15 Disney-Inspired Bento Boxes That Your Kid Will Love

Bento boxes originate from Japan and are homemade meals that are usually arranged in elaborate styles resembling anything from popular characters to everyday items. They are a perfect way to include all the major food groups important for your little ones to consume and they’re also an excellent way to make lunchtime more exciting and even magical! Your kids will love the combination of a nutritious meal and their favourite characters. Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be tempted to take these to work with you instead…

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Take a look at these bento boxes inspired by the magical world of Disney.

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14 Olaf

Olaf puts a smile on anyone’s face! This Frozen-inspired bento box can be easily made with the use of sticky rice for the body, a cooked carrot for the nose, and edible seaweed cut out for the little details.

13 Toy Story

“OOOHHH,” as the little green aliens from Toy Story would probably say about this bento box. This box contains veggies, fruits, crackers, and cheese! Having differently-shaped cookie cutters can be used for fruit to make the meal more fun and enjoyable.

12 Cinderella

This Cinderella bento box is complete with Fairy Godmother pretzel wands! The Cinderella sandwich topper is made with different cheeses and detailed with lettuce. A fresh serving of berries is sure to fill those little tummies!

Finding Nemo

It’s everyone’s favourite fishy from the sea! This Finding Nemo bento box is made with sticky rice and detailed with cheese, edible seaweed, and cooked carrot.

11 Lady and the Tramp

Lady’s ears are made out of red bell peppers! Her face is easy to recreate—all you need is cheese for the snout, eggs, leftover toast crust for her eyes, and edible seaweed to shape the brows and lashes. A little black olive can make her nose pop out, but you can use edible seaweed for this as well.

10 Mickey and Minnie Mouse

This pair looks cute in any shape or form—especially as bento box art! They are also fairly easy to make. Using rice balls, their faces are detailed with edible seaweed. Minnie’s bow can also be made from red pepper as an alternative to imitation crab, which was originally used.

9 Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

The best of friends who are almost too cute to eat! This bento box may require a little more effort and attention to detail, but consider it a challenge. Silicone cupcake liners are also a great way to separate different snacks.

8 101 Dalmatians

This bento box idea is nothing short of adorable—it’s pup-tastic! Grilled vegetables are also great as a side.

7 Bambi

This bento box Bambi is made out of grilled ham and cheese and detailed using black olives, yellow peppers, and more cheese! Served with some juicy strawberries and crunchy carrots.

6 Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny from Bambi is decorated with delicious cheese and ham flower cut outs. As a vegetarian alternative, you can always include red and yellow peppers for the flower cutouts instead of ham!

5 Chip 'n' Dale

This Chip ‘n’ Dale sandwich bento box is worth all the extra effort. Look at those little chipmunk faces! Instead of sandwiches, you can also try using sticky rice.

4 Marie the Aristocat

Here’s another bento box sandwich variety inspired by the little miss Marie. For the small details, it is best to use either a sharp tipped knife or a pair of culinary scissors.

3 Star Wars

This Stormtrooper and BB-8 bento box is perfect for your little Star Wars fan. The head of BB-8 is made out of a hard boiled egg!

2 Snow White and the Evil Witch

An absolutely adorable bento box inspired by Snow White! In this box, a floret of broccoli and cheese flower cutouts were creatively used to resemble a blooming shrub.

1 Zootopia

Zootopia is one of Disney’s newest animations and it was quick to become one of my favourites! It is actually fairly easy to make coloured rice. For Nick’s face, grate some carrot and mix it into cooked rice. Be sure to add a pinch of salt before adding to the microwave for a couple of minutes. For the grey parts of Judy’s face, mix in some ground edible seaweed into cooked rice. The pink parts of her face can be made with dried shrimp flakes mixed into cooked rice.

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