15 'Doctor Who' Tumblr Posts That Are Supercharged With All The Feels

It's a scary thing when a person allows themselves to be consumed, mind, body and soul, by a TV show. And yet, it happens all of the time. Every day, someone is flipping through Netflix, and every day they're deciding that Sherlock looks interesting, or that Supernatural seems like it might be good. And every day, someone is hitting "play" on the first episode of Doctor Who.

Every day, people are having their lives changed, irreversibly, by TV shows. It's not natural. It's not healthy. But it is a lot of fun. We get so invested in these characters. We just can't help ourselves! So, when we see something like one of these 15 Doctor Who Tumblr posts that are supercharged with all the feels, we can't help but squee and sob.

15 When they showed us this adorable picture

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Aw! Look at these precious babies! Rose Tyler and the Ninth Doctor, sitting down to go over their very first script for the very first episode of the new series of Doctor Who. We're going to have this image printed and framed so we can hang it up in our living room. What do you mean "that's weird"? You're weird *sticks tongue out*!

The fact that this picture exists makes us squee. Look at them. Look. They're so damn cute. But the fact that this picture is ten years old? Ugh! Has it really been that long? No, wait. That's not right, because this is 2017, so this picture is even older, now. This picture is actually about twelve years old, because the new Doctor Who started in 2005. Yikes! That makes us feel old.

14 When they reminded us that the Doctor had children

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Some things, you should keep to yourself. Maybe that stranger really shouldn't be wearing a bikini, but you shouldn't say anything to them because it wouldn't be polite. Maybe the guy in the parking lot of the grocery store did park unbelievably close to you, and maybe you did have to get in through the moon roof. But still, you shouldn't tell him that he's an ass clown while keying the word "DOUCHE " into the side of his car. It's rude.

Just as insulting strangers is not okay, this Doctor Who post is not okay. It is never alright to drop a bombshell like this on a Whovian. So the next time you remember something painful about Doctor Who, do us all a favor, and keep your Whovian mouth shut.

13 When they learned about the origin of the word "TARDIS"

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Oh, no! Poor little Amy, left out there in that garden for years, waiting for the Raggedy Man to come back. Of course, she didn't just sit on her suitcase in her yard for years. She did a lot: she grew up, became a kissogram and got an adorable boyfriend named Rory before the Doctor returned.

The coincidence here is staggering. So much so that it almost makes us wonder if the producers named it the TARDIS on purpose. Do you think they really were going to call it "Time and Relative Dimension in Space"? Or do you think that they learned about "tardus" in Latin class, and they just sort of changed the word up a little bit and made an acronym for it? This is going to drive us nuts. We can already tell.

12 When they finally understood

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The Doctor tries his best to seem happy, but he's a lonely guy. As one of the previous Tumblr posts mentioned, the Doctor had a family. He had kids and a wife and friends. But they were all taken from him in the Time War. And, what's worse is that he was the one who ended the Time War. The people he loved are all gone, and it's all his fault.

Eventually, we learn that the Doctor didn't actually destroy his home planet. So, maybe the people he loved are still on Gallifrey? We don't know. It might get addressed in an episode somewhere down the line. In any case, that's why the Doctor thinks he's a monster, and that's why he's very lonely, and that's why this post gets us smack dab in the feels.

11 When there was a lonely Rose on a beach

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Anytime a companion leaves (whether they're leaving because they want to or because they're forced to) it's a hard pill to swallow. It's tough because the Doctor and his companions forge such a strong bond. Their friendship may be fictional, but it's so powerful that it feels like us viewers are a part of their squad, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's nice to watch a couple of characters get themselves out of a jam. It's nice watching them grow and evolve together. But, eventually, it has to come to an end, because the writers hate us.

No matter how much you love them, companions have to leave at some point. And it is always, always hard. Every farewell sucks. But perhaps none more so than Rose Tyler's.

10 When... w-when they... *sobs*

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Crying about the Doctor and his companions is one of our favorite pastimes. Well, not really, because we actually hate it. We guess it's just that we find ourselves weeping about Doctor Who so often, that we confused "favorite thing to do" with "thing we do most often." Still, even if it isn't our favorite thing to do, we do spend an embarrassing amount of time doing it, so, yeah.

Anyway, it's not super hard to see why we Whovians are crying all the day long when you look at Tumblr posts like this one! Come on! Bringing this up is just salt in the wound. We wish the Matt Smith's Doctor had never regenerated! Wait, no we don't, because then we wouldn't have Peter Capaldi! Oh, we don't know what we want.

9 When they told this "joke"

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Are you trying to make us suffer?! Stop it already! We have enough feels to soothe right now. If you want to hurt someone, why don't you go punch yourself in the face? That way, nobody else will have to suffer at your hands. And delete your Tumblr account, while you're at it.

Look, we're not going to beat around the bush, here. We are as sensitive as a baby's ass when it comes to the subject of the Ponds. We are not over it. It's highly likely that we will never be over it. In fact, we're so heartsick over what happened to Amy and Rory that you could say we need... a Doctor! *Ba dum tss* Thank you, everyone, you've been a lovely crowd! Be sure to tip your servers!

8 When the Doctor punked the Doctor

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So, it's always been an interesting fact to the fandom that Peter Capaldi, AKA the Twelfth Doctor, portrayed a different character in a previous episode titled "Fires of Pompeii." We were told the reason the two characters resembled each other was because when the Doctor regenerated, he was subconsciously trying to tell himself to always try to save people, just as he saved Caecilius and his family.

But is that really why? It seems to us, this was just the Doctor trying to play a joke on himself. That's exactly the sort of thing he would do. The Doctor likes to kid, even with past versions of himself. This is especially apparent in "The Day of the Doctor." So, inside joke or subtle attempt to remind himself to save people? Probably a little of both.

7 When they made the worst valentine ever

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It's too bad that we didn't find this Doctor Who themed valentine before Valentine's Day. 'Course, it's not like we would use this one. It's too hurtful! The purpose of the valentine is to share some love. You remember love, right? You haven't been so affected by the feels of a fandom that you can't recall that sensation, have you? Love. It's the best of feels! That's what valentines are all about. Making people feel loved, not reminding them of upsetting plot points from their favorite TV shows.

This makes us sad. It's going to be a long time before we do get over this, and that's if we get over this. Guess that's the price we pay for logging onto Tumblr. You can't visit that damn website and expect to come out unscathed.

6 When they... oh, no. WHY?! Why did they do that?!

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Oh, no. That's okay. We won't be needing our heart any time soon. Please, you savage AF Whovians, feel free to rip that vital organ right out of our chest. And you can go right ahead and do the Mexican Hat Dance on it if you want to.

We have officially expended all of our feels. We're fresh outta feels. We're experiencing a feel dry spell. We're having a—oh, you get it. Anyway, want to know why we're suffering from such a severe lack of feels? It's because of this post. Ouch, yo. This... this unfeeling, insensitive, callous post is too much. You know, we realize that this is just a "what if" situation, but it hurts even to consider it. This post sprained our feels. We better go put some ice on it.

5 When they went there

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Argh! There was just no reason to go there. And yet, there was every reason to go there. That's the problem with being in the Doctor Who fandom—or any fandom, really. You feel so many feels that you become numb to them. You forget the fact that other people in the fandom can still feel. Or, worse, you just don't care that other people can feel. In fact, some people delight in it, taking every opportunity to make anyone who can feel feels feel feels. It's perverse and sadistic, but there it is.

We all act like we're offended by this, and we are. But, we can tell you honestly that if any Whovian had the chance to make this joke, they would. We give this feels post a ten out of ten.

4 When they brought this revelation to our attention

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WAT?!?!?! Great Scott, people! Look at that picture! That is Matt Smith, AKA the Eleventh Doctor, with his very own set of eyebrows! We have no recollection of this. We mean, we remember watching every single Matt Smith episode, including "Vampires of Venice." But we don't remember the eyebrows. How can we be certain that this picture hasn't been Photoshopped? Hmm. Well, we're going to believe it's real, anyway, because a world in which Matt Smith had eyebrows, even if he doesn't have them now, is a world that is less bad than we originally thought.

It's nice to see a Tumblr post that gives us good feels. Don't get used to it, though. This isn't going to last. We've still got a lot of hurt to go before this post is over.

3 When they tried to cheer us up, but failed miserably

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Yeah! That's awesome! Let's bring some good vibes into this post! This Tumblr exchange starts off with a lot of positive things. You're right, Tumblr user. We do feel better now, because we most certainly are not the author of Fifty Shades of Grey. And we are simply over the moon with the knowledge that we could not possibly be filled with the level of self-loathing that Robert Pattinson feels for himself for having "starred" in those terrible Twilight movies.

You're right, blogger. Life is pretty darn good! We're grateful we're not like these two people. And don't even get us started on how happy we are that we will never lose as many friends as the Doc—hey, wait a minute. How the heck is this supposed to be inspiring?! This doesn't make us feel better at all.

2 When they presented this little "fun fact"

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You know, Tumblr really has no idea how fun facts work. Someone posts a cool little tidbit of information. BAM! Here comes some random fandom (which sounds like the title of a TV show or a magazine or something). They crash into the post and unceremoniously inject it with a crippling amount of feels. This happens Every. Single. Time. Fandoms are like vultures, man. They feed off of the mayhem. They're the dementors of Tumblr, floating around, sucking the life right out of us.

With that kind of description, it's easy to see why some people are so wary of fandoms. The fandom life ain't easy. Take a look at this Tumblr post, for example. Just when we were starting to come to terms with Nine's depression, this post comes along and ruins everything.

1 When they reminded us it's okay to love something with a passion

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It's no big secret that David Tennant is a major Doctor Who fan. He has been since he was a kid. That's one of the reasons why we love him so much, and his abiding love for the show definitely had an impact on how he portrayed the character. The guy was a fabulous Tenth Doctor.

We thought it would be nice to cap off this post with a glimmer of hope. End on a high note, and all that. So we leave you with this incredibly inspirational Tumblr post. It's got all of the good feels. Soak them up. Breathe them in. Feel the power of the good feels. And the next time you're feeling down, just remember that the incorrigible little boy who wouldn't stop writing about Doctor Who would grow up to become an amazing Doctor, and that means that you, too, can do anything.

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