15 DIY Projects To Make For The Cottage This Winter

15 DIY Projects To Make For The Cottage This Winter

Fall is in full swing and while the snow hits the ground, we’re thinking of a simpler time, back to those summer cottage days, when you lazily rolled out of bed to enjoy a cup of Joe while watching over an amazing view of the lake, all while having nothing on your to-do list but to soak up the sun—check. While those days may be behind us, there’s still many families who hit the cottage in the wintertime, whether to celebrate the holidays or to freshen up the place for the upcoming summer.

But, let’s be real, most of us don’t have a cottage to run away to and most mornings it’s just a view of your neighbour Larry mowing the lawn way too early on a lazy Sunday morning. That shouldn’t stop your from adding these great décor accents to your space, whatever it may be! Take a look at 15 DIY projects to make for the cottage this winter.

15. Check out this creative way to display your house number!

Via: scavengerchic.com

How chic are these cutout wood fish that display your house number? All you need to do is scavenge for a piece of driftwood, some pieces of pallet wood about a foot in length (you can also use any other scrap wood), a handheld jigsaw to create the cutouts and paint in the colour of your choice. Begin with creating an outline of the fish on the pieces of pallet wood and carefully cut them out with the handheld jigsaw. Drill holes at the top of the cutouts and alongside the bottom of the plywood in order to later hang them. You can paint the house numbers using stencils or leave them blank as a coastal accent in your living space. Once painted, make sure you apply dark wax on the cut edges and clear wax on both sides to preserve your design. Finish with tying the fish off to the plywood using jute twine. If you would like to try this DIY project, click here for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

14. Take a look at how to DIY these gorgeous seashell candles.


Via: sheknows.com

If you love nautical themed décor, then this project gives you the chance to create stunning decorative candles out of all those seashells you’ve collected over the years. What’s an added bonus to this project is that it only takes about 20-30 minutes of your time!

Tealights are perfect for this project, all you need to do to start off is remove the wax from the metal tins and separate the candle wicks. Place the candle wicks in the centre of the seashells, making sure they’re upright. To melt the wax, fill a saucepan halfway up with water then place the glass bowl filled with the tealight wax in the water (as shown in the picture below). Turn the stove to medium-high, stirring occasionally until the wax melts. Once it melts, add about eight drops of essential oil and stir well if you would like for your seashell candles to have a pleasant scent. Carefully pour the wax into the shells and wait for them to cool and set before lighting! Click here for more detailed instructions on how to create this DIY.

13. DIY game of tic-tac-toe for the backyard!


Via: designdininganddiapers.com

I love simple projects like this one that keep the whole family entertained anytime you’re in the backyard. Whether it’s a quick game between the kids or a little more serious competition after a few drinks amongst the adults—it’s fun for everybody! Not to mention that this project uses natural elements and allows you to put any scrap of wood to good use as the tic-tac-toe base. The grid base can be drawn with pencil first so that you can easier guide your hands along the lines with white acrylic paint. If this seems like a challenge, you can also create a stencil for this step. Next, scavenge for 10 rocks that have a smooth surface and paint half with ‘O’s and half with ‘X’s. Be sure to seal both the wood base and the rocks with polyurethane. Finally, glue a bowl to the board as the final touch and there you have it! Click here to try this DIY project for the garden.

12. This enamel mug organizer is perfect as cottage kitchen decor.


Via: homeroad.net

It really doesn’t take much to transform everyday household items into a a beautiful organizer. This particular enamel mug organizer is also versatile, as it can be used for anything from holding kitchen linens to bathroom supplies and crafts. Take a look below at the several other ways this organizer can be used.

As an added plus, this project is also very easy to put together! For the base, you can finally put that extra plank of wood in the storage room to good use. Enamel mugs are inexpensive and are fairly easy to screw into place. The top enamel mug can simply be glued on to the base board, as it would be difficult to screw into place due to the positioning. The creative placement of the mugs allows for the handles to be utilized in many ways as well. Click here for further inspiration on how to create this enamel mug organizer.

11. These cute DIY painted vases would brighten up any cottage space!


Via: rusticweddingchic.com

A fresh batch of flowers are worthy to be displayed in the most eye-catching way possible and what better way to do just that than these colourful painted vases? It’s also a great way to reuse empty glass bottles that will become your vases!

Begin with picking a colour palette of your choice. You can decide to go with cool or warm tones depending on your cottage layout. Once the bottles have been cleaned out, use a mixture of acrylic paint and water in order to allow the paint to flow easier. Carefully pour the paint to the bottom of the glass and slowly begin turning the bottle so that it covers the inner base with paint, then flip the bottle upside down in a sink or on absorbent paper for a few hours (this is to drain the excess paint). It’s recommended to insert plastic vase liners in your newly painted bottles so that it doesn’t damage the paint inside. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this DIY project and watch the video below for extra tips and tricks.

10. Check out how to DIY these adorable hand painted potted mini cactus stones.


Via: saltandpeppermoms.com

Since you’re away from the cottage for months on end, it’s impossible to keep live plants around the place, making this painted mini cactus pot the perfect cottage décor! Additionally, this DIY craft is not only easy but also inexpensive. Most of the supplies can be purchased at your local dollar or craft store. You can scavenge outside for the stones that will be later used for the cacti. Try to pick stones with different shapes in order to create dimension within your design.

Start off with painting your mini pot in the colour of your choice. While the pot is drying, wash the rocks well to remove any excess dirt and dry them off until they’re ready for paint. Another trick to make the cacti appear more dimensional and realistic is to paint each cactus in a different shade of green and even layer a darker green on a lighter base. Once everything has dried, fill the pots with floral moss and smaller pebbles to hold your painted cacti in place. Click here for further inspiration on how to achieve this!

9. A DIY striped drink perch is the perfect addition to your cottage decor.


Via: francoisetmoi.com

You put on Netflix and finally get cozy on the couch with a glass of wine only to realize that the table is too far away for you to set your empty glass aside… This is around the time a DIY drink perch would come in handy! OK, this project involves a little more handy skills than others, but the end result is a gorgeous, customized piece that will perfectly fit on the side of your couch.

You’ll need to do some measuring and cutting using a circular saw for this project. Click here for detailed instructions on how to do just that! As for the final details of the perch, you can deviate from the original design and create a unique pattern using a stencil or choose a different colour palette that would really make this DIY a pretty and practical decor piece.

8. Take a look at how to create a versatile mason jar organizer!


Via: thediyplaybook.com

Aren’t mason jars great for everything? Not only do they look chic, but they’re also extremely practical and this mason jar organizer proves it! You’ll need to bring out the toolbox for this project.

Begin with a plank of wood and hose clamps you can purchase at your local retail home improvement store. Make sure that the hose clamps can fit around the mason jar size you’ve chosen for this project. Use a drill bit to secure the hose clamps and mason jars in place. The great thing about this organizer is that the hose clamps can be easily loosened with a screwdriver to release the mason jars which you can then clean if desired. Another plus is that these jars can be used as organizers in the kitchen, bathroom, or even to grow your herbs in. The possibilities seem endless! For detailed instructions on how to DIY this project, click here.

7. Try out this lovely twine lantern DIY.


Via: splashofsomething.com

Nothing like a magical twine lantern to create a great atmosphere in your garden and it’s easy to DIY. This project can get a little messy, so drape your workspace and invest in rubber gloves to minimize the mess. It will all be worth it in the end!

Essentially, you’re going to be blowing up balloons to the desired size of the lanterns and running the twine through a mixture of glue and cornstarch while draping it around the balloon. Be sure to cover the balloons with petroleum jelly before entwining them. Set to dry for about a day then pop the balloons and spray the hollow twine fixture with clear fast-drying spray paint. Finally, insert lantern lights or white twinkle lights and voilà! Click here for a more detailed explanation on how to achieve this DIY project.

6. Create a stylish bird feeder for the cottage!

bird feeder collage birds1

Via: erinscreative.blogspot.ca

Birdwatching is one of the most relaxing activities out there. It’s a joy seeing the different shapes, sizes, and colours of birds that visit your feeder throughout the day, especially if you have built it yourself!

This DIY bird feeder may be a little more challenging to make, but it doesn’t require a lot of supplies and the end result will be a gorgeous addition to your cottage. You can purchase a plastic plate and bowl with a design to your liking. The trickiest part is drilling holes in your utensils for the large carriage bolt. You can prevent the plastic from cracking by simply placing a wood block underneath the dishes while you’re drilling them. Click here for detailed instructions on how to put together the nuts and bolts of this project. Once you’re finished with the toolbox, all that’s left to do is fill up the bowl with bird feed and hang it up. Lastly, watch and enjoy!

5. DIY wall hooks from repurposed antique drawer knobs.


Via: marcatiyolil.com

Whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, you can never have too many wall hooks! This project also repurposes planks of wood and different door knobs you may have lying around to create an overall chic cottage design.

To make, sand down the wooden base board until smooth and then proceed to cover with two coats of white paint. Once dry, use a drill along with nuts and bolts to secure the drawer knobs into place. Click here for further instructions on how to do this. The great thing about this design is that you can use any drawer knobs you can get your hands on and choose your desired colour palette. Usually antique stores are the best places to find hidden treasures like these!

4. Check out how to create these nautical themed coasters.


Via: theshabbycreekcottage.com

These nautical themed DIY coasters are perfect for any occasion and they’re extremely simple to make. You only need a few supplies, including terracotta pot saucers, felt, sisal rope, a hot glue gun, spray paint in turquoise and sandy colours.

Begin with tracing the bottom of the terracotta saucers onto the felt using chalk. Glue the cutout felt bases onto the bottom of the saucers. This is to protect the rough bottom of the terracotta in order for them to be used as coasters. Then, spray paint some of the saucers in the turquoise colour and some in the sandy colour to follow the nautical theme. Once dry, glue the inside bottom of the saucer and begin to carefully spiral the sisal rope. There you have it—a new set of coasters you’ve created yourself! Click here for detailed instructions on how to do this DIY project.

3. Try out creating this minimalist key catch all plate!


Via: brooklynlimestone.com

Sometimes, all you need is a simple design to create an eye-catching piece of décor. This DIY project is as simple as they get and you can be endlessly creative with the final product!

All you need to get started with this project is oven hardening clay, a rolling pin, glass bowl, key, butterknife, and an oven. You can also use a steel stamp to create the text. All you need to do is flatten the clay using the rolling pin and create a circular outline using the glass bowl. Once this is done, add the key and additional details you want etched into the clay. Bake for the required time listed on the oven hardening clay packaging. Add a coat of spray paint in a colour of your choice or use masking tape to create a striped design, the possibilities truly are endless. Click here to try out this DIY.

2. Check out how to create this DIY “cork” board.


Via: simplyem.blogspot.ca

Finally a DIY project that justifies all the wine you’ve been drinking lately… This design would be a great addition to the kitchen to use for pinning grocery lists, notes, or your favourite pictures and postcards!

For the base, you can repurpose old pictures. Paint over the pictures in black acrylic paint in order to prevent the image from showing through between the corks. Once the paint has dried, make sure to position the corks before beginning to glue them on using a hot glue gun. As soon as the glue sets, the cork board will be ready to use. Since old pictures in frames were repurposed, you’ll be able to easily hang the cork board on the wall. If you would like to try this project, click here to see step-by-step instructions.

1. Refresh your cottage living space with this DIY no-sew pillow cover!


Via: organizeyourstuffnow.com

Take a look at this gorgeous DIY pillow case design and yes, that’s right, it involves absolutely zero sewing! This is a dream project for people who aren’t the best at handling a needle and thread. You’ll need to pick a fabric of your choice that should be three times as wide and twice as tall as your pillow. Place the pillow in the centre of the fabric with the pattern of the fabric facing outwards. Click here for further detailed instructions on how to fold the front-facing knot to recreate this beautiful pillow case. You can choose any fabric design that best suits the colour scheme of your cottage space. If you want to go for a sleek and simple pillowcase design, just turn the front-facing knot backwards!

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