15 Disturbing Things You’ll Only See At Walmart

While Walmart gets a bad rep for many reasons, it does have some good things to offer. There are low prices and virtually anything you could want to buy found under one roof. They also let anyone and everyone in. Oh wait, that last reason is not so positive after all. From people who are dressed completely crazy to people who are not really dressed at all, this lack of character and dress code has led the super chain to become the butt of many jokes (pun intended).

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, one quick trip to Walmart can have you questioning your faith in humanity. Though, we must admit that it is quite entertaining. Since there is a Walmart in every state, you don’t have to go to Vegas to see a show! We can save you a trip to Walmart as well with these 15 photos that show why the discount store can truly be disturbing.

15 Mail order bride?

Via: pleated-jeans.com

Walmart is well-known as a place with no dress code, or at least no dress code enforcement. This is a perfect example of that and probably one of the most unusual outfits of choice. Either this young woman is planning on mailing herself off at the Walmart post office, or she lost her clothes in the dressing room. Maybe someone is bringing her back in exchange for whatever originally came in the box, since Walmart is also known as a place that will take back virtually anything.

At least she had the decency to choose a box that covered most of her body, though it looks like she is in trouble if she drops her hands. If she is not putting herself on the mail route, then she should probably head on over to the clothing section.

14 Exercising the demons

Via: trending.report.com

How disturbing is this sight? Just imagine a child wandering around the store, turning the corner down one of the toy aisles, and running into this guy. Talk about having nightmares for the rest of your life! It is hard to tell what is most scary about this picture: his eyes, his teeth, his shirt, or what appears to be face tattoos running out from under his eyes. As if his appearance were not creepy enough, he had to go and hula hoop to make it even more weird.

Nothing gets creepier than a goth guy playing with a child’s toy. Well, unless of course he were playing with an actual child instead. At least there is a fire extinguisher close by in case things get out of hand.

13 Better wear a belt

Via: trending.report.com

We all know that the purpose of wearing a belt is to keep your pants from falling down, but what if you’re not wearing any pants? Then, I guess wearing a belt would just be a fashion statement, though it is hard to tell exactly what kind of statement this woman is trying to make. The brown leather belt goes well with her white cowgirl hat, but beyond that, it gets a little confusing. She is wearing what looks like a white halter top with her bra hanging out of the back. Though, we are just glad that she is wearing a bra. As for the part below the belt, that is another issue. Her bottoms look more like part of a bikini rather than a pair of panties, which is actually a good thing. She should probably reposition her belt as she is starting to show a little crack.

12 Back boobs

Via: peopleofwalmart.com

At least the belt and bikini bottoms woman had the decency to wear a bra. We can all agree that we would rather see bra straps than a pair of boobs, regardless of whether they are on her front or back side.

We have all heard of back boobs, and this photo is proof that they really do exist and she likes to showcase it off at none other than the worldwide discount store. While she's totally allowed to wear whatever she wants, some would agree that in this case, a non-backless t-shirt would of been best. Even a cardboard box is a better choice than what she decided to wear.

11 What medical emergency?

Via: buzzfeed.com

Before we move any farther on commenting on this photo, we'd really, really like to know what led to this impromptu trip. Was he lying in his hospital bed, fresh from a coma, with a sudden urge to hit the nearest Walmart for a bag of Skittles? How did he slip past anyone without knowing? Was he on good terms with that nurse, Sandy, who slipped him an extra few bucks so that he'd pick her up a few bags, too?

We can only imagine the horrified looks on people's faces as they saw him strolling around, treating the cart like the IV stand he used to roll around in the hallways of the hospital. There is one thing we can be thankful for, though—at least he had the decency to throw on some pants and shoes before heading out. As any health practitioner knows, those robes don't do a whole lot in disguising people's butts.

10 Man panties

Via: peopleofwalmart.com

The only thing more disturbing than seeing someone’s butt crack is seeing a grown, middle-aged man, wear a hot pink thong. Yep, you read it right . . . man panties. This is even more surprising as he is seen shopping for a Psalms calendar. Someone who lives by the Psalms doesn’t seem to fit the profile of a thong enthusiast, but you never really can know. Then again, this picture could be even more confusing than first suspected. Perhaps he is only holding the calendar because he is moving it out of the way to look for something else, something of the more hot firemen variety that we all can agree is a choice that's hard to resist. Hot, sweaty firemen, all greased up, ready to hose down... oh, sorry, got off track here. But yeah, hot pink thong on this dude, totally weird.

9 Welcome to wonderland

Via: bromygod.com

Just when we thought the goth guy hula hooping was the worst thing to hit the toy aisle, we stumbled upon these live dolls. We can only hope that this picture was taken on Halloween, but even then, WTF!? If they are, in fact, drag queens, what an unusual outfit of choice.

They may have chosen to dress like baby dolls instead of something sexier, but the one on the left is still showing a great deal of leg. At least the white pantyhose keeps us from getting a looking-glass view of Alice’s wonderland. If only we could tell what he was holding, we might be able to understand this scenario a little better. Then again, maybe the only explanation that is needed is that they are shopping at Walmart.

8 Feeling foxy

Via: trending.report.com

Best case scenario: this dude is a mascot for Firefox and had to go by Walmart on his lunch break. Otherwise, he just looks really disturbed. If anything could be weirder about someone wearing a fox suit into a store, it would be that they took it a step further to try and make it look normal by putting on a pair of shorts and a jacket. Of course, we have no way of knowing whether the woman standing beside him was with him. Though the fur around the hood of her jacket may give us a hint. If she is not with the fox man, perhaps he should strike up a conversation. The best place for a fox man to find a woman (other than the zoo or forest) would have to be Walmart.

7 Claws out

Via: trending.report.com

Tread lightly around this woman, because she has definitely got her claws out. The only excuse for such a lack of hygiene would be that she is going for the Guinness World Record of having the longest toenails ever. It does seem strange that she would go through the trouble to paint those nasty nails, though. She probably thought she needed to do something to make them look a little less gross, as she obviously can only wear open toe shoes for the foreseeable future. The nail on her right foot’s big toe seems to be growing at an arch, so if she isn’t careful, she could hook it on the CD shelf. Who wants to bet she is looking for a greatest hits album by Nine Inch Nails?

6 Quick print porn

Via: peopleofwalmart.com

You know the people who work at the one-hour photo printing counter see almost everything imaginable, including a lot of questionable content. A lot of people like to view and edit some of their photos before submitting them to print at those handy computer screens. The problem is that the screens are facing the other shoppers. Most people would not dare think of editing nude photos on a computer in the center of a superstore, but that is just one of the many things that sets Walmart apart from the rest. We have no way of knowing if this woman is editing her own boobs or someone else’s boobs, but does it really matter? Regardless, this is a pretty disturbing sight for anyone casually passing by the photo aisle.

5 Heavyweight hair

Via: trending.report.com

Having a full head of hair is usually a good thing, right? Sure, but that is a little different from having a full body of hair. These two people have enough hair on their heads to stuff a king size quilt. Not only is this mess nappy, but you know it has to be heavy to carry around, too. Walmart is probably the best place to shop to get a good discount on buying shampoo in bulk. Both of these people must have gone years without getting a haircut. Perhaps, they are also striving to break some sort of unhygienic world record? If only we could see their feet to examine the condition of their toenails. Maybe there is some hope for them getting a haircut though, since there is a hair salon located in almost every Walmart.

4 Beating the summer heat

Via: buzzfeed.com

There's nothing like stepping into a cool, air-conditioned store in the hot, woes of summer to catch some relief. Though, usually, when you do so, you're dressed in at least some combination of shirt and shorts, especially when there's plenty of other customers around. They say, no shoes, no shirt, no service... we guess it's good that they've at least got the shoes part down pat, though judging by the shoelace on those guy's moccasins, it's clear that he likely huffed and puffed when his wife demanded that he slide them on.

In this photo that we're even having a hard time to look at, we can understand the girl's bikini—maybe she was trying it on and really wanted to "test" it out around the store. But the guy's, um, lack of a proper bathing suit is really throwing us off. It literally looks like he's wearing one of his old pairs of tighty whites. Whatever floats his boat, we guess, but this is something that we'd really, really like to unsee.

3 Pee and run

Via: i.imgur.com

It’s always weird to see a used pregnancy test lying around. Usually you would see one in a personal bathroom, or at least in any bathroom. But one of the worst places to find a used pregnancy test is in the middle of a store. Some poor soul left her positive pregnancy test in the toiletries and cosmetics aisle in Walmart. Maybe the double lines freaked her out just a bit. This could only be considered a classic case of pee and run. This test is obviously still fresh, as a closer look reveals little pee drops on the end. On second thought, this could be the making of a real-life Where the Heart Is movie in which a girl (Natalie Portman) is forced to live in Walmart secretly and has her baby there. Now, that would truly be coming full-circle.

2 Family favorite

Via: peopleofwalmart.com

If this is the family favorite, wouldn’t you hate to see the least family favorite! From half-naked people to others with questionable hygiene, this perhaps trumps them all. Carrying an animal in a store is one thing, but a possum? This could hardly pass for a pet, much less a service animal. The worst part is that whoever brought this little possum in probably thinks of it as one of the kids, especially since it’s wearing a child’s outfit that reads, “current family favorite.” It is also laying in the top part of the buggy like a baby. Our only hope is that this shopper didn’t go anywhere near the grocery section. Yet, something tells us that he or she probably made a stop in the baby food aisle.

1 Cleanup on aisle one

Talk about a mess to clean up! It’s not uncommon for people to sometimes break out in a fight in public, but it is uncommon for it to go on for an extended time with nobody stopping it. You would think this fight took place in the streets rather than the center of a store, since someone caught the entire thing on video with nobody breaking it up. The most horrifying part of this scuffle is that the the woman begins encouraging her son to punch the other woman in the face, which he does, gladly. All we can say is that we doubt this sh*t would go down in Target.

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