15 Disney-Themed Weddings That Make Us Believe in Magic Again

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15 Disney-Themed Weddings That Make Us Believe in Magic Again

For most couples, Anaheim, California, might be an out-of-reach wedding destination, but that just means diehard Disney fans need to bring the magic to their reception. What better way to do so than by basing your wedding theme on your favorite classic tale of true love conquering all? Any wedding you can imagine is possible, given proper planning and inspiration. As Walt himself once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Last February, TheThings brought you 16 of the most over-the-top Disney themed weddings. If those weren’t enough inspiration for your Pinterest boards, here are 15 more delightfully unique weddings that truly are what dreams are made of. From Neverland to the 100 Acre Woods to down under the sea, these brides weddings were a dream come true. Now go out there, live your dream, and plan your own Disney dream reception!

15. The Fairest Bride and Groom of Them All

via Hitched

When this couple decided to tie the knot, they wanted their wedding theme to be the stuff of fantasy. Snow White is a classic story with deep roots in fairy tale heritage. Ever since The Brothers Grimm copied it down based on the original oral story, it has inspired those who dream to remember that love can conquer over all evil and that someday, their prince (or princess) really will come. The couple took elements from the original fairy tale and the Disney movie to make this wedding their own. Atop their cake sits an apple with “I Do” written in gold cursive. Decor was rustic and covered in flowers, wild berries and (of course) mirrors. Snow White is perfect for wedding planners who love a red color scheme and working with natural, woodsy adornments.

14. Welcome to Wonderland

via Want That Wedding

Planning a reception is enough to make anyone a little frazzled, so why not embrace the insanity with a Mad Tea Party theme? Inspired by both Lewis Carroll’s novel and the Disney film, this wedding was described by its event planner as taking “a classic wedding theme and giving it a pretty, paired down makeover with a modern vibe.” The result is a wedding that surely had guests wishing each other a very merry unbirthday and an even merrier honeymoon for the bride and groom.

Decorations were filled to the brim with succulents, orchids, and mismatching crockery, and guests drank from darling “Drink Me” bottles. Colorful yet understated, this wedding feels like it came right out of Wonderland while still maintaining a grounded feel thanks to the floral themes.

13. Now That I See You

via Modern Wedding

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who admit that they cried when Flynn Rider told Rapunzel that she was his new dream, and those who lie through their teeth. Those two are basically couple goals to begin with, and you can’t really go wrong with planning a Tangled themed wedding. The story of Rapunzel is what little girls’ dreams are made of, and this Tangled wedding was truly enchanting.

The movie Tangled is a modern take on a lovestruck fairytale, and so it’s natural that this wedding blended some traditional wedding themes with their own magic touch. The flower girl carried not a bouquet but flowers woven in the shape of a heart, inspired by the flower-weaving scene in the movie. Blossoms adorned the bride’s braids as she stepped down the aisle, and she shared a romantic boat ride with the groom to capture the feeling that once you’ve fallen in love, everything looks different.

12. Adventure Is Out There!

via Juliane Berry Photography

Speaking of couple goals and tears shed in the theater, Carl and Ellie’s relationship in Up is all that anyone could hope for in marriage. They are the most real depiction of true love any Disney/Pixar movie’s given us, and an Up themed wedding is a great way to invite that childlike wonder into your marriage. Alex and Amy did just this with their own balloon-filled reception.

The groom wore a “Grape Soda” badge on his suit, pinning a white corsage to it. Amy and Alex’s wedding took place in a vineyard, which brought a true spirit of adventure into the reception with its natural beauty. Cupcakes and other delicious treats were as bright and colorful as the balloon decorations. Guests took home pinwheels printed on maps of the world, inspiring them to start their own journeys alongside the couple.

11. True Love in the 100 Acre Woods

via Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re looking for personalized wedding vows, look no further than Winnie the Pooh. Nothing could possibly be as meaningful as the silly old bear’s words to Piglet: “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

This couple certainly thought so when they created their own Winnie the Pooh themed wedding. Inspired by a delightful red and yellow color palette, their reception really captured a lovely “child-at-heart” feeling. Because Pooh and his friends lived in the 100 Acre Woods, the wedding planner drew heavily on natural themes with a wild flower centerpiece. Guests found the honey cupcakes (of course) charming and enjoyed either Barenjager honey liquor or non-alcoholic tonic water with honey to set the mood. Every photo from their memorable night looks like it came from a storybook.

10. Love Really Is an Open Door

via Disney

Some people are worth melting for, and some weddings are as comforting as a warm hug. These wedding planners took inspiration from Disney’s Frozen to create a wedding that somehow wraps up the coldest winter night and the warmest summer day all in one. All the long-lasting hype over Frozen’s initial release might make couples a little wary when considering a wedding, but given a few unique touches, it can be anything but overdone. Drawing on natural, yuletide decorations (such as this bride and groom’s pinecone centerpiece) can keep it classy instead of trite.

Frozen is the perfect wedding theme for couples planning to tie the knot come winter, so if you’re planning your wedding seven or eight months down the road, take this reception as inspiration!

9. Marriage is a Commitment Your Heart Makes

via The Knot

After getting engaged at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, teachers Britney and Jacob felt inspired by Disney’s Cinderella when planning their June wedding. “Our love is a fairy tale, and Jacob really is my Prince Charming,” remarked the bride. She wanted a wedding that captured their kismet relationship with a kitschy, DIY feel.

Wedding planners channeled a little Walt Disney magic in the decorations, with blue and yellow accents in the bridesmaids’ outfits, the floral bouquets, and the wedding cake (finished with a fondant bluebird topper and gorgeous yellow piping). Britney was able to become a princess for a day thanks to the pearl and glass slipper arrangements, and she fell for her prince all over again before the clock struck midnight at the reception. True love is real after all!

8. No Wonder It’s Mary That He Loves

via Rock My Wedding

This couple’s wedding really was a jolly holiday. Mary Poppins may not be the first place a couple’s mind goes when planning their wedding, but maybe it should be. After all, nobody can deny that Mary and the dashing chimney sweep Bert were practically perfect together, in every way. Gillian and Paul were inspired by the dreamlike carousel scene in Mary Poppins and decided to plan their wedding and reception around it.

Preston Court was their wedding destination, a fabulous English wedding venue with a fairground, roaming peacocks, and a vintage carousel. Guests sang and danced the night away, equally in love with the new couple and the carnival-esque color scheme. A Mary Poppins themed wedding is the ideal blend of classic and traditional without becoming overdone.

7. Just Around the Riverbend

via Brenda’s Wedding Blog

The 1995 film Pocahontas was absolutely stunning, and this bride and groom painted with all the colors of the wind when planning their wedding. The two wanted their marriage to be princess-based because of their shared love of Disney, but they wanted it to be more understated than the usual theme wedding. Pocahontas caught their eye because it allowed them and their wedding planner to play on understated, natural beauty that isn’t always seen. The reds, golds, oranges, and browns were a perfect accent for their fall wedding, and their bouquet was breathtakingly rustic.

The bride wore a beautiful turquoise necklace inspire by Pocahontas and took her groom to the riverbend for their bridal shoot photos. We can’t decide what is more gorgeous, the couple or the scenery.

6. 101 Dalmatians

via Buzzfeed

Another seemingly-oddball-but-secretly-genius wedding theme, this reception got its inspiration from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Corine Jones and her fiancé Tony Collier loved their pet dogs Izzy and Mookie almost as much as they loved each other. Both Disney lovers, they found that the love story of Roger and Anita really captured their relationship. For their engagement shoot, they captured Mr. and Mrs. Ratcliffe’s look down to the nines and even DIY’d her fabulous floral hat. Their wedding and bachelor/bachelorette parties featured some Disney elements so that the two were able to tie the knot alongside what they loved.

101 Dalmatians offers an understated-but-meaningful theme for dog lovers who found comfort in each other, and it comes with an automatic 1960s vintage feeling that is almost as darling as Cruella De Vil is frightening.

5. A “Minnie” Vow Renewal

via Weddings by Sheri

Vow renewals are a reminder that true love can last forever, given a little nurturing and the right circumstances. Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been married since 1933: that’s almost 84 years of romance! We’d love to ask them what their secret to never letting the flame die is, but we might just have to settle for fawning over Devine and James Hawley’s Disney-inspired vow renewal.

Red, black, and white accented the bride and groom’s attire in a classy throwback to Mickey and Minnie. Both the groom and his best men (his two sons) wore ties patterned with the iconic cartoon character, which brought a sense of childlike mischief to the wedding (a necessary component for keeping any marriage alive). The twice-wedded duo traveled to the venue in a carriage fit for Cinderella, and afterwards they departed on a second honeymoon to Disneyland wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the words “Soul” and “Mate” in Disney font.

4. Star Wars Wedding

via Buzzfeed

Ever since Disney bought George Lucas films several years ago, the best thing to come of it is that Princess Leia is now a Disney princess! Engaged couple Jennifer and Joshua were both avid Star Wars fans (aren’t we all?), and you better believe they incorporated that passion into their wedding. Basically, their wedding is what all of us wish we could have, Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion and all.

The bride wore a Star Wars-inspired belt around her dress, and the flower girls wore Princess Leia-esque outfits. Seating cards listed guests into categories like “droids” and “scout troopers,” and they were able to sign a Star Wars book to sign. The icing on the cake (or, rather, the topper)? Adorable Wampa and Tauntaun toppers representing the bride and groom.

3. All You Need is Love, But Pixie Dust Won’t Hurt

via Storyboard Wedding

The wedding planner behind this couple’s reception described it as “Neverland gets a mature makeover as Wendy and Peter tie the knot.” With a theme that so captures marriage as the next wild adventure, you can’t go wrong. Every touch in this wedding was seemingly sprinkled with faith, trust, and pixie dust because it was truly magical. A color palette of gold, green, ivory, and black allowed the wedding planner to create whimsical decor: bright green bottles were filled with pixie dust and the Peter Pan Cake revealed a vivid gold inside after being cut.

Overall, the theme’s effect was embracing marriage as a step into adulthood while retaining your youth. It was a beautiful reminder for the guests and couple alike that you can grow old together without growing up all the way.

2.  Tale As Old As Time

via Daily Mail

The Beauty and the Beast remake was just begging to be transformed into the wedding everyone dreamed of as a child, and this absolutely delivered. The dress was dip-dyed her wedding dress to mirror Belle’s dancing gown. Invitations proudly encourage friends and family to “Be our guest!” and the bookish table assignments were inspired by Belle’s own passion for reading. A red rose centerpiece trapped beneath a clear jar captured an enchanted feeling in the air, and candelabras and clocks adorning the dining table payed homage to Cogsworth and Lumiere.

With the romantic French backdrop and fairy tale steeped in passionate romance, a Beauty and the Beast wedding practically plans itself. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of yellow wedding gowns in 2017.

1. And They All Lived Happily Ever After

via Style Me Pretty

Sleeping Beauty makes for a classy and dreamlike wedding theme for those who appreciate a good Disney theme without going too overboard and risking a schmaltzy feel. This wedding was partially inspired by Disney’s Maleficent and partially by the original animated film, and there’s something to love for fans of tradition and modern renovations. The luscious floral centerpieces and decorations gave the reception an air of romanticism, and the candlelit backdrop brought a moody and magical tone to the evening. A spindle sat as decoration in the corner as an understated, yet enchanted throwback to the moment Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger and falls into a deep slumber.

Guests enjoyed the nature-inspired three-layer blackberry chocolate cake almost as much as they enjoyed spending time with this real life beauty and her groom on their wedding day.

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