15 Derpy Cats Who Hilariously Fail At Life

There's only one thing more adorable than a cute cat, and that's a derpy cat. There's just something about these fail-prone felines that tugs at the heart strings. With every unsuccessful attempt at leaping, eating or whatever else these cute little kitties just can't seem to manage, our love for them can't help but grow, whether they're epically botching a jump for the counter, getting their heads stuck in Kleenex boxes, or battling it out with rogue slices of pastrami. Here are 15 hilariously derpy cats who quite simply fail at life.

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15 So close, but no cigar

Via: gifbin.com

Oh, man. You can almost hear this little kitty's thoughts: "Yes. Oh, yes. I most certainly can reach that ribbon without falling flat on my face. Yes. All I need to do is reach a little bit forward, paw a few times for style, arch my back and—MRAWWR!" Whoops. You can even see the moment it all goes wrong for the little guy. He's gracefully pawing away, then suddenly, it looks like gravity shifts and he completely loses it, flailing crazily in an attempt to regain his balance right before falling face-first to the floor. And the bittersweet icing on the cake? He manages to tap the ribbon right before falling to his inevitable fate, nudging it with a flailing foot as he topples into a face plant. Well, at least when he failed, he failed epically.

14 Curiosity killed the cat (or at least sent her toppling down the stairs)

Via: best-gif.com

Sometimes, kitties are just too darn curious for their own good. Take this little girl. For whatever reason, she decided he needed to see what was goin' on inside that Kleenex box. And boy did she pay the price. You can tell the very moment she realizes her predicament. After calmly inserting her head into the box, she looks around for a few seconds, probably very disappointed to find nothing of note hiding inside of it, then suddenly spazzes the f**k out, leaping around like crazy before tumbling backwards down the stairs. And the best part? That little dog who trots up to watch the cat's fall from grace at the end. You just know he was watching smugly in the background the whole time.

13 Boing! Splat

Via: reddit.com

This cat doesn't seem to know how to... well, jump. As most living things know, leaping into the air requires the extension of the back legs, but it seems like this little kitty seems to have forgotten that little detail of the jumping process. After he spies something of note in the air, he flicks his tail a few times in typical graceful kitty fashion (the only graceful thing about this GIF). Then, he propels himself into the air... well, except for the propelling part. His front paws extend, presumably reaching for whatever it is the cat was hoping to pounce on, but given that his back legs pretty much don't move at all, he doesn't get far into his leap before slumping to the ground like a log. #AForEffort.

12 Kitty door gone wrong

Via: buzzfeed.com

It looks like whoever made this kitty door made it just a little bit too small for their cat. Or perhaps their cat put on some extra pounds over the holidays. Who are we to judge? Whatever it is, this kitty just isn't have a good time with that door. He manages to squeeze his front half through, but it's there that the buck stops, with his hiney dragging the door along behind him. After realizing he'd taken on an extra passenger (AKA the entire door), the cat finally pauses and glances backwards, as if to say, "Oh, sh*t." It's okay, lil' guy. Every human has had the exact same problem trying to fit into old jeans. Just suck the tummy in and keep pullin'.

11 The wrath of the pillow

Via: buzzfeed.com

This kitty just doesn't seem to realize what went wrong. One minute, she's heartily engaged in a game of catch-the-feather with her owner. The next, she's brought down the wrath of pillow town upon herself. Pouncing towards the toy, she manages to hook herself onto a pillow sloped against the wall, and given that kitty claws tend to stick to whatever they've gotten ahold of, the pillow falls backwards with her as she tumbles toward the floor. Once beneath the pillow, the cat remains completely motionless except for a quick swivel of the head towards her owner, almost seeming to check whether he saw what happened. After realizing that her owner witnessed her epic fail, she turns her head away, almost in shame, as if questioning the decisions in her life that led her up to that moment in time.

10 Pastrami pickle

Via: imgur.com

It looks like this cat had a case of information overload. In accordance with every cat's dream, she comes nose-to-meat with a delicious-looking slice of pastrami. But instead of just, you know, eating it, she seems to have a minor spaz attack, tensing up and going completely still for a few seconds before collapsing to the floor. We're guessing it was all just a little too much for the lil' girl, what with all of her dreams coming true at once and all. Plus, we're guessing meat is a lot better as a light snack than as a facial mask (although Lady Gaga may disagree). But, after the meat falls off of her face, it seems like this little kitty recovers from the shock, nipping at the pastrami and finally reaping the delicious benefit of her ordeal.

9 The ultimate cat walk fail

Via: imgur.com

We're not entirely sure what this cat is trying to do in this GIF. From the looks of its arched spine, it seems a bit stressed about something in the vicinity of the cameraman. But then again, there's a certain look-at-me element to the kitty's walk across the counter, as if she's trying out some new moves for a photoshoot or something. Whatever it is she's doing, it does not end well for her. With her eyes fixed on the cameraman (you can almost hear him shouting, "Work it! Yes, more teeth! Good!"), she seems to forget that counters have edges which are very easily fallen off of. In her fascination with the camera, she topples of the edge, flailing about before hitting the ground.

8 Muzzled by a cup

Via: imgur.com

With this little guy, everything was totally fine until it wasn't. He sticks his muzzle in the cup, maybe to lick up some leftover milk or to snap up the last few bits of tuna. You can tell he's fairly relaxed, even when the cup lifts off the ground with his face. But then, once he realizes that the cup is not only on his face, but stuck on his face, the spazz session begins. Like a truck in reverse, the cat scuttles backwards across the floor, shaking his head back and forth like a bucking horse in an attempt to release his muzzle from the wrath of the cup. But his efforts prove futile, and the cup remains plastered to his face like those crazy parasites from Alien (except cute, instead of, you know, horrifyingly disgusting).

7 Supercat

Via: imgur.com

This lil' kitty overestimated her leaping limits just a tad bit. Crawling along that window sill, she just up and leaps for the building across the street, not even stopping to think about whether or not it's a good idea, given that it's a building across the freaking street, and she's a tiny little cat. No, she just leaps. A jump first, think later sort of kitty, we suppose. But a moment of consideration probably would have served her well, given that even a big ol' lion probably wouldn't have been able to jump the gap between these two distant buildings. Well, at least she has confidence in herself. If her overconfident leap isn't proof enough of that, the hilarious superman pose she takes on mid-leap certainly is.

6 Toilet troubles

Via: imgur.com

Oh, man. This little kitty didn't even come close. The poor girl even takes the appropriate time to prepare herself for the jump ahead of her, but this still doesn't prevent her from toppling like a drunk acrobat off the cover of the toilet bowl. Before attempting the leap of faith, she perches herself on the seat and assesses the task ahead of her for a few moments, making sure to position herself properly before attempting her jump. Then, she launches herself into the air with gusto—but she forgot to take into account the whole toilets-are-slippery thing. As she pushes herself off of the seat, her hind legs slip out from beneath her, unable to find grip on the smoothness of the toilet, and she falls head first to the bathroom floor. Whoops.

5 A bit of an unplanned detour

Via: giphy.com

Although we're pretty sure this wasn't what this little kitty was going for, boy, did she ever get the ride of a lifetime out of it. Perched atop the sofa, it seems like she's eyeing the stairs, so she probably was hoping to jump over the side rail and onto the carpeted steps. But things do not go as planned. Instead of bounding gracefully over the rail as she probably intended, she ends up belly planting right on top of it and accidentally utilizing its long, uninterrupted downhill splendour as a tummy slide. From the looks of her flailing limbs, it seems that she didn't exactly enjoy the unplanned detour down the rail. But at least someone did (AKA the entire population of the internet).

4 The deepest of cat naps

Via: giphy.com

Swiping at her friend's nose in an attempt to entice some play-fun-times, this little kitty had no idea what was coming. With her friend perched on a piece of wood above her, the kitty rolls to her side, probably hoping to further bother her sleepy friend until they engaged in the fun-times she so seems to desire. But she doesn't seem to realize that there is no side to the bench she's lying on, and before she knows what's happened, she's managed to roll her way off of the bench, disappearing in a puff of fur down its side. And boy, the peacefulness of that other cat is something to behold. Not only does she manage to snooze right through her friend pawing at her face, but she doesn't even bat an eye when her pal literally disappears down a crevice. Now that's a deep cat nap.

3 The case of the curious cup

Via: cutecats.cetinismail.com

This cat looks possessed. It seems like he fell victim to the case of the curious cup like so many other cats do, sticking his muzzle in a container to check it out, only to get said container stuck on his face like a suction cup. But his response to his predicament takes the cake of kitty-face-cup reactions. Scuttling like a crab, he blindly spazzes his way through the kitchen, seeming desperate to continue moving until the cup detaches itself. He even seems to be trying to look around, swivelling his head from side to side as he scuttles despite the fact he his eyes are completely covered by his cup-mask. We're not sure how this incident ended, but we hope he managed to scuttle his way to freedom.

2 Sh*t happens

Via: gifbin.com

There's almost too much going on in this GIF. As this little kitty reaches from the toilet to the tub, you can tell something's going to go wrong. But we're guessing most of you weren't thinking he'd drop a big ol' brown one on the floor. Extending his hind leg forward, he manages to pinch one off the loaf, and after it splats to the floor, he follows suit, his concentration seemingly broken by the turd that just accidentally exited his bottom. Once on the ground, he investigates said turd, seeming shocked by its presence. Then, it looks like he decides to try to bury it (in a tile bathroom floor), attempting to pull imaginary dirt on top of it. No need to be embarrassed, little kitty. Sh*t happens.

1 Guard cat fail

Via: reddit.com

This adorable little kitty gets an A for effort. Spying her reflection in the mirror, she seems to think some rogue cat has entered her territory. Taking her role as guard cat very seriously, she takes it upon herself to do something about this invasive kitty. Preparing for the pounce, she riles herself up on the bed, coiling like a spring and shaking her lil' bottom with menace before propelling herself like a missile off of the fuchsia bed spread. But that's where the epic portion ends and the fail part begins. The kitty soars gracefully throught the air for a few tenths of a second before crashing head first into the mirror. At that point, she tenses in surprise and splats to the floor like a bird dropping from the sky.

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