15 Disney Villains Reimagined As Princesses

It's hard not to love the Disney princesses. It's also hard to deny that the Disney villains are pretty awesome, too. But what if we were to re-imagine the Disney villains as princesses? Now there's a twist.

Many talented artists on the web have used their amazing skills to create images of the bad guys and women from Disney films and turn them into princesses. It's an interesting concept and not one you would come across all the time. For instance, we've seen the Disney princesses re-imagined as teenagers and the like, but people rarely imagine new takes on the villains.

We've put together a bunch of amazing concepts that Disney fans and artists have created, showing that villains can be pretty princesses, too.

15 Hans from Frozen

Via: juliajm15 at Deviantart

The man who fooled Princess Anna into thinking he loved her immediately after meeting her looks quite beautiful in this artist's interpretation of him as a princess.

This artist took Hans' costumes and turned them into dresses. They definitely did a spectacular job. We love the way they also incorporated Hans' gray coat into the look and made it more feminine.

We also love the way this artist gave Princess Hans a braid, similar to Elsa's. Braids are a popular hair trend in Norway, which is where Frozen takes place. The updo in the middle image is a nice touch, too. Seeing as the middle image of Hans is wearing a necklace and has a glass of champagne in her hand, we are assuming this is her "fancy party look". Gorgeous. We also love the white gloves!

14 Jafar from Aladdin

Via: Jessica Nahulan at Deviantart

This artists depiction of Jafar, the villain from Aladdin, looks a lot like Princess Jasmine. They turned the costume Jafar wears into a dress and softened the harsh red colors of his wardrobe with a touch of purple.

This is an interesting take on what Jafar would look like if he were a princess. The original Jafar isn't the most attractive character but this princess version is stunning.

We love the way this artist used soft edges in this piece and how they included the snake staff. We also love how they made the head piece a bit more feminine with it draping around Princess Jafar's face.

We can't help but wonder what Princess Jafar would be like if she were a real character. Someone needs to make that happen.

13 Shan Yu from Mulan

Via: mabychan.tumblr.com

This artist took the big bad guy from Mulan and turned him into a fierce looking warrior princess. The creativeness of this artist is very impressive. They even included Hayabusa, Shan Yu's pet falcon. They also gave Princess Shan Yu the same yellow eyes that the original character has.

This idea of a princess version of Shan Yu is pretty darn awesome and the character looks like a total BAMF. We love the super long finger nails and the "do not mess with me" look on her face. The coat with animal fur is a nice touch, as well, as it takes from the original character's wardrobe and spins it to make it a bit more feminine. We also love the includion of Shan Yu's hood, which he sometimes wore in the movie.

12 Hades from Hercules

Via: sakimichan at Deviantart

Okay, so this princess version of Hades is pretty freakin' gorgeous, we're not gonna lie. The blue and fiery hair is pretty epic and the skull earrings are priceless, as well.

Hades' teeth have stayed the same; sharp and pointy. Those blue eyes are so fierce and those eyebrows? To die for. The dress she has on is fabulous, too. The artist that created this version of Hades clearly has a lot of talent.

Our favorite thing about this image are the bright blue hues that quickly catch your eye. Even though Hades lives in hell, the cool tones used in this image makes this version look more like an ice princess. Elsa, anyone?

We also must add that Hades definitely makes one attractive princess.

11 Captain Hook from Peter Pan

Via: Anonymous at Warosu.org

Tick tock, tick tock. That's the sound that Captain Hook's nightmares are made of.

This artist has taken the big bad from Peter Pan and turned him into an ever so pretty princess.

Sticking with Hook's traditional color of red, this artist fitted princess Hook with a red dress filled with golden tassels. They also did a great job of including Hook's hat with the large feather sticking out the top.

We love that this artist designed two different versions of princess Hook; one a little bit more fancy than the other. We love the short dress in the drawing on the left and the inclusion of the watch. These are super cute interpretations of what Hook would look like as a princess and it's fun to imagine this ultra bad dude in a different way.

10 Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Via: WortCat at Deviantart

Is it just us or does this artist's interpretation of a female Gaston look like Wonder Woman? It's probably the jet black hair, the strapless outfit and belt.

This artist decided to keep the yellow gloves and red ensemble that Gaston wears and turned his outfit into a strapless dress and put a large yellow bow in her hair. A newly added touch are the red rose earrings, which fit in well with the Beauty and the Beast theme.

Something tells us this version of Gaston would be one tough chick. Gaston wasn't the brightest character in Beauty and the Beast, but we like to think Princess Gaston would be a little bit smarter. Maybe she would even someone who read books... and not just for the pictures!

9 Madame Tremaine from Cinderella

Via: shewolfofmn at Deviantart

Madame Tremaine, also known as Cinderella's evil step mother, looks a lot more innocent in this artist's drawing of her as a young princess. The dress young Tremaine is wearing is purple, while the one she wore in Cinderella was more red and covered up her entire chest. The dress this artist drew is definitely more youthful and we love the serious look on princess Tremaine's face, as it is true to her character. We also love the purple eyeshadow. The choker around her neck was a nice touch, too.

This artist chose to draw young Tremaine with her hair pulled back, similar to the way the original Tremaine in Cinderella wore her hair. Overall, this is a nice take on a princess version of the woman we love to hate in this classic fairytale.

8 Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Via: Pinterest

Ursula from The Little Mermaid was a large octopus with a double chin who decided to steal Princess Ariel's voice. In this drawing, an artist who goes by the name of "J" has recreated Ursula as a beautiful young woman, complete with the seashell necklace that holds Ariel's voice.

Unlike the origina Ursula from the film, this version of the villain has long flowing hair and striking blue eyes. One of the things that the artist didn't change, however, is Ursula's red lips, as well as her dangling purple earrings.

We did get to see a human version of Ursula in The Little Mermaid, as a character named Vanessa, but she looked completely different from this version. She had long dark hair and didn't look like the octopus version of herself at all.

7 Cruella from 101 Dalmations

Via: madmoiselleclau at Doll Divine

Cruella DeVille collected puppies to make fur coats. She's not exactly a character that animal lovers are a fan of.

In this artist's recreation of Cruella, she is a young woman decked out in all black and white, with the exception of her red gloves and heels.

The original Cruella was also usually decked out in all black and white, but her dress was a solid black color, with a fur coat made of dalmatian.

In this artist's recreation of Cruella, they gave her a black dress with a twist, by adding lace to the bottom of it and dalmatian fur on the top. They also took the ring Cruella wore in the film and made it into a necklace. All this version needs is a fur coat!

6 Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Via: Pinterest

The Queen of Hearts from the original animated Disney version of Alice in Wonderland was a large woman who enjoyed yelling. She wore no makeup and wore her hair in a tiny, tight bun.

This version of the queen resembles more of a Disney princess. While still wearing that small crown, this artist, by the name of "J", recreated the character and gave her makeup and hair that has been well groomed. This artist also added a choker around the character's neck with a heart in the center. They also gave this version of the character black nail polish, which was a nice touch.

As for the dress itself, it's very similar to the original as far as colors and patterns go, but this version is much less cartoonish and very pretty.

5 Evil Queen from Snow White

Via: kawaiibrit at Deviantart

The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had two different forms in the animated movie. She appeared as a queen as well as an old haggard woman.

This version of the Evil Queen shows her in a similar outfit, but one more fit for a princess.

The queen in the film actually has her hair covered, but in this version, it looks like she just has really short black hair. This princess version does have the Evil Queen's signature red lips, though, as well as the gold crown on top of her head.

This artist decided to give the young queen a sour expression on her face, which fits the character well. It would be interesting to see a cheerful side of her, though. If the Evil Queen were a Disney princess, however, we do believe she would look something like this.

4 Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Via: moonprincess22 at DeviantArt

Maleficent is the villain from Sleeping Beauty who sometimes takes the form of a fire-breathing dragon. In the original Disney animated film, Maleficent has green skin and wears a black robe that's purple on the inside.

This artist kept the green skin intact for Princess Maleficent and got rid of the horns on her head. They also gave her long, black hair.

They gave Maleficent a strapless dress and kept with the original black and purple colors that the character wore in the animated film. This artist stuck with Maleficent's purple eyeshadow, but added in some jewelry, including a gold necklace, matching gold earrings and a gold band across her forehead.

We can totally see Maleficent looking like this if she were a Disney princess.

3 Mother Gothel from Tangled

Via: Elias Chatzoudis at Deviantart

This drawing of Mother Gothel from Tangled is a shocking sight to be seen, as it is dramatically different from the Gothel we know from the film.

If Mother Gothel were a Disney princess, she might look like this. As we all know, Gothel uses Rapunzel's hair to keep up her youthful appearance, so if she really had her way, she would probably look like she does in this drawing: super sexy.

The Gothel in this recreation of the character is clearly very in shape and well groomed. We love how the artist included Rapunzel's golden blonde hair in this image and the sexy twist on Gothel's wardrobe.

We also love the leg popping out of the dress as well as the boots she has on.

2 Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

Via: mabychan.tumblr.com

Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog is a witch doctor who does not like people who are wealthier or more powerful than him. He wanted to rule all of New Orleans and was the main bad guy in the film.

The recreation of the character as a young woman in this drawing sticks with the tradition of New Orleans, where the film takes place, and has the character waring Mardi Gras beads around her neck.

The hat that Facilier wears was kept in this drawing, as was his cane. His wardrobe was kept mostly the same, but his outfit was turned into a dress. This artist is definitely very creative while staying true to the original characters. We can now only imagine what the personality of Princess Facilier would be.

1 Stromboli from Pinocchio

Via: blastedgoose at Deviantart

A princess with a puppet show. Stromboli was the main antagonist from Disney's classic animated film, Pinocchio. He had a puppet show and wasn't exactly the nicest guy on the planet.

This artist's interpretation of a young female Stromboli is pretty funny. They kept the outfit the same, but made it suitable for a young woman and turned his pants into a short skirt. Stromboli had a big grin with large teeth and this artist kept that in this drawing which is awesome. We love the knee-high socks and heels, too. The pigtails are also kind of perfect.

If Stromboli was a young woman or a princess, we imagine she would look something like this.

Kudos to the artist who came up with this version of the character.

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