15 Disney Jokes That Only Real Fans Will Laugh At

Thank you, internet, for all these Disney jokes.

As a '90s child, whenever someone talks about Disney movies—my mind goes straight to the classics: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, the oldies but goodies! Even though we grew up watching these movies, it's crazy to think about how old some of them actually are. Like, the oldest Disney classic is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which was made in 1937 (!!).

While we grew up watching Disney classics, new and more modern Disney films have hit our screens and are even more beloved than the classics (Frozen, Moana, Princess and the Frog, etc...). And since Disney isn't slowing down and every child grows up watching the movies, it's safe to say there are certain jokes out there (thanks to the wild and crazy Internet) that only true Disney fans would laugh at. And here are 15 of them:

15 Heihei!

I love that whoever saw this scene in real life immediately thought of Disney's Moana. I mean, how often is it that we see a chicken floating off to sea...willingly? Heihei was Moana's little sidekick on her adventures. She didn't necessarily take him with her, but let's just say he wanted a little adventure in his life; even though he's the kind of chicken who eats rocks. Nevertheless, this little photo compilation is magic. Look at the picture of him on the left! He's actually floating in a bucket. Wait—now that I think about it, I wonder if this is what the design team behind Moana physically did in order to produce the most lifelike Heihei. Even though our favorite Disney films are cartoons, they still take the time make it as realistic as possible. Hmmm...

14 'Beauty and the Beast 2': The Trip To Ikea

I know this Tumblr stream has been floating around the Internet for quite some time, but I don't think it ever gets old. We all love Disney's original Beauty and the Beast. It's filled with a great story line, wonderful music, and a caring and educated protagonist. We all secretly loved how Belle was a book-worm and practically lived at the library. We also loved how it was just her and her dad, and although she was the child, she did her best to look after him and keep him safe. All of this changes, obviously, when Belle is taken hostage into the Beast's castle. She finds that his entire staff are the appliances. Which means when the curse was finally broken, and his staff turned back into people—there was no dresser, there was no clock, there was no candle. There's only one thing this newlywed couple had to do: go to Ikea.

13 Ja-wherever You Are

After we read this once, we decided to go back a second, third, and fourth time to read it as part of the song. Incase someone has no idea what this Disney meme is about—it's a meme that plays off Disney's Aladdin and Titanic. (Arguably two of the most different, yet, amazing movies of all time.) Disney fans love making jokes off characters' names. Jafar, the main villain in Aladdin, was turned into "Ja-near," which was pretty funny by itself. But they went a step further to add pictures of "Janear" really close to the screen and then "Ja-far" far away from the screen. They get bonus points for seeing the potential of the name and turned it into Celine Dion's hit from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On." (The original lyric is "Near, far, wherever you are...") We kind of like the Aladdin version better TBH.

12 He Never Lands

Whenever we hear this punny Peter Pan joke, we try not to laugh, but a massive smile comes across our face. Peter Pan is a boy from the magical island of Neverland, where he lives with his group of friends whom he calls "the lost boys." His powers help him fly and his spicy personality gets him triumph over this enemy Captain Hook. Got that? Okay let's break down all of these puns! Why is Peter Pan always flying? "Because he never lands!" (A play off his home island.) We all love this joke because "it never gets old," just like Peter. The joke itself has a nice "hook" to it because of Peter's enemy, Captain Hook!

I think I made myself pretty clear. It's just a long (amazing) stream of Peter Pan puns and truthfully, I wonder if it's still going on.

11 Woah - Too Soon

I love this post so much only because of the last edit where it says "Things that are okay—this post." Because it's not okay! We all fell in love with Disney's Frozen. I'm not lying, Frozen broke records for being the highest-grossing animated film, banking $1,072,391,611 (that's BILLION) in 2014. Imagine how much money the movie has made today in 2017 with all of the merchandise and games that have come from the film!

But back to the joke. Someone decided they thought they were hilarious and asked a simple question on Tumblr: "Why didn't Anna and Elsa's parents teach them the whole alphabet?" The answer was, "Because they got lost a C." (Trust me, if whoever is reading this is an avid Frozen fan, they're more pissed than laughing.) It broke our hearts into a million pieces when these sisters lost their parents due to a shipwreck at sea. It changed the entire family dynamic and we felt for little Anna and Elsa. So it makes sense that someone drew a little circle that said this post was not okay—because it's not!

10 "No, Where Are Your Nipples?"

Whenever I feel alone in this world, all I need to do is hop on Tumblr and browse some of the comments. There are some people out there who I know I would be BFF's with if I ever met them in real life. And a perfect example of that is this Tumblr user, "the-art-student-in-221c." (I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say they're an art student." Disney posted this GIF of Aladdin reaching for Jasmine's hand in order to escape the palace guards. He reaches out his hand and says "Do you trust me?" (Which we all know that Jasmine trusted him enough to grab his hand and run from the guards.) Instead of someone filling in the next line from the movie, this person responds "no, where are your nipples?" Ha! They're right! Where are Aladdin's nipples?! How do we trust a stranger with no nipples without asking any questions first!

9 Two Plots: One Movie

Tangled and The Chronicles of Narnia are two epic movies. Are they different? Yes, in every possible way. But after watching Narnia, we can't help but think there's some kind of magical world in the depths of our closet. Sometimes when I'm searching for clothes in my closet, ill push everything to the side just to make sure the back of the closet is still intact and there's not some portal to a mythical land. (I know, I know. I have a problem.) In Disney's Tangled, Rapunzel tries to lock Flynn Rider in her closet. But, thanks to Tumblr, what if Flynn ends up in the closet world of Narnia! What a crazy plot twist that would be! We love when fans get creative and combine two of our favorite movies or characters into one place.

8 The Hardest Game Imaginable

Every. Single. Time. We all had our favorite Disney Princesses growing up—which was hard enough. But when asked about our favorite Disney Prince!? That's an impossible task. Each prince was pretty different in their own right. Though we didn't get to know the princes' on a deeper level like we did with the princesses—we all had a top three. But when someone asks us who we would marry? And we could only choose ONE option? That's an impossible task! Let's see, Prince Eric was powerful and sweet at the same time, however, he scooped up a mute/naked girl and asked zero questions. Prince Phillip was one sexy guy, but he fell in love with Aurora after a ten-minute song and dance in the woods. We need an hour to think about this!

7 Wait A Minute...

Oh my gosh—what if Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin were the younger versions of Ted and John!? The youthful friendship of Winnie and Christopher somehow had a twist of fate and turned into the sex-addicted and pot smoking Ted and John. What could have happened in The Hundred Acre Woods for them to change so drastically? Was Tigger a bad influence? Was Piglet too soft-spoken? Or maybe eeyore was too down in the dumps for the two besties. I mean, Ted and his human buddy John are cool and all. They do have a tight bond, regardless of their personal interest, but we just cannot imagine Winnie the Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin morphing into them. But thanks to this Tumblr user, the possibility is now in our brains and we're trying to erase it.

6 Disney Facebook

There is something so exciting about picturing our favorite Disney charters in modern day life. Whether it's the way they would dress, the people they would hang out with, or if they found love with another prince than the one from the movie—we want to grow older with our favorite characters. And in the modern days of today, we live on social media platforms, which means following our favorite princesses on Facebook. This Tumblr user added an awesome picture of Anna from Frozen (like she needs an introduction) inviting Elsa (via Facebook) to build a snowman with her! Of course, it spins off the scenes of Anna trying to get Elsa to play and build a snowman with her. And in classic Elsa-form, she writes "Go away Anna." Anna, pissed off, tells her that she's changed ever since her song got big on YouTube. Elsa's response? "Let it go." A classic pun on one of the most popular songs from any animated picture ever.

5 Twins!

Two questions: did Jennifer Lawrence choose this dress because it reminder her of The Little Mermaid? And if not, did she see this comparison after the award show and love it? I sure would! She looked beautiful in this dress, I mean—the girl can do no wrong. Her personality is so bright and she radiates such a lovely energy, that she could be wearing a paper bag and still look like a million bucks. Ariel on the other hand, she thought this own tarp and sea ropes were high-end couture. Just look at her loving the way she looks. She's showing a little leg and grabbing her hair in complete love! No wonder Prince Eric fell for her. Her confidence is through the roof - and she doesn't even have a voice!

4 Mean Princesses

Yes, yes, and yes. We love us some Mean Girls. More than that - we love us some Disney Princesses. So why not bring the two together into the same world? Some mastermind decided to combine the Disney Princesses but in a scene from Mean Girls. And not just an scene. One of the most legendary scenes in the entire film. Here we have Ariel as Cady Heron, Cinderella as Karen, and Princess Aurora as Regina George, and it's epic. In the real movie, Karen asks Cady why she's white if she's from Africa (SMH). So, it makes perfect sense that Cinderella asks Ariel why she has legs if she's from the sea. It's literally the perfect combination between the two movies and this is one Disney joke that gets a standing ovation.

3 Alice in Wonderland FTW

I feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland doesn't get enough love. Was she clumsy? Yes. Was she careless? Yes. Did she trust a whole lot of strangers in a strange area? Yes. Although she was brave and stood her ground in many of the situations she threw herself in, Alice was really inattentive. But aside from those traits, we have to admire her adventurous spirit and her sweet nature. And after seeing this meme? We're starting to like her even more! Alice never did have a love interest in her movie. She was a child at the time, so the movie followed her on her adventure though a wonderland instead of her need to find love (which we're thankful for). Since she didn't have a love interest, she found friendship in her cat. And let me just say—that was more relatable to us than falling in love with a prince that we met in the forrest, owning a bengal tiger, or having fins. Alice is the real winner.

2 Move-Faster

This is one joke that never gets old. Why? Because we adore The Lion King, and every time we get to reminisce on the old movie in a positive way - we're all about it.

The bond between Mufasa and Simba was unlike any other Disney relationship. Mufasa was training Simba to take over the pride and was proud to teach him the ways of being a king. After Mufasa saved Simba from the elephant graveyard, we all cried in happiness when they started wrestling in the tall grass talking about how they'd always be together. (BRB, currently crying). But if there's one way to play on the name Mufasa - it's this way. "Simba was walking too slow so I told him to Mufsa!" Get it? Like move-faster? I swear, the people of the Internet are so witty and creative, I can't stand it.

1 Well This Is Awkward

Wow, what is it with digital visionaries combing Tangled with other Disney movies? I guess her and this closet work in more ways than one. Since Flynn Ryder is apparently in Narnia by now, Rapunzel has a new friend to keep her company in her tower; Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.!  Since Mike and his buddy Sully have a job to do, and that job is to pick a door, sneak in, and scare the life out of children - it makes sense Mike found himself behind Rapunzel's closet door. Rapunzel, however, is not impressed. And she certainly doesn't seem to be afraid of this one-eyed monster. If she beat the life out of Flynn with a frying pan, she can do the same to this little butter ball. Regardless of the outcome, we have to give so many props to the artists' behind all of these jokes.

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