15 “Dirty” Photos That Will Make Anyone Feel Terrible For Laughing

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15 “Dirty” Photos That Will Make Anyone Feel Terrible For Laughing

Social media has invaded all parts of our lives. We can find way too many things we don’t want to see or know about, way too easily. And literally 90% of the internet is filth. What happened to the internet we used for communication and education?

All of that exposure to the filthy content has made our minds dirty (well that’s debatable — was it the Internet that turned us from sweet innocent people into perverts that we are today, or were we just born this way?). And now, every other photo on social media platforms that we see is sexual. Or at least it looks that way because we have some serious issues. But all of these photos are hilarious (at least to us dirty-minded weirdos) so I decided to make a list of the funniest ones.

So, here are 15 photos that only people with dirty mind will understand and love. Enjoy!

16. It’s Not What It Sounds Like

Via: imgur.com

We all know that marketing and advertising are a crucial component of every company. Well, at least it should be. Just take a look at the Super Bowl in the United States — every year companies pay millions of dollars for an ad slot that is only 30 seconds long. But considering that over one hundred million people watch the Super Bowl every year, it is safe to say that all the money is worth it. One of the most important, if not the most important, things every ad should have is originality. And when it comes to this particular ad shown above, I’m pretty sure that, with that slogan, their business will explode. I mean, that is pretty original, isn’t it?

15. This Is Just An Ad For Cat Hygiene, Nothing More

Via: imgur.com

We all love animals, right? Of course, cats and dogs are always on the top of our animals-that-we-love-the-most list. Seriously, can you imagine the world without these magnificent creatures, especially cats? True, they can be jerks sometimes, but that’s just a part of their charm. Now, these poor cats are unfortunate enough to share a name with a certain female body part (I’m talking about the P word). Using that certain word for a cat is kind of awkward, at least for me, but it can definitely bring giggles sometimes. Just look at this billboard advertising this pet store! How hilarious is that sentence? I mean, are we even sure it’s about cats? Especially when there’s a word “oral” in the same sentence? We’ll never know.

14. Every Barista Wants A Tip

Via: imgur.com

You know how baristas have a special bowl or jar where you can leave them a tip? Well, this jar, as shown in the photo above, is an example of one of those jars. However, this one jar has another purpose — to test the dirtiness of our minds. I mean, when I first saw the text on it, I was like, “Wait, what?” and then I realized. And be honest, when you read the text, you did not think of that tip that we usually leave in bars and restaurant, right? This association is made even worse if you’ve seen the TV show, Archer. Baristas and bartenders are such trolls. Well, I guess we failed the jar test. Our minds are dirty and we’re all going to hell. This is not how our parents raised us.

13. “Mom, I’m Going To A Park With My Boyfriend”

Via: imgur.com

Imagine being a parent to an adorable, beautiful, smart 18-year-old girl, who is a good student, and always listens to you. Then one day, she gets home from school and tells you that she’s going to a historic state park with her boyfriend. When you ask her what park they’re going to, she answers, “Big Bone Lick State Park”. Now, let’s be real here, you would definitely not let her go there because “Big Bone Lick State Park” sounds like something her boyfriend made up, or maybe he was dropping hints about his intentions, but the poor girl didn’t realize. I mean, if this was my daughter, she would not leave the house, and I’d have a serious conversation with her boyfriend.

12. Can I Get An Amen Up In Here?

Via: thesun.co.uk

One of the commandments of Christianity is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words, treat others the way you want them to treat you. But any observant person would realize that not many people remember this commandment. While not a commandment, another popular Christian “rule” is to not to have intercourse before marriage. And guess what? A lot of people don’t follow that rule either. But what bothers me is how a church can keep telling us not to have sex before getting married, and then decide to put a sign like this one shown above? Is that like a test? I mean, seriously, praying is not the first thing that pops into your mind when you read this sentence, am I right?

11. We’ve All Been There, Carol

Via: imgur.com

If you ever worked as a cashier, then you know from personal experience that those people see a lot of weird things that people buy. They could basically blackmail some of them if they wanted to. I mean, just take a look at this photo! What is the first thing you see? That huge cucumber, obviously. Then, there’s a bottle of white wine and some chocolate. So, seeing all three products, what would your conclusion be? Probably something like, “This person is going to have some fun tonight.” That’s because we all have dirty minds and we’re all going to hell for that. Seriously, why does everybody always think about male genitalia when they see a cucumber? Yes, it’s long, thick, nicely shaped… Oh wait, never mind.

10. That’s A Pretty Big… Slide

Via: imgur.com

One thing is for sure when it comes to kids — they are all so cute, sweet, and innocent. However, not everything kid-related is sweet and innocent. Just take a look at this photo that one Imgur user posted. Obviously, the photo went viral. You can see why it went viral, right? The reason is pretty obvious. I mean, it’s so right in front you; it’s so big it’s impossible not to see it (unless your mind is like 0% dirty). Okay, I’ll tell you! The slide on the photo looks like one gigantic uncircumcised penis! It’s hilarious and awkward at the same time. But hey, when you think about it, this whole slide makes sense because it spits out children. Get it?

9. We’re All So Going To Hell

Via: fress.co

This photo here confused me so much, that at one point I thought I should contact the FBI or some other agency and report it. Why? Well because, as you can see, it looks like a really young person (like really, really young) is holding something that they shouldn’t even know about. You understand what I’m talking about, right? But then, after some time I realized that it’s actually a thumb that this child is grabbing and not that other appendage. I mean, what a relief! I feel terrible fore even thinking it was something else. Seriously now, I really hope that all of us are not going to hell for having weird minds that see things which are not there.

8. Her Shadow Has Its Own Life

Via: imgur.com

I am not really sure what’s going on in this photo, but it looks like this girl is putting on some make up to go out and party. Well, what she’s doing and where she’s going doesn’t really matter. What matters here is this girl’s shadow. What’s going on there? It looks like that shadow is doing something that it shouldn’t be doing in public, if you know what I mean. But hey, who am I to judge? But if I’m not mistaken there’s a photo (several photos actually) of a holy person(s) in the background (maybe Virgin Mary, I’m not really sure), and she is definitely judging. Gurl, you and your sinner shadow are going straight to hell!

7. This Poor Thing Has No Idea

Via: lifedaily.com

Remember how I talked about kids being the cutest and most innocent creatures ever? Well, that’s still true. But that doesn’t mean that everything related to them is. Just like with the slide photo, here we have another example of how things look different to us adults with dirty minds. Take a look at this cute elephant costume the baby is wearing. Now look up, at the top of the baby’s head. That right there is supposed to be an elephant’s trunk, but as you can see, it resembles a human anatomical part more than it resembles a trunk. It looks like it even has the accompanying parts to a human “trunk”. How awkward is that? The baby still managed to look super cute though, even though it has that thing on its head.

6. We Can’t Even Watch Cartoons Without Thinking Dirty

Via: reddit.com

Cartoons and animated movies are a huge part of every person’s childhood (and adulthood, at least in my case). One of the strangest cartoons that I have seen is Cartoon Network’s Cow and Chicken. For those who don’t know, this hilarious cartoon follows two unlikely, but somehow biological siblings — a cynical Chicken and his joyful sister Cow.  As you can already tell from the description, this is one weird cartoon. But that’s nothing! Just look at one of the quotes from the show. I mean, as a kid I didn’t understand what it was about, but now that I’m older and my mind is much dirtier, I totally understand what Cow meant when she said, “Oh, it would be an honor to squirt for you!”

5. It’s Definitely Not What You Think It Is

Via: pinterest.com

You people definitely need therapy for thinking that this innocent toy for kids is a man’s thing! Who am I kidding? I need therapy too because I thought the exact same thing when I first looked at the photo. And how couldn’t I? The shape and color are all too similar, and it even looks like it has veins all over it. Seriously, who designed this toy and thought it would be okay for little kids to play with it? Well, I can tell you one thing after seeing this photo — my kids won’t have dinosaur toys, nor will they play and watch any dinosaur games and movies. Hell no! I don’t want to traumatize them.

4. Wrestling Looks Like A Very Interesting Sport

Via: buzzreporters.com

There are a lot of things that I didn’t know about wrestling. For example, I  was totally clueless about the fact that they are cave drawings in France that are 15,000 years old which depict people wrestle. I also had no idea that wrestling can be theatrical (for entertainment) or simply competitive. However, the thing that surprised me the most about wrestling is that it involves heading (it’s the same thing as fisting, but instead of fists you use your head, and yes, I just made that up). I can totally see how this sport can be for entertainment. I mean, I’d pay to watch that. Also, how does one become a wrestler? What are the requirements? I’m asking for a friend.

3. What Is This Hotel Booklet About?

Via: imgur.com

The photo from above, showing this hotel booklet/flyer thing, has left the Internet divided when it was posted on Imgur (and it has been viewed over 2.5 million times ever since). Now, the problem with this photo is that one group of people (the innocent ones) saw a person sitting and reading their book, while the group saw something completely different (a person receiving oral sex). But I guess it depends on the level of dirtiness of one’s mind. The first thing I saw was the dirty version, however after looking at it a bit longer, I saw a person reading a book. I guess my mind is pretty dirty. What do you see? But either way, the person sitting is definitely enjoying peace of mind, as the flyer suggests.

2. Dumbledore Doesn’t Have Time For Games

Via: facebook.com

Being a Potterhead is one of the best things about being born in this generation. There are several reasons for that: first, you have 7 books to enjoy reading; second, you have 8 movies that you can re-watch whenever you’re bored; and finally, there are SO MANY memes related to this wizarding world. Some of them, like this one shown above, are definitely not appropriate for everybody (sorry youngsters, you’re too young for these kinds of things). So, this one here is about going to somebody’s place to “do it” with them when there are other people in the house (which can be pretty awkward). This is where one of Dumbledore’s quotes fits perfectly. Who would have known that the Hogwarts’ headmaster had such a dirty mind?

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