15Aladdin was inspired by Tom Cruise.

via Disney

For those of you whose sexual awakening was sparked by a cartoon prince, you're in the perfect place. The animators for Aladdin have confirmed that their handsome hero was based off of Tom Cruise. Though Aladdin's original design was actually modeled after actor Michael J. Fox from Back to the Future. The animators found that

their end result was "too cutesy" and they decided on they needed a more confident leading man and love interest for Princess Jasmine. In search of a bolder and hunkier model, the animators settled on Tom Cruise as their muse. The animators added a few years to Aladdin's age and took off his shirt, all while watching Tom Cruise's movies. Aladdin's features as well as his cockiness and confidence all come from the legendary Tom Cruise. Fun fact: Because the movie's animation already started there are traces of the old Aladdin during "Friend Like Me."

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