15 Disastrous Makeup Fails That Are An Embarrassment To The Internet

There is one thing that nearly all women (and some men) really love to do and that's experiment with different makeup looks. Sometimes, the experimenting results in what becomes the next new trend in makeup. But sometimes those experiments go horribly wrong and the final look is something that might terrify children and small animals. Whatever the case, the makeup artist nearly always puts up a nice photo of their work on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter for everyone to see. So we've scoured social media for some of the worst makeup fails in the history of makeup fails to share with you. These should serve as a reminder that when it comes to makeup, sometimes the simplest and most basic look works best. Enjoy!

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15 Double eyebrows

Via: facebook.com

Whether you want to believe it or not, there really is a thing as way too much makeup. And getting crazy with eyes and eyebrows is where many epic makeup fails take place. For example, take this poor woman. She spent so much time trying to get every shade of black and gray on her eyelids that she missed the fact that she literally gave herself double eyebrows. Although, who knows? Maybe that was the point. Whatever the case, if this is a new trend, it's about as stupid as that wavy eyebrow thing that's going around. In other words, just don't follow this woman's example because the makeup fail here is huge. Drawn on eyebrows already look bizarre, but two sets of them? Nope.

14 Why so serious?

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, we have no idea what's going on here, but this is definitely a huge fail that falls into the "no" category of what to do with makeup. Is this someone who never used makeup before? Or was she just so drunk that she had no clue that her smokey eye just basically became a mask similar to what a villain might wear in a movie? Was she trying to look like the Joker in The Dark Knight? Or was that just a funny coincidence of this makeup mishap? Whatever the case, the final result makes it look like a clown threw up on her face. We highly recommend some makeup remover wipes asap, as well as a lesson on why the natural look is probably better for her.

13 Natural?

Via: snapchat.com

The word "natural" generally means less is more, with a bare face, neutral colors and makeup that looks like it's not even there. So we're not sure why this girl seems to think that natural is something else, because there is nothing natural about her look at all. But she proudly posted this to Snapchat. To quote The Princess Bride, "I don't think that word means what you think it means." So yeah, there is nothing natural here: Look at the drawn on eyebrows, fake lashes and loads of eye makeup. Girl, that is not natural. We hope that someone bought her a dictionary and an issue of Cosmo so that she can get the natural look right the next time. For all we know, though, this is less makeup than she normally wears.

12 Overdoing the Malibu Barbie look

Via: facebook.com

We get it: Some girls think that the Barbie doll is a standard of beauty to reach for. This girl seems to worship the Malibu Barbie doll because she tried to copy everything about that doll, including the plastic face. Seriously, what is up with this orange tan? Was this the result of a tanning mishap or was this a bad spray-on experience? Whatever the answer, it is way over the top and clashes with the bright blond hair, doesn't it? But the Barbie look doesn't stop there. Because this girl topped that orange tan off with pink lipstick and glitter eyeshadow, too. It's just way, way, way too much. This girl needs a makeup intervention stat and someone, please, take away her tanning card.

11 Just needed a little spackling

Via: instagram.com

Some women will cake on makeup, layer after layer after layer, spackling over one mess with yet another one. Apparently, this is one of those women. Although she looks like she has a skin condition, this is probably the result of too many layers of makeup. In fact, we have to wonder if she's washed her face all week, and just chose to put more foundation and concealer on top of everything every day until it looks like a spackled mess. The thin painted eyebrows don't help the look, and the pink lipstick is way off. And what is up with the eyes? They're just a smudgy black mess! Was this deliberate, something meant in humor? Or is this someone who needs to get dragged away from their makeup bag?

10 Strong eyebrow game

Via: instagram.com

Dear women who keep drawing on their eyebrows: stop. Okay, we mean, we get it if you have eyebrow issues or they just aren't there. But women like this who draw on their eyebrows need to just stop. Seriously, stop it. Look at this. We mean, do those eyebrows even look real? No, they don't. We suppose we have to give her credit for matching her hair color, but that eyebrow game is downright terrifying. It also doesn't help that she seems to have drawn on half her lips, too (and not very well). Leave the drawing to the artists, girls. Stop drawing on your face. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not make you look like a creepy doll out of a horror movie.

9 The oompa loompa

Via: snapchat.com

"Oompa loompa doompety doo. I've got a perfect puzzle for you. Oompa loompa doompety dee. If you are wise you'll listen to me." Don't, and we repeat, don't go crazy with the tanning, bronzing and makeup. Otherwise, you will resemble this girl who looks like she stepped right out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not only is the orange tan just completely wrong, but she completed the Oompa Loompa look with badly applied pink lipstick (way too pink) and a weird eyeliner thing that makes her look downright sinister. She's literally ready to roll away some kid who got into the magic candy and now looks like a gigantic blueberry. We really hope that if she went out in public looking like this, people sang that song to her.

8 Constant surprise

Via: instagram.com

Oh, dear, here we go again: This is another case of more drawn-on eyebrows. In this case, the eyebrows are so thin and arched so high that this woman now has a constant look of surprise. It's like everything in life is a big thrill and a huge shock. Maybe that was the point, but we're guessing probably not. Although we can admire her steady hand, that doesn't mean that this look is any good. But that's not the only travesty in this photo. The crazy exaggerated cat eye is a little too exaggerated and the plumped up lips are a little too plumped up. Again, and we cannot repeat this enough: Less is more. Sometimes it is best to just put down the makeup and step away.

7 Drawing it on

Via: pinterest.com

If the previous woman's crazy eyebrows looked surprised, this woman's eyebrows look downright terrified. Like everything terrifies her. Look at that cute puppy. She's terrified! Look at that piece of paper. It's terrifying! If you haven't figured it out yet, drawing on your eyebrows is generally a bad idea (as we've seen in many examples). This woman took it even further, though, because it seems that she also literally drew on her eyelashes. Sure, those might just be some crazy fake eyelashes, but whatever look she was going for, she missed it by a long shot. Unless, of course, she wanted to look like someone constantly scared of everything. We do appreciate, though, that because she did go big on the eyes, she went minimal on the lips.

6 The deliberate unibrow

Via: instagram.com

There are some really bizarre and weird eyebrow trends going on out there. There's the wavy brow that has currently taken over the internet (mostly because people think it's really stupid). But there's also this, the unibrow. Someone posted this photo from a magazine ad where this woman has a unibrow. Now, we're not judging people who actually have unibrows, but someone drew this unibrow on, as in deliberately. And if this is a new trend, count us out, because this just looks weird. We could dismiss this as one weird makeup fail, but we've seen it a few times recently. That doesn't make it something that everyone should do, though. So please do not draw a unibrow on your face, not now, not ever.

5 Just a little highlight around the eyes

Via: pinterest.com

We wish we could explain what's going on here, but we can't. Maybe these girls have an obsession with the color white. They've bleached their hair to the point that it's nearly white (too much, ladies). But at the same time, they have that signature orange tan that people can spot a mile away. But they highlighted their tan with white eyeshadow for some weird reason. The effect is a bit frightening. What exactly were they going for here? Was this Disney Princess Elsa gone wrong? I mean, they probably glow in the dark, so maybe it's a functional thing so that people can find them in the dark? Again, we're not really sure, but this is yet another makeup fail we've found thanks to the internet.

4 Modern day Picasso

Via: instagram.com

There's modern art and then there's this girl, who tried to become the next Picasso by using her face as a canvas. But instead of creating a work of art, she created something that would scare small children if she turned up in a dark alley way. The first rule of thumb of makeup is to always use a foundation that matches your skin tone. This girl used a base that was way too light (unless she's going for a goth look?). The second rule of thumb is that less is more (we cannot stress that enough). But she missed that memo, too, because she drew on some crazy eyebrows (what is up with the badly drawn eyebrows, girls?). And then she did something weird with her eyeliner... and we have no idea what's going on here.

3 Contouring gone wrong

Via: pinterest.com

Why women want to use makeup to change the shape of their face is beyond us, but women do it anyway. They want a perkier nose, prettier cheeks and a face that looks like something from a magazine. But spending hours doing highlighting and shadowing is not just a pain, but also pretty useless. And the truth is that successful contouring is nearly impossible, at least without Photoshop. Here's the thing: Lil Kim looks like most of us when we try contouring. It never goes well and we end up with all these weird white patches on our face with dark patches where we shaded. So she looks a little like Rudolph or a clown, instead of someone with a perfectly shaped face. Leave the contouring to the professionals.

2 The Joker gets married

Via: instagram.com

Oh, look! The Joker finally got hitched! We bet Batman was the best man. That's what this poor bride looks like. So what's the story here? Did her makeup artist just suck? Or did she try to do her wedding day makeup herself? Whatever the case, this one is a massive fail. The foundation is about five shades too light for her skin; it makes her look like she fell into a vat of acid. The rest of the colors would probably look better on top of a darker base, but here, it just looks like she is about to go on a crime spree in Gotham. The eyes are also way overdone with way too much black liner, but then again, maybe she's going to steal the Batmobile after the ceremony.

1 Seeing pink

Via: pinterest.com

Maybe some girls think you can never have too much pink, but this is probably an example of the fact that yes, you can have too much pink... way too much pink. Not only did she dye her hair pink (or wear a pink wig; we can't tell), but she also went with a pink outfit and a way-too-vibrant pink lipstick. Granted, the color around the eyes (and there's a lot of it) is more violet than pink, but it still is just way too much. But what tops this off are the nails because that is probably the craziest nail job we've ever seen. What exactly is the point of all that bedazzled nail action? And how can she even function in life with those claws?

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