15 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Parents

Although some Disney princesses had pretty rough childhoods (Cinderella was basically a maid for her evil stepmother and stepsisters and Snow White had to live her life in hiding from the Evil Queen), they did eventually go on to find their happily ever afters. Many princesses married the princes of their dreams, but we never really got a very good look at what happened to their lives after that.

What happens once those princesses go on to become not just wives, but also mothers? Being a princess is easy, even through the hardships that got them there, but being a parent is probably a lot more difficult. Fortunately, there are people on the Internet who imagined what life is now like for those Disney characters, who must deal with mundane tasks like changing diapers and feeding times.

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15 Poor unfortunate mom

Via: Isaiah Stephens/instagram.com

Artist Isaiah Stephens did a great job of reimagining Disney princesses as parents and what their lives are like after they got their happily ever after ending. In the real world, there is really no happily ever after, especially when you add kids, and here is a prime example of that. Ariel didn't just have to adjust to living in a world without water: now that she's a mother, she also has to deal with a fussy baby that would rather play with food than eat it. The expression on Ariel's face here is something that pretty much any new mother can relate to. Of course, in The Little Mermaid series, Ariel and Eric had Melody, a daughter, who is a handful but far more perfect than this realistic child.

14 That carpet has to go

Via: collegehumor.com

Once a woman gets pregnant, she starts making different decisions for her family life, which often means getting a new and safer vehicle to transport her children in. This is just a fact of real life. This cartoon from the College Humor site shows the reality of what might happen when Aladdin and Jasmine begin to expect their first child. Let's face it: a magic carpet is certainly not a good transportation option for a family with children, so Jasmine puts her foot down and tells Aladdin that the carpet has to go. Aladdin will now have to buy some of safer vehicle to get his family from point A to point B. Sorry, Aladdin, you're no longer that carefree bachelor soaring through the skies on a magic carpet ride.

13 The perfect mom

Via: Chabe Escalante/buzzfeed.com

The story of Cinderella began with a young woman being a servant to her evil stepmother and step sisters. But because she was the "chosen one," a fairy godmother turned up, put her in a nice dress and glass slippers and sent her off to a ball to meet and fall in love with a prince. Then that prince searched the kingdom for her so he could marry her. So, of course, when it comes to being the perfect wife and mother, Cinderella fits the bill. Here, we see her in all her motherly glory, with a perfectly scheduled calendar in the background as she juggles a birthday cake for her perfect little girl. It's enough to make the other princesses jealous. But Cinderella automatically gets a happily ever after, even as a mom.

12 Sleeping potions don't seem so bad now

Via: collegehumor.com

Aurora is probably one of the least realistic characters of any of the Disney princess-based movies. But because her family snubbed a fairy, that fairy puts a curse on the child right after her birth: she will fall into a death-like sleep and can only get awakened by true love's kiss. It's a classic fairy tale, but it's also a little creepy because Prince Philip shows up and kisses what is basically a corpse and reawakens the princess from her slumber. Then they defeat the fairy after she turns into a dragon. But we love this artwork depicting Aurora as a mom because it's very realistic: new moms don't get a lot of sleep. And now, suddenly, Aurora begins to believe that the sleeping curse wasn't so bad.

11 Flynn Rider prepares

Via: Isaiah Stephens/instagram.com

Rapunzel is part of the new era of Disney princesses: she was independent, didn't really need a man to save her (although Flynn does help her get out of the tower) and runs around in bare feet because that's just who she is. But like other princesses, she ends up falling in love with Flynn (even though that's not his real name), and the two will, obviously, get married at some point after the film's story ends. Here's what they might look like as new parents, though. Flynn, who always had a good sense of humor, prepares himself for the diaper changing. Rapunzel, being the independent princess that she is, is unafraid: she faces those bad smells with a smile because that's what mothers do.

10 Teenagers don't want to build snowmen

Via collegehumor.com

We love Princess Anna from Frozen because of her open heart, even if it almost led her to a marriage that would have signaled the doom of her kingdom. But even after Elsa locked herself away because she didn't want to risk hurting her sister with her ice powers, Anna insisted that the two remain friends and knocked on her door every day to asked her in song if she wanted to build a snowman. It's likely that Anna would treat her daughter the same, even when that daughter is a teen. But teenage girls don't want anything to do with their mothers, so this cartoon shows what that situation is really like. The daughter does not want to build a snowman or do anything else that lame, thank you very much.

9 When I was your age...

Via: Chabe Escalante/buzzfeed.com

Snow White had a perfect fairy tale story, save for that weird living situation with seven dwarfs. After she naïvely accepted a poison apple from a witch, she fell into a deep sleep. Disney does love its sleeping curses, doesn't it? But like Aurora, Snow White gets awakened by a prince who stumbles upon her in the forest and decides to kiss her, although he doesn't even know her and she appears dead. Snow White, though, as a parent now has to deal with a child who won't get off the couch and do their chores and she can't even. Here she's trying to convince an unruly son to help out around the house and he's just ignoring her, as children often do. Welcome to the real world, Snow.

8 At least it's not a frog

Via: Isaiah Stephens/instagram.com

Tiana was another Disney princess that broke the mold of the previous Disney princesses. Tiana was independent and had an entrepreneurial spirit, but somehow she was still convinced to kiss a frog (although that frog did eventually become a prince). That just goes to show that even the smartest of women still do stupid things, but it all worked out in the end and the two fell in love. This is what their life might look like now, thanks to the imagination of an artist. They have an adorable baby, but as Naveen holds the baby, the baby pees on him. There are so many parents out there that will look at this and think "same." What we really love is that Tiana is trying very hard not to laugh here.

7 Get your feet off that table!

Via: collegehumor.com

Belle's story as a princess is a unique one. After her father takes a rose from the Beast's garden, the Beast tries to lock him up in his castle, a place where inanimate objects were once people. But Belle, who loves her father very much, agrees to take his place as captor. Belle, though, sees something else inside the Beast—the man underneath all that fur. She is the one that changes Beast's heart and allows him to fall in love, which breaks the curse. And of course, the Beast is really a prince! But after the wedding, the two probably had at least one child. And that kid eventually grew up to become a teenager. And this is exactly what life in the castle looks like now—Belle yelling at her kid to get his feet off the table because it is probably a person under some wicked curse.

6 Girl Scout leader

VIa: Chabe Escalante/buzzfeed.com

Although Disney completely twisted the true history of Pocahontas to give us a story about a girl who falls in love with a white man and created a controversy from that story, we still like the idea of Pocahontas as a mom. It's not evident if this artwork depicts her child with John Smith or someone else, but it doesn't matter. Pocahontas would definitely be a Girl Scout leader, right? She already understands pretty much everything about nature, so that gives her plenty of knowledge to lead a troop with. But that kind of responsibility can become overwhelming, as shown in this artwork. Being a mom is hard. We think Pocahontas is sitting here dreaming about when she could just roam the forest singing and doing not much of anything else.

5 Ariel giving birth

Via: collegehumor.com

The weirdest part of the story of The Little Mermaid, at least in Disney's retelling of it, is that Ariel ends up with Prince Eric. The two get married and start a life together. The weird part is that Ariel isn't a human—she's a mermaid, which means that she's part fish. So this artwork imagines that because she's part fish, childbirth is a little different for her than for a human. Fish lay eggs. So here's Ariel basically laying a lot of eggs, just like a fish. And it's hilarious because Eric finally looks like he's regretting his decision in marrying a mermaid. But it's too late now: he's got a lot of children to take care of. Have fun with that, you two crazy kids.

4 Let it go

Via: Isaiah Stephens/instagram.com

We can't imagine that Elsa would ever settle down and have a normal life with marriage and children, but Stephens imagines that here in this fan art. Of course, Elsa is magical, so she could very well choose the single mom life; maybe she made her child out of her ice magic. After all, she did bring Olaf to life. We just hope that Elsa is a better parent than her own parents, who taught her to hide away her powers and deny who she really was. It seems like she's happy about her little boy's magical powers in this art, though, and we can't help but think that Elsa is a fabulous mother. Now we would just like to see what Aunt Anna has to say about her magical nephew.

3 When your daughter wants a doll and not a sword

Via: Chabe Escalante/buzzfeed.com

Mulan gave us a Disney princess that was also a mighty warrior, although she had to dress up like a guy to get the respect that she deserved. But Mulan is more comfortable with pants and a sword than she is with a ballgown and other "girly" things. So you might think that her daughter would also be as fearsome and grow up to become a great warrior, too. But this is the reality for Mulan as a parent. As Mulan tries to hand her daughter her first sword, her daughter chooses to play with a doll instead. Her daughter also seems to prefer her pink ballerina shoes to a warrior's boots, and it's likely that Mulan is going to have no idea how to raise this child now.

2 Not a genie in a bottle

Via: Isaiah Stephens/instagram.com

We love this happy piece of artwork showing Jasmine and Aladdin as expectant parents. It's no doubt that they got married and lived happily ever after, and this art shows exactly what that entails. Here is a very pregnant Jasmine, glowing with motherhood, and the proud father, Aladdin, with his ear to his baby's belly. We can imagine that they sing to the unborn child every night, promising her a "Whole New World" full of "unbelievable sights" and "indescribable feelings." Just remember, Aladdin, that this isn't a magic genie lamp: parenthood is hard and you're going to both love and hate being a father because that's what happens in the real world. But we think if any couple does well as parents, it's these two.

1 It's like potty training bears

Via: Chabe Escalante/buzzfeed.com

Merida had absolutely zero interest in getting married in Brave, much to her mother's chagrin. But we think, eventually, she would grow up and finally fall in love, probably with a warrior Scottish man who could give her a run for her money with a bow and arrow. And we imagine that he would also have red hair, so that the two would eventually give birth to a clan of redheaded babies. As Merida already has a triplet of brothers, she would probably have a similar brood of all girls: complete with her temperament and nose for trouble. In fact, parenthood for Merida would probably feel a lot like raising a tribe of bears, which is what we would like to call irony. Here, it does seem that she has her hands full.

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