15 Disney Princesses Reimagined As 'Game Of Thrones' Characters

Sadly for GoT fans, we've got some time to wait until the next and final season of our beloved show arrives. But until we can return to Westeros, we have to make due with reruns on HBO, rereading the books, and living vicariously through fanfiction. One of the best ways to experience GoT fan fiction is by mixing it with one of our other favorite franchises: Disney! Disney and Game of Thrones may not seem like they go together from first glance. There's not exactly a lot of fairytale moments and singing animals in the Seven Kingdoms. But there are evil villains, witches, magical and fancy dresses in both franchises. Surely we can do something with that common ground, right? Well, according to one artist, we can do a lot. Check out 15 of your favorite Disney Princesses turned into your favorite Game of Thrones characters.

15 Ariel As Melisandre

Well, it's obvious that the red hair is the main connection here. Ariel with her long lustrous red locks is a shoo-in for the evil Melisandre. I don't care if you don't think she's evil. Girlfriend burnt a child to death. She's pure evil. I'm not sure if Ariel would be capable of that much terrible-ness. But maybe she would. Let's look at it another way. What if the prince hadn't chosen to marry Ariel? What if he had gone ahead and married human-form Ursula, leaving Ariel stuck on land without her voice? Maybe she would have embraced her evil villain then. I say she holds up in some tower along the beach and refuses to see anyone. She keeps to herself and studies dark magic. If Ursula can learn it, so can Ariel. Once she learns enough, she emerges from her tower and curses the entire village, including her mer-family in the sea.

14 Aurora As Cersei

Again, you can tell that the matching blond hair between Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) and Cersei Lannister is a big connection here. But if you ask me, Aurora was always the top b***h of the Disney Princesses. If anyone was going to take over as ruler, it would be her. And if anyone was going to let that power go to their head and turn evil, it was also going to be Aurora. There's just something about her that strikes me as a little bit evil. Maybe it's just the fact that she's so naive. She lived with three old ladies in the middle of the forest and never questioned it. She danced with a stranger in the forest and thought it was totally normal and that she was in love. And she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel. I bet she turns evil. Maleficent starts talking into her ear and Aurora totally goes with it.

13 Belle As Margaery

I can totally see Belle as Margaery Tyrell. The only thing is Belle is not used to showing off this much cleavage! But the two do have a lot of similarities. Like Marg, Belle is a sweet soul who just wants to give back. Margaery spent a lot of time with the poor and disadvantaged. Sure, she may have been doing it to gain the people's love, but she still did it. That's just like Belle sacrificing herself for her father and taking care of the Beast and the castle. Speaking of the Beast, you could say that both Belle and Margaery were married to monsters. Of course, Belle's Beast became a lovable prince in the end. If only Margaery had been so lucky. There was nothing lovable about Joffrey. And I guess you could say Tommen was lovable...sort of. (RIP to them all.) Both Belle and Margaery also have good heads on their shoulders. They're smart ladies.

12 Cinderella As Catelyn Stark

Cinderella would probably be the most maternal of the OG Disney Princesses. She wasn't exactly a young carefree girl before her princess life. She was responsible for running an entire household — cleaning, cooking, mending, and putting up with her family's crap. So, kind of like a mother! Cindy eventually got to escape her terrible family and live happily ever after with her prince and mice friends. Sadly, though, things didn't end nearly so well for Catelyn. Unlike Cinderella, Catelyn wasn't deliberately trying to escape her family. In fact, she was trying to bring them all back together. But along the way she got her husband killed, her son killed and herself killed. Maybe if she had a magical fairy godmother like Cinderella had, she would have made it out okay.

11 Elsa As Daenerys

Of course Elsa is going to be Daenerys! The most bada** princess has to be the most bad-a** character from Game of Thrones, right? These two are totally in sync. Let's start with the obvious, shall we? Both Elsa and Dany have amazing bleached blonde hair that they style in immaculate braids. They're both connected to extreme elements. Elsa is all about the cold, snow, and ice. Dany is definitely more about the fire and the heat. But as we learned, she's happy to work with ice. Both ladies are rulers of their own kingdoms even if their subjects don't really understand them all of the time. Both have been happy to rule without a man by their side. Both have big hearts and are all about helping the people when they can. But they have a temper. Cross Elsa and she'll turn your whole town to ice. Cross Dany and she'll send a dragon after you.

10 Grandma Fa As Olenna

I think we can all admit that the best character in all of Westeros would have to be the Queen of Thorns herself, Olenna Tyrell. She's like the Miranda Priestly of GoT. There's something just so refreshing about an older woman who is wise beyond her years but just doesn't have time for anyone's crap. She calls it like she sees it and has no problem telling you exactly how she feels. Olenna doesn't care who she offends. And that's kind of like Grandma Fa. Grandma Fa is an underrated character in Mulan, but you can tell she was totally one of the best. Who else can walk across the road with their eyes closed and not give any f**ks? Only Grandma Fa. And probably Olenna Tyrell. These are the old ladies we need in our lives for their colorful commentary.

9 Jasmine As Ellaria

Jasmine as Ellaria isn't a huge stretch given that the two actually look very similar. But is there more to it than that? Ellaria was a dominating personality. She was a scorned woman in her latest season and ready to do anything to seek revenge and protect her daughters (or at least one daughter). Does that sound like Jasmine? Not to me. Jasmine always seemed a little bit spoiled and more pouty. She wasn't exactly the kind to take charge of the action and change her own fortunes. So maybe she could learn something from Ellaria. And maybe Ellaria could learn something from Jasmine. Jasmine needs to learn to stand up for herself and take control. Ellaria could learn to cool it a little bit and try making friends before going all villainous.

8 Lilo As Arya

How adorable is Lilo as Arya Stark? I love this comparison! Of course, both characters are quite short so that totally fits. But it's so much more than that. Both Lilo and Arya are the oddballs in their group. Arya never fit in with her family because she didn't want to be a passive lady of the court. She wanted to fight. Lilo is exactly the same. She was curious and wanted to have adventures. Both Arya and Lilo get caught up in some scary stuff (faceless men and aliens) but made it out the other side stronger and more mature. Lilo learns to trust her sister Nani, and so does Arya with Sansa. They're both spunky and they both make you want to root for them.

7 Merida As Ygritte

I'm loving this comparison of Ygritte (Jon Snow's love from beyond the wall) and Merida, Disney's sassiest and most independent young princess. Both Ygritte and Merida wanted to break the rules and go after their passions. Ygritte is the whole reason Jon was able to bond with the free folk and convince them to come with him south of the wall to defend against White Walkers. And Merida was able to bring her entire village together and show them girls can do anything. Of course, both heroines also have fiery red hair and Scottish accents. But their love of bows is probably where they differ. Merida was an ace archer. And Ygritte was killed by an arrow... So probably no love lost there, but they’re still pretty similar.

6 Mulan As Brienne

Obviously Mulan had to be Brienne. There's really no one else. What other Disney Princess is an actual soldier who goes to defend her loved ones in battle? Just Mulan! And that's exactly like Brienne in Game of Thrones. Brienne is the most bada** soldier there is. She's a woman who knows how to use her sword and can hold her own in a battle. Both Brienne and Mulan had to overcome a lot to get their military training. Brienne is constantly overlooked and made fun of for being a larger woman who is also a soldier. And Mulan had to literally pretend to be a man in order to fight. That's a huge sacrifice! These two women really had to overcome all odds to do what they needed to do.

5 Rapunzel As Sansa

I love Rapunzel as Sansa Stark. Sure, the two don't really look alike; Sansa has her bright red hair and Rapunzel has super long blonde hair. But the two actually are really similar! In Tangled, Rapunzel starts her life totally stuck inside of her tower and just dreaming of life on the outside. And that's just like Sansa. Sansa grew up at Winterfell and had never left. She dreamed of going south and becoming a proper royal lady. Both young ladies went on huge adventures and ended up getting way more than they wanted. Rapunzel just wanted to see the lanterns, but she ended up falling in love, fighting the bad guys, and finding her royal parents. Sansa's adventure wasn't quite as wholesome but she eventually became a royal too as the Lady of Winterfell.

4 Snow White As Shae

Now this is a fun comparison! I always see Snow White as a really sweet and naive young lady. She's one of the OG princesses from back in the day when the Disney ladies didn't have to do anything in their own stories. They just had super high pitched voices and ran around waiting for a prince to save them. She's the ultimate damsel in distress. But maybe Snow had a dark side to her. Maybe there was more to her than singing to animals and cleaning up after dwarves. Surely she was a little bit bitter after her stepmom tried to kill her not once, but twice, and some stranger decided to kiss her in the woods. So maybe she channels that inner darkness and really does become Shae. She takes up a new profession and starts wheeling or dealing with the bad players of Westeros.

3 Tiana As Meera

First of all, let's address this frog on a stick. Now that is a bit dark. Seeing that Tiana and her love, Naveen, spent the better part of their movie as frogs, I really doubt she would be that open to killing and spearing a frog. But at the same time, I can see it. Tiana is the kind of chick who will do what she needs to do to get sh*t done. She has goals and she will work hard to achieve them. So whether it's giving up true love to help her friend, getting her restaurant, or dragging Bran through the snow forever, Tiana and Meera are going to do it. Both of these women can be really underestimated because they're young and don't have a ton of experience. But just watch out — they're going to get what they're after because they are so strong and determined.

2 Aurora As Daenerys

So, if Elsa can't play Daenerys, clearly Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose) would be a great second choice. She is rocking that Mother of Dragon look! Aurora could play Daenerys in her earlier years when she was still with the Dothraki and making her way up to her queen chair. This is when Daenerys is still just one of the people and raising her baby dragons. She's not commanding armies or trying to take over the Iron Throne. She's just trying to survive, figure out her mystical powers, and live with these new people without her husband. Aurora didn't have to work nearly this hard to fit in. She was just down for a nap, woke up to a cute guy kissing her, and then became a princess. If only Daenerys could have had it that easy!

1 Cersei, Disney-Style

I love this version of Cersei with a bit of Disney flair. First, this is old Cersei when she had her long blonde locks and spent lots of time walking around her castle and dreaming up big plans. This is before she had all her hair cut off and became absolutely pure evil. This early Cersei was mean, no doubt, but she had a bit of humanity left in her. She was basically just a wino with no filter. She wanted what was best for her children and her family. She wanted to get ahead. Nowadays, Cersei has no kids and her family is down to the single digits. Now it's all about survival and revenge. Sure, she's still drinking wine. But it's just not as fun anymore.

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