15 Disgusting Times The Duggars Were Complete Scumbags

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15 Disgusting Times The Duggars Were Complete Scumbags

They were once TLC’s most popular family, and thousands of people tuned into watch the Duggars on their show, 19 Kids and Counting. But over the last few years a lot has changed, and this family has quickly fallen from grace.

It’s no secret that the Duggar clan have a lot of fans, but they also have a lot of critics, and I have to admit that I fall into the latter. The reason? Well, there’s 15 reasons really, all ranging from the way that they view women (and how they should always be subservient and available to fulfill a man’s needs) to the way that they try to sweep their scandals under the rug. Below are all the ways that these people have sparked fury.

15. The Way They Treat Women

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Perhaps the thing I dislike most about the Duggars is the way that they treat women. Women seem to be regarded as inferior and have to abide by their father’s rules: which include the way that they dress, their potential romances, and also their career goals.

A woman’s role in the Duggar household is to take care of the family and have children, and honestly, while there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom (in fact, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend all of your time with your children), the difference here is that these girls are not allowed to further their education. At least according to an article written on Patheos, which claims Jim Bob and Michelle are against higher education because they see it as being “problematic.”

14. They Have SO Many Secrets


This Duggars have had so many awful secrets emerge in the last few years, and they seem very eager to just sweep them under the rug instead of deal with them head on, which I suppose I can understand, because they don’t want the unpleasant aspects of their life being shared.

Most of the scandals that this family have been involved in seem to center around their eldest son, Josh Duggar. First there was the molestation incident, which reportedly happened when Josh was a teenager (he molested several of his sisters) and resulted in the cancelation of their show.

But not long after, more of Josh’s indiscretions came to light and it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife, and was also addicted to pornography.

13. Their Views On The LGBT Community…


I can’t stand by hate speech of any kind, and although this family is extremely religious and conservative, I just don’t understand why they have to be so vile with regards to the LGBT community.

Over the years they have made many headlines for this exact reason, but the two that stand out the most are their decisions to delete photos of same-sex married couples off their Facebook page, after inviting “all married couples” to share their PDA on their account.

Another offensive stance was with matriarch Michelle Duggar’s robocall against Fayetteville’s proposed anti-discrimination ordinance in 2014. She had a problem with transgender individuals having the choice to use whichever bathroom they felt more comfortable in. She referred to them as “men” who would be able to go in “women’s and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas, and other areas that are designated for females only.” WTF! Just stop it!

12. …And Their Approach To Other Religions


Again, it amazes me that after everything that the Duggars have done, they still have a platform and a dedicated following. When they are not discriminating against the LGBT community or slamming those who are pro-choice, they are ridiculing religions. Actually, “they” is an unfair statement, because this one is all on Ben Seewald, aka Jessa Duggar’s husband.

You may remember when I discussed this in other articles, but he previously made a Facebook rant about Catholicism and its “deadly errors.” He wrote, “…Where they depart from Scripture, I will in no way support, but will call them out because I love them and desire that they be turned from their deadly errors.”

Who are you to slam any other religion Ben Seewald? Seriously, just go away.

11. The Whole Courtship Thing

Austin and Joy are loving married life! Check out their video and picture on our website! Link in the bio.

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There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow: if you don’t want to have sex before marriage, that’s your own choice. But the Duggars courtship rules are a lot more extreme than that, because potential couples are are not even allowed to spend time alone; they have to always have a chaperone. Even more absurd is that they cannot kiss, or even hug full-on (only side hugs are allowed). How the heck does this give people the chance to get to know each other?

The answer? It doesn’t, at least not in my opinion.

But the thing that annoys me the most is that these rules are all set out by patriarch, Jim Bob. He even goes so far as to interview the people who want to date his daughters, and they reportedly need to fill out a 50 page questionnaire!

10. Their Opinions On Abortion

A woman should be able to do whatever she wants with her body, but maybe that statement is not true for everyone. We are all entitled to different opinions, but it’s the way you go about them that really makes a difference.

There’s been backlash a few times because of the Duggars views on abortion, these include: wearing controversial anti-abortion T-shirts, attending rallies, and calling abortion a “baby holocaust.”

But that’s not all. Anna Duggar has also been slammed for sharing her opinions on abortion during Black History Month. She retweeted a message from The Radiation Foundation’s Twitter page which read, “Human beings should be remembered not dismembered. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter.” It also included, “Because of the violence of abortion, over 16 million black people are history.”

9. They Shame Other Women

The older sisters offered advice for Joy on her wedding day! Link in the bio.

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I don’t think the Duggar women are feminists, and there’s a list of reasons as to why this is. But one of the most infuriating things about them is their ideas of modesty, and how they shame women who don’t dress the way that they do. Please note, not everyone needs to wear clothes that cover every square inch of skin.

They apparently look out for women who could potentially tempt their men by not abiding by their own conservative dress code. And they have a code word to inform the men when temptation is near. That codeword is “Nike.”

The older Duggar sisters shared this information in their book, Growing Up Duggar, and revealed, “That’s a signal to the boys, and even to Dad, that they should nonchalantly drop their eyes and look down at their shoes as we walk past her… It’s meant to help keep the guys’ eyes from seeing things they shouldn’t be seeing. By using the single-word signal, the warning can be given quietly and discreetly.” Ugh!

8. They Are Bullies

If you don’t believe what the Duggars believe, you are wrong. One of the most damning instances of this involves Derick Dillard (who is married to Jill Duggar), who insulted transgender teen, Jazz Jennings.

Dillard clearly had a problem with Jenning’s reality show, I Am Jazz—which focuses on her life—because he tweeted, “What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

Jennings reacted to the tweet, and revealed how she has to fight cyberbullying everyday, but regardless of the hate, she will continue to share her story. The good news? A lot of people stood up for her and took aim at Dillard, hoping to educate him on what being trans really means.

7. Jim Bob Restricts His Children’s Knowledge

With knowledge comes power: This is a saying we have probably all come to know and love, but in the Duggar household Jim Bob is determined to restrict that knowledge. And he makes no secret of this desire, because he views it as a way of protecting his family’s values.

Jim Bob shared his words of wisdom in a blog post for fathers, in which he told them to “start protecting their family.” As for how they should do this? Well, it’s apparently about time that fathers start removing all material from the outside world that could possibly educate their children on politics, current affairs, and the planet.

Jim Bob says fathers should remove material such as “books, magazines, television, or Internet that have worldly or sensual content.” Those things should be replaced by “wholesome music, biographies of great Christians, good old-fashioned family fun and games.” Oh okay, thanks!

6. They Are Not Feminists

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Women in this family are not put first, their role is basically to care for the family and have as many children as possible. As well as give in to their husbands every need, and this includes their bodies. A woman’s body should not be seen, not because it’s a shameful thing, but because it should only be seen by their future husbands.

This includes when they are doing things like swimming, because they don’t want to stir up desires in men. So, in order to prevent those pesky desires, the women in the Duggar household “want to keep the thighs and torso covered.” According to Michelle Duggar, “we don’t want to play peekaboo so that there’s a visual element that might defraud someone.”

They also don’t go to the beach or swim in public places, or partake in swimming events because “it’s just too hard for the guys to try to keep their eyes averted in those situations.”

5. They Are Hypocrites


Sorry, but the Duggars are hypocrites. They are meant to uphold strong family values and should be willing to help those in need, but that’s not really true. Apparently Jill Duggar was prevented from helping out a member of their extended family, Susanna Keller (who is Josh Duggar’s sister-in-law) and the reason for this was because she had a child out of wedlock *insert eye roll now*

According to Daily Mail, a source told RadarOnline that Jim Bob and Michelle did not allow Jill (who is a midwife) to help Keller through her birth, even though she wanted to help. The source said, “Michelle and Jim Bob, however, wouldn’t let her participate. They thought Jill shouldn’t be exposed to an unmarried mother in that condition.”

4. Women Should Be Subservient

So great having all of our older daughters together while Jill is temporarily back in Arkansas! ?

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I hate that the Duggars strict code of conduct basically says that women should be subservient to men. This includes doing whatever their husband wants, and always being available for them if they want to have sex — no matter how exhausted or heavily pregnant the woman may be. These wise words are brought to you by Michelle Duggar.

She shared her thoughts on the family blog after being asked what advice she would give to her then newly-married daughter, Jill.

According to Gawker, the Duggars are also part of the Quiverfull movement: a relatively new religion that was reportedly only started in the 1980s and follows guidelines of evangelical principles, which include traditional gender roles and family values. Oh, and birth control is prohibited.

3. They Manipulate Atrocities To Fit With Their Narrative

I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today… very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights–their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed "less than human." Racism, stemming from the evolutionary idea that man came from something less than human; that some people groups are "more evolved" and others "less evolved." A denying that our Creator–GOD–made us human from the beginning, all of ONE BLOOD and ONE RACE, descendants of Adam. The belief that some human beings are "not fit to live." So they're murdered. Slaughtered. Kids with Down syndrome or other disabilities. The sickly. The elderly. The sanctity of human life varies not in sickness or health, poverty or wealth, elderly or pre-born, little or lots of melanin [making you darker or lighter skinned], or any other factor. "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not He that pondereth the heart consider it? and He that keepeth thy soul, doth not He know it? and shall not He render to every man according to his works?" (Proverbs 24:10-12) May we never sit idly by and allow such an atrocity to happen again. Not this generation. We must be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Because EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS. #ProLife

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This family has no shame about using the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s in World War II, namely the holocaust, to back up their own points of view. Jessa Duggar did this when she decided to share her thoughts on abortion and drew similarities to the holocaust after a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. She even shared a photo from a concentration camp.

And her husband Ben Seewald has also made controversial comments, comparing race wars to evolution. He claimed that there is no room for racism in Christianity and then brought evolution into the conversation, saying, “That all comes from, like, this false religion out there, evolution, that stuff? Teaching that, like, some people are more ‘evolved’?”

Um, wait, what?

2. They Chose To Put Their Lives On Reality TV

TBT: When we were a little family of 5! 🙂

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The three youngest children in the Duggar household are Josie Brooklyn, who was born in 2009, Jordyn-Grace Makiya, who was born in 2008, and Jennifer Danielle, who was born in 2007. The ages of the children range from seven to 29. And they were even younger when they made their reality TV debut, because TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting has been on air since 2008 (before being canceled in 2015).

Michelle and Jim Bob have taken their children’s childhood away from them and thrusted them into the limelight, and the reason is they are narcissists who want to line their pockets.

These kids didn’t sign on to be reality TV stars and have their images blasted all over the media, and it’s really unfair. They didn’t ask for the scrutiny that comes with living in the public eye, and it’s far from normal having their every move watched by a camera crew.

1. Why The Hell Do Women Need To Be Pure?

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I think that this point is basically a culmination of all of the previous points, because they all tie into the idea of gender roles and how women appear to be considered less important than men.

I really hate the obsession with women having to be pure: they must not kiss or even hug before marriage. This is absolutely is crazy, and it goes much deeper than this. These young women have to cover themselves up to make sure that they don’t “tempt” men. As if men can’t f*cking control themselves.

Sorry, but are these men so depraved that they can’t see a woman with a slightly tight top and pants? And the courtship rules, as I discussed earlier, are set out by Jim Bob and are the perfect example of patriarchy.

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