15 Disastrous Gender Reveals These Families Would Rather Forget About

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15 Disastrous Gender Reveals These Families Would Rather Forget About

Having a baby is one of the most magical times in a person’s life, and in today’s day and age, these magical moments are sometimes made even more exciting through gender reveals. To find out (and announce) if a couple is having a boy or a girl, a couple may bust open a piñata, kick a football, or cut into a cake to reveal their child’s gender by showing either blue or pink.

These reveals are a unique way to know the gender of the unborn baby, but they can also be a way to show a complete failure. The confetti may not fall out as it’s supposed to, the football may hit someone in the head, the cake may just be white inside — not showing the blue or pink like everyone had hoped. All that anticipation and a live stream on Facebook…and for what? A complete and utter mess?

These 15 gender reveals seemed great in theory, but, when it really counted, they were total fails.

15. This Bakery Was A Little Off

Via Cake Wrecks

What’s worse: A bakery putting the wrong color inside a gender reveal cake or a bakery writing out the wrong thing on top of the cake? Either way, this cake was probably tasty, and the couple having the baby was probably able to celebrate with loved ones. However, this cake flat-out says “polka dots.” It doesn’t even have polka dots — but it does have pink and blue, so that’s something! It is just mind-boggling that someone—a professional when it comes to creating cakes for big life events—thought that this is exactly what was ordered. Now, the real question is what is the absolute worst: A bakery writing the wrong thing on a cake or a bakery writing the wrong thing AND putting the wrong color inside?

14. When The Cake Was Confusing AF

Via Popsugar

One of the most common ways to find out and reveal a baby’s gender is through a cake. Most parties already have cakes, so by having the inside be blue or pink, the cake becomes an even more integral and amazing part than usual. However, this time, the baker was…confused. Is the baby going to be a girl with some boyish traits? Are there going to be triplets? Perhaps two girls and one boy? Or did the person who made this cake have two gender reveal cakes to create, got confused, and accidentally combined a white cake with a pink inside, and a chocolate cake with blue inside? Whatever happened should have not happened, and hopefully this dad-to-be gets a little happier about everything while moving forward in life.

13. This Couple Learned A Lesson


This couple simply wanted to open a box and see either pink or blue balloons. Instead, they saw a rainbow of colors! Perhaps the party store they were working with mixed their box up with someone else’s? Or maybe they just thought that colorful balloons seemed more festive for a party? The couple didn’t look very festive, though.

To make things even more exciting, one of their friends finally admitted that it was all a joke — as well as a lesson; with children, things don’t always go as planned. Things can be mended, however, so, after the couple had calmed down and the lesson( or “joke”) was explained, the box was repacked…with blue balloons! Surely, after that gender reveal, this couple will be ready for anything when their baby boy arrives!

12. This Reveal Was Underwhelming 

These baseball fans wanted to bust open a baseball to reveal pink or blue powder. The woman got ready to pitch. The man was ready to hit that ball to let the perfect color of powder rain down on everyone. Instead, though, he choked and fell flat under pressure. He didn’t want to waste a swing on that kind of pitch, however, the ball dropped depressingly to the ground. The woman could not believe that he just messed up their big moment, while the man could not believe that his wife threw such a horrible pitch! And all of their friends and family members could not believe that they were having a girl! The powder did come out, though, and the gender was revealed, so the happy couple did celebrate…eventually.

11. Confused Pizza Delivery 

Via CafeMom

Gender reveal parties are a great time to let personalities shine. For instance, the parents-to-be here must have loved pizza, so someone thought it would be a cool idea to write out the gender on the pizza. Plus, who wouldn’t want to gather around for a pizza party?

However, pepperonis and little bits of Italian sausage are hard to work with; cheese is greasy and cooking can change the texture of things. Therefore, this dish didn’t come out exactly as planned. It looks like the pizza says it’s a boy, but this could be another one of those big life lessons: People never know what they will get. Things aren’t always as they seem. Life is full of surprises. Go with the flow. Expect the unexpected. And eat the pizza—quickly—before it causes any more problems.

10. This Baseball Reveal Gone Wrong

This couple also decided to use a baseball and a bat to show the world if they were having a baby boy or a baby girl. As usual, the woman got ready to pitch to the man, who had a bat ready in position. She pitched, he swung, and the ball hit her right in the face…and it wasn’t a soft little hit either! Everyone stopped to check on her, and someone even scolded the man, saying he wasn’t even supposed to hit a baseball; it was just one that was intended for a gender reveal in the front yard — not a damn game. The worst part of this video may not even be that someone got hurt, though. The worst part may be that the video stopped before the gender was even revealed.

9. When This ATV Literally Crashed 

Via Geekologie

As mentioned earlier, personalities, interests, quirks, hobbies, and passions can really shine during gender reveals, and this expecting father apparently enjoys riding ATVs. He thought it would be cool to have a colored powder spew out behind him; he would be doing impressive tricks on his sweet ride for everyone to see, while on his quiet street in the suburbs. It sure was unique and people did sound excited (and possibly impressed but maybe more concerned than anything), and the man appeared to be going under the posted 20 MPH sign. Oh, and the colored powder came out nicely — which is all that matters, right? The blue color flew from the ATV, the gender was revealed, and even though this man lost a shoe in this process, he, his ATV, his wife, and his baby boy seem to be safe and sound.

8. When This ‘Reveal Box’ Was Empty 

Via CafeMom

This man and woman gathered with loved ones to reveal the gender of their baby. A special box was decorated, urging people to wonder if the baby was going to be born a boy or girl. When the man and the woman lifted the lid off of the box, balloons were supposed to fly up, revealing pink or blue. So what does it mean if there are no balloons? Someone really failed hard on their job, and the box had to be taken away and actually filled with balloons. A gender reveal part two then took place, and though the balloons didn’t fly up dramatically (mom had to give them a little push and pull), they were there, and a boy was announced. Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the first reveal was a complete disappointment. 

7. This Confetti Was All Wrong 

Via Little Things

This couple went for a giant black balloon, to be gender neutral during their reveal, and then the correct confetti (blue, pink, or even both) would rain down on them. However, rainbow confetti fell out instead… Was this another life lesson on expecting the unexpected? They looked utterly confused, and their loved ones—all wearing either blue or pink—didn’t seem to be helpful. They looked around for clues but had no idea what this meant.

Finally, a second giant black balloon was brought out. The couple kissed, to re-focus on their big moment, and when it was popped open, blue confetti littered the yard. This gender reveal didn’t go as planned, but it did turn out to be a sweet, exciting, and a blue moment in the end.

6. When This Couple Decided To Throw Knives

It's a Boy!? Congratulations @evalani.d and Jarrick. Patiently waiting on your arrival baby Sean Eric? #GenderRevealFail ?

A post shared by Future Mrs. Tim Smith??? (@iamchiddybang15) on

Another unique idea for a gender reveal is to pop open a bunch of tiny balloons, and to make things extra exciting—and scary—the balloons can be popped open with knives. That’s right. This couple gathered with friends and family in a backyard to throw knives at a board that had several small balloons attached to it. The goal was to throw the knives directly at these balloons so that the appropriate powder could be revealed. However, these two didn’t seem to be skilled knife throwers. When the dad-to-be finally hit a balloon, a tiny bit of blue powder fell out, so his partner went over to pop all the others — just to make sure. It seemed like a good idea in theory, but some target practice should have been done beforehand!

5. When The String Broke

Via All Cute, All The Time

These expecting parents were going to open a box up with a string to show if they were having a girl or a boy. First, the mom pulled on the string…and it broke. Next, the dad gave it a try…and it broke even more. Thankfully, he was tall enough to reach the tiny bit of string that was still hanging down, so he gave it a good yank. Eventually, pink balloons, confetti, and glitter poured down, and his wife almost tackled him into a window she was so excited. Again, it was not perfect, it did not go smoothly, and there were some malfunctions. Some may even say the entire event was a total fail. But, in the end, the gender was successfully revealed, and the couple rejoiced with their friends and family members!

4. When This Little Girl Didn’t Want A Brother 

Via Parents

A mom and a dad wanted to share their big news with just their two daughters, so they bought them cupcakes. The parents explained that inside the cupcakes, there would be blue icing if it were a boy and pink icing if it were a girl. The oldest daughter was super excited, so she immediately broke her cupcake open and revealed blue icing. She was so excited for a baby brother, and she was excited to start eating the cupcake. The youngest daughter wasn’t so sure about all of this, but she finally started eating hers…and it had blue icing, too. Uh-oh. She did not want that cupcake any longer and she did not want a baby brother. She threw that cupcake down, crossed those little arms, and tried to keep making herself clear: She did NOT want blue.

3. …And When This Boy Didn’t Want Another Sister

Via YouTube

These three siblings were all smiles as their parents brought out a cake. The son lifted up a piece, and it was pink. He said several times that that meant it was a girl. He finally asked, though: It’s a girl? When his parents confirmed that the family was getting a third sister, the two girls were thrilled…but not the lone son. Every time he repeated that it was a girl, girl, girl, girl, he finally added that he “hates girls,” because “they are stupid.” He doesn’t like his sisters any longer and he definitely isn’t excited about this new one. It wasn’t fair to be the only boy, and he wanted a brother in the house. His dad tried to say that he did, too, but it would all be okay. There was no comforting this kid during this failed gender reveal, though.

2. This Reveal Was A Little Too Rough

Via Fatherly

These parents let their six children throw balloons at a sheet to reveal either pink or blue paint inside. All the kids lined up in their protective tarps and threw after the countdown…but nothing happened. The balloons just bounced off the sheet and rolled away… So the colorful brood had to go retrieve them and throw again. Even when the kids got out of the way to let dad throw by himself, the sheet just fell to the ground! The oldest son finally saw some blue paint in the grass, though, so the reveal did work (this big and growing family learned they were adding yet another boy), but it did not go as planned (since the balloons were too tough or that sheet was made out of some repelling fabric!).

1. This Girl Wasn’t Ready

Via Jukin Media

This family also used a box during their big gender reveal party. The box was strung up in a tree, as loved ones gathered around in pink and blue, waiting anxiously to see either pink or blue decorations. The entire family joined together to pull the string, and when they did, blue balloons, streamers, and confetti fell down — but so did the box. Before one of the existing children, a little girl, even knew what was happening, the box landed ON TOP of her. She seemed to be fine, and hopefully, she was okay with the news about a little brother, too! This gender reveal is another example of a success (yay for a boy and for life and for family and for celebrations!) and a failure (the poor kid and poor, weak, malfunctioning string!).

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