15 Disney Princess Memes That Got Way Too Real

It doesn't matter how old I get — I will never stop watching Disney princess movies. Personally, I'm partial to The Little Mermaid and Tangled above all else, but as far as I'm concerned, none of them ever lose their magic. And the further into adulthood I get, the more I realize things I never noticed when I watched as a kid...  especially considering the fact that most of these princesses were just in their teen years when they fell in love and married their princes. I mean, is that even legal?! It's certainly not realistic!

Here are 15 Disney princess memes that are sure to make anyone look at these movies a little differently next time they watch. Apologies for any childhoods that have been ruined in the process of reading this list!

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15 Jasmine's Priorities Were Way Out Of Line

Via Pinterest

First of all, there were a lot of messed up things about Aladdin — like basically every scene with Jafar, who was a creepy older guy trying to trick a teenager into falling in love with him — but this tops the list. I get that a magic carpet would seem a little freaky, especially for someone who had never seen one before, but Jasmine is clearly the kind of girl who lives on the edge. She has one of the deadliest animals in the world as her pet. What's so scary about a magic carpet?!

If you ask me, I'd trust a flying piece of decor long before I'd start hanging out with a tiger, even if Rajah was pretty sweet and made a good friend for Jasmine. Good thing she finally decided to trust Aladdin and go, or this would have been a really boring movie.

14 Mulan Was The Actual Hero

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Don't get me wrong — these women did incredible things for love. Ariel left her entire family and everything she knew to be with the man she loves, and poor Cinderella had to deal with a lot of bullshit before she got her happy ending. But, um, Mulan's accomplishment was a little more important than the rest of them, because she risked her life and became an actual warrior for the good of her country. How does anyone else's love story compare to that?!

It's unfair, really. All of these princesses thought they were just supposed to fall in love, and Mulan's out there making it impossible for anyone else to live up to the high standards she's set? Don't tell me Disney princesses aren't good role models!

13 This Mind Blowing Little Mermaid Detail

Via Pinterest

Okay, so I've watched The Little Mermaid no less than one hundred times, and probably a lot more than that, if you listen to my mother when she says I had the VHS on repeat as a toddler. But not once did I notice this detail about Ariel and her sisters until it was pointed out to me in this meme. Everyone really is coordinating but our main girl! What the hell, Triton?! Why didn't your youngest daughter deserve a matching top and tail?!

Knowing Disney and their infinite wisdom, chances are that this was a deliberate decision to show how Ariel was different from her sisters and never fit in. I wonder how many other instances of symbolism I've missed in these movies?!

12 Cinderella Is An Independent Woman

Via Funny Memes

People never give Cinderella the credit she deserves. Sure, she has her own castle in Disney's Magic Kingdom and all, but this girl has seen some shit. I mean, she lost both of her parents, was basically made a slave by her stepmother, put up with those bitchy stepsisters and somehow she came out of it with a good, pure heart, still believing in love and the goodness of others? I don't even see how that's possible — even with the help of mice.

But after everything she's been through, she'll be damned if she does what a man tells her to do. The Fairy Godmother told Cindy to be home at midnight, and that's where she'll be, no matter how cute this prince is. Atta girl!

11 If Mrs. Potts Were A Disney Princess

Via Twitter

The meme is right: It does get worse the longer you look at it. I know that Mrs. Potts was originally a human (and returned to her human form at the end of Beauty and the Beast) but to see her like this is truly disturbing. Why are her arms like that? She looks really stretchy, and I hate it. This woman is meant to be a teapot and a teapot only. Why do people have to create images like this?!

I would not be opposed to letting who is hands down my favorite animated teapot become an official Disney princess... (if, you know, Mr. Potts is a prince, since royalty is kind of a requirement) but definitely not like this. This is awful.

10 More Cinderella Real Talk

Via Twitter

The more I examine this meme, the more concerned I get for Cindy in general, because it's totally right. Like I said before, Cinderella lived a really hard life, and normally, the way she's acted because of it would be of a lot of concern... if she wasn't a Disney princess, but in that universe, these things are the norm. I mean, her friends are all talking animals that only she hears. She thought a pumpkin turned into a stage coach. Is she hallucinating?

Also, good point about Prince Charming. He's seriously obsessed with the feet of every woman in the kingdom, yet this doesn't seem to raise any flags for anyone. Are we sure Cinderella is safe with this man?

9 And Some Belle Real Talk Too

Via Twitter

This poor woman. I totally believe that Gaston is the root of all her problems, too, because he was a total jerk. He's handsy, borderline sexually harassing her when she makes it clear that she is not at all interested in him, and he's self-obsessed to the point that he thinks there's something wrong with Belle if she doesn't want to go out with him, rather than believing anything could possibly be wrong with him. That poor girl!

She was so traumatized by Gaston that of course she was totally comforted by talking dinnerware after she was kidnapped, and of course she would fall in love with her kidnapper, who was an angry, hairy dude but ultimately just a few shades more decent than Gaston was. Someone help this woman!

8 Elsa's Kind Of A Jerk

Via Tumblr

Okay, I get that Elsa had absolutely no control over her ice powers and was worried she'd hurt her sister again — and was obviously troubled thanks to her parents' sudden death — but in general, she was a crappy big sister. Rather than explain to Anna that she was trying to protect her, she just shut her down every time she wanted to play, often straight up ignoring her. You're the only two people you have left in the world! Be nice to her!

And then, she finally recreates Olaf, and Anna is nowhere to be found. She couldn't have waited until Anna tracked her down at the ice castle to give her the snowman she'd always dreamed of? Seriously rotten sister.

7 The Real Tragedy Of Belle's Story

Via Love This Pic

Not only was Gaston routinely inappropriate with Belle, but the rest of the villagers were pretty rude to her, too. There's an entire song about how weird and strange she is just because she likes to read books, which is a relatively normal activity. They admitted that she was pretty, yes, but also that she was a total freak because she didn't fit in. And somehow, they totally accepted Gaston even though he was a douche? Okay.

So thinking in those terms, it kind of makes sense that she was thrilled when she made friends with all of the beast's cursed employees. They were all kind to her right from the start. I mean, yeah, they wanted her to stay and break the spell, but still.

6 Rapunzel's Way Of Finding A Man

Via Tumblr

Rapunzel has always been one of the princesses I relate most to — probably because I spend most of my time by myself at home and because I talk to my cats like she talks to Pascal. But her true genius is in the way she managed to find Flynn Rider without even lifting a finger. She basically just hung out until a super attractive dude appeared in her tower, and it wasn't long until they lived happily ever after.

She never had to go on any awkward first dates. She never had to deal with wondering if he'd call her again. She never even had to swipe right. Clearly, the Tangled method of dating is something they need to share with the world. Rapunzel wins!

5 Hans Is The Biggest Rat In Disney History

Via Blogspot

The first time I saw Frozen, I was honestly shocked by the plot twist that Hans wasn't actually in love with Anna, he just wanted a fast track to becoming a king. He's a really, really evil dude (obviously) and every time I've watched the movie since then, I pick up on huge clues that should have tipped me off to the fact that he's bad news from the beginning.

I will never stop being mad at Hans, though. Anna is so precious and adorable. How could anyone want to hurt her? Thank god she managed to find Kristoff in the end, because he's way sweeter... and way better looking... and comes with a cute reindeer, too.

4 This Rapunzel & Mother Gothel Discovery

Via Tumblr

Like I said before, Tangled is one of those Disney movies I've watched a million times, but I never realized this huge symbolism until just now. Of course, Mother Gothel didn't kidnap Rapunzel because she wanted a baby — she wanted the secret to eternal youth, which was obviously transmitted by Rapunzel's magical hair. So it makes total sense that it's not Rapunzel she loves, but her hair that's keeping her young.

Just another reason to hate this woman, who acted like she wanted what was best for Rapunzel by keeping her trapped in that tower when really she just wanted to make sure nothing happened to the hair. On the list of bad parenting moves, this one takes the top.

3 What Aurora Was Probably Really Thinking

Via Imgur

I tell people that Sleeping Beauty is my least favorite Disney princess movie, but in reality, I think I'm just jealous of Aurora. She becomes a princess by taking a nap, and that is beautiful. But did anyone ever stop and think about what she would have wanted? Homegirl had a tough childhood. Maybe all she ever wanted was just to sleep for a few hundred years. The prince is nice and all, but does he compare to all that rest?

For the record, if I'm ever put to eternal sleep thanks to a curse, there are faster ways to wake me up than true love's kiss. You know, like pizza. Or ice cream. Or maybe just let me sleep. Sleep is so good.

2 When The Frog Actually Was The Meme

Via Tumblr

I adore Tiana, but Princess and the Frog was a seriously trippy movie. And clearly, it was trippier than I thought, because at first glance, I never even noticed that the frog in Tiana's hand (who's supposed to be Prince Naveen, but in amphibian form) is actually Pepe The Frog, who is famous for being a meme himself. Obviously, this photo has been edited, but still. I can't stop laughing!

I would totally advocate for Disney remaking this movie, with Pepe as every frog instead. Trippy as it was, I truly loved it, so this could be a good comedy move. Can we get the original cast back on board? Please?

1 When You Begin To Relate To The Parents More Than The Princesses

Via Tumblr

I've had the exact moment the Tumblr users are talking about in this meme, and it's a really scary way to remind yourself of how old you are. Triton had a lot of good points in The Little Mermaid, now that I think about it. He may have been a little over protective, but Ariel was only 16, so should she really be allowed to go to the dangerous surface where she could be hurt or killed by people, a species they knew nothing about? NO.

In fact, all of these Disney princesses were in their teen years and probably shouldn't have been allowed to do any of the things they did, let alone get married. I'm on Team Triton for this one. Ariel, listen to your father!

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