15 Deadpool Crossovers That We'd Love To See On The Big Screen

Deadpool’s popularity has been on a meteoric rise since his theatrical debut in 2016. The unapologetic ultra-violence and potty mouth laden anti-hero was a refreshing change from the “Family Safe” superhero. While Deadpool often makes references to other Marvel and DC movies, he is firmly trapped within the realm of Fox’s X-men universe. This sad fact doesn’t stop us from fantasizing over the what ifs, though.

Comic geeks have already had the pleasure of seeing everyone’s Merc with a Mouth crossover with most of Marvel’s heroes and villains. Those he hasn’t battled in official Marvel releases are being put together and theorized by many fans. Unfortunately, that’s just not enough to satisfy. What we want to see is some big budget, well produced movies starring Ryan freakin' Reynolds as the titular hero.

Deadpool sharing the big screen with cinema’s other franchises would sedate his fandom for years to come. Luckily, with the Disney/Fox merger on the horizon, many of these team-ups are looking like they'll become a reality! Sadly, there would need to be some amazing legal acrobatics for Warner Bros to lend their characters for Deadpool to play with. Either way, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming! Here are just a few Deadpool crossovers that we'd love to see on the big screen.

15 Deadpool // Green Lantern

“Please don’t make my super suit green! Or animated!” Wade cries as he’s wheeled into the torture room where he later becomes Deadpool. This is a not-so-subtle dig at Reynolds' box office bomb that was Green Lantern. He played Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern with a more PG-13 swagger than his Deadpool counterpart.

The film scored abysmal reviews from both audience members and critics. This crossover would be fantastic! If anything, we'd get to see Mr. Pool destroy GL with his filthy mouth and fists. It was so bad, that Reynolds couldn’t help but throw shade at that film the first opportunity he got..

With these two coming together in one movie, there should be no recasting of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. The studio needs to use some of that movie magic to have Reynolds reprise both roles. Witnessing Reynolds play off Reynolds is worth the price of admission alone! Deadpool could take his aggression on the failed movie property with his swords and foul mouth.

Like all hero team ups, the two would start as enemies. Midway through the film a greater threat would enter stage left: Sinestro. For those unfamiliar with the lore of Green Lantern. Sinestro is a villain who wields GL’s greatest weakness… yellow. No, I'm not joking.

14 Superb Poolboy and Superman

This film would be many things. A team up would not be one of them. Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way. He would view Deadpool as a dangerous psychopath who needs to be locked up forever. He wouldn't be entirely wrong. Other than those who are in his orbit, he views everyone else as disposable side characters. This is because he knows that he’s in a movie. Those who have no speaking lines are just extras and he knows it.

Deadpool couldn’t hurt Superman with conventional weapons. The primary fault in Superman’s character is that he is way overpowered. We get it, it makes sense for a guy called Superman to basically be invincible. For those in the audience, this can become quite boring. Therefore, Deadpool would need to steal some kryptonite from a museum or just nab if from Batman's utility belt to even the odds. One can’t imagine our anti-hero ending the Man of Steel's life. These two would fight to a stand still until some compromise was reached.

Superman has made deals with dangerous people before. So if Deadpool were to keep his merc duties away from Metropolis, Supes would let him off the hook. The DC universe has its share of anti-heroes which Superman does not condone but tolerates. Sadly, we will never see how this would play out.

13 Wonder Pool and Wonder Woman

Unlike Superman, it would be feasible that Deadpool would team up with the Amazonian princess of Themyscira. She is a powerful warrior with the strength of Superman and the combat prowess of a true warrior. Also, she's literally a demigod so... yeah. One can’t imagine that her first option would be to join forces with a character like Deadpool. The cinematic version of Wonder Woman is a symbol of hope and love. She wants to push humanity to be the best that it can be. She uses her power to reject the evil and violence in the world.

It just so happens that Deadpool is none of those things that she fights for.

He welcomes the chaos of mankind. He relishes in his vices and embraces his insanity. Its why we love him. Diana would initially reject him, call him a monster and smack him around for a while. When she eventually gets bored of that, they might team up and take on whatever menace that was threatening the world that week. Deadpool is many things, but a chauvinist isn’t one of them. It would be a delight to see the interplay between these two. While he would mock her, he would always take her seriously.

12 Adequate Deadpool and the Fantastic Four

We've yet to see a Fantastic Four film that was actually good. Filmmakers have always struggled in their quest to achieve this lofty goal. This streak of bad films began with the infamously terrible 1994 film that Marvel doesn't like to talk about. A new cast would be required since there is no current line-up for this blue spandex-clad team. The previous two Human Torches have taken other high profile MCU characters. Michael B. Jordan fought Black Panther as Erik Killmonger, and Chris Evans has spent the last seven years as Captain America. at the very least, we can say that they've redeemed themselves

The Fantastic Four is led by Reed Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic. He can stretch his body to incredible lengths. Sue Richards, aka Invisible Woman, can create strong force fields as well as become invisible. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, becomes a burning man who can shoot flames and fly. Finally, Ben Grimm, The Thing, is arguably just as strong as the Hulk and is made of rocks.

Deadpool would be a welcome agitator in the struggling formula that is the Fantastic Four. Sadly, there aren't any popular comic arcs to adapt to the screen. There have been run ins between DP and FF, and these encounters rarely ended well. What defines the Fantastic Four is the sense of family. Dissimilar elements come together with the bond of love and trust to work towards a common goal. Deadpool is the monkey wrench that would test those bonds.

11  Space Pool and the Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians are the first on this list who would welcome Deadpool into their ranks. Their eclectic group already has a ‘Deadpoolite’ among their ranks in Rocket Racoon. Rocket was taken from his home and experimented on until he became the violent kleptomaniac that we know and love. It would be a joy to see Reynolds and Cooper bounce off of each other in loosely scripted banter during the action. Freed from the limitations of an Earthbound story, anything goes story-wise. Like Deadpool, the Guardians don’t consider themselves “Heroes.” They try to do the right thing, but at a price. Very similar to Pool Guy, but with less gruesome outcomes.

The Guardians are not averse to taking someone's life if that what it has to come down to, but they don’t have the thirst for it like Deadpool does.

Well, most of them don’t anyways. When the X-Men franchise along with the Deadpool films finally join in on the MCU fun, then whole Infinity War would be resolved. Let’s not get into specifics, but the Deadpool/Guardians crossover isn’t currently feasible even if it were allowed. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is already on the calendar, so we're slated to see more of Star-Lord and his merry band of misfits. Here’s hoping that, after Avengers 4, the Guardians find themselves in our corner of the Milky Way.

10 Agent Pool and Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service, released in 2014, was met with high praise from audiences and critics alike. The fact that this movie was based off of a comic book by Mark Millar created in 2012 is widely unknown. Kingsman is part of the "Millarverse" series which is published under the little-known publishing house, Icon Comics. For this reason, Deadpool and the Kingsman have never met on paper. So they may as well meet on the big screen, though, right?

The Kingsman is an organization made up of highly trained agents like MI6. They work undercover to thwart people who would threaten their country and their queen. Assuming the threat was large enough, they would end up having to save the world. One of their defining characteristics is their stuffy demeanor, tailored suits and adherence to proper British etiquette. Deadpool is the complete opposite to all of this. He's a sloppy and unapologetically vulgar American.

The Kingsman’s primary character, Eggsy, wasn’t always the proper English serviceman, though. His past self would probably get along famously with Deadpool. This would allow him to have a certain respect for the Merc with a Mouth, but only to a certain extent. Ultimately, the movie would be a race to see who could complete the job. Deadpool and Eggsy going head to head trying to trip each other up while trying to stop the baddy would be something to watch for sure.

9 Bat-pool-man and Batman

There have been six different Batmans that have graced the big screen. Technically Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney were playing the same version, but they were all wildly different. After Clooney dropped the ball with Batman & Robin, Bale reignited the franchise with the Nolan Trilogy. Deadpool would never have fit into the Nolan-verse. That leaves us with Ben Affleck's Batman. Whether or not the audience would be happy about  this is another issue. Unlike previous cinematic Batmans (Batmen?), Affleck's caped crusader already lives in a cinematic universe where super-powered individuals are the norm.

His Batman shares the screen with an alien god, a speedster and a literal Greek Goddess.

A mutant isn’t too much of a stretch to bring into this world. This crossover movie would have to be a ‘Versus’ film for sure. Batman has tolerated Punisher-type characters in the past, but never a Deadpool-type. There's no moral code guiding his actions. Deadpool protects those he deems worthy of his protection, but outside of that, he doesn’t dwell on things like ‘sanctity of life’. (ie: encouraging Dopinder to kidnap his romantic rival). Maybe one day, DC and Marvel will team up and at least give us a short comic book series that would have this.

8 Lego Deadpool and Lego Batman

There's a huge difference between The Batman and Lego Batman. Lego Batman inhabits a world of Lego blocks and everyone is in on the joke. Will Arnett's Lego Batman meeting Lego Deadpool would make for a great moment to watch if nothing else. With their similar personalities, there would be problems immediately. They would likely try to one-up each other for the first half of the film. Each time putting themselves and Lego Gotham in more and more danger.

The Lego Joker would be the obvious nemesis for this movie. He'd try to steal Lego Deadpool's friendship from Lego Batman. Alternatively, Lego Deadpool would team up with the two before he realizes the damage he's done. Eventually he'd have to become the adult in the room. He would need to bring Batman and Joker together and make them realize that they don't need him. After reigniting their hatred for one another he rides off into the sunset.

There are so many ideas for how Deadpool could interact with the Lego universe. Although we will likely never see this team up on the big screen, we can just buy the Lego characters right now. There are entire sets dedicated to the whole idea of creating your own story. So go! Have fun and create!

7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Deadpool

Pinterest and Imgur are ripe with fan-made drawings of Deadpool with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While never officially meeting in the comics, one can see the appeal. Throughout the many different versions of TMNT, there have been two constants. First is the over the top martial arts action. Second is humor! Deadpool hits both of those criteria, albeit with gore and vulgarity. The biggest hurdle for this potential mashup lies in the target demographic. TMNT has nearly always been squarely aimed at children.

I say "nearly always" because the original TMNT was a violent, gritty, black and white indie comic.

This was quickly changed when interest for an afternoon cartoon came about. To meet the expectations of Deadpool fans, the studio would need to push for a more mature movie to make this crossover happen. Either that or water down Deadpool to fit within a PG-13 rating to keep the younger demographic. No one wants that. The dream would be the studio throwing caution to the wind to release an R-rated Deadpool/TMNT movie. It would also be nice if they gave away free candy at every street corner. This mashup will likely remain in the very talented hands of the myriad of artists online.

6 Pooldevil and Daredevil

There has only been one cinematic Daredevil. Sadly, it was the abysmal 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck. Although it did spin off an equally terrible movie, Elektra, it's best to forget about it.

For a Daredevil of actual quality, we must turn to a smaller screen. Charlie Cox has proven that he has what it takes to bring justice to the character in Netflix’s Daredevil. The mistake Affleck made was playing Daredevil like he was Batman. Angsty, dark and overly dramatic. Daredevil has no gadgets or multimillion dollar crime labs. What he does have is chemically enhanced senses, lightning quick reflexes and amazing ninja skills.

The pair have teamed up once or twice in their respective comic series, but only for brief moments. Any cinematic meeting would have to be a fresh story not hamstrung by heavy expectations of fans. Primarily, these two have an antagonistic relationship. Deadpool enjoys making light of Daredevil. Daredevil, on the other hand, can't stand Deadpool.

However, there is one popular scene between the two characters that fans would love to see: Deadpool is in a hurry chasing after a villain. Daredevil steps in thinking that he's attacking innocent victims. To hold Daredevil off, Wade fires at a bystander and hits them in the leg knowing that the hero would leave to immediately rush to the help the victim. And he was right.

5 Poolisher and Punisher

Via wired // deviantart

Punisher and Deadpool have had several run ins over the years. The two are the same in that they are both ex-military, have exceptional skill with weaponry and have zero qualms when it comes to offing their enemy. However, the similarities end there. Punisher is a machine with the singular focus of ending the lives of criminals. Deadpool is a happy-go-lucky mercenary who has worked for heroes and villains alike. Nearly all of their in-comic interactions have been Punisher vs Deadpool. Punisher has been seen in theaters a few times with varying degrees of quality. Through the years, he never hit the box office success as other popular comic book properties.

This curse was broken when he debuted on Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2.

Jon Bernthal was able to perfectly portray the tortured soul of the character, not just the brutality. Not to say that they did skimp on the brutality. Punisher is vicious, dark, and extremely violent when it comes to offing those who stand in his way. Unlike several of these possible movie mashups, there would be no working together in this film. It would definitely be a VS story between the two. The interesting dynamic between these two characters  is that Punisher is too talented for Deadpool to defeat, and Deadpool is too immortal for Punisher to end. Just like in the comics, there will have to come a point where both sides give up and move on to a greater threat.

4 Captain Deadpool and Captain America

The First Avenger and the Merc with a Mouth. These two share somewhat similar backgrounds. Both have worked for the military and underwent human experimentation. Depending on which comic lore one reads, Cap is an experimental ancestor to Deadpool. Aaaaaaand the similarities end there.

Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, tasked with stopping threats which would threaten the world. Deadpool is a mercenary, willing to work for some of those threats that Cap is actively fighting against.

While it would make sense for these two to spend the better part of two hours duking it out, Marvel would never allow that. If they were to share the screen, it would be a team up. Either way, the dynamic between the two would be hilarious to watch. Think super powered Odd Couple. One straight-laced boy scout working with a foul-mouthed slob. If we can't get a movie, can we at least get a sitcom?

Recently, Deadpool 2’s director, David Leitch, said that he’d like to see a Captain America/Deadpool movie. While this team up isn’t entirely impossible, it likely won’t involve Chris Evans. After next year’s untitled Avengers 4, his contract is up. There are even theories that Cap won’t survive the next film! No one outside of Marvel Studios knows the truth in that rumor since many didn’t think he’d live through Infinity War.

3 Deadpool and Thanos

No, this isn't an Infinity War crossover. This is an all-out battle between the Mad Titan and the leader of the X-Force. The motivation behind their battle will need to be altered from their comic book rivalry, though. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos’ drive is "altruism." While insane, he ended the lives of all those people for the improvement of the universe. His plan was simple: wipe out 50% of existence in the universe to save the other half. If life was left unchecked, the finite resources would be consumed, and everyone would perish. While that sounds nice in theory, the course of action he took was... less than idea. And that's putting it lightly.

Where the cinematic Thanos had good intentions at least, the comic version of him isn't as selfless.

He isn't aiming for some "greater good." He's madly in love with Mistress Death, which is, as you may have guessed, the personification of death. When he does what he does at the end of the Infinity War comic series, he did it to prove that he was worthy of her love. The trouble is that he has a love rival. Death is in love with someone else: Deadpool. This strange love triangle formed because Deadpool is, of course, immortal. He's someone that Death can never have, so that makes her want him. So, began the battle for the hand of Mistress Death. The cinema version of this love triangle could be quite fun.

2 Spider-Pool and Spider-Man

Deadpool has a strange ongoing bromance with Spider-Man. He considers Spidey his best friend while Spider-Man has mixed feelings about him. Sometimes they work together, other times they're enemies. Since Deadpool accepts commissions from both heroes and villains, this is understandable. Even during their most heated battles, Deadpool never stops his gushing admiration for the web-shooter. When Deadpool can finally merge into the MCU, expect this team-up to be one of the first that the fans demand.

When Deadpool was created, he was greatly inspired by the DC character, Deathstroke. Even their names are similar: Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson. After several alterations to his design, he ended up with a nearly-identical color scheme to Spider-Man. As one can imagine, Marvel has used this confusion in various storylines between the two over the years.

For the cinematic team up, Tom Holland would have to play Spider-Man. There have been many actors who played the character, but Tom’s has been the one that most everyone can agree on. Although, since is this is the youngest Spider-Man to swing across the screen, the Deadpool-Spidey friendship would have to be tinkered with if a crossover were to actually happen. There's something not quite right with a thirty-something year old man trying to be besties with a teenage kid. He may be Spider-MAN, but he's still a high schooler under that mask.

1 Deadpool and Logan/Wolverine

This is truly the crossover that everyone wants to see. Including Deadpool! Several callouts to both Logan and Hugh Jackman exist in the Deadpool movie and its marketing. Not only because Wolverine is the most popular X-Man, but because there are multiple similarities in their characters as well. Both Wolverine and Deadpool have a healing factor and are victims of human experimentation. They are both a part of the cinematic X-Men Universe, so it would be feasible for them to team up. Technically, these two characters have already shared screen-time together.

In 2009's Wolverine: Origins, Reynolds played a horribly deformed version of Deadpool.

Earlier in the movie, though, Reynolds played a pretty good Wade Wilson. Once the movie villain began his human experimentation, he sewed Wilson’s mouth shut. The monstrosity that Wolverine battled at the end of the movie was so bad, that it squashed any hope of a Deadpool movie for years. Despite the success of the Deadpool films,Sadly, there is little chance of this happening with the current Wolverine. Logan was the perfect swan song to end Jackman's 17 year long run as the character. Fortunately, Wolverine is bigger than any one man. We can only wait until someone is brave enough to take up that mantle and give us this crossover.

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