel and, thanks to the drawings, one that is truer to the source material. It also has some neat 3-D effects that add depth and realism to the pictures, putting you so close to the action, you might find yourself brushing imaginary zombie brains off your shirt. Maybe this opening can be used if there's another spinoff to the TV show - something young and hip, like Walking Dead 90210.

11 Zombie Cake

Considering all of the blood and guts involved in a typical episode, food probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of The Walking Dead, but after looking at this spectacular zombie-themed cake, you may never be able to get it out of your head. In fact, you might find yourself involuntarily salivating at the next zombie kill you see on the show, unable to disassociate it from this chocolate and cherry (presumably) delicacy. The level of detail is superb, with (edible?) versions of Daryl, Carol, Carl, Michonne, and even the birthday girl (who seems to have swiped Daryl's crossbow; sacrilege!), not to mention oodles of bloodied and dismembered walkers. There's even an Alexandria sign and the town tower that came crashing down. Surely, it's meant to be eaten, but how could any true fan of the show actually demolish this work of art?

10 Michonne Cosplay

For the uninitiated, "cosplay" doesn't have anything to do with Bill Cosby (granted, I suppose you could do Cos cosplay, but in light of recent accusations, that might not be the best decision), but rather, it refers to "costume play," or people dressing up as their favorite characters from movies and TV. The quality of costumes varies wildly, but this particular cosplaying duo is no doubt one of the better ones you'll encounter. This woman is, of course, dressed as Michonne, complete with katana sling and battle wounds on her arm, and she's accompanied by a perhaps even more impressive rendition of one of her armless walker "pets" she keeps on a chain to ward off other zombies. I'm pretty sure this photo was just taken at the perfect angle to create the illusion of "armlessness," and the guy didn't actually lop off his limbs for the sake of accuracy. But if he did, how admirable would that dedication be? The answer: very, but it would also be certifiably insane.

9 Lego Daryl

Chances are we'll never get a Lego Walking Dead movie, but thanks to this short fan film, we can imagine what one might look like. (Hint: everything is NOT awesome. It's a friggin' zombie apocalypse, after all.) This three-minute animated work of art from Canadian, Marc-Andre Caron, took a month to complete and involved more than 250,000 Lego bricks and 3,000 photos! The story is an original one, like a little offshoot of Daryl's adventures alone in the woods. We find him riding his motorcycle along a road when he spots a plume of smoke and traces it to a house, where he rescues a man and his son (daughter? Wife? Frankly, it's hard to tell) from a small horde of walkers, using his crossbow (naturally), plus a machete (with some gushy sound effects) and a gun. What it lacks in plot, it makes up for in attention to detail and just plain ol' fun.

8 These Shoes Were Made For Killin'

You don't see too many high heels on The Walking Dead, but that doesn't mean you can't see The Walking Dead on some high heels. These wicked hand-designed shoes put its owner's fandom on vivid display on her feet, with photos of more than a dozen characters from the show plastered all over them - plus a few zombies to boot (no pun intended). With the black studded heels, they make for a kick-ass finishing touch for any ensemble worn while kicking ass. And frankly, although there aren't many high heels on The Walking Dead, these spiked heels would probably come in handy as a weapon when a zombie is bearing down on you. Just make sure to wipe the brain matter off of them before you wear them to your next black-tie event.

7 Tattoo Of The Dead

A lot of fans of The Walking Dead have tattoos dedicated to their favorite show, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one as extravagant and well-done as this one. London tattoo artist Edgar Ivanov spent hundreds of hours over the course of an entire year inking this elaborate pattern across the back of his customer. Featured in the black-and-white skin mural are stunningly realistic portraits of Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, and (I think) Merle, plus a couple of zombies and iconic scenes from the first season like the "Don't open, dead inside" doors and the shot of Rick riding his horse down the deserted highway to Atlanta. Presumably, the guy whose back has served as a flesh canvas is done with the tattoo, since there's so little empty space left on his back, but he could always shave his head and have Ivanov move upward to his skull; and maybe get Eugene's mullet tattooed across the back of his head?

6 License To Die

It's not as permanent as a tattoo, but this vanity license plate still shows some real dedication to The Walking Dead. For those of you who aren't aware, "CAAARL" is a reference to what fans viewed as a frequent occurrence in the first few seasons of the show: young Carl wandering off by himself, inadvertently causing mayhem with his boyish curiosity, like getting shot or freeing a walker that in turn kills Dale. It's typically followed shortly thereafter by oblivious parents Rick and Lori calling for him, wondering where he is (hence the "Stay in the house" license plate frame). In recent years, as Carl has grown up and has officially broken free of the "house," "CAAARL" has been replaced in many fans' hearts by "CORAL," a play on Rick's pronunciation of his son's name that has generated quite a few memes.

5 The Walking D'Eggs

Why not liven up this year's Easter egg hunt by painting zombie heads on the eggs like this Walking Dead fan? Not only will you traumatize - eer, "astonish" the children, but you'll also be able to teach them that Easter is about rising from the dead. And if you accidentally crack a few eggs, it will only enhance the decayed look of the undead theme! Other than the egg that says "The Walking Dead" on it, these designs aren't specific to the show; there aren't any identifiable characters, and the zombies are pretty much generic, but they're so well done, it's hard to complain. You can really appreciate the artistry here when you take into consideration how small an egg is. These are chicken eggs, after all, not ostrich eggs or that egg that Mork from Ork traveled in. And they're not exactly flat canvases, either.

4 Of Mice And Men

I get that some people are scared of mice, but how could you resist this cute little guy? Just look at that face! I mean, Rick Grimes in mouse form; what more could you want? He's got the police uniform, the hat, the badge, and he's even got a tiny gun! Pew! Pew! For those of you with a phobia, keep in mind this isn't a real mouse; it's a stuffed animal that seems to be made largely of felt (which reminds me of an old joke: "Is this felt? No?" *Touches the article of clothing* "Well, it is now!"). Maybe Wes Anderson will see this and incorporate it into a Fantastic Mr. Fox sequel set against the backdrop of an animal zombie apocalypse - Fantastic Mr. Fox 2: The Galloping Dead?

3 Foodies

If you thought the mouse was adorable, check out this cartoon trio. Here we have hilarious cartoon versions of Carl, Michonne, and Daryl, each enjoying a post-apocalyptic culinary delight that they've eaten on the show. Carl has his chocolate pudding, Michonne has her Crazy Cheese, and Daryl has, well, a squirrel. (I imagine Hershel is somewhere off camera eating spaghetti.) Ladies, he's single! Do they have breath mints in the zombie apocalypse? Anyway, the character design here (a bit like Japanese anime) has a wonderfully playful vibe. So much so that I wish this was a real cartoon TV show. He's a kid! She's a self-taught samurai! He's a redneck with a heart of gold! They're partners! And they're crisscrossing the country solving mysteries in their pimped-out van! Haunted by a ghost you suspect might be a disgruntled ex-employee in a rubber mask? Give these dark kids a call!

2 Undead Burger

Speaking of food, here's something that might make you hungry...or might make you nauseous. A Chicago-area restaurant called Frato's showed its fandom for The Walking Dead by creating a burger called "The Lucille." As you might imagine, it commemorates the brutal Season 7 premiere in which Negan's barbed wire-bound baseball bat, Lucille, did hella damage on some craniums. As such, this burger attempts - quite successfully - to replicate the carnage. Who wants some delicious brains? Luckily, it's not made of actual brains; rather, the beef burger is topped with chili mac and cheese, frizzled onions, mayonnaise, and red-dyed bacon fat for that blood splatter effect. The end result is mouth watering - either with drool or with vomit - but whether or not it's your cup of tea, you have to admit its striking appearance cannot be ignored.

1 Etch A Sketch

Awesome Walking Dead Fan Tributes That Will Make You Wish You Were More Creative
Via: Pinterest

As a kid, I found it a major achievement to make just a plain ol' square on an Etch A Sketch, so the fact that someone can make a drawing as detailed as this Walking Dead homage is mind-blowing. This mural features Rick and Daryl and some shadowy zombie figures beneath the Walking Dead title (itself is no small accomplishment). My main question (other than "How the hell did you do that?!?") would be, "Where do you go from here?" I mean, shaking it would mean erasing this marvelous sketch, but NOT shaking it would mean you have to buy a new Etch A Sketch. Does this person have, like, 50 Etch A Sketches lying around with pictures they don't want to lose? Seems like a very inefficient artistic medium, if you ask me.

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