15 Disturbing Photos From The Past That Will Creep You Out

They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but when taken out of context, they tend to lose their value and become a little scary. Photography has been around for a long time now and even when it was in its early stages, people were fascinated by it. Photographers captured some beautiful and amazing moments on film, but also some creepy ones. Just like we take unexplained photos today, people in previous years have done the same. We are lucky enough to have Photoshop and other editing software available to use on our photos to make them look scary or change them to look how we want. The fact that this type of software didn't exist a hundred years ago makes them all the more scary. We may not know the stories behind all of these photos, but that is what makes them so interesting. Check out these 15 disturbing photos from the past that are sure to creep out anyone.

15 Come Pose With Me By These Dead Horses Honey

The story behind this photo is that a stable burned down and all the horses escaped. They were scared and the only way to get away from the burning barn was to cross a river. They all plunged into the river together, but it was so cold that they were unable to make it across. Their bodies shut down and they soon froze in the river. Their heads were sticking above the water when the river froze solid and snow fell on it, only the heads were visible. This became an attraction and people were fascinated with these dead horse heads. They often posed for photos with them. Once warm weather came, the ice thawed and the dead horses were swept down river. Everyone moved on and forgot about their strange fascination with dead animals. Now only creepy photos remain.

14 Creepy Bird Doctors

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These masks are pretty creepy on their own, but they were even scarier to the people who saw them coming for them. These were worn by plague doctors in the middle ages so technically this isn't a photo of the actual doctors, simply a reproduction. The beaks were long so they could be stuffed with flowers and herbs to help mask the smell of decaying dead bodies and sickness. They also protected the doctors from the spread of disease. Even scarier than the actual appearance of the masks is what they symbolized. When doctors visited a home wearing plague masks, it meant someone was near death. Since the plague was so contagious, it usually meant most if not everyone in the home would succumb to it. Sometimes caregivers would wear the masks as well, while treating their loved ones or preparing the bodies for burial.

13 Before There Was Criss Angel There Was This Guy

People have been entertained by magicians for years. While many of today’s magicians can do tricks that are hard to explain, they weren’t as crafty or creative back in the old days. Still, people came from far and wide to see their favorites perform. The guy in this photo is a magician who is attempting to levitate. The audience is convinced he is actually doing it too. Of course, as with every trick there is something we are missing that is creating the illusion that he is floating in mid air. There are likely wires attached to his body or even something hidden under his clothes that is lifting him. Still, the audience seems to be happy with his creepy performance so I guess that is all that matters. I don't think I would pay to see this, in fact I might pay to avoid it.

12 Weird Sister Babies?

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A lot of photos taken during Victorian times are creepy. This is mostly because we see them out of context and simply don’t understand what the photographer was trying to capture. I hope this is one of those photos because if there isn’t a reason behind it, it’s just downright scary. It appears to be two women dressed as babies and wear masks. Twin perhaps? One sister is holding the under in her arm as if to protect her from something. Is the sister being held already dead? Why are they wearing masks? Was this photo taken for fun while the girls were messing around, or is this their normal behavior? There are so many questions and really no answers. One thing is for sure, this is definitely a creepy photo and I sure wouldn't want to meet these ladies on the streets.

11 Just Dancing Over These Dead Bodies

This might look like a group of witches dancing around their victims, but it’s actually just some ladies having a little fun on Halloween. Halloween costumes were often homemade back in the old times and that means they were scarier than they were meant to be. They probably thought these costumes were just normal, but compared the witches costumes of today, they are terrifying. This entire scene looks pretty convincing and creepy and if you wandered up on this in a dark alley, you would probably be scared to death. I wonder if the women lying on the ground are just pretending or actually passed out from fear?

10 Perfect Act For A Kid's Birthday Party

Doesn’t this look like a fun entertainment act to hire for your kid’s birthday? Maybe if you want to scare him and all his friends half to death. This creepy little doll is actually a ventriloquist dummy. I guess back then it was acceptable to have creepy little dolls sitting on your lap and pretending to talk. I think this is probably the stuff that nightmares are made of. Even the dummies of today are scary, and they don't look half as bad as this one. Can you imagine being a kid in the audience watching these two on stage? I think I would rather just skip that show and stay home. Thanks but no thanks!

9 Just Creepin' On Some Kids

For some reason, a lot of photos from the Victorian age that depict children are creepy. These little kids actually look pretty cute and normal. In fact, the whole photo looks okay until you realize there is a strange man creeping around behind them. What is this guy doing stalking these babies? Did the parents not see him when they took the photo? Does anyone else think he look like Freddie Kruger? In all fairness, maybe he was just a harmless man who was just walking by when the photo was snapped, but he sure does look scary. Can you imagine how weirded out the parents were when they saw this photo?

8 Whatever She Did, I'm Sure She Is Sorry

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It’s bad enough getting scolded by your parents, but it would be downright terrifying to get scolded by this guy. It’s not that his height is the problem, it’s the fact that he is dressed ridiculously and seems to have a demonic look on his face. What did this little girl do to deserve such a punishment and why did someone decide to capture this on camera? Instead of snapping photos they could be directing this girl away from the creepy little monster The look on the girl’s face isn’t necessarily one of fear but more of confusion. I have a feeling she was carried off and made into a stew or something shortly after this photos was taken. Let’s hope not.

7 Taking A Secret To Her Grave

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There are a lot of photos of people with their mouths sewn shut and sometimes even their eyes. This photo is actually of a woman who has passed away. You can tell she is no longer living and you may even notice she is holding flowers. It was not uncommon for people to treat the dead this way. So if she is dead, why did they need to sew her mouth shut? Many people believed evil spirits could enter the body through the mouth and possess a dead person’s body. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for funeral parlors to use a stitch or even glue to help keep the eyes and mouth closed for aesthetic purposes. Brings a new meaning to taking a secret to your grave huh?

6 Photos Of The Dead

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In Victorian times, people weren’t running around taking selfies and posting them online. In fact, very few people could afford to have their photos taken. Sometimes the only chance they had to get a photograph of their family or a loved one, was after a person had passed away. Many funeral homes offer photography service and family members didn’t think twice about gathering around a deceased loved one to get a photo of them before they were buried. To make the photos look better, the deceased person was often made to look alive or just sleeping. They were propped up on chairs, held up by loved ones, and even posed to look real. Pretty creepy huh?

5 Just Hanging Out With An Astronaut

This is actually a pretty well-known photo, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy. It looks like an innocent photo of a little girl, but in the background there is an astronaut. Why? Nobody really knows. The person who took the photo insisted that there was not anyone in the background and even the people at Kodak who inspected the photo and the entire roll of film, said it was not tampered with. There have been many theories about the photo over the years, but it has never been explained. Makes you wonder what will show up in your own photos doesn’t it?

4 Nope, Not Going Down There

The story behind this photo is that it was taken by firefighters who had just put out the flames and were taking photos of the damage. This photo was quickly snapped of the basement stairs and a monster happened to show up in it. This photo was taken before photo editing was popular and as easy as it is now so what the hell is this thing? I’m pretty sure this is what every person fears while walking down the stairs to a dark basement or running up the for that matter. I’m not sure what it is, but I know I want know part in it either. Keep your creepy ass in the basement buddy.

3 Just A Poltergeist Doing Its Thing

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This creepy photo is also pretty well-known. It was taken during a supposed poltergeist attack. The case is known as the Enfield Haunting. The film The Conjuring 2 is loosely based on the case. It's also one of the best documented poltergeist cases on record. Several reputable people experienced phenomena in the home, including police officers. It’s pretty much just your normal poltergeist story about an angry misunderstood spirit that likes to throw things around and get attention. This one also happened to terrorize a family and even possess a little girl at times.  I could handle the door knobs turning on their own, but if I see a person get picked up and struck by lightning, I'm out. The poltergeist can have the house and everything in it. I’d be looking for a new place to live, possibly on the other side of the world.

2 She Did It

We aren’t really sure what is going on in this photo, but it’s pretty obvious that this crazy witch lady did it. Is that a bomb going off in the background? Why is she so calm about it? She almost looks happy. What the hell is she wearing? Is that a Halloween costume or standard equipment for witches who set off bombs regularly. This photo just goes to show you that things were a lot scarier back in old times. You probably didn’t think witches were real, I bet you never imagined they were running around setting off bombs. Excuse me while I sleep with the light on tonight. I'm just glad this is an old photo and we don't have to worry about this crazy witch still running around.

1 Her Dream Wedding

Every girl dreams of what her wedding will be like someday. We plan out the details including what we will wear, who we will invite and even where it will be. Many girls have everything planned right down to the accessories. I bet most ladies will agree they have no plans for including gas masks. This creepy photo is actually as sad as it is scary. People living in Miyakejima, one of Japan’s Izu Islands, have to deal with poisonous gasses being released by a nearby active volcano. They have to wear gas masks often and it looks like this wedding party even had to wear them during what should be the happiest day of their lives.


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