15 Disturbing Times James Bond Was Inappropriate AF

Six actors, 24 films, and a fandom that spans generations, the James Bond franchise is cherished by many - even despite its often controversial undertones. Although the movie's character of Bond was portrayed in a drastically different way than the Bond in Ian Fleming's original 007 novels, the flirtatious and politically incorrect version played by Sean Connery in the '60s is still beloved to this day. Though his successor, Roger Moore, is better known for his greying age and comically terrible fight scenes, both Moore and Connery debatably share the title in playing the creepiest James Bond.

Of course, the other Bonds are not all exempt. Daniel Craig gets a pass simply because his stoic nature and distinct lack of rude and inappropriate puns never truly reach a Bond-level creep caliber (and let's be honest, we'd much rather look than judge). However, George Lazenby—even in his short-lived term as Bond—wasn't devoid of his misogyny and quirks. Worse yet was Pierce Brosnan, with his mischievous twinkling eyes and Remington Steele spy chops. Awful insinuations paired with gaudy CGI effects truly enhance his creep status. Fortunately, Timothy Dalton was too busy exacting revenge in his films to bother too much with being lewd.

Any true fan probably has a personal recollection of the worst, disturbing, and flat-out creepy AF moments in their favorite Jame Bond films, though they may differ slightly to each individual's discretion. For us, it's pretty clear. Read on to see our top picks for the 15 times James Bond was especially creepy.

15 Bibi Dahl's Infatuation From 'For Your Eyes Only'

There are just so many things wrong with the unconvincing infatuation of the teenage Bibi Dahl toward the geriatric Roger Moore as the double-O.

In the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only (and Moore's fifth time as Bond), Bibi Dahl is introduced as an Olympic figure skater played by real-life ice skater, Lynn-Holly Johnson. We can only attribute her character's initial attraction to Bond because of her secluded over-training in Cortina, where they meet for the first time. Possibly one of the most cringe-worthy scenes in Bond history occurs when Dahl (again, a teenager) hides naked in Bond's hotel bed after inviting her to a biathlon in the same area. Thankfully, due to her young age, Bond rejects her advances (phew) and is able to get her dressed and ready to attend the biathlon. Even if nothing happened, we're still shaken at the idea of Moore as an object of attraction at the age of 54. Who does he think he is, Sean Connery?

14 Saida's Belly Button Bullet From 'The Man With The Golden Gun'

It's a regular day for certain Bond fans when they find themselves defending the integrity of the 1974 film, The Man with the Golden Gun. Sure, the premise of an assassin with a "golden gun" which only needs one golden bullet to kill, is a bit ludicrous. But so is almost every Bond villain and their plans of domination. And sure, there may be a little person involved and a man with three nipples, but the movie has its redeeming points. The belly dancing scene is unfortunately not one of them.

Saida is a belly dancer in Beirut who was previously in a relationship with 002 (who happened to be shot by Scaramanga, the man with the golden gun). Bond's plan is to find the bullet used in the murder and use it to trace it to the assassin. The whole scene involves him seducing Saida, and playing a cat-and-mouse game with her while trying to obtain the golden bullet that she's put in her bellybutton for safe keeping... Which is gross on many levels, but Bond ends up swallowing the bullet while kissing her stomach.

13 Unnerving Winking Bond In 'Goldfinger'

To be fair, flirtation and courting etiquette has, more or less, evolved since the release of the famous Goldfinger in 1964. We'd like to think this could be attributed to the lewd and cringe-y advances by most of the famous Bonds. While at the time, Sean Connery was deemed a sex symbol (and to some, remains one) and his portrayal of James Bond is iconic for picking up women whenever humanly possible. In some weird way, he somehow comes off endearing (somehow). Unfortunately, in this scene, he's playing hard to get, but it's not with the typical beautiful woman. It's with a guard... While he's behind bars, Bond plays a little game of hide-and-seek with one of his captors before (inevitably) defeating him. Why? Because he can.

12 Peking Duck Comment From 'You Only Live Twice'

The first racist remark on the list—but definitely not the last—Sean Connery's Bond was exposed to the East in the 1967 film, You Only Live Twice. Though most of the film takes place in Japan (and we'll get to that shortly), we were introduced to Bond's first love interest, Ling.

After a passionate kiss, Bond casually asks why Chinese girls taste differently than other girls. He decides to respond to his own question (once Ling leaves the bed) and deduces they taste like Peking Duck. Obviously, just as insulted as the rest of us, Ling finds a switch on the wall, which flips up the bed Bond is in, allowing for assassins to enter the room and shoot. Although we all know that this was an elaborate fake-your-own-death scenario, we definitely can't blame Ling for her reaction at the perfect opportunity.

11 Turning Japanese From 'You Only Live Twice'

See, we told you we'd get back to Japan. Because You Only Live Twice did delve into an entirely different culture (and in the late '60s, when it was still apparently less-than conservative in its discrimination), there are apparent culture shocks and blatant displays of racism throughout. One of the most prominent—and a staple scene in which every Bond lover either finds hilarious or extremely offensive (or both)—occurs when James Bond undergoes a "Japanese transformation" at the house of Tiger Tanaka. Indicative of the era-appropriate Yellow Fever, Bond is bathed by Japanese women, shaved, given a creepy wig, and transformed into possibly the worst yellowface since Fu Manchu.

How writers of You Only Live Twice thought this would ever be appropriate is beyond me. Was dressing him up as another culture really that imperative to the script?

10 Bond's Clown Costume From 'Octopussy'

There may be only one thing more terrifying than a clown costume, and that would be Roger Moore in a clown costume. Cited by many to be one of the top ten worst moments in James Bond history, the infamous clown suit in the 1983 film, Octopussy, is undeniably creepy AF. It's even more terrifying than the gorilla suit Moore donned at the start of the movie. The "disguise" he wears is complete with a red wig, red nose, and haunting face paint. Even more bizarre, the disguise was used to sneak into an American military base to alert generals of a bomb. Of course, at first, no one takes him seriously until he eventually disarms it (yes, while still dressed as a clown). Even though Moore is known as one of the most comical Bonds (if not the most comical), this was considered a low point in his career.

9 Dancing With A Dead Woman In 'Thunderball'

It's not the first time Sean Connery's Bond is manipulated by an attractive (but evil) henchman (or is it hench-woman). While in the Bahamas at the Kiss Kiss Club, after an attempt to flee his assailants, Bond inadvertently leaves a trail of blood from a shot wound in his ankle. Fiona Volpe, a deadly SPECTRE operative, eventually corners him on the dance floor where he's trying to blend in. As he's forced to slow dance with her, he notices another assassin taking aim. At the last second, he spins Volpe to use as a human shield, as she is shot and killed instantly. Being the creep that he is, Bond casually continues dancing with her corpse, before depositing her limp body on a chair for the couple at the table to deal with. Now, was that completely necessary?

8 When Bond Tries To Be Helpful In 'Thunderball'

Fiona Volpe makes her first appearance in Thunderbolt in classic creepy Bond fashion: in a bathtub. While rooming next to her, Bond literally breaks into her suite at their hotel in Nassau. Apparently intrigued by her racy driving skills and red hair at the time they met on the road, Bond then creeps into her bathroom as she's washing up. When she asks "Do you mind giving me something to put on?" (and we have to admit, she doesn't seem too surprised of his presence), he gives her a lewd stare and hands her a lousy pair of sandals  (ha ha). He then sits down in the optimally-placed armchair facing the bathtub and waits for her to get out. What happens next is typical Bond, but we can't but get the heebie-jeebies at how this whole scene plays out.

7 Inappropriate One-Liners In 'From Russia With Love'

What would a James Bond movie be without the hilarious but entirely inappropriate one-liners from Bond himself? Although there are almost too many to count in any one film alone, there are definitely a few that make our list.

One in particular occurs in the second Bond film, From Russia with Love, which was released in 1963. Involving one of the classiest Bond girls in the franchise, Tatiana Romanova is the Soviet beauty working for the enemy who falls for Bond despite her orders. She even eventually shoots her commanding officer because her feelings are so strong. In the scene where they meet, Bond returns to his hotel room to find Tatiana waiting for him in bed. He knows this is probably a trap, but takes the bait (why wouldn't he?). After telling her she's one of the most beautiful girls he's ever seen, Tatiana replies with "I think my mouth is too big." Bond comes back with "No, it's the right size. For me that is." We can just imagine the collective shudder of every offended woman in the audience.

6 Blatant Misogyny In 'Goldfinger'

Not necessarily creepy—okay, wait... Yeah it definitely is. We can't exclude one of the most misogynistic shots in the Bond series. Of course, Sean Connery is again the culprit, and this time we can only imagine that he was doing it to impress his buddy, Felix Leiter (wow, so impressive...). During a poolside scene in Goldfinger, we see Bond getting a massage from a woman named Dink. He introduces her to Felix (so far so good), before completely dismissing her by suggesting it was time for "man talk." He shoos her away, but not before slapping her behind. Gross, Bond, gross. We don't know which is worse; the clear microaggression of the statement, or the unwelcome physical contact. Either way, both are just totally unneeded.

5 Stacey Sutton's Age Difference In 'A View To A Kill'

Ranked as one of the worst James Bond films ever made, A View to a Kill was released in 1985 as the 14th Bond movie. In it, Roger Moore again starred as 007, despite being eligible to collect his pension plan. It's been pointed at multiple times that the older Moore got during his filming of the series, the younger the Bond girls became. This was especially true with Bond's love interest in this movie, Stacey Sutton, who was played by the fresh-faced Tanya Roberts. At the time, Moore was 28 years Roberts' senior. I know love can happen at any age, but c'mon, let's be realistic.

Later it was revealed that Moore was actually older than Roberts' own mother! Ech. Even Sean Connery, of all people, admitted in an interview that Moore had been too old to play the part, and we can't help but agree whole-heartedly.

4 Bond's Choice Of Reading Material In 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'

You may have missed this, although any Bond fan will chuckle at themselves for this well-placed and hilarious poke at Bond's creepiness. In George Lazenby's one-off role as 007 in the 1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service, we get a little reprieve from the surprising emotional rollercoaster of the film. At one point during the movie, in the scene where Bond is waiting to break into a safe in a Swiss lawyer's office, we see him pick up a magazine. If you catch it, you'll have noticed that he's reading the February 1969 issue of Playboy, with the centerfold showing Lorrie Menconi. Though thankfully, the full image is never revealed to viewers, Bond does end up taking the magazine with him and we can catch a brief glimpse of the fold-out while he's walking away.

Our question is: why does a lawyers office have Playboy's floating around?

3 Bond's Unsuspecting Victim In 'GoldenEye'

Sean Connery and Roger Moore have been getting a lot of attention, but we can't leave out the stunningly handsome and cheeky Pierce Brosnan, who made his Bond debut in the 1995 film GoldenEye. The opening sequence is well known, and begins with Bond jumping off the Contra Dam in Switzerland. We get our first introduction of Brosnan when he pokes his head—upside down, mind you—into the bathroom stall of an unsuspecting soldier who was just trying to do his business. The man is reading a newspaper, and after hearing the sound of the bathroom door closing, the soldier pokes his head around and sees Bond's smiling face. Bond says "Beg your pardon, forgot to knock," before knocking the guard out cold. While I know this is typical Bond humor, sneaking into the same stall as someone doing their business is a bit unnecessary. Couldn't he at least wait for him to flush?

2 Completely Unnecessary X-Ray Glasses In 'The World Is Not Enough'

Another film where Pierce Brosnan displays his lewdness is in the 1999 film The World is Not Enough. Aside from his well-known creepy statement to Bond girl Christmas Jones at the end of the movie, we can't forget the casino scene in Russia. Owned by his old enemy Valentin Zukovsky, Bond enters the casino wearing specially made X-ray glasses. These glasses allow him to spot anything metal (such as weapons) that may be concealed by an enemy. Of course, because he's a creep, he just can't help himself and decides to take a peak around the room (with the glasses on) and literally undress every woman with his eyes. Get it together, Bond! You're here on a mission, you can take an attractive woman to bed any other time.

1 Bond's Fake Third Nipple In 'The Man With The Golden Gun'

Finally! Possibly the creepiest moment of all the James Bond movies thus far is yet another throwback to the '70s film, The Man with the Golden Gun. The film's assassin and main antagonist, Scaramanga, for some strange reason or another, sports a third nipple. Which, apparently, is the only identifiable physical attribute anyone knows about him. Bond uses this weird and random piece of information to his benefit (or so he believes), as he attempts to impersonate Scaramanga during a meeting with the crime lord, Hai-Fat.

Though, in retrospect, this disguise is some sort of genius. The actual fake nipple itself is so creepy that we just can't get over it. Not only that, but the actor wearing this prosthetic is none other than Roger Moore. Put it away, Bond, we beg you.

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