15 Disastrous Beauty Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Over the last couple of years, it's fair to say makeup bloggers have taken over Instagram and YouTube. With their seemingly effortless ability to transform themselves through makeup, it's no wonder we all got on board with watching their tutorials. One of the things makeup bloggers thrive at is convincing us that we can achieve whatever look we want simply by following their directions. Well, for anyone who has ever attempted to follow one of these said tutorials, they know that most of the time it is a lot harder than it looks.

While it may seem like a piece of cake to contour your face into having the cheekbones one has always dreamt off, the truth is, it is possible that the contour may just look like a bad burn on your face. Then, there are those hair tutorials, which are supposed to result in having the cutest bob cut or chignon we have ever seen. But then you try it, and well, it looks like a three-year-old went to town on your hair.

Then, there are the hot tips that makeup bloggers love to post like, how you can remove your makeup and have glowing skin after. Except that when you try to use oil to get rid of makeup, your learn the makeup is not compatible with the oil, and suddenly your face looks like a Halloween costume gone wrong. The truth is, makeup bloggers don't always take into account that we are not professionals and that we will listen to whatever they say blindly. So a word of advice bloggers: stop steering us wrong!

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15 When coconut oil is not the answer

Via: pinterest.com

They say coconut oil is a miracle product. We have heard for years about how great coconut oil is. Use it for weight loss they say, for whiter teeth, for healthier hair and basically every other thing that would make you look and feel better that you can think of. Yes, apparently coconut oil is a magic elixir. Unless, of course, you are this woman, who decided to follow a tutorial that suggested she use coconut oil as a makeup remover. Well, as you can see, it did not turn out entirely as planned. She dabbed her fingers in some of the magical coconut oil and slid it across her face effortlessly, knowing that in about 20 seconds, her makeup would be off and her skin would be glowing! Except that instead, as she worked the coconut oil across her face, her lipstick spread across her entire face so that it looked like a massacre. Perhaps coconut oil is not all it is made out to be.

14 Fake lashes the easy way

Via: pinterest.com

When it comes to your beauty regimen, it is not advisable to cut corners. While you may think it's saving you money and no one will be able to tell the difference between a salon job or a "do it yourself" at-home cheat, we assure you, we can tell the difference. Take this young lady, for instance, who wanted those glamorous fake lashes that are all the rage right now. Well, whether she did not have enough time to get them done or she merely wanted to save a few extra bucks, she decided to draw them on instead. How bad can it be? On a cringeworthy scale of one to 10, we would say it's an 11. You can get away with drawing a lot of things on your face from cheekbones to eyebrows (if done with just the right amount of finesse), but certainly not eyelashes. Ever heard of mascara, girl? Perhaps it is time to invest in some along with a mirror, so this eyelash incident doesn't occur again.

13 Nail tutorial gone horribly wrong

Via: pinterest.com

We can't help but wonder how beauty bloggers make everything look so easy. Is it just that they attempt something hundreds of times before posting it? Or are they just naturally so talented that they can nail a beauty routine on the first try? Given how difficult it can be to mimic a beauty blogger's tutorial, we would guess the former. Thanks to them making it look effortless, though, there are often situations where you try to copy them, but the result is a complete and utter fail.

Like when this girl tried to replicate a creative pattern on her nails but instead looked like she shoved her hand into a bucket of markers. We are pretty sure that's not what the tutorial photo looked like. And now this poor girl is stuck with trying to get the coloring out (and it looks like it may be semi-permanent). Which leaves us to wonder if the beauty bloggers even use the products that they suggest in the tutorials? Evidently, this was not supposed to happen.

12 When Pinterest misguides an individual

Via: pinterest.com

While there are a ton of beauty tutorials for women, once in a while there are some creative ideas out there for men, too. In particular, Pinterest-ers love to share DIY style tutorials that can be quite difficult to replicate. Like this Pinterest post that provides men with the creative idea of sprucing up their beard by putting some twigs and flowers in it. Now, we have two questions when we look at this tutorial. The first being why on earth would you want to put flowers in your beard? It's bad enough we think things are already growing in those thick beards and bearded men can be difficult to kiss. But now on top of that, you are going add flowers and twigs to it? It just does not strike us as a fun idea that we would want to partake in. Secondly, how did they weave in the flowers like that? Apparently, it's not so easy to do based on how much the man trying to replicate it failed at it.

11 Sprinkles are for eating

Via: pinterest.com

Someone needs to tell these beauty bloggers to stay away from using food as makeup. We assure you, we do not want to walk around with cake smeared on our faces. The only place we want cake is in our bellies so ladies and gentlemen, keep that in mind next time you decide to get creative on your blog. You are not doing us any favors by suggesting things like the tutorial above. For one, we would devour most of those sprinkles before we even had a chance to take a photo. Secondly, how practical is this look, really? You would not last very long going out with sprinkles on your lips, not to mention they may attract some serious creepers. Lastly, this does not even look good. It literally looks like the girl that followed the tutorial, devoured a piece of angel cake and forgot to wipe her face after. "Messy eater" is not a look we will be going for anytime soon.

10 When penciled eyebrows don't work

Via: pinterest.com

Sure, we are all for filling out our eyebrows with a pencil or powder to make them look a little more pronounced, but this is just taking it to the next level. Those are some serious brows, and if it were not so obvious that they were penciled in then, we would say these are goals. What beauty bloggers may not mention when they post their eyebrow tutorials is that it's better to pencil in within your natural eyebrow for a fuller look. But no, instead these bloggers post eyebrow instructionals that may look good in a styled editorial photo, but that do not translate so well in real life. Although this girl was just following the thick eyebrow trend like the rest of us, she just needs a touch of help in the shaping department. Seriously, someone help her out and give her an eraser to curve the brow a little bit. While thick eyebrows may be in, square ones have not started trending just yet.

9 Never forget to blend

Via: pinterest.com

We're just going to put it out there: makeup is the bane of many people's existence. It all sounds fine and dandy in theory, but when it comes to the actual application it can be tough to recreate a look that you see in a magazine or on a DIY beauty tutorial. Why don't we look like Adriana Lima when we dye our hair black and put eyeliner on? We just don't get it, and it's really not fair. Much like this woman who decided to powder her nose a touch to remove shininess as the beauty bloggers recommended, but it did not quite go as planned. See, the trick is to do these things in front of a mirror or risk looking like a bag of flour exploded on your face. On the bright side, the powder on this woman's nose did remove the shininess. It just also removed all trace of the tan she's been working on all summer.

8 On the next edition of "Extreme Contour..."

Via: pinterest.com

Contouring is one of those techniques that took the world by storm a few years ago. Now it seems wherever you look, from celebrities to the cashier at your local grocery store, contouring is where it's at. Yes, contouring can be a dream that gives your face cheekbones, a refined nose and an overall thinner face. But what happens when you get it wrong? Unfortunately, what happened to the lady in the photo above. While she just wanted some cheekbones, it ended up looking like she got a bad sunburn. If we had to wager a guess, we would say the tutorial she followed forgot to impress upon her the importance of blending. Come on people, that is like the cardinal rule of any makeup look! Not blending your makeup is like trying to make a smoothie by throwing in some kale, banana, spinach and coconut water and trying to drink it as is. It does not work! Blending is a vital step to both smoothie making, and makeup looks. (You're welcome for this hot smoothie tip, too.)

7 Hair gone rogue

Via: pinterest.com

We're not certain how bloggers can create the cutest hairstyles on their own, especially when styling the back of their heads. How do they reach the back without help? How do they make everything look so symmetrical? How many attempts does it take them? We would love to know how the blogger on the left side above was able to braid her hair and pin it into the perfect heart shape all on her own. Realistically, if we were to give it a shot, we would look a lot more like the girl on the right. (Or, honestly, probably even worse.) We are seriously starting to suspect that these bloggers are not telling us something. Like, we are almost positive that the person who took the photo for this blogger is also a professional hairstylist who also did her hair for her. There's no way you can make your hairstyle look that perfect without a little assistance. We're onto you, bloggers.

6 Out with a bang

Via: pinterest.com

We have to hand it to this little girl who not only decided to follow a hair tutorial but also graced us with the footage. This little gem is an aspiring beauty blogger and what better way to learn how to nail it than by recording the footage of yourself following tutorials? The only slight issue is that it did not go as planned. Instead of chopping her hair to have a nice, even bang, she got a little scissor happy and ended up with an uneven, short fringe instead. Although fringes were all the rage in the '90s, we are almost sure they will not be making a comeback anytime soon. On the bright side, what better way for this little girl to learn than through trial and error? Plus, at least she can say she butchered her own hair; we had to walk around with bowl haircuts due to our parents. So clearly this little girl is already winning at life.

5 Eyeliner can be tricky

Via: pinterest.com

In theory, winged eyeliner looks great! It accentuates your eye, highlights your eye color and can give you an overall more exotic appearance. But there is such a thing as taking it too far. Do not be fooled by those beauty bloggers who try to convince you that bigger is better; it's not. At least not when it comes to eyeliner. Just look at this girl who wanted to bring the '70s back, but just acted as a reminder as to why the '70s styles were left behind to begin with. While we won't deny that we like the hoop earrings and bright colors from that era, the makeup needs to stay there. On top of that, this lady also went a little bit too far with the nose contouring. Why don't these bloggers reiterate that it is vital to blend? Blend it, girl, come on. And may we suggest that next time you try something a little more subtle?

4 This girl needs a refund

Via: pinterest.com

This poor girl needs a refund on so many levels. For one, all of this makeup needs to be returned immediately. It looks like she just rubbed her face in a really bright palette and voilà, she looks like a doll that we got from our grandma that always gave us the creeps. Secondly, what do the bloggers call this look and why are they encouraging girls to try it? What is this look called, "How to stand out for the wrong reasons"? Or perhaps, "How to look like a fluorescent lamp to light up any room"? Or "A beauty blogger's what not to do"? Whether this girl attempted to follow a blogger but just applied things the wrong way or followed it to a tee and this was the result, she needs to look up to someone new. Word of advice: Mimi from The Drew Carey Show has never been a good character to follow for makeup tips.

3 90 degrees of bad brows

Via: pinterest.com

Eyebrows can have a significant impact on your face, so it is important to be able to make them look as natural as possible when wearing natural-looking makeup. Or, if you can't manage that because you went a little too tweezer happy or they are too light to see, then it is advisable to make them look as natural as possible with a pencil or powder. What we do not suggest, however, is making them look like angles on your face that have been drawn on. We get it—it can be difficult to figure out what works for your face shape, but if you do not feel entirely confident that you can pull off a pair of eyebrows that suit your face, may we suggest seeing a professional? It is far better to spend $20 on having your eyebrows shaped than to attempt to DIY when you're unsure. For if you do end up using a pencil and no guidance, it is possible that you could end up looking like a cartoon character.

2 The not so glamorous side of beauty

Via: pinterest.com

Put on a mask; it will fix your skin, they say. It will be easy, they say. Just slap it on, and it will slide right off afterwards, revealing beautiful, glowing skin. In what world, right? While the models make facials look like a piece of cake, it often does not translate so smoothly in reality. The thing about charcoal masks, like the one pictured above, is that they have a tendency to dry out and be super hard to peel off if left on for too long. So as per usual the product advertisers have steered us wrong. All this woman wanted was to have the skin of a 10-year-old. Is that so much to ask for? Instead, she may develop a few more lines in an attempt to peel this crap off her face. Perhaps, next time she would be better off getting some mud from the back yard. It seems like it'll do the same job.

1 When it's better to see a professional

Via: pinterest.com

It's one thing to put a neutral coat of polish on your fingernails to get you through the day, and a whole other thing to try and get creative. That's what nail salons are for, people! While yes, it's very ambitious to try and attempt a design like the one above, it may be a little too ambitious for some people. Just look at the blogger example above and how this design translates in reality. Just a tad smudged, if you ask us. Not to mention when the nail bed is significantly shorter in comparison to the model, the blogger should probably mention that the outcome will vary. If we were this girl, we would want a refund for such an end result. A refund on the nail polish and certainly a refund on our time. We always thought beauty blogs are there to help us look better, but evidently, they are designed to sabotage us. Thanks a lot, we already have a hard enough time dating.

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