15 'Deadpool' Moments We Can't Believe Actually Happened

There’s just no one quite like Deadpool. He’s hilarious, deadly and hungry for chimichangas. Did we mention he’s hilarious? Out of all the characters roaming the Marvel universe, nobody seems to get into quite as much trouble as the Merc with a Mouth. He’s fought presidents, traveled back to the pages of a 1960s comic book, beaten the Hulk and single handedly killed every hero in the Marvel universe. Hey, did we mention he’s also hilarious?

With so many unbelievable moments under his pouch filled belt, it only seems fitting that Wade Wilson be given the ol’ list treatment. There can only be one number one Deadpool moment—but first, the top 15 for your viewing pleasure. So microwave a chimichanga and be sure to pack your samurai swords, these are 15 Deadpool moments we can’t believe actually happened.

But before we get into the article, it's important for us to remember the tragic death that took place while filming 'Deadpool 2.' While performing one of the stunts, the victim, who has been identified as Joi "SJ" Harris, lost control of the motorcycle she was driving and crashed through the glass window of the Shaw Tower in Vancouver. Star Ryan Reynolds released a statement on social media, saying, "Today, we tragically lost a member of our crew while filming 'Deadpool.' We're heartbroken, shocked and devastated... but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment."

15 That time he fought the Hulk

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If you value your life, taking on the Hulk may be something you’d want to try to avoid. While anyone with a halfway logical brain may recognize the futility of fighting a nearly indestructible, pissed off green monster, Deadpool doesn’t see the harm in at least trying.

Deadpool had a clear goal in taking on the Hulk: steal some of the monster’s blood to try and counteract the effects of a nuclear explosion he had recently been exposed to—genius, right? When the Hulk jumped high in the air to smash Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth had a few moments to formulate a plan. His plan (and boy is it a good one) was to place a street sign in the location where Hulk would eventually land. Surprisingly, it kind of worked. Maybe we should give Wade a little more credit next time, or give Hulk a little less.

14 That time he slept through a zombie apocalypse

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After Deadpool slipped into a chimichanga-induced food coma, he woke up much later to realize that some pretty strange stuff had happened to the world. Apparently, while our favorite Merc with a Mouth was sleeping, a full-fledged zombie apocalypse had gone down. Deadpool, confused as hell, decided to hunt down some answers to the origin of this plague, eventually learning that it was his own healing factor that had been used to turn the world into zombies (ah, wonderful comic books).

In an attempt to cure the zombies of the world, Deadpool decided to let himself be eaten, hoping that his healing factor would have a reversing effect on the zombies. Well, Deadpool’s ambitious scientific experiment didn’t exactly work, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

13 That time he killed every Marvel hero

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After Psycho-Man (yes, that’s his real name) attempted to turn Deadpool into his mindless minion, the experiment failed, turning Deadpool into a more unhinged version of himself than he had ever been before. As a result, Deadpool decided that he was going to set out on a mission to kill every superhero in the Marvel universe. While killing the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and even Spider-Man should be a tall order, the Merc with a Mouth actually managed to succeed. Deadpool doesn’t just succeed in killing every Marvel superhero; he kills them in a grand, epic and gruesome fashion.

After Deadpool finished wasting the entire Marvel universe, he decided to set his sights on a new target: the person currently reading his comic book. If taking out the Avengers was easy, it probably won’t be too difficult for Mr. Pool to hunt us nerds down next.

12 That time he killed Tom Sawyer and Moby Dick

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You’d think that killing every Marvel superhero would quell your blood lust, but it appears Deadpool’s rampage wouldn’t stop there. After convincing Man-Thing (ha, comic book names...) to let him enter the inter-dimensional portal, Deadpool set his sights on fictional literary characters from classic novels. Deadpool managed to knock off Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick and even Captain Nemo, traveling across multiple worlds on his mindless rampage.

Eventually, though, Deadpool came across Sherlock Holmes, and quickly learned that he had crossed the wrong fictional detective. Holmes managed to outsmart Deadpool, sending him back into multi-dimensional limbo. It appears that this murderous (and not very funny) version of Deadpool had been subdued for the time being, but something tells us that this won’t be the last time we’ll be hearing from him (OoOo foreshadowing?).

11 That time he killed… himself?

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After killing the entire Marvel universe and a slew of other beloved literary characters, we had a pretty good idea that this wasn’t the Deadpool we all know and love committing these heinous acts. It turns out that we were right, and once the real Deadpool got word that an evil version of himself was causing all this trouble, he decided to set out on a mission to kill… um, himself.

Eventually, Deadpool was able to track down the now appropriately named Dreadpool, engaging him in a brutal battle to the death. After Dreadpool momentarily lets his guard down to explain that he was merely trying to liberate these characters by killing them, Deadpool unceremoniously decapitated him, and dissolved his corpse in a vat of acid (because, of course). Deadpool then proceeded to revel in the fact that he is the number one Deadpool in the entire universe. Yay Deadpool!

10 That time he killed dead presidents

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After dealing with a zombie apocalypse, killing every Marvel superhero, traveling through time to knock off famous literary characters and dissolving an evil version of himself in a vat of acid, this next entry shouldn’t be too hard to swallow. Following the revival of every president of the United States of America, the powers that be decided that there was only one hero capable of taking down these undead political figures: Deadpool!

The Merc with a Mouth takes on Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and even George Washington, vanquishing them back to their graves one by one in unique fashion. Truthfully, these undead geezers never stood a chance against Deadpool, but he sure seemed to have loads of fun killing all of them. That’s all that really matters, right? Deadpool for president!

9 That time he cut his hand off because of a James Franco movie

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Have you seen 127 hours? It’s a pretty good movie. Apparently, Deadpool thought so, too. After one of the most brutal opening scenes in comic book movie history, X-Men members Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (ha, comic book names...) attempt to capture the Merc with a Mouth.

While their attempt is… cute, a simple pair of handcuffs isn’t going to contain good ol’ Wade. The shot cuts away, and we hear some pretty gruesome sawing from off-screen. It turns out our favorite Merc had decided to saw his own hand off to escape the handcuffs, leaving his dangling appendage hanging with a very specific finger salute. While this left Deadpool with a baby hand for the next few hours, the hand will eventually grow back. Worth it, if you ask us.

8 That time he fed Angel pieces of his arm

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Deadpool isn’t always a wacky unhinged hero—the Merc with a Mouth has also been known to show a more heroic side at times. A key example of this was during his stint as a member of the superhero team, X-Force. The black ops-esque squad set out on a space mission to kill Apocalypse, but this would prove to be no easy task.

During a brutal battle with Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen, Deadpool’s X-Force team member Archangel was knocked from the sky and sent hurling towards the ground. This fall takes a toll on Angel, leaving him severely injured. Aside from the terrible fall, Archangel had also been inflected with a bio-immune cancer from a member of the four horsemen (he was having a bad day), which left the hero to slowly waste away. That is, until Deadpool came along. Realizing Archangel was in dire need of sustenance, Deadpool began to cut off pieces of his own arm to keep him alive. Pretty gross, sure, but also selflessly heroic.

7 That time he canoodled with Death

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What are the chances that the living embodiment of death would fall in love with someone who isn’t able to die? Well, this is a comic book, after all. This exact scenario occurred during Deadpool’s torturous time with the Weapon X program. Deadpool was repeatedly taken so close to death that he actually began to see the living (we guess, sort of?) embodiment of it.

Death is known to get around the Marvel universe (she is kind of cute), and has most notably been linked to The Mad Titan, Thanos. Unfortunately for Deadpool and Death, the Merc with a Mouth doesn’t have the ability to die, which created a bit of a rift in their relationship. While the oh so lovely pair have decided to take a break from their romantic relationship, we cant help but hope that this isn’t the last time we see these two sweethearts bump uglies.

6 That time he joined the X-Men

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On paper, Deadpool should fit right in amongst the ranks of the X-Men, but that doesn’t mean they actually want him on their team. When the X-Men were once again politically targeted by society, Cyclops decided to pen a press release to address the negative perceptions placed upon the team. For some peculiar reason, Deadpool took this as an invitation to join the X-Men. Who knows why the Merc came to that conclusion—we’ll just chalk it up to Deadpool being Deadpool.

Soon thereafter, Deadpool decided to report to the X-Men headquarters, fully outfitted in his own homemade (and totally sexy) X-Men costume. Deadpool then set out to assassinate the political figure who was spearheading the campaign against the X-Men, much to the chagrin of the other members of the team. Needless to say, Deadpool wasn’t a member of the X-Men for too much longer—but we’ll never forget that yellow suit.

5 That time he ripped off a DC character (suck it, Deathstroke)

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It seems all too fitting that Deadpool’s first appearance in 1991’s New Mutants #98 was simply meant to be a parody of a lesser know DC comic book character by the name of Deathstroke. No one could have ever imagined that Deadpool would eventually surpass  the character he was parodying all together.

Both characters share similar weaponry, attires and even a strikingly bad attitude. Eventually, though, Deadpool's storyline and dialogue began to take a more comedic turn once writer Joe Kelly got a hold of the character, making the Merc with a Mouth the hilarious, gun slingin’ maniac we all know and love today. DC Comics can keep that boring Deathstroke guy—we will gladly take the chimichanga-loving parody of him any day.

4 That time he was looking for work from villains

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To Deadpool, killing is killing. As long as the target isn’t a child, he will pretty much go after anyone if the price is right. When the Merc with a Mouth was looking for some extra work, he didn’t relegate his job search to just the good guys of the Marvel universe. Nope, Deadpool decided to reach out to some of the biggest baddies to ever grace the pages of a comic book, too.

Magneto, Apocalypse, Red Skull, Kingpin and even Doctor Doom were all given a call, but unfortunately for the biggest anti-hero in the Marvel universe, none of the villains took the bait. Honestly, any one of these rogues would have been lucky to partner up with one of the greatest Mercs to ever walk god's green earth. Have you thought about posting a Craigslist ad or something, Wade?

3 That time he gave child Apocalypse a pep talk

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It’s kind of hard to believe that the slur-slinging, chimichanga-eating, death-dealing Deadpool would have the mental capacity to give a child a pep talk, but it turns out that he can be a pretty sweet guy when nobody’s watching. Did we mention the child is actually a reincarnated version of Apocalypse? That’s kind of important.

Child Apocalypse is having a pretty rough time accepting the fact that he was once one of the most evil beings to ever exist, but after Wade Wilson pops into his room with some advice, he begins to feel a bit better about his situation. Wade convinces him that he may have the capacity to be a cold-blooded murderer, but the trick is to not to act on those impulses. This leaves the child feeling a bit better about his predicament—and the Playguy magazines Deadpool left on his nightstand didn’t hurt either.

2 That time he went back in time to a 1960s Spider-Man comic

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We’ve already established that Deadpool can travel just about anywhere he wants, whenever he wants. Turns out, that also includes the comic book pages of a 1960s Spider-Man story. When Deadpool and his sidekick Blind Al are transported back in time to a story originally written by Stan Lee and John Romita, the pair take on the appearance of Peter Parker and Aunt May.

Deadpool and Blind Al have too much fun taking in the ridiculousness that is 1960s Marvel comics, wreaking havoc on Peter Parker’s life in the process. Deadpool has run-ins with Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborne and even his eventual sidekick, Weasel. As fun as this story was, we can’t help but crave more Deadpool appearances in classic Marvel comics. Maybe, like, a romance comic, or something? Yeah! A romance comic!

1 That time he wasn’t the only Deadpool

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Why have one Deadpool when you can have dozens? That is precisely what the brass at Marvel Comics was thinking when they created a superhero team full of alternate version of the beloved mercenary called The Deadpool Corps. There’s a lady Deadpool, who is, well, a lady. There is Dogpool, who is... um, a dog. And then there’s Kidpool, who is… well, you get the point.

This ragtag group of heroes is endlessly bizarre, but have provided endless amounts of creative comic book content for writers and readers alike. On more than a few occasions, Deadpool has gathered the alternate versions of himself to take on various threats. Think of it as a messed up version of the Avengers consisting only of demented versions of Captain America. Sounds cool, right?

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