15 Disney Princesses Channeling Their Inner Villains

We all know how the Disney stories go. Girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy. Boy and girl go through adventures together. Life is almost over. And then poof! Girl gets rescued and lives happily ever after with boy. Done and done. They ride off into the sunset and it's all smiles, right? Well, maybe not. What if things didn't go as planned? What if instead of being rescued or riding off into the sunset, the girl doesn't quite get the happy ever after? What if she turns to evil? What if our favorite Disney Princesses actually went dark? So no more beautiful ball gowns and big smiles. Instead we've got evil snarls, ripped dresses, and battle scars. These ladies aren't waiting around to be rescued. They're the ones doing the kidnapping.

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15 Snow White Goes After The Evil Queen's Title

In the dark version of this story, Snow isn't the sweet naive girl who befriends some dwarves and lives happily ever after. This time, Snow grabs the poisonous apple, but instead of falling into a deep sleep, she wakes up a totally changed woman. Her eyes go black and evil side of Snow White comes out. When the dwarves get home, Snow converts them to her side by baking the evil apple into a pie and serving it to the dwarves. Now the dwarves have turned into malicious minions who follow Snow's bidding. And she is leading them to one place — right back to the queen's castle. She isn't hiding out in the forest. She's taking the throne back. There can only be one bad b—h in town and it's going to be Snow.

14 The Little Mermaid From The Black Lagoon

Ariel is hanging around in her grotto admiring all of the little baubles she has picked up from the human world. She's holding onto her statues and comb. And then her father, King Triton, bursts in. He's furious. He starts throwing his magical trident around, blowing up everything in his path. Ariel is horrified! She rushes to stop her father when all of a sudden—BANG—she's hit by the trident. Ariel collapses. King Triton is devastated. He does the only thing he can think of. He brings Ariel's limp body to Ursula. Ursula says she can bring Ariel back to life — but for a price. Ariel comes back from the dead, but she's not the same old Little Mermaid. She's an evil agent of Ursula's with a dinglehopper for a hand. And, of course, Flounder had to go evil, too.

13 Beauty Goes Beastly

You know how at the end of the movie, Belle admits her true love for the Beast just as the last rose petal falls? Yeah, well, it turns out she was just a moment too late. The last petal fell, the Beast died, and all of the household employees became objects permanently. Devastated, Belle locked herself up in the castle and refused to leave. She never returned to her village and she wouldn't even see her father. While perusing the library one day, Belle found a book on black magic. She read up and eventually got good enough to cast spells of her own. After years of mastering the techniques, Belle was able to bring the objects back to life and raise the Beast from the dead. She filled their minds with evil and lead them on a crusade back to her village to finally get their revenge.

12 Princess Jasmine Is Calling The Shots Now

This isn't the Jasmine who is casually waiting for a strange boy to show up on a magic carpet and rescue her from her dull rich life. This Jasmine has had enough of the men in her life bossing her around. She doesn't want to be Jafar's wife and she doesn't want to be Aladdin's wife. She doesn't want her dad or some dumb genie to tell her how to live her life. So she's taking matters into her own hands and she's going dark. Jasmine is taking the world back. And she's taking her tiger, Raja, along for the ride. Jasmine has taken the Genie's three wishes and turned them evil. She'll use them to rule the world and no men better get in her way.

11 Cinderella Waited Way Past Midnight


While watching the movie, I never understood why the fairy godmother's magic would only be good until midnight. Has she ever been to a ball? The party doesn't even get good until way after two in the morning! If she's able to turn mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage, why can't she keep that going for a few more hours? The least she could do was let Cinderella keep the dress and just walk home. But here's what happens if Cindy overstays her welcome. Not only does the magic wash away, but a terrible curse creeps in. Everything Cindy had that night was fake and when she stayed past midnight, she became fake, too. Instead of returning to a dowdy housemaid, Cindy became an evil scarecrow, forced to haunt the castle forever.

10 Sleeping Beauty Will Put You To Sleep Forever

This one is going to get a little dark, so buckle up. Maleficent had lots of time to prepare for Aurora's big birthday and the moment she would prick her finger on the spinning wheel. She wanted to make sure that Aurora would not only go to sleep, but that the young princess would never again wake up. So what does she do? She keeps to the sewing motif and actually sews Aurora's eyes closed. Creepy, right? (Sorry, I had to go there.) But of course, the curse does get lifted. Aurora gets her true love's kiss but she can't open her eyes. Unable to see and in terrible pain, Aurora isolates herself in the forest and eventually goes mad. She becomes evil and haunts the forests around the castle for the rest of her life.

9 Pocahontas Is Taking Back What's Hers

Here is a very dark look at a Pocahontas who was wronged. You don't want to mess with our girl, Pocahontas or else you'll be staring up at this. In this version, John Smith is killed and Pocahontas absolutely loses it. She is so heartbroken that the only way she can move forward is by seeking revenge and destroying everything in her path. So she takes out Governor Ratcliffe and his men. She also destroys her village and all of the warriors who were going into battle. No one can stand against Pocahontas. She wears their blood and skulls on her body as war trophies. And she's even converted her raccoon, Meeko, to her evil plan. Where's her hummingbird, Flit? Sadly, he didn't make it. But his feathers are on Pocahontas' spear and belt so she can remember him.

8 Jane: The New Evil Queen Of The Jungle

In this version of the tale, Jane isn't a helpless fair lady from England who can't make it two steps in the jungle without Tarzan. This is a woman who had to survive all by herself. In fact, she had to lose some of her humanity in order to ensure her survival. In this version, Jane had to fend for herself. She befriended the gorillas and other jungle animals. But she also found some were not going to be too friendly. That leopard that killed Tarzan's parents? Yeah, it came back to try and mess with Jane, so she had to show it who was boss. And now as a sign of respect, Jane wears the leopard hide so others will know who she is and not to mess.

7 Nala Owns Pride Rock

In the movie, Nala goes after Simba when he disappears after his dad's death. She convinces him to come back to Pride Rock, Simba fights Scar, Simba wins, and all is happy in the world. Only this time, Simba doesn't win. All that time away has made him a rusty fighter. Scar is able to defeat him and finish him off once and for all. Nala watches her true love fall to his death and is overcome with emotion. She lashes out and kills Scar in revenge. It's then up to her, Timon and Pumbaa (who have somehow managed to survive) to fight off the hyenas who have taken over the other lionesses. Does Nala have it in her? Can she go full evil and finish off the job to avenge Simba?

6 Mulan Coming Back From The Dead

In this version of the story, Mulan and her besties, Mushu and Cri-Kee, don't make it out of the big battle. They are struck down by the Huns and we all think it's the end for our dear heroine. But just you wait. Mulan's ancestors—who had been watching out for her the whole time—come together and raise Mulan from the dead. But they have to bend some rules to do it. And because they broke the rules, Mulan doesn't quite come back herself. Basically, she's a zombie. And so are Mushu and Cri-Kee. The three are agents of evil and wreak havoc all over China. To this day, stories are still told about the evil trio. They haunt the mountains and claim the lives of lost souls.

5 Alice Never Stops Wondering

What happens once Alice leaves Wonderland? Wonder no more. This is it. Once she makes her way back from Wonderland, Alice can't wait to tell everyone about her adventures. She goes on and on about the Cheshire Cat, a rabbit who is always running late, having an unbirthday, and outsmarting the Queen of Hearts. At first, Alice's friends think she's just telling them fun stories. But over time, they begin to get really worried. Alice spends all day chasing rabbits and trying to fit down their holes. And she spends all night telling the same stories. Eventually, her family decides to send her to an institution to get some help. Cooped up and with no one to listen to her stories, Alice gets even more in her head until she's as mad as a hatter.

4 Meg Rules The Underworld

In this dark version of the Hercules tale, things end a little differently. Instead of Hercules swimming through the undead and rescuing Meg just in time, he doesn't make it. He becomes mortal and dies while trying to save Meg. Once he dies, Meg's deal with Hades is finished and she is brought back to life. But she's devastated and refuses to move on without Hercules. She begs Hades and the Fates to help her. They agree to help her if she agrees to become the Keeper of The Eye and ferry the souls of the undead. Meg instantly agrees. Hercules is brought back to life but without a soul. He is alive but a zombie version of himself. And yet, he's still devoted to Meg. So the two get to be together forever, but as minions to Hades and helping the undead.

3 Tiana Becomes Madam Facilier

In this version of The Princess and The Frog, Tiana doesn't get her happy ending. She doesn't find true love as a frog, get married to a prince, and then go on to open her own restaurant. Instead, things take a dark turn. When Prince Naveen is under Facilier's control, Tiana decides to strike a deal with the devil. She goes to Mama Odie and asks what she can do to free Naveen. Mama Odie promises to help, but says there will be a price to pay. Dark magic must be fulfilled. Tiana doesn't care. She takes Mama Odie's advice, defeats Facilier, and frees Naveen. It's only then that Tiana learns that the dark magic needs a vessel. With Facilier gone, Tiana must take on his mantel. She swears she will use the powers for good but after some time, the dark side begins to talk to her. Naveen goes back to his kingdom and Tiana is heartbroken. She channels her heartbreak into powerful dark magic.

2 Rapunzel Will Be Rescuing Herself, Thank You Very Much

In this updated version of Tangled, Rapunzel listens to her inner evil and takes matters into her own hands. Instead of waiting to be rescued by Flynn, and struggling with whether or not she can trust him, Rapunzel just does it herself. When Mother Gothel reveals her true colors to Rapunzel and won't let her out of the tower, Rapunzel has finally had enough. She goes ballistic and completely destroys Mother Gothel. It turns out her magical hair can not only give life and youth but take it away, too. Mother Gothel falls into a heap of dust and Rapunzel is left on the warpath. She continues tearing her way through the forest and village until she reaches the castle. Girlfriend just wanted to see the lights!

1 Wendy Fights Back

In the movie, Wendy is the docile and sweet mate of Peter Pan. She gets caught up in his wild adventure but ends up playing mother to The Lost Boys. All she wants to do is grab her brothers, steal a kiss from her crush Peter, and head back to London. Remember when Captain Hook forces Wendy to walk the plank but then Peter comes in and saves her? Well, in this version, Peter is no where to be found. Wendy is forced to walk the plank and thinks her time is up. But underwater, something inside of her changes. She realizes she doesn't have to accept this. Wendy swims up to the surface and sneaks back onto the boat, stealing a knife in the process. She fights off the pirates, rescues the Lost Boys, and releases her brother. Then comes her big stand off with Captain Hook. Don't worry Peter, Wendy is here to finish the job.

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