15 Disney Princesses Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Bringing together two of our favourite worlds–Disney and Harry Potter–we just had to sort the Disney Princesses into their own Hogwarts Houses. Organized chronologically by movie release date, it’s interesting to note that some of the earliest Disney Princesses seem to be more at home in Hufflepuff, due to their kind hearts, loving nature, devoted loyalty, and hard work (a LOT of those early Princesses are weirdly into housework and other traditional domestic tasks).

Then, as we move down the line of Disney Princesses, we have more Houses pop up. With some royal girls exhibiting cleverness, bravery, or ambition—much better suited to Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or even Slytherin! While that’s not to say that Hufflepuff Princesses are entirely of the miscellaneous or submissive variety, there is certainly a clear pattern between the temperaments of early Disney Princesses versus the more modern ones. So, does anyone have an idea as to what House their favorite Princess belongs in?

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15 Snow White: Hufflepuff

Of course Snow White belongs in Hufflepuff! She’s a girl with a kind heart and a tendency to see the best in people, almost to a fault (I mean, who else would think to take an apple from a random old woman when they’re trying to get away from an evil queen/witch?). She’s also a big believer in hard work, through cleaning up the house and taking care of the seven dwarves, which is a major Hufflepuff trait. Her loyalty, patience, and optimism also seem like qualities that belong with those who identify as badgers; and perhaps the fact that she’s the youngest Disney Princess (she’s about 14) may also give her the childlike innocence and friendliness we so often associate with Hufflepuffs. Plus, she’s the first Disney Princess! (Back when the Princesses were a little more submissive, which is part of what makes her a better fit for Hufflepuff than any other House.)

14 Cinderella: Hufflepuff

As the second Disney Princess chronologically, Cinderella is definitely a Hufflepuff! First off, she’s a hard worker, and even though she was forced into service by her evil stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella seems to take some degree of joy in making the home spick and span. She certainly sings about it an awful lot! She also places a lot of importance on being kind to people, and in the Disney version of Cinderella, she’s much more forgiving of the women who treated her so badly, which is a very Hufflepuff thing to do. While she might show a degree of ambition in wanting to be a princess with her Prince Charming, she isn’t able to achieve her goal without help from her Fairy Godmother and furry friends—who wouldn’t have aided her in the first place if she hadn’t had such a big heart to begin with.

13 Alice: Ravenclaw

Okay, so she’s not a Disney Princess exactly, but we had to break up all these Hufflepuff girls by throwing in a Ravenclaw! Alice is regularly chastised for daydreaming and imagining a better life for herself, like those she’s read about in her books, and her voracious reading and healthy imagination are what send her to Wonderland. While there, she’s able to navigate her way around the confusing place through logic - even though she makes a few mistakes in the process. However, that intelligence and curiosity are totally indicative of a Ravenclaw's mind. In her quest for knowledge and in her pursuit of the story, Alice can get a little reckless, but what Ravenclaw hasn’t been a little over-eager when they’re busy inventing some of the greatest achievements in the wizarding world?

12 Sleeping Beauty: Hufflepuff

Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora, isn’t awake for much of the movie, so it was a little difficult to figure out which House to place her in at Hogwarts. From what we do see of her, though, we can conclude that she is kind and hard-working, and incredibly loyal to the fairies in her life who have raised her and protected her. Her kind and loving nature to everyone around her is extremely Hufflepuff-esque, and she’s also a sucker for romance. Finding love is a major requirement for Aurora, as is demonstrated in her song, “Once Upon a Dream,” which has lyrics like, “You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream / Once upon a night / I dreamed we’d be together/ In love forever.” Sounds just like an ooey-gooey Hufflepuff princess!

11 Ariel: Gryffindor

Hear me out on this one! Ariel is a bit of a goof sometimes, like not knowing what a fork is (what do they eat food with under the sea?), but how brave was it of her to go out on a limb and give up her voice for a chance to live life on land? To go to Ursula, the Sea Witch, to make a deal without telling anyone first? Sure, these actions sound foolhardy, but don’t they also sound like the kind of recklessness that Gryffindors are notorious for? Her rebellious spirit and willingness to go against the wishes of others sound an awful lot like Harry Potter and all his half-baked plans! There’s certainly a degree of the other Houses in Ariel, like her loyalty to her friends, her daydreaming and curiosity, and her wish to be more than what she is. But she’s mostly a lionhearted Gryffindor.

10 Belle: Gryffindor

I know this one might make a lot of people angry, because they see Belle’s reading and intellect and assume she’s an absolute Ravenclaw. But with that being said, while she may be a Ravenclaw in some respects, she’s really more of a Gryffindor, in the way that Hermione is a Gryffindor. (And how fitting, since Emma Watson plays Belle in the live-action remake!) Both girls would be just as at home in Ravenclaw, but their nerve and bravery are what put them in the company of McGonagall and Dumbledore. Just look at how Belle sacrificed herself for her father’s freedom, or how she refused to be terrified of the Beast and instead tried to tame him. Also, she didn’t just read her books for knowledge, she read them to be transported out of her small French town. That thirst for adventure and nerve are true Gryffindor traits.

9 Jasmine: Slytherin

Like most Slytherins, Jasmine doesn’t take anyone’s BS. She refuses to be pigeonholed as a perfect princess, awaiting suitors, and instead goes out of her way to get them to leave. Despite living a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, Jasmine’s ambition and cunning nature lead her onto a path of freedom to live her own life (outside of being told what to do by the men in her life). Also, it was a hella Slytherin move of Jasmine to try and manipulate Jafar through attempted seduction, especially since she knew Aladdin was watching. In fact, when dealing with someone as evil as Jafar, it takes a Slytherin like Jasmine to beat a Slytherin like him! Proving that ambition and cunning are not bad things at all (when used in the right way), Jasmine is considered by most to be worthy of belonging in Slytherin House.

8 Pocahontas: Gryffindor

The girl cliff-dives and flung herself into harm’s way to save the guy she loves, so how could she not be a Gryffindor? She has a thirst for adventure and is remarkably brave. Like that time when she stood up to her people and declared her love for John Smith, despite her family and friends believing him and his to be the enemy. She’s rash and reckless, which are some of the negative points of a Gryffindor, but she does everything with a good heart and a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. She also has a desire to bring peace and harmony to her village. Along with working side-by-side with John which is reminiscent of Harry and co.’s work to balance the scales and defeat evil in the form of Voldemort. Totally badass, totally Gryffindor.

7 Mulan: Gryffindor

Another lady who is fierce as hell, Mulan is an undisputed member of Gryffindor House. First off: hello, she disguised herself as a man to fight in her father’s place and protect their country! Never mind the fact that if she were to be found for being a woman of noble birth, she could be thrown in jail or killed—sounds just like a recklessly and brave Gryffindor! Plus, she kicked butt while fighting! She never gave up on herself despite being smaller and skinnier than the rest of the soldiers (as well as constantly ridiculed), and that determination is something that Gryffindors pride themselves on. Giving up behaving in the traditional feminine way of the other women in her life, Mulan defied the odds and earned herself a well-deserved spot at the Gryffindor table.

6 Tiana: Slytherin

See, not all Slytherins are bad, just look at Tiana! While the woman was certainly hard working and dedicated (both Hufflepuff traits), she was also ambitious, and constantly working towards something; rather than working for the sake of enjoying it or just to stay afloat. She knows from the beginning what she wants out of life, and is willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to achieve these goals–to a point. Despite being offered the restaurant of her dreams by Dr. Facilier, she refuses in order to be with her love, Prince Naveen, which is an example of ambition tempered by a good heart. In doing this, though, Tiana never loses herself, and she’s still a bit of a cynic and beloved Princess who is proof that being a Slytherin isn’t a bad thing!

5 Rapunzel: Ravenclaw

Sure, she’s a warm, loving, loyal, and kind girl. But her talent using frying pans is unparalleled by anyone in the Disney universe. Keeping this in mind, Rapunzel is neither a Gryffindor nor a Hufflepuff: she’s a Ravenclaw! Since she’s stuck spending most of her time sitting in her tower, Rapunzel has had to keep herself entertained and educated, which is shown in how many hobbies she immerses herself in (most of which belong in the arts and are the bread and butter of any Ravenclaw). Think pottery, painting, reading, and chess. Sure, perhaps it could be because she was cooped up all the time, but rather than break free at any opportunity (Gryffindor), spend her time bettering the home (Hufflepuff), or craft detailed escape plans (Slytherin), Rapunzel tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible to get her taste of the outside world.

4 Merida: Gryffindor

Um, the movie Merida is from is called Brave, so it’s a no-brainer that she belongs in Gryffindor. Stubborn, reckless, and impulsive, Merida is the Disney Princess who refused to be a Princess in the traditional sense, instead winning the competition that was devised to select a suitor for her. She refuses to let anyone else decide her fate or how she should live her life, and sometimes she can rush into things without thinking them through. Like accidentally turning her own mother into a bear. A fighter more than a damsel in distress, Merida is the kind of girl we’d want on our Quidditch team because we know she could kick some major butt! She’s courageous, nervy, and, well, BRAVE! She’s an absolute Gryffindor, there’s no doubt about it.

3 Anna: Hufflepuff

Yes, it was brave of Anna to go off in search of her sister, but let’s not forget how impulsive it was for her to fall head-over-heels in love with Prince Hans moments after meeting him. That belief in the goodness of people (despite better judgment) is definitely a quality of a Hufflepuff. Also, it was pretty dumb of her to leave Hans in charge of her palace while searching for her sister! No Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Slytherin would’ve let that happen. However, it is a loyal move on her part, and signifies her love of her family, the type of kind-hearted gesture that Hufflepuffs are known for. Oh, and she also happens to be obsessed with chocolate, and since the Hufflepuff Common Room is located near the kitchens, we bet she’d be right at home stuffing her face with the help of some House Elves.

2 Elsa: Slytherin

In contrast to Anna’s Hufflepuff, we have Elsa’s Slytherin. Some might be inclined to put her in Ravenclaw, since she’s clearly wise and introspective, but she seems to be too much of a natural leader to be content in the House of those who are clever. Which puts her squarely in Slytherin. First off, while she loves her sister, she’s not the best at expressing her emotions, separating herself from Anna on account of her unwieldy powers that harmed her in the past. Also, as the newly-crowned Queen of Arendelle, Elsa tries to look out for her sister, even though her intentions aren’t expressed in the best way—which is something most Slytherins are guilty of. Had she been surrounded by people other than those who loved her, Elsa might have gone down a darker path, especially with her enormous powers, but she was fortunate enough to make it out unscathed as a Slytherin.

1 Moana: Gryffindor

Moana is a true Gryffindor who was born to stand out (just like the ghost of her grandmother said). Unlike most of the other princesses on this list, she is a warrior who will go wherever she is needed, even if it goes against the wishes of her family. Sounds like a nervy Gryffindor who’s trying to be forced into Hufflepuff colors! Her thirst for adventure, her bravery, and her strong mind is so reminiscent of a Gryffindor. She leaves her home island to go on a mission with a degree of recklessness because she doesn’t know what awaits her. While she definitely has Hufflepuff compassion on her side, she is a bona fide Gryffindor who has helped to usher in a new era of fierce Disney Princesses. We can only imagine that future Disney Princesses will have a similar amount of tenacity and strength. #GirlPower

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