15 Disney Princesses Reimagined As College Grads That Are Way Too Real

15 Disney Princesses Reimagined As College Grads That Are Way Too Real

The Disney Princesses all exist in their own little worlds. Belle lives in a small town in France, which is a little too “provincial” for her tastes, while Moana lives on an idyllic South Pacific island that she desperately wants to sail away from for some reason. Given that most people spend at least a few dozen hours of their childhoods steeped in Disney, it’s easy to get used to seeing the Disney Princesses in their specific settings. In fact, it can get to the point where it’s kind of hard to imagine them in any world other than the one their story is told in.

One of the weirdest places to picture Disney Princesses, though? College. From rez to sororities, college just doesn’t really go with Disney. Between the hours of studying and the roommate drama, college lacks the characteristic romance and glamour of Disney tales, so it feels pretty strange seeing our favourite princesses transplanted into the world of university.

Here are 15 Disney Princesses reimagined as college students that are way too real.

15. Evil stepsisters? Try evil roommates

Via: collegehumor.com

If Cinderella decided to attend college, we’re guessing her life wouldn’t be all that different than her life with her evil stepsisters and stepmother. At least if she wants the shared house she’s living with five other girls in to stay clean, that is. Because if you’re living with roommates in college and you want the house to stay well-kept, that’s on you. Usually, 18-year-olds who are away from home for the first time don’t really give too many craps about the state of the kitchen sink. So, if you do, then it’s usually all on you to keep it up to standard because between all their classes, social committees and sorority parties, your roommates are apparently far too busy to actually do housework. That means college life becomes a series of cleaning montages and you curse the movie House Bunny for raising your expectations.

14. Hipster Belle

Via: comedycentral.co.uk

As longtime viewers of Beauty and the Beast know, “She’s a funny girl, that Belle!” In Belle’s small town French world, “funny girls” are defined as people who read books. Of course, that’s pretty much the norm for people who attend college. Like, if you don’t want to fail out, you’re gonna have to pick up a few books, if not hundreds.

So, if Belle wants to retain her different-from-the-crowd reputation when she goes to college, she’s going to have to change things up a bit. It looks like she’s on top of things. Instead of being the town-nerd, she’s upgraded to being a full-on hipster, from the socks-in-heels to the fake glasses to the weird bow-tie T-shirt. To be honest, she really pulls this look off well.

13. Kissing the wrong guy

Via: collegehumor.com

Oh, yikes! Yeah, we would probably opt for kissing a real-life frog than reliving one of those infamous walks of shame from the first-year of college. We’re champions of sexual liberation and all, but sometimes, when you don’t know the name of the guy you wake up next to and you have to find a way to quietly sneak out to avoid the awkward morning-after chat, there’s just not much of a silver lining to find. There’s just dehydration, pizza-cravings and self-loathing. So, you sneak into your clothes, tiptoe through his dorm room and silently slip out the door, cursing your drunk self for making out with a guy who has three freaking frog stickers on the door to his room. Like, why?

12. Fashionista Beauty

Via: comedycentral.co.uk

We could totally see Aurora from Sleeping Beauty as a suave AF fashion aficionado in college. Like, when she wasn’t under the effect of that killer sleeping curse, her clothes were always on point. Heck, even when she was in a near comatose state, she still looked pretty darn fetching. Like, that chick just has a knack for fashion. Sure, the fact that her wardrobe probably consisted of hundreds of gorgeous, hand-tailored gowns probably made things pretty easy for her when she was getting dressed in the morning. But in college, without access to the royal tailor, she’d have much more freedom to let her fashion flag fly. And from the looks of this picture, she didn’t stray too far from her classic style, because we’re pretty sure that’s a corset she’s wearing.

11. Imprisoned in the library

Via: collegehumor.com

Yeah, Rapunzel’s upbringing would do her wonders in the world of college. Most people are pretty shocked when they first experience the heavy workload of a full semester of university courses. Like, if high school courses are the gorgeous, life-bringing goddess Te Fiti from Moana, then, in comparison, university classes are that horrifying AF lava monster, Te Ka. Unless you want to fail out, life becomes one giant field trip to the library. But Rapunzel is used to being locked away in an isolated room, without access to the wonders of friends or any sort of social life; that would translate perfectly into the life of a student. Instead of pining after the life she had before college, it would probably feel the same—from one prison to another.

10. Jasmine rocking the crop top

Via: pinterest.com

Yeah, this is totally Jasmine. From the comfy yoga pants to the crop top, we have no doubt this is exactly what Jasmine would be wearing on her first day of college. There’s also no doubt that she’d rock campus life; with her smooth style to her individualistic attitude, it’s kind of like she and college were made for each other. Like, all Jasmine ever wanted in Aladdin was to break free of the confined royal life she was leading, and college is the very definition of breaking free. Away from family, home and everything you’ve ever known, it’s a chance to reinvent your life and redefine who you are. It’s a chance to not be a princess, which we’re pretty sure Jasmine would jump on faster than those wildebeests jumped on Mufasa. (Still too soon? C’mon, guys, it’s more than 20 years!)

9. Ariel wants someone from across the hall

Via: collegehumor.com

Oh, Ariel. You just love exotic things, don’t you? First, despite the fact that you were a mermaid, you were falling for a land-bound man with legs. Egads! And now you’re crushing on a guy in history when you’re studying marine biology! Well, at least this one is a tad more realistic since bi-departmental relationships happen all the time. In fact, we’d argue they’re an adaptation that students employ to avoid going completely insane. If you’re studying biology and your significant other is also studying biology, then your biology levels might get a little too close to supersaturation for comfort. With a boyfriend in the history department, though, you’ll be hearing plenty about Alexander the Great and Henry VIII in between your readings about squid DNA, which might be just enough of a break to avoid going bio-nanas.

8. Snow White’s stunning new style

Via: buzzfeed.com

Dayum, Snow! It looks like you’d fit right in in the real world! You made the transition from fairytale gown to chic blouse and shorts seamlessly, and it even looks like you’ve already gotten your hands on an iPad! Now that’s forward thinking. Not only can you use that thing to ace the heck out of your classes (Advanced Jewel Mining and A History Of Psychopathic European Queens, we’re guessing?), but you can make sure it keeps you updated on the status of the Evil Queen’s plans for you. With a constant link to the news, that crazy queen will never be able to sneak up on you again, and you can eat all the apples you want at the arts building cafeteria with no risk of poisoning.

7. Jasmine’s rent is due

Via: collegehumor.com

When you’re but a wee high schooler, the prospect of university can seem so romantic. The new people, the courses and the different environment all loom in your future like something out of the college comedy Old School, and you can’t help but imagine a bigger, better version of yourself traipsing between classes on campus. A lot of these grand visions of university are true, with the independence and fresh start often changing how people live their lives. But there are many tedious things that come with that independence and prospective students often forget about the fact that they’ll have to deal with rent, laundry, insurance and cooking all on their own once they get to college. A whole new world indeed—of paperwork and frustration, that is.

6. Belle, letting her hair down

Via: pinterest.com

Belle would fit right in on a college campus. She was basically made for university life. Unlike everyone else in her tiny French town (and that provincial life she so loves to sing-plain about), she loves to read and get lost in libraries, which is basically the definition of being a full-time student. Like, if she was impressed by the Beast’s cute little library, then we can’t even imagine how she’ll react when she sees how many buildings are devoted to books on college campuses. And, books aside, it looks like she’s adapting to the styles of our world pretty well, too. Yellow’s still her colour, but it seems that she’s substituted chic sundresses for the sumptuous gowns the Beast gave her. Looking good, Belle. Looking good.

5. Aurora sleeping through classes

Via: collegehumor.com

College makes sleeping beauties of us all. Especially in the age of recorded classes. Like, you could go hit the sack at 11 p.m. to make sure you make it to your 8:30 a.m. class across campus (which is a 10-minute walk away). Or, you could stay up until 5 a.m. watching the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix, sleep in until 3 p.m., and remain in your bed all afternoon and evening. When your classes are recorded, you’re not even really missing out when you pull Auroras. Studying lectures is what final season was invented for. The semester is for sleeping, Netflixing and repeating said sleeping and Netflixing. After all, we have to vent all that stress of skipping class somehow.

4. Cinderella’s makeover

Via: buzzfeed

Well, it looks like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother has been busy recreating Cinderella’s wardrobe again. Except this time, she gave her a makeover for life at college instead of a attending a royal ball. Rather than doomed-to-be-lost glass slippers, a gorgeous gown and a pumpkin carriage, Cinderella got boots, jeans and a whatever you’d call that chic AF coat she’s got on here. Although her outfit probably wouldn’t meet the standards of the Prince’s ball, she’ll certainly fit in at house parties, which are basically the far less classy, far more booze-ridden college version of balls. For Cinderella’s sake, we certainly hope the makeover doesn’t wear off at midnight this time because most house parties start at midnight. At least the good ones, that is.

3. Mulan’s type of dress up

Via: collegehumor.com

When it comes to dressing up, Mulan usually isn’t the biggest fan. Makeup and gowns are less so her thing than swords and fist fighting. But from the look of things here, it seems that 80’s dress up is her thing. And we can kind of see why. First off, who doesn’t like dressing up like they’re from the ’80s. Like, that’s the best decade ever. It gave us Bon Jovi, Footloose and Blade Runner. Aside from the roaring 1920s, if we had to be alive in any other time, it’d definitely be during a crazy-haired Bon Jovi concert in 1989. Second, Mulan could kick some serious butt in that getup. Like, between the onesie and the leggings, she’s got some serious maneuverability there that would lend itself nicely to scissor kicks and fencing.

2. Merida going against the status quo

Via: collegehumor.com

Well, compared to this, Merida’s antics in Brave kind of seem like a walk in the park. At least when she was defying her mother’s wishes and turning her nose up at potential suitors, she wasn’t high on prescription medication. But at college, it seems that Merida’s rebellious spirit manifests in a slightly more drug-oriented fashion. Adjusting to 21st century college life after spending your childhood growing up in the gorgeous forests of the medieval Scottish Highlands would be pretty tough, and Merida appears to be seeking out some chemical assistance to cope with the change. But, hey, it’s not like she really needed that money for textbooks anyways. Nowadays, you can get pretty much all the resources you need online. But, we’re just saying, maybe booze would’ve been a better alternative spending route? Not to mention more legal.

1. Mulan crop tops it up

Via: comedycentral.co.uk

This looks very Mulan. Like, if she were to take a break from butt-kicking in ancient China to pick up a college degree in the 21st century, we’re pretty sure this is the kind of thing she’d be wearing to class. First, she kind of got to bring Mu-Shu with her on her pants, which is pretty awesome. Eddie Murphy was made to be a background voice to an angsty college first-year. Plus, those shoes look simultaneously stylish and easy to run in, so she could chase down anyone plotting the downfall of China between calculus and English lit. But, unlike in Mulan, she sure isn’t going to much of an effort to disguise her gender. With that sexy crop top, she’s a vision of femininity. And she rocks it.

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