15 DIY Pinterest Projects That Went Terribly Wrong

Welcome to the internet. It makes you laugh, and cry. It can make or ruin your day. It can uplift or destroy your self-esteem. And then there's the part of the internet that just makes you go WTF. These DIY Pinterest fails definitely belong in the latter category.

Besides the creators of these brilliant tutorials, we would like to thank the brave heroes who shared these pictures, letting us know that we are not the only ones struggling with DIY projects.

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15 Ocean In A Jar

via popsugar.com

Expectation: This little bottle of gorgeous, blue seawater, sand and unique shells will make a great home decor piece that will remind the whole family of that trip to Greece!

Reality: This is how real seawater and sand looks like.

14 Surprise Breakfast

via goodhousekeeping.com

Expectation: Who needs silicone shapers when you can solve everything with a few slices of pepper? This idea is going to make the perfect surprise breakfast.

Reality: As if mornings weren’t bad enough, peppers and eggs can now officially help you ruin them even more.

13 Quick Christmas Decor

via craftingagreenworld.com

Expectation: Finally an easy and budget-friendly Christmas DIY that even younger children can do. Forget about the glue gun and all the fancy decoration tools, this is probably something everyone can manage to do!

Reality: Never mind. At least there is a cool butterfly-man?!

12 Rainbow Art

via popsugar.com

Expectation: I will finally have a cool and artsy new Facebook profile and Instagram picture. You know what? I’ll do both my eyes and lips as well!

Reality: I need to wash that off… immediately.

11 Piece of Cake

via 9gag.com

Expectation: Come on now, it’s a recipe book for children, this giant cake can’t be that hard. It even says, "Piece of Cake!"

Reality: Nailed it!

10 Messy & Perfect

via pinterest.com

Expectation: Messy buns are so great and they are the ultimate problem-solver if I’m not having a good hair day. I just need to grab a hair tie and it’s going to turn out amazing. I will look like one of those Tumblr models!

Reality: What is this sorcery?!

9 Pop Art Mask

via 9gag.com

Expectation: Witches, cats, ghosts, sexy nurses… it’s time for something creative and easy, and I’ll only need eyeliner, red lipstick, bright clothes and minimal contouring skills for this.

Reality: At least those Cara eyebrows are on point.

8 Bowl of Leaves

via pinterestfails.com

Expectation: A bowl completely made out of leaves; how cool for the fall time! I can totally make it myself instead of spending $40 at the home decor store.

Reality: Where do they sell these things?

7 Easter Bunny

via yahoo.com

Expectation: Aw, look how cute it is with its cardboard ears, coconut fur and M&Ms eyes! It will be perfect for the Easter kids’ party.

Reality: Kill it with fire.

6 Evil Smile Snacks

via huffingtonpost.co.uk

Expectation: A bit horrifying, but why not give it a try for Halloween? With the apples, marshmallows and peanut butter, it must be delicious as well.

Reality: Oh God.

5 Pumpkin Wonderland

via pinterestfail.com

Expectation: Another perfect baking idea for Halloween, and it doesn’t involve any crazy decoration, so it must be easy. Maybe I could even add some detailing on the sides if I’m feeling crafty.

Reality: How does the original look that good? What even is that green thing on top of the pumpkin?!

4 Monster Doughnuts

via 9gag.com

Expectation: Okay, those apple evil-smile snacks maybe didn’t work out that well, but doughnuts are never a bad idea, and I’ll just have to stick one of those fangs to it.

Reality: This is probably even worse than those apple things.

3 Frosted Cake Bites

via pinterest.com

Expectation: These little cake pops are all over Pinterest and Tumblr right now, and they look great, especially with the pink icing and sprinkles. I even purchased two cake pop making-sets, it can’t be that hard.

Reality: Sooo sticky! I can't evennnn

2 Beaver Cupcakes

via goodhousekeeping.com

Expectation: Chocolate brownie cupcakes with cute candies? Yes, please!

Reality: The tic tacs probably won’t taste great with the brownies.

1 Mouse Pancakes

via pinterest.com

Expectation: This is such a fun twist on pancakes, I can’t wait to try it. Maybe I can even try to shape a mouse from the pancake itself.

Reality: The devil is trying to get in contact with you in the form of a pancake.

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