15 Disastrous Online Shopping Fails That Show Why We Have Trust Issues

In this day and age, pretty much everyone shops online. There was a time when people were nervous about it, but now it’s basically part of our daily routines. Whether we order food online and have it delivered or pick out the perfect formal wear for a special occasion. There is something about the convenience of shopping from our phones and computers that makes us throw caution to the wind and fill those online shopping baskets until they can’t hold anymore. Most of the time things go fine and we get what we ordered. Then, there are times when thing go wrong. Horribly wrong. Almost everyone has had a bad online shopping experience, but these ones are some of the worst. Check out these 15 online shopping fails we can't help but laugh at.

15 No Need For Shoes With These

Anyone who shops online knows that you have to be very careful about sizing. There is no universal size and a size six in one country or at one store might be a size twelve in another. Usually when ordering online there is a sizing chart that allows you to determine your size, but we all know that those are rarely accurate. Most of us luck out and simply guess a size that is the closest to our real size. This guy didn’t get that lucky and now he has to choose between sending these jeans back or wearing them and looking like some strange version of a scuba diver. He even claims to have ordered the right size. Do you think rolling them up would work? That would make a pretty big cuff right?

14 At Least It Fits The Cat

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A lot of people prefer to shop on Chinese websites because the prices are so cheap. The only problem with these stores is that everything tends to run small; real small. Take this shirt for example. It is shown on a normal sized model, or so they say; but when it arrived in the mail, the girl who ordered it couldn’t squeeze into it. So she has to pass it on to her cat. The cat doesn’t seem to be too impressed by it. Maybe it’s not his color or maybe he doesn’t like the knit pattern. At least she could always unravel it and give the string to the cat. Seriously, is there anyone in the world small enough to wear something like this?

13 Is That A Sheet?

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What a disappointment! This girl was looking forward to rocking a cute, summer dress but what did she end up with? A sheet. Or is that a shower curtain? Pillowcase? How would somebody wear something like this? Why would anyone make something that looks like this, let alone try to pass it off as something that looks like the photos? I hope she sent this straight back and got a refund. I would be leaving a bad review too. The colors of the dress are right, but the design is not even close to being the same. Nobody would want this! Wouldn’t it be a waste of time and money to even make this and wait for it to get sent back? I’m sure anyone who received it was pissed and didn’t keep it.

12 Size Really Does Matter

Everyone wants a good deal, but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. This guy was probably ecstatic to find a rug that was everything he wanted and at such an affordable price. We all know how expensive rugs can be, and who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on something you are just going to walk on in your muddy boots? Sometimes though, it’s worth it to spend a little extra to get the rug you need. Like if you care about getting one that fits in your house and isn’t designed for a doll house. I guess if he has a pet hamster or something he could give the rug to it. I bet he felt silly when it arrived and was so small. I’d just put in on my floor anyways and wait for people to ask questions about it.

11 The Fragrant Bouquet

It’s one thing to accidentally order the wrong size or to receive an online order that isn’t what you expected, but it’s another when a business sends you something wacky on purpose. This person clearly placed an order for some beautiful spring flowers. What they got was a beautiful bouquet of green onions. Why would a company think that green onions are a suitable replacement for flowers? You can’t use them for the same things. Flowers make great bouquets and green onions make a great salad topper. The best part is that the company even sent a vase. Who wants to display their freshly cut green onions in a vase? I wonder if these people ever got the flowers they ordered? What did they do with the green onions? I would suggest chopping them up and putting them on top of some nachos. Yum!

10 So Huggable!

When you buy something online, you assume it will be complete. Most people would never order a stuffed animal and expect it to come unstuffed. I bet they got a pretty good deal on this bear and couldn’t figure out why it was so cheap. Then it arrived and they were like, “ohh yeahh.” So now they have a giant bear that they have to stuff themselves. Would you even bother? Wouldn’t you just throw it away and order something else. Chalk it up as a lesson learned. Next time these people order online I bet they spend a lot more time reading the item description and messaging the seller to make sure they understand what they are getting. Why would anyone sell something like this? Nobody would purposely buy it.

9 Can't Wear That To The Office

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It’s hard to find trendy clothes in stores, so many people resort to shopping online. Not only can you find unique clothing items that other people don’t have, but online clothes are usually cheaper too. Unfortunately, they aren’t always the best quality. Many shoppers have observed that clothes sold by Japanese and Chinese sellers seem to be a lot smaller than clothing bought in other countries. Even if you manage to order the right size, that doesn’t mean the fit will be right. Sometimes you have high hopes for an online purchase and then you end up with something like this. Where is she going to wear this? To bed? This is serious camel toe! Not even a belt can help this outfit. I hope she learned her lesson and stopped ordering online after this outfit disaster.

8 Someone Is A Jerk

If this doesn’t scare you away from shopping online, nothing will. It’s pretty clear why this guy is unhappy with his eBay purchase. Wouldn’t you be? Is there a complaint option for something like this? Does PayPal cover mushroom stamps? Why would someone do this? This isn’t the kind of thing that happens accidentally. Someone purposefully did this. Was it the seller himself? Maybe a friend or relative was trying to be funny and did it. Still, how do you not see this on the screen when you are packaging the product up to be sent out to the buyer? I wouldn’t want to put this phone up to my ear to talk to anyone. I probably wouldn’t even want to touch it at all. I’d just close the box and send it right back where it came from and ask for a refund.

7 Perfect For A Tiny House

Tiny houses are pretty popular right now, and luckily there is plenty of tiny furniture to be found online. Of course, if you aren’t looking for tiny furniture but end up with it by mistake, you might be a little angry. Whoever ordered this entertainment center probably saw the price and description title and thought it was the deal of the lifetime. They didn’t bother to read the description. The seller probably hoped that people would make this mistake. Why didn’t they just put dollhouse furniture in the title? They knew someone would be in a hurry and see the price and just order based on affordability. Guess they were right. I hope whoever ordered this sent it back and requested a refund so this seller didn’t get away with his trickery.

6 That's Not A Dress

Sometimes when you order something online and get something that is not exactly what you wanted, it’s still close enough that you can make it work. You might wonder if you just glanced at the photo wrong or forgot to read the description. But sometimes, you get something like this in the mail and you wonder if they were even trying. The photo clearly shows a dress but the buyer ended up with a shirt. It's the same pattern, but the cut and style are both wrong. It’s not even close. You can’t blame this mess up on the buyer. The seller just decided to post a photo of a completely different piece and send something that can’t even be worn the same way. I would have been pretty mad about this one.

5 Well, It Looks Cute On The Cat

One of the biggest problems people face when ordering online is taking the time to read the description of the items or checking the sizes. What a seller may call a large backpack may only measure a few centimeters in size. Yes, I said centimeters. Most online orders are sized with the metric system. If you are used to dealing with inches, you may have to do a little bit of math before you can buy anything. Who wants to do math when you are shopping for a cute backpack? This guy may not have gotten what he wanted, but at least his cat has a cool new accessory. Think of all the catnip and yarn it could keep in that tiny bag. It probably doesn’t even appreciate it.

4 That's A Shady Salesman

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There was no misunderstanding in the situation. Nobody calculated wrong or failed to check the sizing chart. This was a scam, plain and simple. It’s actually a pretty good scam. I mean if you are going to buy something expensive from someone online that you don’t know, it’s probably a good idea to at least look at it before you hand over the money. Most people would want to at least check the TV to make sure it worked. Not this guy. He just handed over the cash and took home the item. I wonder what he thought when he went to open it up and realized he had been duped. Did he laugh or cry? It’s only funny because it happened to someone else. If it happened to you, you wouldn’t be laughing.

3 Is That A Face?

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Formal dresses can be expensive. Why pay a lot for a dress if you can find one that looks just like it online for half the price? Well, sometimes you get what you pay for online. This seller may have offered to the same dress, but they basically just gave it their best shot and sent whatever they came up with to the customer. Maybe they didn’t even know that the dress they made looks like a giant, jacked up smiley face. I guess we should all just be happy that it covers all the serious places that shouldn’t be seen. I don’t know why there is a random spot of sequins in the center. Pretty sure this girl wasn’t happy with her purchase and didn't wear this dress anywhere. At least I hope she didn't.

2 Almost Nailed It

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So far, we've mostly included women who have fallen victim to clothing related online shopping fails. But I assure you, women are not the only ones who are being filled with disappointment. This poor guy just wanted to get himself a nice polo shirt with the Canadian maple leaf on the side of it. Simple enough right? You would think it would pretty hard to mess up an order like this. Guess not. This shirt is way too short and tight for this poor guy. He is trying his best to make it look good, but even he knows something isn’t right. He probably won’t even attempt to order anything online again. Can you blame him? Poor fellow. I hope he ended up finding a shirt that fits.

1 I've Got A Pretty Good Idea

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There’s nothing like anxiously awaiting for a costume to come in the mail only to receive a butt plug instead. I’m curious as to which shop this girl bought this thing from, and I would definitely like more details on how she didn’t have an idea that it might be a sex toy. Didn’t it show a picture of the tail? Did she not realize what it was when she ordered it or did it show a different picture when she was browsing the site? I hate to break it to her, but I think there is only one way to wear that and it wouldn't be very comfortable. Maybe she could make some changes to it and somehow find a way to make it work? I think I would just send it back and try again.

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