15 Disastrous Life Tips No One Should Ever Try At Home

Bad advice—we've all given it and we’ve all fallen victim to it. When was the last time you took someone’s advice, only to realize later that it wasn’t in your best interest to follow those comments? Everyone has something to say about everything, right? And when we listen, it’s our own fault at times! In these cases, the bad advice is obvious.

The below 15 tips have to be some of the worst life tips on the planet and we have the pictures to prove it. Who would try any of these? We want to meet these people, seriously. What came over them that led them to doing these things? We suppose we'll never really know...

15 The 'use the maxi pad as curves' tip

Via: HuffingtonPost.com

Okay, first of all, these pads are ginormous. Are they perhaps supposed to be for incontinence? Either way, it doesn’t matter, this is one crazy idea. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that it works—wearing a maxi pad gives you curves. Shouldn’t the picture show how the tip works by placing the pads under the clothing as it says? Wearing it outside the clothes is just strange at best, gross at worst (and embarrassing, no matter what). Plus, pads are slimmer and more contained than ever these days. Would they really give you a bump in the curve department? Maybe if you wore two. Or, perhaps you could just eat a few more cookies and hope they go to your hips. It would certainly be a better life tip than this one…

14 The 'use toothpaste as mints' tip

Via: Pinterest.com

So you’re on a budget, we get it—money can be tight! And that’s okay. When you have friends over, they understand if you don’t serve lobster and fine, aged wine every time you throw a party. What will they not understand? Why you served them toothpaste. Are after- dinner mints really that expensive that you couldn’t afford a small bag? Or, an even better idea…save your toothpaste and simply don’t serve after dinner mints at all! Choose something easier on the breath than garlic bread and you’re good to go. Because if you use this life tip, we’re pretty sure your friends will notice. And when they do, you’ll never ever hear the end of it. They’ll think of you every time they brush their teeth.

13 The 'nag him more' tip

Via: HuffingtonPost.com

Do you like it when people nag you? Whether it's your spouse, your boss, a co-worker, if they repeat the same junk over and over again, eventually you’re going to lose it, right? It’s just the way we are built. We don’t hold up well against nagging. Ask any husband and it would likely be high on his list of complaints against his wife. No one likes to be nagged! And so, this magazine suggests that you should nag your significant other more to keep him from running for the sun. Doesn’t that advice seem a little backwards? Shouldn’t the copy editor have caught this grave error? How many relationships were ended because women took this advice and nagged their men into leaving for good?

12 The 'color your sock on' tip

Via: BoredPanda.com

Painting your toenails may be high fashion, but coloring your sock on is not. Holes in socks happen to the best of us, but this advice is downright ridiculous for a number of reasons. First, when you have a hole large enough in your sock, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Let’s give this person the benefit of the doubt and say they’re traveling and there are no other socks available. If you’re wearing a black sock, is the hole really going to show when you’re out? That would mean you are wearing black socks with sandals, which we all know is totally wrong. So, assuming there’s a shoe in play, why does the toenail need to be colored in to hide the hole in the sock…?

11 The 'life and death bread clip' tip

Via: RemoveandReplace.com

When you have a lot of power cords running behind your computer or in other areas of the house, organizing them makes sense. This tip isn’t half bad, except for when you take a picture like this. It’s good to keep the mouse separate from the phone cord, perhaps. But, why is there also a hot tub and life support in play here? We’re pretty sure if life support were necessary, it would not be anywhere near the hot tub, right? And unless the person on life support needs a mouse, that wouldn’t be around either. But, we suppose it is good to label that particular cord so there are no accidents. It just seems as if hospitals would be a little more careful than resorting to bread clips…

10 The 'get rid of your headache' tip

Via: AuthorBrookeWilliams.com

So, you have a raging headache. What are you to do? Take some Aspirin? Maybe lie down in a dark, quiet room? Not according to this tip! This tip suggests that you should put Desitin on your forehead in order to get rapid relief. We’re not experts, but we’re pretty certain this product was meant for baby’s rear ends. It’s for rapid relief in the diaper region...not the opposite end, correct? And you can’t exactly crack open your skull and place it where the pain actually originates. So, really, what good would this do? It's just another one of those bad life tips that will get you nowhere fast. Don't do it, unless you want your family cracking jokes about you now and into the foreseeable future, that is.

9 The 'use detangler on your headphones' tip

Via: BoredPanda.com

We’ve all been there. Your headphones are tangled into a million knots and they don’t seem to be budging, no matter what you try. So, why not give this life tip a whirl? Just go into your bathroom, get your detangling spray and have at it! Detangling spray was meant for hair, that's why. Spray it on your headphones and you’ll get them wet. That’s about all the good it will do. And headphones aren’t generally supposed to get wet. So, you then have a ruined pair of wet, tangled headphones instead of headphones that were simply knotted up a bit. Never use hair products on electronic accessories! That’s just a bad tip! And if you do, at least they'll smell decent when they go into the trash can…

8 The 'take a selfie with a toilet paper roll' tip

Via: Pinterest.com

There are a lot of ways to take selfies today, but this definitely isn’t one of the trends. We get that you want the picture to focus in on your face. You may not want distractions around you. You may not even want a background. But using a toilet paper roll to focus in on your face? Now that’s just weird. In fact, the only good it does is making the subject look like the moon, which is not really anyone’s goal, is it? We hope not! This tip does accomplish one thing: there’s no room for photobombers. But, if you just look around you a bit, you can avoid that issue without too many problems…and without the empty toilet paper roll on your face, too!

7 The 'toilet seat/TV tray' tip

Via: BoredPanda.com

We’re sorry, but toilet seats are good for one thing and one thing only: holding buns above the toilet. Placing one around your neck, flapping it down and using it as a TV tray is just not okay. Does this man keep an extra toilet seat handy for the days he wants to use it while watching TV? Or does he simply remove it from the toilet when he needs it and then put it back on the throne when he needs it there? We don’t really want to know. Brand new or not, this is a wildly gross idea. Please just buy a lap desk or TV tray if you need a table and want to eat in front of the TV. Or, stream something on your phone and sit at the table!

6 The 'quit school' tip

Via: Funnypics.com

Some advice is as simple as unfortunate spacing on the back of a bus. It’s always good to take action. But, quitting something is serious business, especially if that thing is school. This life tip is not one any kid should see. When you look closer, it appears that the sign is actually talking about smoking, but who is going to look closer? And the man on the back of the bus looks like he has it all together. He’s handsome, strong and seems to be in good condition. If he’s standing up for quitting school, then why shouldn’t those reading the back of the bus go for it, too? Very bad life tip. Very bad.

5 The 'ironing toast' tip

Via: RemoveandReplace.com

If you want toast when you’re traveling, the best tip you can take is to stay in a hotel that has a hot breakfast available. You know, the ones with those little kitchens with the mini-breakfast bar where you can pour your own cereal, make your own waffles and toast your own bread. Now that’s a good life tip! This one? Traveling with a travel iron just so you can make your own toast? That’s got to be some kind of fire hazard. And what about the crumbs that you leave behind on the iron? Won’t those make their way onto your shirt eventually? It just doesn’t make sense. If you take this bad life tip, it is probably best not to put butter and jelly on your bread before toasting it, right?

4 The 'magnify your phone in water' tip

Via: Weheartit.com

Not everyone has 20/20 vision. It’s hard to see those small phone screens sometimes! So, what do you do when there’s something you need to see and you just can’t see it? Brilliant idea! Put it in your water glass! Oh wait, not many people have waterproof phones, even though there are some available today. Good thing you saw whatever it was you were trying to see. It’s the last thing you’ll see on that device, right? Talk about costly advice. Get a magnifying glass, a bigger phone or maybe even corrective lenses that work well! This life tip will cost you a lot of money if you use it. Unless you’re tired of being connected to the world through your mobile phone…

3 The 'seat belt bottle opener' tip

Via: Pinterest.com

This life tip could be a life-threatening tip. It’s one thing to remove your seat belt in a vehicle. It’s another to use it as a bottle opener. And it’s even worse when the bottle you are opening happens to be a beer. Combine all of these elements together and you have one of the worst disasters awaiting you. Whether you're the driver or not, this is not a good idea. If you’re the driver, you shouldn't even think about doing this. If you really need to open a beer, use the seat belt as an opener, fine. But, do it while your car is parked in the garage and then go back into your house to drink your beverage, got it? Otherwise, this is the poorest life tip imaginable and one of the most dangerous, too!

2 The 'protect your personal space' tip

Via: Funnypics.com

We get it—riding on the subway can feel like you're squished into a tin can. But, wearing a spiky vest is a bit odd, even for those who want to protect their personal space. Sure, people will steer clear of you, but it’s not necessarily because of the spikes. Okay, so maybe a little bit…but, more so because you are wearing them and that says something about your demeanor. Perhaps, you’re a little, uh...prickly, shall we say? If you want to have a good excuse not to butt up against the cute guy next to you on the rails, by all means, wear the vest. But if there’s ever a chance that you might find someone worth standing next to, leave it at home.

1 The 'tennis ball storage' tip

Via: BoredPanda.com

You have probably heard your fair share of storage tips in your lifetime. Some of them are even helpful and allow you to have the organized garage, closet or pantry that you enjoy. But then, there are others that just don’t make any sense. Take this one, for example. Did you know that you can store over twice the amount of tennis balls in one can if you simply cut them in half? It’s simple! Just slice the balls in half and stack them together. You have access to way more tennis balls and you save space at the same time, right? Well, kind of, but not exactly. Not every space saving idea is a good one, especially if the items are rendered useless because of the space saved.

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