15 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Kids

We just cannot get enough of Disney. We love singing the songs, watching the movies, reading about the new live-action films to expect, planning our trips to all the theme parks, and finding new versions of our favorite characters (like these!).

We have seen Disney Princesses reimagined as Millenials, as the opposite sex, as Tim Burton characters, as villains, and as superheroes. And now, we have something new. Below, there are 15 new pieces of fan-art, which show our favorite leading ladies as little girls, as miniature versions of themselves, as children, and as babies!

So, if you are a Disney addict (who isn't?) and are looking to see a tiny Belle, a little Mulan, or younger (and updated) versions of Elsa and Anna...Keep reading!

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15 Rapunzel

Via Pinterest

I am starting off with one of the cutest recreations I've seen online! In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel is seen living high up in a high tower with her pet chameleon and with her long, long hair. As a young girl, Rapunzel would have still, of course, had all of that long hair, and it would have looked even more voluminous on her tiny frame. She would probably still be wearing her pink dress, but this one is more childlike and girly. Especially with all those ruffles and a giant coordinating bow in her hair. And, like all Disney Princesses, she would have those giant doe-like eyes. She's so cute! I can just imagine her running around, skipping, singing, and playing (which sounds a lot like the grown-up version of Rapunzel).

14 Tiana

Via Pinterest

Look at that sly little look; even at a young age, it would seem that Tiana, from The Princess & The Frog, knew what she wanted, and did whatever it took to make that all happen; even if she had to be sneaky and use her adorableness as persuasion!

Instead of Tiana’s more mature hairstyle—a bun—this version shows her with pigtail-type buns, which is very fitting. And, in this alternate past, she hasn’t graduated to the full-on princess level yet, so while waiting on her green and yellow gown, she opts for this simple little dress, in a more toned-down version of yellow. The ruffles, the length, the sleeves, and the teddy bear are all perfect accessories to this believable image of a much younger Tiana.

13 Pocahontas

Pocahontas was bold, brave, daring, and delightful in her Disney film. So when this artist drew her at a younger age, all of that was taken into consideration. Just because she is smaller and younger here doesn’t really change anything. That look in her eyes says it all; we can see that she is ready for anything, that she is wise beyond her age, and that she probably explores every unturned rock, every flowing stream, and every beautiful field of wildflowers — just like her grown-up version did with her friends, Meeko and Flit (P.S. were they around when she was this age?). So, now, we just need a song as epic as “Colors of the Wind” for tiny Pocahontas to sing and for us to fall in love with, too!

12 Elsa

She looks as beautiful as ever (or should I say as always!) In Frozen, fans were given a history of Elsa’s family and powers, which means that she was shown at different ages. Therefore, this art may not be something entirely new, but it is this creator’s take on this icy princess. At every age, she probably had a love-hate relationship with her ability, and at this exact moment, she seems kind of happy that she can produce a snowflake, and pleased that she is surrounded by ice, snow, and crystals. They're all, of course, in shades of blues that coordinate with her cute blue dress and those amazing blue eyes. As we know, that happiness won’t last, but here, in this image, Elsa looks like a happy little girl who is showing off something really neat.

11 Mulan

Via Pinterest

Oh, my goodness, look at that tiny kimono-style dress! Mulan grew up to be a strong and beautiful woman, and we see that she has always been that way. Like Pocahontas, above, this young version of Mulan looks wiser and older than she really is at this point. She looks like she has learned a lot and knows a lot yet that she still enjoys being a child. Plus, we can just picture how cool her childhood was. She's, of course, different than others on this list, as she grew up in China, surrounded by different sights, foods, people, and cultures. Therefore, this miniature Disney Princess has a unique dress and a unique accessory, which we are totally loving...but not as much as we love that winged eyeliner. Teach us your ways, young Mulan!

10 Jasmine

Okay, the best part of this image could be the baby tiger, but I'll try to keep the focus on Jasmine! In Aladdin, Jasmine wore that iconic turquoise two-piece ensemble. Here, she is seen in a similar look, which is just more appropriate for a child. She also, of course, would still rock those pointed shoes, those gold earrings, and that studded headband as a kid.

There is definitely a theme within Disney Princesses, as they are all bold and brave; almost to the point of stubbornness. It's a look that is definitely seen here on Jasmine’s face! Was she getting in trouble for sneaking out? For trying to make a carpet fly? For befriending a street rat? It could have been anything that was exciting and adventurous!

9 Belle

Via Pinterest

Belle is one of the most curious of all of the Disney Princesses. Her bravery kept her from fearing a beast, after all, but in addition to that, she grew up with an inventor for a father and with a library nearby, so she always had an open mind and a ready-to-learn attitude. I love that all of that is captured here. When Belle was a kid, she probably got almost overwhelmed by this beautiful world, since she would have wanted to take everything in, soaking up as much knowledge and as much information as possible: Look over there! No look at that! Ooo, what is this?! Plus, if she had had Chip around, those two would have definitely been adventure buddies, even back then.

8 Aurora

Via Pinterest

Another common theme with these ladies is that they all seem to share a love of animals. And, in comparison, their animals love them back —as do all creatures, because who wouldn’t love amazing, beautiful, and caring young women?

When Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, was younger, she would have probably preferred an outfit as gorgeous as the one fans know and love (as I'm sure many other princesses would agree). She would have worn a simple dress that looked feminine yet still allowed her to run and roam, picking up and befriending every animal she came into contact with. And that headband would have kept her hair out of her eyes, so she could admire her new friends, and it would have just looked really cute with her outfit.

7 Snow White

Ah, Snow, how cute! For whatever reason, most Disney Princesses have long, flowing locks. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, however, brought about the first-ever Disney Princess, making Snow White a little more famous than all the others! And, in her film, her hair was short, so this artist kept that up when depicting her at a young age. Yes, Snow White probably had short hair as a kid, accessorized still by a red bow, which went well with her dazzling dress. Her face shows those envious qualities (the fair skin, the red lips, the ebony hair), but as a child, she looked even more angelic — if that is even possible. Especially since adult Snow White was, well, the absolute fairest in all of the lands, everywhere!

6 Cinderella

Here, we get a two-for-one deal when it comes to child-like art! In Cinderella, the title character (the princess pictured here) was forced to be a maid for her evil stepmother and stepsisters. With the help of love, magic, a Fairy Godmother, and a smitten prince, though, she earned her true life, as well as a beautiful blue gown, which changed everything. Therefore, this art shows Cinderella in two ways: One young version of her shows her in a smaller version of her blue gown, complete with her tiara (no glass slippers yet, though - those are only for adults!). The other version shows her in a smaller version of her “at-home” dress; something cute yet very simple, since, as a kid, she was probably still forced to sweep and dust and cook.

5 Merida

Even people who have not seen Brave know about Merida. This leading lady from Disney was as good with a bow and arrow as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games was. She went through some super tough stuff with her family. She was Scottish. And she had fiery red hair. Yes, Ariel from The Little Mermaid had already given the world a red-headed princess, but Merida’s was big and curly and wow!

As a kid, those curls were as beautiful as ever, and—like with the other princesses—Merida would have just worn miniature versions of her outfits. She would still have that bright, brave face and that deep green dress. She just would not have known what was in store for her crazy and exciting future!

4 Meg

This makes me smile so much! Megara from Hercules is one of the sassiest Disney characters ever. She is even sarcastic, since she never wanted to put up with anyone’s bulls**t. That being said, we really need a prequel film starring tiny Meg! She would have given sass and attitude that would have, yes, gotten her in trouble at times, but it would have been because she is daring, she is confident, and she is always willing to do whatever it takes for good people in order for good things to happen. Plus, if we had more films of hers to watch, we may be able to someday perfect that amazing hairstyle of hers that we just cannot get down like this girl can.

3 Jane

Via Pinterest

Once again, an artist has thrown in a baby animal, forcing fans to be amazed at the cuteness overload! Jane, from Tarzan, is also adorable, though. As an adult, she traveled to the jungle, met Tarzan, taught him her ways and made everyone (including him) fall in love with her. As a kid, she would have still had that charm and desire to teach, guide, and love.

And this tiny version of a Disney dress is one of the best on this list! It is similar to Belle’s yellow gown, but on a kid, it is just even more breathtaking. Especially when paired with tiny flats, a tiny hat, and tiny gloves, making her the true definition and image of a perfect little lady. Go Jane!

2 Tinker Bell

Via Pinterest

Most of the forms of artwork here have shown Disney Princesses as kids. This one, though, shows Tinker Bell, from Peter Pan, as a very tiny baby — and it is so cute! Tink was already small and adorable as a fairy, but imagine her at the beginning of her life. She must have just been born. She must have worn a diaper and needed a pacifier to keep her from crying all the time (which, as stubborn as she could be, she probably needed one often). She also probably had to have someone piece together tiny leaves, in order to make her the world’s smallest fairy dress. And may I add, it's to die for, BTW. And look at those daisies in her hair, completing her outfit! She's so small and so stinkin’ cute!

1 Anna

Via Pinterest

We will end this article by taking it back to Frozen. As mentioned, that movie showed its stars as kids, so we have already seen Anna at a younger age, but this is a unique piece of art that we just had to shared. First off, it depicts Anna with Olaf, which has us thinking about Frosty; snowmen can be built, they can melt, and then they can return, so Olaf was always around for these two little ladies, in some way or another. Secondly, in Frozen, Anna is full of hope and determination and wonder, and we love that that is seen in her tiny face here. Even when Elsa didn’t want to build a snowman with her, she probably survived with lots of creative and cute made-up activities.

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